A Day Trip to Rhine falls to fall in Love

If you are thinking about deciding the next place to explore in Switzerland and you are there in the city of Lucerne or Zurich Rhine fall should be your next destination to visit. Chasing Whereabouts brings you about how you can enjoy your Day trip to Rhine falls.

At 150 metres wide and 23 metres high, the Rhine Falls are Europe’s largest waterfalls. The roar of up to 600,000 litres of water per second crashing over the rocks makes your eardrums throb.

There is some lovely walking in the romantic landscape around the falls, but the must-do experience is a boat trip to the rock that stands at the heart of the powerful masses of water. Once there, the captain moors the boat and you can climb out and ascend the rock. Trips run continuously all day from May to September.

Don’t forget to wear sturdy footwear Because if you are going to spend your day hiking then you will probably need them.

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If you are interested why not take a look at our travel video of Rhine falls.

Day Trip to Rhine Falls – Top 5 things to Do at Rhine Falls

  • Wait for Sunrise at Northern Banks
  • Watch Sky Changing Colour
  • Take an Exciting Boat Ride right next to the Water Fall
  • Hiking and Photography at the Rhine Falls
  • Visit Schloss Laufen Castle at Southern Banks
  • Visit the Smilestones miniature world Enty.

How to Reach Rhine Falls From Lucerne?

Rent a Car from Lucerne to Rhine Falls

It is just a 1-hour ride from Lucerne to Rhine Falls if you want to cover that using your own car from Lucerne. In case if you planning to travel to Rhine Falls enjoying the beauty of the Alps mountain driving your car, you can choose to rent a car from Lucerne to the Rhine falls at the cheapest rate.

We have compiled some search options for you –

Rent a car from Lucerne to the Rhine falls via Economy Booking
Rent a car from Lucerne to the Rhine falls via Rentalcars.com

We recommend that you try Economy Booking because they have more options as compared to Rental cars and they are fairly cheaper.

Train from Lucerne to Rhine Falls

If you think renting a car is not an option for you then you can book a train from Lucerne to Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall. It will take around 46 minutes to reach to the Rhine Falls.

Train from Lucern to Rhine Falls - Chasing Whereabouts
You may feel free to take a hop on Journey to Zurich and then Reach Rhine Falls Attached image has the Train Numbers mentioned.

How to Reach Rhine Falls From Zurich?

If you are currently enjoying your stay in Zurich and you need to plan for a day trip to the Rhine falls then this you should not give a second thought to that. It just takes 35 minutes by road to reach the Rhine falls from Zurich.

You can choose to rent a car from Zurich to the rhine falls to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Alps along the route.

We have compiled some search options for you –

Rent a car from Zurich to the Rhine falls via Economy Booking

If you feel like driving to the Rhine falls is not the option for you guess what you are in the same league as us, We got some deals and bought the travel tickets from Get your guide you may take a look at that if you want to try From Zürich: Stein am Rhein and Rhine Falls

Where to Stay close to Rhine Falls?

In case you want to spend more time in the Rhine falls then here are a couple of suggestion for the places where you can stay in the Rhine falls from Booking.com – Cheap places to Stay in the Rhine falls.

So was it worth it, our day trip to Rhine Falls, well I can say yes, because we really enjoyed the soothing feeling and the ambience around the falls, The buzzing sound of the water hitting the rocks was rather interesting and grasping. We enjoyed walking in between the trees and hiking on the either side of the of falls. And yes you have to try the Train you will really enjoy it. Feel Free to drop in comments about your review or if you have any questions and yes do lets us know about your story of Day trip to Rhine Falls.


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