Day trip to Bath from London | Ultimate Free Guide

Day trip to Bath from London

Are you looking for an escape for a day from London? Then how about going on a Day trip to Bath from London?

Bath is a small city with a significant historical significance. To escape the hustle-bustle of London, one can take a Day trip to Bath from London.

Bath is a historical city and is named after the classic Roman Baths. Bath is located at 97 miles or 156 kilometers from the city of London and 18 kilometers from Bristol. In 1987, the town was listed as a World Heritage Site and became known as the Great Spa Town of Europe in 2021. The Romans founded the city in the form of a thermal spa.

If you are short on time and can not plan your trip completely then we would recommend you to take the London to Bath Day Trip which includes Stonehenge and Windsor as well.

Architecture of Bath

The city became a vital wool industry in the middle ages. The city’s rich architecture was developed under George III in the 18th Century. During this time, neoclassical architecture was being developed, and Palladian buildings were developed in the city. Exploring the town’s rich architecture is among the Top 5 things to do in Bath.

The dominant architectural style in the city is the Georgian style or the neoclassical style architecture. This style has evolved from a Palladian revival style of architecture. As the town was built in the 18th Century, the architects involved in building the city were Robert Adams, John Wood, Thomas Baldwin, John Palmer, and John Eveleigh.

The architecture typologies they built were houses, public buildings, bridges, and churches. The designs of the facilities followed crescents, squares, and circles. The pattern of the buildings were iconic building forms. Due to this pattern witnessing the city’s architecture should be included in the Day trip to Bath from the London itinerary.

The local limestone was a primary material of the buildings. The Uniform scale and height of the buildings are other distinct features of the buildings in the city.

Additionally, the Food in Bath City is phenomenal. The traditional British food is a must include on the Day trip to Bath from London.

If you want to know more about the history and learn on the go about then you can take the walking tour of Bath which covers a lot in 1.5 hours and one the most popular thing to do in Bath.

Top 5 things to do in Bath England

The Royal Crescent

Top 5 things to do in Bath
Source:Photo by Matt Bodenham on Unsplash

The Royal Crescent is in the Top 5 things to do in Bath list because of its easy accessibility to visit. The Royal Crescent is a residential building built in the form of a crescent and is a collection of 30 houses. The housing was built between 1767 and 1775 and displayed the Georgian style of Architecture. This classic building was designed by John Wood and is presently used as a historical museum.

Parts of the Royal Crescent display classical architecture as the columns have intricate work. The Classic Roman Columns have inspired them. There are hints of stone masonry and carpentry in the building as well. One can enjoy the architecture of the building from the magnificent lawn that is in front of the building.

Roman Baths

Day Trip to Bath from London - Top Things to do in Bath
Day Trip to Bath from London – Top Things to do in Bath

The Romans developed the city of Bath, and the Roman baths are one of the iconic places to visit in Bath. Roman Baths were designed for the sole purpose of public bathing. Roman Baths are leisure facilities and are well-preserved thermae facilities. The Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, and the Roman Bath House are some of the well-preserved structures.
One can visit the museum of Roman Baths as well. The museum section hosts rare artifacts from the Aquae Sulis (present-day Bath)

You can also take this walking tour which has the optional entry to Roman Bath.

Similar Attractions: Bath Abbey, Thermae Bath Spa

River Boat Cruise

Top 5 Things to do in Bath
Source: Photo by Shann

Walking along the river and experiencing the River Boat Cruise can highlight your Day Trip to Bath from London. You can walk on the bridge and enjoy the beautiful site or take a walk from the Rivershore to the Bath Spa Station.

A river boat cruise could be one of the best ways to experience the city on your day trip. For the best experience, you can book a morning or early evening boat ride.

As the city is built around the waterways, the river boat cruise is the most beautiful way to experience the city of Bath. The cruise can be best shared with your partner as it has been proven to be a romantic getaway. The boat tours range from 25 minutes to 60 minutes.

The Jane Austin Centre

Jane Austin is a famous classical author who lived in the city of Bath. This center can be on your Top things to do in Bath list for book lovers!

On your Day trip to Bath from London, one can find the inspiration of the city in two of her famous novels. Her love and passion for the city can be seen in the novels.

This particular center is situated in the heart of the city, and the architecture of the building is a Georgian Style. One can witness a vast collection of Regency Dresses, bonnets, and shawls. One can visit the Regency tea room after the tour of the center.

The Stonehenge

Top things to do in Bath
Source: Photo by John Nail

For a person going on Day Trip to Bath from London, Stonehenge is something that cannot be missed. The iconic structure is an hour’s drive from Bath and can be included on your day trip. Stonehenge is a world heritage site and is one of the most sophisticated Prehistorical structures in architecture history. This distinct feature makes it to the Top Things to do in Bath list!

The monument helps to understand the Neolithic and the Bronze Age ceremonial practices.

According to the ancient folklore, the stones of Stonehenge were magically transported from Ireland by the wizard of Arthurian legend, and giants magically assembled them. Despite the folklores, Stonehenge is a symbol of power and wealth. The monument was built in six stages.

Food in Bath City

Food in Bath City
Source: Photo by Sebastian Coman Photography :

Food in Bath City is a must-try. The traditional food of Bath includes Afternoon Teas as per the traditional British culture. One must experience the city’s traditional culture on their Day trip to Bath from London. The other must-try options include various restaurants such as Sotto Sotto, Menu Gordon Jones, Jars Meze, and a few different options.

Banoffee Pie, Pollock Fish and Chips, Hot Cross buns, Victoria Sponge, Christmas Pudding, and Bath Buns are some of the delicious food items in Bath City apart from the Afternoon Tea.

Food in Bath City
Source: Photo by Arina Krasnikova:

Afternoon Tea is a British Tradition served between 3 PM and 5 PM. Sweet or savory snacks accompany the tea. Three types of afternoon tea are served. They are categorized based on the snacks being served. Cream tea is the first kind of traditional afternoon tea paired with scones, jam, and cream. A light tea is paired with scones and sweets, and full tea, the third type of tea, is served with savories, scones, sweets, and a final dessert.

Bath Bun is a traditional English sweet bread that originated in the city of Bath. It is circular and topped with nib sugar and currants. The exterior of the buns is highly glazed, and the texture is dense and close. The flavor of the buns is lightly spiced and sweetened with a lump of sugar.

Travel to Bath from London

London to Bath by Car

Bath is a city 2-3 hours drive from London. Due to such a short distance, a Day trip to Bath from London is pretty straightforward. If you wan to explore the option for renting a car in London and driving to Bath then you can checkout Rent a Car in London.

You can also look for the Car to rent below –

London to Bath by Bus

The other options for visiting Bath from London can be using a bus which costs 16 – 20 EUR and take around 3 hours to reach without and stops. There are some more options for transfer journey as well in which you can Plan your trip from London To Bristol, explore Bristol and then from Bristol to Bath. We leave that upon you to decide which you want to do.

Get London to Bath Bus Tickets or you can also use the Search box below to find the the bus for your journey.

London to Bath By Train

If you feel like saving time and spending around 7-10 EUR more then you can plan your journey to Bath from London via train. It cost you around 28 EUR and just take 1 hour 15 minutes to reach to Bath.

Get London to Bath Train Tickets

Not convinced and what to see the tickets on your own then check the tool below

On a day trip to Bath from London, all the above-mentioned options are pretty comfortable. The ticket for the public vehicles can be booked online and is recommended to be booked in advance. One can book a train on Great Western Main Line to Bath Spa Railway station. This is a prime station in the city of Bath.
Traveling by road for a Day trip to Bath from London is also a favorable option. Driving to Bath can be equally exciting as the day spent in the city.

Where to stay in Bath?

So You had a change of heart and you want to extend your trip to Bath then how about checking our the Hotels to stay in bath and booking it to extend your stay.

A day trip to Bath is a magnificent experience as there are lots to experience in terms of architecture and food. Being a World-Historic site, Bath has a lot to offer for history buffs. Traveling from London to Bath is convenient and easy. Happy Exploring!

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