Dublin Uncovered: The Ultimate List of 25 Must-See Attractions

Things to do in Dublin, Ireland
Things to do in Dublin Ireland – Source: Photo by Steven Hylands

Planning an Irish Holiday? This post will give you a list of 25 Top things to do in Dublin Ireland to make it worthwhile.

If the luck of the Irish is in your favour and you’re in the city of Dublin There are many things to explore and experience while you’re there. It’s not just that Dublin is an integral part of its incredible past, culture, and, well, alcohol and booze.

When they’re telling long-winded tales, singing their local tunes or telling funny stories in a few places to keep you laughing and laughing, the Irish are always able to bring a smile to your face. In addition, since the city is located in the middle of the East Coast, excursion trips for day trips to the cliffs and mountains are just a short bus ride away. You will be able to view some of the largest and stunning scenery in the entire country of Ireland. 

25 Things to do in Dublin Ireland

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and is rich is culture and heritage. With a high number of city parks, Cathedrals, and Museums, there is a lot to explore in the city.

This is a list that we’ve compiled of the 25 things to do in Dublin, Ireland: 

1. Get ready to party just like Irish in The Temple Bar 

25 top things to do in Dublin
Things to do in Dublin Ireland – Source: Photo by Salamatu Gwadah

Temple Bar  is quite possibly one of the most famous bars in Dublin and attracts tourists from across the globe to enjoy a drink within the famous walls. 

While the background of the bar is as old as the 1300s, it is well-known to this day thanks to its iconic red exterior, and its excellent position in the middle of the city, as being a major part of Dublin’s main nightlife scene. 

Presently, The Temple Bar is the most sought-after bar that is frequented by young travellers and locals too – who want to sip one glass (or three or two) of robust Irish whiskey and have an unforgettable night. For the party animals, the Temple bar is on their list of Top things to do in Dublin.

2. Drink in the Restored Cathedral at The Church

Things to do in Dublin Ireland
Things to do in Dublin Ireland – Source: Photo by Mark Dalton

A truly distinctive and stunning bar in town. The Church is not what its name makes it appear. The Church used to initially be known as St. Mary’s church; however, it was shut down in 1964. It was later renovated and transformed into a popular nightclub and bar in 2007. 

In the upper level, you will discover a stunning island bar that is almost the entire length of the church, with tables, booths and barstools for guests. There is also an intimate stage that plays music that is live, music from traditional Irish entertainment from 7pm until 9pm from Sunday to Wednesday. On the lower level, you will visit the nightclub which is available every Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm to 3am. There are DJs on the premises that play all the latest pop music and R’n’B songs. 

The Bar is a live example of Adaptive Reuse Conservation and experiencing a nightlife in Dublin is a must. Due to the rich heritage and an extremely popular night life is a reason that the place is among the 25 Top Things to do during your time in Dublin list!

3. Go to The Guinness Storehouse Factory 

25 Things to do in Dublin
Things to do in Dublin Ireland – Source: Photo by Mark Dalton

The location is in the heart of St. James Gate Brewery located in the heart of St. James’ Gate Brewery, the Guinness Storehouse is one of the most well-known tourist attractions across Ireland. In reality, the inside is designed to be like a pint of Guinness in its own right and is believed as the biggest pint of Guinness in the world. 

A visit for Guinness’s factory. Guinness factory will lead you through seven levels of Irish brewery history. Here, you’ll discover all regarding the Guinness family and how the famous stout is made to the highest standards. When you are done with the tour, you’ll be taken to the Gravity Bar located on the 7th level, where you can relax with an ice cold pint of Guinness with a 360-degree panorama across The Dublin skyline. This factory is one of a kind and is rated as one of the Top things to do in Dublin, Ireland.

Buchen online: Guinness Storehouse Entry Tickets 

4. Go on a tour of the Jameson Old Distillery

Top Things to do in Dublin, Ireland,
Things to do in Dublin Ireland – Source: Photo by Los Muertos Crew

Another historic gem can be found that should be in your Things to do in Dublin, Ireland is The Old Jameson Distillery, located near Smithfield Square. The location used to be the primary location at which Jameson whiskey was made and distilled, until it stopped production in the beginning of the 1970s. 

A visit to the historic distillery will guide you through the background and the process of making the fine whiskey. It also gives you the chance to participate in the whiskey tasting experience of a different kind. 

After the tour, you’ll be presented with a unique Whiskey Taster Certificate that will verify your knowledge of traditional Irish whiskey. You can present it to your friends and family at home. 

The book is available online: Jameson Whiskey Distillery Tour that includes Tastings 

5. Photograph The Spire of Dublin

25 Things to do in Dublin
Things to do in Dublin Ireland – Source: Photo by Picography

One of the easiest landmarks to observe from a distance is The Spire. The Spire is a prominent landmark in the middle of O’Connell Street, rising approximately 120 meters high above the ground. The stainless steel structure measures 3 meters across at its base and 15 centimetres in diameter at its highest point. 

On days with sunshine you will notice its exterior getting a gentle glow by the sun’s rays – shining the monument in a beautiful light for everyone to admire. The top of the structure is also lit by an external source of light at night to serve as a beacon to the darks. This magnificent structure should be in your Things to do in Dublin, Ireland as its one of the top Instagrammable places in the city.

6. Marvel in your awe at the Beauty in St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The largest church in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is actually one of two cathedrals constructed upon Dublin soil. 

In spite of this, St. Patrick’s Cathedral remains the most well-known of both in terms of tourists. 

The cathedral was founded in 1191. It is filled with more than 800 years of Irish tradition and culture. 

An architectural marvel of the highest order The beauty of the cathedral is apparent from both sides. It also serves as the burial place of Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver’s Travels as well as the Dean of the Cathedral. For the book lovers, this places constitutes among the Things to do in Dublin, Ireland.

7. Take a trip back in time to Dublin Castle 

Things to do in Dublin, Ireland
Things to do in Dublin Ireland – Source: Photo by Barion McQueen

Go back in time to the prehistoric times of Dublin through a visit to the renowned Dublin Castle. 

With more than 800 years’ worth of Irish memories preserved in its walls, this amazing structure has witnessed the most significant moments in the history of Ireland. 

The Castle covers an area of more than 11 acres The Castle is situated at the top of the hill in the area and provides guided and self-guided tours of the grounds, which include the castle’s numerous rooms gardens and museums, like The Chapel Royal, the Chester Beatty Library and The Garda Museum as well as the Revenue Museum. 

The Dublin Castle served as a military fortress, a prison, court of law and residence and seat of the English Administration in the country. The tour of the castle is 4.50 Euros and place is in a top 25 things to do in Dublin Ireland for the history buffs!

Tours recommended: Fast-Track Access Book of Kells and Dublin Castle Tour

8. Go for a walk along Ha’penny Bridge

Things to do in Dublin
Things to do in Dublin Ireland – Source: Photo by Luciann Photography

A strikingly distinctive white-picketed beauty, Ha’penny Bridge is famously known as the first bridge that pedestrians could walk on to cross the River Liffey. 

Its name is derived from the amount that pedestrians were required to pay (a “halfpenny”) in order to cross the bridge again when it was constructed in 1816. The bridge was originally named Wellington Bridge after the Duke of Wellington and was renamed after Ireland was a free state in the year 1922. This was done in order to get rid of the landmarks and monuments named after the British Royals.

It is now one of the most prominent “monuments” which signify Dublin as seen on postcards, tourist brochures and books, as well as souvenirs.  Due to the phenomenon view, the bridge makes it to the Top things to do in Dublin Ireland list!

9. Visit Christ Church Cathedral 

Things to do in Dublin Ireland
Things to do in Dublin Ireland – Source: Photo by Adrien Olichon

Another of Dublin’s cathedrals dating back to the medieval era, Christ Church Cathedral, is another one of Dublin’s architectural marvels. 

It is also known informally more officially as The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity The church is fully operational and has been designated as the cathedral for The United Dioceses in Dublin in Dublin and Glendalough. 

While it is accessible for visitors to admire it’s Romanesque insides, employees of the cathedral charge entry and ticketing fees since the cathedral does not receive any support from the government. 

The cost is certainly worth it and will keep this stunning part of Irish culture and is one of the top things to do in Dublin.

Tickets can be purchased here: Christ Church Cathedral Admission Ticket and Self-Guided Tour 

10. Have a Picnic in Phoenix Park 


A massive walled area (about 1700 acres) which is located about two miles away from the city of Dublin, Phoenix Park is more than your typical park. 

In reality, in addition to the vast expanses of green and the plethora of amazing plants and trees, it hosts The Dublin Zoo, a sports field and The Wellington Monument, and both the Presidential and US Ambassador’s residences. 

With many things to do and see you could easily enjoy the whole day by relaxing and wandering around the landscape. As the park is open 24×7, it is accessible and one can peacefully enjoy the landscape. Due to this, it has been rated as the Top Things to do in Dublin.

11. You can read a book at the Trinity College Library

Top Things to do in Dublin
Things to do in Dublin Ireland – Source: Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko:

A stunning architectural marvel, and a space that most people who love reading would only imagine being in The Trinity College Library is the largest library in Ireland. 

It is also home to the famous Book of Kells – an ornate, beautifully-illuminated manuscript containing all of the four Gospels of the New Testament that’s over 1000 years old. 

The most famous part is known as The Long Room, and has been said to resemble it being the Jedi Archives in Star Wars. 

The main library is only accessible to employees, graduates and students from the university. However, this doesn’t deter tourists from having a look in the old Library that is open to all visitors and is located inside its areas. For all the bookworms, this library is heaven and is among the 25 Top Things to do in Dublin Ireland list!

12. Have lunch at the Avoca Wool Shop & Cafe 

In addition to the stout brew and whiskey, among the best (and most well-known) products that comes from Ireland is their mohair and wool products made from local sheep scattered across the valleys and hills of Ireland. 

While the actual mill is situated out of Dublin in the town of Avoca The company sells its wool in several Avoca shops in Dublin. 

For those who are unable to leave the city, make sure to stop by the shop located near in the Dublin City Center to purchase unique hand-woven luxury blankets, scarves, or sweaters made from locally-sourced Irish mohair. Be sure to go upstairs to the cafe, where you can have small meals and tea, or desserts of local Irish dishes. 

As this cafe and wool shop are one of a kind, one should add this place to their Things to do in Dublin, Ireland list!

13. Find out more about the Abandoned Prison in Kilmainham Gaol 

A must-see for anyone who loves history, Kilmainham Gaol is an abandoned prison which offers guided tours through its renovated quarters. 

For a low ticket cost that is EUR4 for each person every tour will include the 45-50 minutes of a tour of the jail with a knowledgeable guide who will walk you through the past of the jail, including the shockingly poor treatment given to prisoners during the time and a myriad of other fascinating facts regarding the policies and the restoration to the facility. 

The participants will depart with a better knowledge of this time within Irish history. Due to its rich history, the place is a must on a Things to do in Dublin, Ireland list!

14. Plan a trip to Wicklow Mountains 

Top things to do in Dublin
Things to do in Dublin Ireland – Source: Photo by tom balabaud

Who doesn’t enjoy a trip to the mountains? One of the most interesting Things to do in Dublin, Ireland is to take a tour of the Wicklow Mountains!

The most well-known filming location for the hit romantic film P.S. I Love You, this stunningly beautiful landscape is better in person than on the screen. 

Tours recommended: Day Tour of Wicklow Mountains National Park

15. Go to the Dublin Zoo 

Top things to do in Dublin
Things to do in Dublin Ireland – Source: Photo by Michael Noel

In Phoenix Park, the Dublin Zoo is a great option to spend your time in and is good option for people who are travelling with Kids.

With an array of animals to view and a well-organized map, this tour is ideal for families or groups of any age. In addition, the animals in the zoo are extremely taken care of, but they also are provided with spacious spaces to play and roam around and make every experience as authentic to the experience as is possible. 

Visit the Meerkat Cafe at the Meerkat Cafe, where you can see the meerkats in close-up while enjoying an ice-cold drink or bite food. 

In: The Dublin Pass that allows entry to more than 35 Attractions

16. Visit for a day at The Cliffs of Moher

Things to do in Dublin Ireland
Things to do in Dublin Ireland

Another amazing excursion that is waiting just outside the city is a visit to the magnificent Cliffs of Moher and is among the Top Things to do in Dublin. 

The natural wonders of the area have been used in a variety of film shoots, including Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and The Princess Bride, and are truly breath-taking to see in person. For all the Potterhead’s, this place is surely in their 25 Things to do in Dublin list!  

You can go to any tourism canters in Dublin to book one-day tours of Moher’s Cliffs of Moher, which can cost anything from EUR15 up to EUR40. The Cliffs of Moher are a must to see. 

We recommend you to book the tickets online for Amazing Day trip to Moher.

17. Browse your way through the Dublin Flea Market

Top things to do in Dublin
Things to do in Dublin Ireland – Source: Photo by Paula

You can have a flea marketplace happening at almost every corner and street in Dublin (especially on weekends) the Dublin Flea Market will be an indoor flea market which happens on the Sunday that is the last of each month. It is now among the top and most adored events in Dublin. 

With more than 60 stands selling everything from household items, baby products to furniture and old clothes You’re likely to get exactly what you’re looking for at this location.

Buying souvenirs is the most adored activity and thus shopping at the Dublin Flea market is in the things to do in Dublin Ireland list! It is surely a paradise for the shoppoholics!

18. Explore Dublin’s Unique Doors of Dublin

The majority of housing communities are designed to look similar (and each house is confined between) many homeowners are likely to paint their doors with an original shade to differentiate themselves from the neighbour’s home. 

Although it was originally used to mark the home, it is now an important feature that is a signature feature of Dublin itself. Images of these vibrant doors, distinctive in appearance, can be printed on calendars and postcards in the souvenir shops of Dublin. 

Due to this it is one of the most unique Things to do in Dublin, Ireland and it is among the best Things to Do in Dublin Ireland list!

Related tour Walking Tour of Dublin 

19. Explore the graveyards of Glasnevin Cemetery Museum 

Ranked #1 on TripAdvisor’s lists of Top Things to Do in Dublin Ireland The Glasnevin Cemetery Museum is an uncommon, but incredibly fascinating method to learn about Irish historical aspects. 

During your tour, visitors will take a stroll through several burial grounds of notable Irish politicians, poets, writers, and other notable people as well as hear interesting and informative information on each person and the history of politics in Ireland. 

Due to its uniqueness, the graveyard should be in your 25 Things to do in Dublin.

The prices vary between EUR6 up to EUR25 according to the package. 

20. Learn how to play with the Irish Way at Experience Gaelic Games 

Another unique and enjoyable method to get a taste of the authentic Irish heritage and culture is to be a part of Experience Gaelic Games’ traditional Irish recreation sporting lessons. 

Just 10 minutes of Dublin City Center, Experience Gaelic Games gives you the chance to experience the most well-known Irish sports – like the famous stick and ball field sportof “hurling” also known as Gaelic Football (a combination of basketball, soccer, and rugby all combined into one) as well as many other. 

Perfect to do with groups. This event is extremely team-building, and something that you can carry with you throughout the rest of your life. If you’re travelling in a group, this event should be in your Things to do in Dublin Ireland.

Online Book: Gaelic Games Experience 

21. Enjoy a relaxing time in St. Stephen’s Green 

Things to do in Dublin, Ireland
Things to do in Dublin Ireland –

Another well-known Dublin park to enjoy a relaxing time can be found in St. Stephen’s Green, packed with the lush green lawn, an array of flowers and plants, and stunning bodies of water. 

If you’re not convinced then there are also landmarks to take in and plenty of trails that you can walk or bike. 

Bring a book, lunch box or stop by the cafe before you head toward St. Stephen’s Green to take in a beautiful, brisk day in the park.  Experiencing the beautiful landscapes of the city, should be on your 25 Things to do in Dublin!

The tour is available for booking: St Stephen’s Green Park Walking Tour 

22. Stop and smell the roses in The National Botanic Gardens


Things to do in Dublin, Ireland
Things to do in Dublin Ireland

The National Botanic Gardens is a great destination to visit both with your family or on your own. 

With so many different plants and flowers, as well as other unique things to look at, it is easy to take a whole day lost in these lush gardens. 

Bring your camera as some of the most breathtaking areas of your visit include the sculpture garden, as well as an herb garden that is designed to resemble an old castle or glass houses. 

Admission is completely free to visitors. However, a guide tour costs EUR 5. 

23. Go to at the Little Museum of Dublin 

25 Things to do in Dublin
Things to do in Dublin Ireland

The Little Museum of Dublin is an ideal place to take some of the kinds of historical information into one fascinating and educational tour. 

Since the majority of objects and ephemera donated by residents of Dublin Every item at the museum has their own story. 

The museum admission fee is EUR7 for a range of exhibits that range from music to films to politics, history , and culture. 

While the museum might be small, it’s surely packed with enough knowledge and historical information to compete with one of the larger cities’ museums. 

Skipping the Line: Skip-the-Line Little Museum of Dublin Ticket

24. Take a History Class on the National Museum of Ireland

One of the most popular free museums in Dublin is that of the National Museum of Ireland. 

The most memorable exhibits at the museum are among them the Viking display, gorgeous gold artifacts or display or the amazing assortment of “bog men” bodies that were discovered and discovered in bogs throughout Ireland. 

Everybody has an intriguing story that will give an amazing insight into the life of these men who were once in the countryside, and have become an integral piece in Irish history. 

Tours that are recommended: Irish History & Treasures Tour with National Museum 

25. Enjoy the Knowledge at the Irish Whiskey Museum

A wonderful blend of Ireland’s finest qualities such as history and alcohol – this Irish Whiskey Museum has everything you could require in one spot. 

In the well-known Grafton street The museum tour will give you an extensive background of every type of whiskey (not only Jameson). 

After the tour, you are able to try three distinct kinds of whiskey in celebration. 

Additionally, if you purchase this package as a VIP, you will receive the exclusive fourth whiskey along with an exclusive shot class to bring home. 

Irish have a extensive history and rich culture. Exploring the vast culture will leave you in awe and will make your trip memorable! Make sure to add to this list of 25 Things to do in Dublin Ireland!

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