Best Places to Live in France

Located in the Western Europe, France is a country known for wine and sophisticated cuisine. This post will focus on the best places to live in France.

France is a country which is rich in geographical features such as beaches, mountains and alpine villages. The country is rich in culture, and architecture as well. The main commercial and cultural centre of the country is Paris followed by Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Lille, Bordeaux and Nice. These places are some of the best places to live in France.

The country of France was inhabited in the Palaeolithic era also known as the Old Stone age by the Celtic tribes or the Gauls. During the mid 14th to the 15th century, the French crown emerged as one of the most powerful monarchy in Europe. Due to the conflicts in the dynasty, the identity of the French emerged.

Post this event, the French Renaissance emerged and there was a substantial increase in the art and culture flourishment of the country. This also led to emergence of great Renaissance Architecture throughout the nation.

One of the other popular events that took place in the French history was the French Revolution under Napoleon Bonaparte in the 19th Century. Post the French revolution, there were architectural changes seen in the cities as well. The Rococo and Neoclassical styles emerged during and post the revolution.

Best Places to live in France

French culture, food and history is something that everyone wants to experience. France is a beautiful country and has many Instagrammable spots that you can explore. This article will brief you about the Best places to live in France!


Best Places to live in France
Places to live in France

The capital city of Paris is the most beautiful city in the country. Paris is perfect combination of art, architecture, culture and cuisine. The city can be explored as cobbled lanes, patisserie and little bistros.

Paris is known as a City of Light and a City of Love. There is an iconic collection of landmarks, museums and cafes. Paris is a city which is known to have major fashion houses. It is a good city in terms in job market and good economy. There is an excellent work-life balance. The city has good network of transportation such as Paris metro, RER train, city buses, taxis etc.

There are some best places to live in the city of Paris. They are categorised on various types such as green spaces, culture, food, nightlife, schools and cheap accommodations. For the best green spaces accommodations in 12th arrondissement, 16th arrondissement are best suited for this purpose. For cheap property, the best suited place is 19th arrondissement. To experience the culture of the city best place is 5th arrondissement and 18th arrondissement. To experience best food 11th arrondissement is the best suited for this purpose.

Paris is ofcourse not the cheapest cities in Europe to live in so if you are on a lookout to find the cheapest countries in Europe then check out our other post.

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Places to live in France
Best Places to Live in France

The city of Lyon is known as the gastronomic capital of France as it is best known for food and drinks. The fine food is the highlight of the city.

Apart from the food, Lyon is a young city and in the fields of technology and innovation the employment rate is high. From Lyon it is a hours drive to Alps and the largest city parks of France.

For the football lovers, Lyon is a heaven and the city is known for gender equality. There is a good transportation links in the city. There are a few cons such as the shortage of property and crime rates in the quieter areas of the city.

The transportation in the city consists of a dense road network, railway stations for both local and intercity travel. Lyon was the first city to be connected by TGV from Paris in the year 1981. There are local buses, bicycle services and taxi services for the connection within the city.


Places to Live in France
Live in France

Marseille is one of the oldest towns of France in terms of history. Marseille is a fast growing city in terms of technology and economy. There are plenty of job opportunities and is one of the largest cities of France. The city is the largest city on the Mediterranean coast and is an affordable place to live considering the size and location of the city.

The job opportunities in the city is easier to find for everyone even the nomad and remote worker. The city is a fast growing city and this gives opportunity to find better jobs in the field of healthcare, digital creatives, environment, tourism, logistics and aerospace and mechanical.

Renting in the city is about 50% cheaper than Paris and purchasing stuff is atleast 75% cheaper than Paris. One of the biggest advantages of the city is the walkability in the city and one can enjoy the city on foot. This is one of the rarest qualities of cities these days.

Due to the affordability in the city it is among best places to live in France for singles, families and even students.

The weather in the city is mild and ranges between -1 Degree Celsius and 32 Degree Celsius. The people in the city do not smoke and have a negative viewpoint towards the concept of smoking. The environment of the place will help you quit smoking if you are looking for the same. In addition to this, there is an Efficient Healthcare system as there are many qualified doctors. Before moving to the city, things like Health Insurance needs to be asked from the employer as the healthcare is not free.


Annecy is a small town known for the beauty and is known as the Venice of the Alps as it a gem for the couples. To add to the scenic beauty of the town, the canals and crystal clear lake add to the charm of the place.

This is the town which shares the border with Switzerland. The residents are into outdoor activities such as skiing, cycling, squash etc.

The town is a rare gem and the lifestyle in the city is a must experience. Many people consider retiring the town due to the lifestyle which is rich in outdoor activities. This helps the people keep a healthy lifestyle. This town is known to be the city of clubs due to several tracks and fields for many sports.

The town has local museums and theatres as other forms of recreational activities. There are interesting cafes and restaurants. There are many French comfort foods available in a few restaurants of the city. There are many bakeries, wine bars, and pastry shops in addition to the restaurants and the cafes.

There are universities in the town and the town is affordable in daily needs in comparison to the other cities of France. The prices of the housing are slightly higher than the average French Housing.


This scenic beauty of the town is located on the coastline of France. The nightlife of the city is a must experience. The day time is popular among the retirees as the pace of the city is slow. This small town is not too busy nor too quiet. The town is close to the airport thus making it easy to travel from major French cities.

The town is a prime yachting destination and private villas and luxury penthouses are among the desirable property. The local markets in Juan-les-Pins include Marche Provencal. The markets here are not big markets like the ones in Nice or Cannes.


Live in France
Places to live in France

Bordeaux is a glittering town of France and among the best places to live in France. This city is an ancient city which is famous for wine growing. This town is located in the southwest part of the country. This town has experienced renaissance architecture style.

The historical background of the city is a reason why the city has been listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. This town is a paradise for wine lovers and many small cellars are present in the town.

The weather in the town is pleasantly mild. The summers are not too hot and the winters are not cold. The temperature go high as 70F in July and low as 43F in December.

The beautiful town is a nice alternative to the high costs of the metropolitan cities. The properties of the town cost between $1800 to $1900 a month in a city centre for 700 sq. feel house.


Places to live in France
Best places to live in France

Looking for best places to live in France after retirement? Pau is one of the beautiful small towns you can look for and it is a few miles away from the Spanish border. The beautiful town has old villas and mansions and one can take a look at the spectacular Pyrenees. Pau is a town with mild, wet winters and warm summers.

The town is famous for the sporting activities such as skiing, hiking, climbing and cycling. The town is known for good essential facilities such as the healthcare systems, airports and other transportation facilities making this town one of the good places to live in France!

The property in the town is very affordable and can easily rent houses for under $18 for a square foot.

France is a beautiful country to move in to. There are plenty of job opportunities and the economy is booming. France is a country with a good established transportation and educational sector along with the healthcare facilities. The list of best places to live in France is given above and one can choose to look into the best places to live according to them!

That was our list of Best Places to live in France, if you think we missed something out from list then don’t forget to drop a comment about the same to us.

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