13 Amazing Things To Do in Venice on your trip

Welcome to the most romantic city in Italy or maybe throughout the world. If you are planning to visit this beautiful city of Gondolas then we have compiled a list of things to do in Venice which will help you steer your trip in Venice like a local. This post is also good for people who are looking to find out the top things to do in Venice Italy in one day.

It is fun to read about the place you are about visiting. So here are some brief description of Venice.

Venice is an Italian city situated in the northeastern part of Italy and is the capital of the Veneto region. It is a group of whooping 118 islands threaded by 180 canals which are linked by more than 400 bridges. Enjoy counting them.

The republic of Venice was a financial and maritime power during the middle age and renaissance, and it was the starting point of Crusaded to the East.

The city, which faces a lot of major challenges like financial difficulties, fires, diseases etc. is still the main tourist attraction in North Italy.

If you are looking for the Airport Transfer for Venice then I would say you can book this in advance. There is also an options for Bus Transfer as well.

Do you know about Venice Carnival (Italian: Carnevale di Venezia)?

The annual festival of Venice is the time when Venice is thriving with tourist all across the world and is one of the best time to travel to Venice. You may have seen those popular Venitian masks. Well if you have one then this is the time to take that out. Because you will find people wearing those mask in order to enjoy the Venice Carnival.

The reason to wear a mask is one other thing which makes it more interesting. Venitian thinks that wearing those mask will allow people to celebrate by protecting their identity & removing social difference if any.

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Top Things to Do in Venice

Visit the Bridge of Sighs and State Prison

The Bridge of Sigh connected the Doge’s Palace tot he prison and is so named because of the legend that prisoners would sigh upon looking out at their last view of Venice before being taken to their cells. It was designed by Antonio Contino and was built in 1600.

Take the Tour of Doge Palace

Top Things to Do in Venice - Doge Palace
Top Things to Do in Venice – Doge Palace

One of Italy’s grandest and most history-saturated town halls, Doge’s Palace or Ducal Palace is a massive Gothic-Renaissance confection raised in 1309. The public halls of the Doge’s Palace are heavily decorated with canvases ad frescoes by Venice’s greatest artists – works by Veronese and Tintoretto are exceedingly abundant.

If you are planning to go inside the Doge Palace to experience the beauty of it, I would recommend you to take the Fast Track ticket for entering the Palace because normally it is always filled with tourist and you dont want to spend your hour or two just for this palace in the queue.

Places from where you can get the tickets are mentioned below –

There is also one open and I think it would be the best option for you if you are planning to visit Doge Palace and St. Marks Basilica both then you can check the Combined Tickets for Doge Palace and St Marks Basilica.

The Lion of Venice

Top Things to Do in Venice - Flying Lion
Top Things to Do in Venice – Flying Lion

As a symbol of power and leadership, the lion of Venice guards Piazza di San Marco against the top of granite column. Saint Mark has been associated with the power and elevation of the winged lion guarding the throne of the Almighty. When the patron Saint Mark was stolen from his grave and transferred to Venice, the lion followed suit and was adopted as a symbol of Venice.

St. Mark’s Basilica

Top Things To Do In Venice - St Marks Cathedral
Top Things To Do In Venice – St Marks Cathedral

St. Mark’s Cathedral or The Basilica di San Marco was built in the 11th century, St. Mark’s guiding principle in architecture and decoration is Byzantine, but Romanesque and Gothic styles have left their mark as
well over six centuries of expansion and decoration.

Originally it was the chapel of the Doge and has been the city’s cathedral only since 1807.

You should not miss taking the tour ticket for St. Mark’s Cathedral which is the most visited site in Venice. You can Tour the basilica and see the Byzantine art, mosaics, and an impressive bejewelled alter.

St. Mark’s Square

Top Things to DO in Venice - St Marks Square
Top Things to DO in Venice – St Marks Square

The living room of Venice is a year-round carnival, one of the milling tourists, a seemingly endless supply of pigeons, locals relaxing at outdoor café tables, and Couples caught up in Venice’s romance dancing on cobblestones to the competing strains of the cafes live pianists and classical trios. This is also the most pensive part of Venice to eat-drink something.

Astronomical Clock

Top Things to do in venice - Astronomical Clock
Top Things to do in Venice – Astronomical Clock

The Tower, Torre dell Orologio is one of the most famous architectural landmarks, standing over an arch that leads into the main shopping street of the city, the old Merceria.

With its large Astronomical Clock, a masterpiece of engineering. For more than five hundred years, they have measured the flow of history within the city.

The Rialto Bridge

Top Things to do in Venice - Rialto Bridge
Top Things to do in Venice – Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge, most famous and loveliest span across Venice’s Grand Canal. Until the 19th century, this narrowest point on the Grand Canal, where the original core of the Venetian settlement was established. This was the only place to cross from one side to the other on foot because it was the only bridge. The Souvenir shops around Rialto Bridge are the cheapest.

The Rialto Bridge undoubtedly the Top things to do which you can’ miss in Venice. The best thing would be doing the Gondola ride around the Rialto Bridge.

Enjoy the spectacular views of beautiful palaces on a 60-minute afternoon private motorboat tour of the Grand Canal (and a few of Venice’s minor canals) — BOOK NOW

Ca’ d’Oro

Venice Things to Do
Venice Things to Do – Ca’ d’Oro

The Ca d’Oro is a renowned building in Venice, located in the Cannaregio district overlooking the Grand Canal.

It is an ancient patrician palace and dates back to the 15th century. This remarkable building is accepted as a good example of the change from the Gothic to the Renaissance style. Today, the building is used as a museum.

Murano Island

Top Things to do In Venice - Murano Island
Glass Work in Murano Island

The Murano island is world-famous for its glass manufacture. There you can find glass factories that are open to the public. A lot of visitors come to explore the Museo del Vetro, which tells the story of glass through the countries, and to shop for locally crafted souvenirs

Vaporetto to runs from Venice to the islands. The large, express ferry runs rice’s Fondamente Nove stop. I lakes about 30 minutes to Murano more to Burano. Ask the stops and lines again. I might change.

If you love art glasswork then I am sure you will fall in love with this place. This is one of the top things to do in Venice which you should not miss by any means.

In order to keep things in line, We booked our Day Trip to Murano, Burano and Torcello Island well in advance. Since I am a fan of Glasswork I also went to the Murano Glass Museum and took the Murano Glass Factory Guided tour. You will not feel sorry for any means if you try them.

Burano Island

Top Things to Do in Venice - Burano Island
Top Things to Do in Venice – Burano Island

Burano is a rainbow of fun, bright colours and the perfect place for that great Venice photo-up and its casual eateries serving seafood from the lagoon. The shops sell the local butter cookies called “bussolai buranei”.

As you wander across the many little bridges, you will notice the ominously leaning bell-tower (campanile) of The Church of San Martino

Boat Trip to Murano Burano and Torcello – Book Now

Santa Maria Della Salute

Top Things to Do in Venice - Santa Maria Della Salute
Top Things to Do in Venice – Santa Maria Della Salute

Santa Maria Della Salute is located on the Punta Della Dogana, The Baroque basilica is one-of-a-kind because of its extraordinary location. The church’s entrance almost touches the sea, and the imposing contour of the basilica looms over the lagoon and Grand Canal.

Construction of the church began in 1631 and was completed in 1681.

Church of San Giorgio Maggiore

Venice Things to do- San Giorgio Maggiore
Venice Things to do- San Giorgio Maggiore

An island church built by Palladio, decorated by Tintoretto and Bassano, and offering great views from the campanile. Almost every visitor in Venice sees it and most snap a picture of it, yet barely a handful ever bothers taking the quick Vaporetto ride over to visit the church of San Giorgio Maggiore which was built between 1566 and 1610.

Don’t miss to take the Gondola Rides in Venice

Top Things to Do in Venice - Gandola Ride -Optimized
Top Things to Do in Venice – Gandola Ride

If you are in Venice, how can you miss the Gondola Ride? If doing the Gondola ride wouldn’t be the Top Things to Do in Venice that what else would be.

The best way to appreciate the beauty of a city built on water! The rides can last about 20-25 min and prices are about 80 €. You can ride a gondola with up to 6 people and share the cost together. Negotiate the duration and cost of the ride before you get on the gondola, some of them make really bad scam and drop you off after 10 minutes. Take one at the foot of Rialto Bridge so you also ride on the Grand Canal.

In order to avoid the last-minute rush, you can choose the below options to book your Gondola Rides in Venice.

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