Do you have to pay to Enter Venice?

If you are going to plan your trip to Venice starting 2023 then this question Do I have to pay to enter Venice? is going to pop up a lot.

Well, Yeah sad part is that the information around this is out now and Venice is the first city in the world in which you have to pay the fees to enter into the country now.

Venice has been struggling with over tourism a lot and this is something which was proposed as a solution to discourage day trips options in the city.

Day trips from Rome to Venice, or maybe from Florence to Venice is actually something very popular among the tourist who are already exploring Rome and Florence during their Italy trip.

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How much is the entry fee for Venice?

Let us start with the main question?

Yes you have to pay to enter Venice, you read it right. The entry fee will start from 3 EUR to 10 EUR based on the current number of tourist in the city.

So the more the travellers in Venice the more is the entry fees for Venice.

Do you have to pay the entry fee if you are staying in Venice?

If you are already staying overnight in Venice during your trip then you already pay the tourist tax in your Hotel Booking for Venice so in this situation you don’t have to pay any entry fee.

Who has to pay to Enter Venice?

Travellers planning on visiting the historic city of Venice will have to register their visit, although those staying the night do not have to pay the entry fee.

When I visited this year in 2022 to Venice on my Day trip from Rome I was not aware that this is going to be the last time I would be entering Venice for free.

Who are exempt to pay the entry fee for Venice?

Well certainly not the day trippers but here are all the people who are exempted from paying the entry fee for Venice.

  • Residents and children aged under six
  • Disabled
  • Homeowners
  • At times Students
  • People visiting for health reasons or visiting relatives
  • People coming to attend sports event or cultural event.
  • Overnight Hotel Guest

Do you have to pay to visit Murano Burano as well?

Yes, not only to Venice but you have to pay the fee for entering the neighbouring islands of Venice as well.
Lido di Venezia, Pellestrina, Murano, Burano, Torcello, Sant’Erasmo, Mazzorbo, Mazzorbetto, Vignole, S. Andrea, La Certosa, S. Servolo, S. Clemente and Poveglia.
The fines for ticket infringement will go from 50 euros as much as 300 euros.

How can visitors pay to enter Venice?

A web based booking framework in different languages will be accessible in the autumn time for guests to pre-book their outing to Venice.

After booking, guests will get a QR code that goes about as their ticket and ought to be shown to ticket regulators.

For those travelling via the public transport it is expected to show the option of buying the tickets for entering Venice at the same time when you are buying the ticket for travelling to Venice.

If this service is not available, public transport operators will make announcements to passengers reminding them of the requirement to book.

Guests are urged to book ahead of time as ticket costs could be lower.

How will tickets be checked?

Ticket controllers will be spread throughout the historic city checking visitors’ tickets or proof of exemption.

Authorities are also considering introducing turnstiles at some access points to the city such as the railway station.

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What if I forget to buy my ticket for Venice?

Venice authorities have said there will be notices and announcements at entry points to the city such as the bus terminal in Piazzale Roma or the railway station to remind visitors to book their tickets.

That was all the information around Do you have to pay to enter Venice?. If you are planning your trip to Venice then you have to read our Venice Guide.

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