Budget Travel in Europe – Top Travel Agencies for Budget Trips

In this post, we will be covering different options which are available for your budget travel in Europe. If you are a student studying in Germany or an ex-pat visiting Germany on a work visa this will be a nice options to consider.

If you are looking for cheap travel in Europe, then you might be interested in learning about different travel agencies in Germany that offer budget trips for students and budget travellers. The main purpose of this post is to highlight the availability of such options. In case you are still in the planning phase of your trip, you can also refer to our guide on cheap travel in Europe.

These budget trips are specifically designed for middle-class people and mostly cover one city in a day, rather than trying to cover multiple cities in a short span of time. Therefore, if you are someone who wants to explore different countries in Europe without spending a fortune, then these trips might be a good option for you.

When you are moving to any European country as ex-pats or student you can’t really start planning on travelling because Europe is not cheap. You need to hitch up a plan for your budget travel in Europe and that is when student trips come to save the day.

When I personally moved to Germany, I usually travelled every weekend with these travel agencies to cover some of the happening places within Europe, like Italy, Venice, Austria, Slovakia, Belgium and to be honest it was worth the money.

You don’t have to plan anything and you just have to board the bus and leave yourself to the awesome and friendly staff (Guide) who is going to be throughout the trip to help you out.

The best thing about these Trips is that travellers do not have to worry about the hassle of planning a trip because the travel agency would take care of every detail. All they have to do is to choose the tour you want, make a reservation, show up and enjoy the trip!

This post is not for you if you are looking for Itinerary for travelling in Europe on Budget. But it is for you if you are searching for Cheap Student Trips in Europe.

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Let us dig in to read about the Travel Agencies which offers Budget travel in Europe

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Budget Travel in Europe - Uniflucht
Budget Travel in Europe – Uniflucht

2021 was fun for me as travelled twice to Paris and then I also went on a trip to Rhine Falls and Zurich with Uniflucht and it was really fun.

Uniflucht is a German travel company whose goal is to organize economic, comfortable and enjoyable trips all around Europe for students. It’s business approach aims to be the best in its areas of activity; based on customer-centric, transparent, long-term, and honest relations with its partners and customers since 2013.

These organized trips bring together customers from various destinations; from the States, to India, China, the Middle-East and Europe. Uniflucht’s multicultural environment and friendly staff makes it exceptionally successful in its field of operations.

My Review – Well it is enonomic on time and you usually get a gift when you are travelling with them which is like a coffee coaster and fridge magnet and a sticker of the brand.

Pm2am Student Trips

Budget Travel in Europe - Pm2am
Budget Travel in Europe – Pm2am

Now, this was the first travel agency from which I booked my tickets for travelling to my first three places in Europe. The trips were for Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava. They still organize these trips and to be honest, it was worth all the penny.

If you are in Germany and you wish to travel to these three places then you can be sure that this is the best budget travel option which you can find for these three places.

The stay was in a hostel in Budapest and which was right in the hot spot area in Hungary and it was a dorm which was already included in the trip cost.

Trips they offer –

Every month they travel to discover new places: Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Budapest, Munich, Paris, Prague, Venice, Vienna, Zurich and many more!

Operations of Pm2am

Currently operating from Germany, Netherlands and Belgium, our vision is to extend our trip portfolio and grow our bus network, to serve as a pan-European travel partner to students and young professionals. Watch out for the next departure near you!

Studifahrten Travel Agency Germany

Budget Travel in Europe - Studifahrten
Budget Travel in Europe – Studifahrten

I came to know about this travel agency after I travelled with Pm2Am while there was nothing wrong with the trip of Pm2am I just wanted to try one trip with Studifahrten as well.

All the things which they offer are exactly similar to what you find with Pm2am but one thing bonus which you get here is the morning breakfast after reaching to your destination.

While it may sound childish to many but it is a deal breaker for me looking to the fact that you reach to the city you are travelling in morning around 6 am and you don’t really have that many options for breakfast.

Studifahrten was founded in 2011, has been offering the most epic trips in Europe to students, young professionals and their visiting relatives at best prices and highest quality.

Wanderlust Trips

Budget Travel in Europe - Wanderlust Trips
Budget Travel in Europe – Wanderlust Trips

Another travel agency which was started by group on enthusiast which offers options for sustainable travel in Europe. You will for sure find some budget travel options for Europe on this website.

Their trips starts from Belgium, Germany and Netherlands so in case you are living there then you can find some awesome trips to satisfy your travel wishes.

What good way to start a company for student when their core working unit is student who got the idea of starting this business while travelling in Europe as a group.

Yes Trips

Budget Travel in Europe - Yes Trips
Budget Travel in Europe – Yes Trips

One unique travel agency which covers events compared to Place, If you are looking for attending La, Tomatino in Spain or Oktoberfest in Munich. This travel agency has got you covered. And all hands down there are some good options for your budget travel in Europe here.

Yes-Trips started back in 2009 with a simple bucket list filled with unique trips. After an international exchange, and meeting a lot of international people who all talked about the unique events in their country, a few friends decided to scratch off the first event on that list namely: Oktoberfest. 

After doing all the research and preparations so many people wanted to join that they went with a full bus. During the first few years, it remained a small student project in the city of Maastricht, aimed to help people experience epic trips and events. Finally, in 2014 the company Yes-Trips is born.

In 5 years more than 30 000 students joined on various adventures like Carnival, Oktoberfest, Springfest, many city trips and even study trips for various study associations. After the successful experiment in Maastricht, Yes-Trips quickly launched into Amsterdam and steadily grew in more cities.

Even though the organization grew, the mission stayed the same: to take people on unforgettable experiences they won’t forget for the rest of their lives.

This was our list of Travel Agencies to help your plan your Budget Travel in Europe, If you have any questions or suggestion you can write down in comments.

We would also love to read about your travel experiences with the above mentioned Travel agencies or maybe help us expand our list of travel agencies for Budget travel in Europe.

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There are many websites like Studifahrten but some of the popular ones are Pm2am, Uniflucht and Wanderlust Travel.

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