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Looking to take a beach holiday? Why not give Germany a try! It might not be a tropical paradise but the Baltic Sea beaches’ powder-sugar sand is a perfect side trip for your European getaway. Here are some of the best beaches in Germany which you can visit.

Well, I heard stories about people exploring Palma de Mallorca, Spain for finding their ideal beach spot in search of hot weather and putting on the swimming suit. But when I started exploring more in Germany I found a couple of lovely beaches within Germany which can you be your next travel spot this summer.

As currently because of the Pandemic the Germans are looking for options to spend their summer holidays within the country border we thought about sharing the details about the Beaches in Germany.

So what are you waiting for, Let’s dig in

Beaches in Germany

Beaches in Germany
Beaches in Germany – Feel Free to use this on your website by giving credit to us

Sellin on Rügen

Best Beaches in Germany - Sellin
Best Beaches in Germany – Sellin

Thanks to the beautiful landscape and scenery, Germany’s largest island Ruegen is absolutely a top pick for people visiting in Germany. It averages 1,800 hours of sun each year, making Rügen one of the sunniest places in Germany.

It has some interesting UNESCO world heritage location like chalk cliffs of ​​Jasmund National Park.Want to visit more than one? Take the Rügensche BäderBahn (nicknamed Rasender Roland or Raging Roland), which carries its sand-covered passengers to four beach entrances.

Sellin is a resort town on the German island of Rügen. It’s known for its Baltic Sea beaches and Pier with a 1920s-style pavilion. Wilhelmstrasse is a street lined with grand, resort-style villas. Dating from the 19th century, the Rügen narrow-gauge railway links Sellin to nearby towns. The Southeast Rügen Biosphere Reserve has beech forests and sea cliffs, and shelters rare species like gray seals.

Address – Sellin

Binzer Strand on Rügen

Best Beaches in Germany - Binzer Strand on Rügen
Best Beaches in Germany – Binzer Strand on Rügen

The beach in front of Binz is over five kilometers long, very wide, stone-free and fine sandy. Due to its protected location in the Prorer Wiek, the beach offers pure bathing fun for the whole family. For its good beach and water quality, it is awarded the international environmental symbol “Blue Flag”.

Together with the Binzer district of Prora, the beach has 74 entrances and is divided into textile, nudist and dog beach sections. DLRG lifeguards ensure safety during the season. In addition, water sports activities such as pedal boat rental, water skiing or sailing and surfing are offered in various beach areas.

During the entire season, many sports and cultural events take place on the beach. At a beach entrance, couples can even say yes in a rescue tower.

Binz is one of the most popular beaches in Germany. And the place itself, with its tree-lined avenues and old-fashioned buildings, exudes beautiful, historic charm.

Popular family beach with calm waters for swimming & bathing, plus a summer concert schedule.

Address: Strand, 18609 Binz

Westerland on Sylt

Westerland is definitely Germany’s Monaco or Cannes-the spot where the rich and famous flock to relax. Sylt, Germany ‘s northernmost island with almost 40 kilometers of pristine sandy beaches, is also considered the “Queen of the North Sea” Given the overall broad range, Westerland provides this unmistakably comfortable atmosphere, in which one of the most stunning sunsets can be witnessed.

West coast Westerland beach has perfectly manicured sand and elegant hotels. The Wenningstedt-Braderup Beaches have quiet waters for families. Or imagine you ‘re more tropical in exotically called Samoa and Sansibar somewhere else.

If Sylt’s attractions have brought the tourists, fly a little farther to nearby Amrum island where the beaches of the Wadden Sea normally have more seals than humans.

Ahlbeck on Usedom

Best Beaches in Germany - Ahlbeck Usedom
Best Beaches in Germany – Ahlbeck Usedom

The Baltic Sea island of Usedom is famous for its “singing sand. The fine grains of sand rub against each other, creating a ghostly squeaky sound when the wind blows from the right direction. The island used to be popular as a weekend destination with German emperors and monarchs-the elegant atmosphere and old-fashioned luxury is a reminder of this as well. With its historic pier and waterfront promenade, and countless places where you can enjoy typical German delicacies, Ahlbeck has maintained this special German atmosphere in particular.

Usedom has great spas, delicious food, and great music festivals. The most popular beach resorts on Usedom are Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf, and Bansin.


Best Beaches in Germany - Hiddenssee
Best Beaches in Germany – Hiddenssee

Located to the west of Ruegen this car-free island is a picturesque location in Germany. You will fall in love with the fishing village of Neuendorf to the idyllic landscape of Grieben, and the beautiful harbour to the hilly Dornbusch. Situated in the Baltic Sea Hiddensee is going to amaze you at every turn.  It has sandy beaches, a picture-postcard lighthouse and a lot of cultural attractions.

Leave your car back at the harbor, and make your way around the island on foot, by bike, or by horse-drawn carriage.


Best Beaches in Germany - Warnemünde lighthouse - Baltic Sea
Best Beaches in Germany – Warnemünde

Warnemünder is a Baltic seaside port town where hundreds of cruise ships dock. Climbing up the lighthouse from the 19th century is a great way to get a new viewpoint on the beautiful town and see ships bobbing in the sea. The long strip of beach and marina make for an easy family getaway. Rostock City is a convenient journey from Warnemünder.

Today’s visitors are more likely to spend their time sunbathing, swimming, and sailing. This expanse of sandy beach is located at the junction of the Warnow river flowing into the Baltic.

Ostseebad Ahrenshoop

Best Beaches in Germany - Ostseebad Ahrenshoop
Best Beaches in Germany – Ostseebad Ahrenshoop

This island stretches into the Baltic Sea and features a 9-mile long beach backed by dunes of sand. Take off  your shoes and feel the sand between your feet as this beautiful beach is a protection of the world with dog beaches elsewhere.

A bohemian crowd of international and national artists is the small population which calls this area home. Even the Mayor, Hans Götze, has a career in art.

Sankt Peter-Ording

Best Beaches in Germany Sankt Peter-Ording
Best Beaches in Germany Sankt Peter-Ording

The water extends into long stretches of sandy beachfront. The dramatic tides provide a further space to sunbathe at low temperatures, while kitesurfers and bathing fans dominate the beach.

Calm the pains with inland waters of an active day. The town is known for its Dünen-Therme sulfur wells, which cure German everything.


The sandy beaches that enter the resort town give way to pristine waters. Kühlungsborn is the largest sea-based spa town in Mecklenburg, situated in the Rostock district along the Baltic Sea coast. There may not be any higher buildings than trees to make this beach of the Baltic Sea the star.


Best Beaches in Germany - Travemünde
Best Beaches in Germany – Travemünde

The largest ferry port in Germany has links to Scandinavia, Russia, Latvia and Estonia. Travemünde has been a beach destination since 1802. Wide sandy expanses are dotted with the classic German strandkörbe, with many people entering the warm waters by sailboat.

Like Warnemünde, Travemünde has a historic lighthouse called Leuchtturm Travemünde. It is the oldest on the Baltic coast of Germany, as it was built in 1539. Travemünde is located near the lovely Lübeck with its distinctive Hanseatic brick architecture and its own history of seafaring.

If you arrive in July, take part in the annual sailing week, Travemünder Woche.

Lakefront Beaches

Best Beaches in Germany - Lake Front
Best Beaches in Germany – Lake Front

Most Germans aren’t concerned with the sea. Swimming in the lake is a huge deal for both a day trip and a complete holiday. The nation is covered in lovely lakes, but there are some of the best:

  • Lake Wannsee has almost anything you desire within Berlin’s city limits. It is Europe’s largest outdoor swimming area on an inland body of water.
  • Lake Starnberg is only a 30-minute ride on public transport from Munich and offers typical watery delights.
  • Lake Constance, known as Bodensee by the Germans, is a 40-mile-long lake that you can’t even see across. It borders Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and has an iconic island, Lindau. One of the best beach fronts in Germany is Strandbad Horn.
  • Chiemsee is the largest lake in Bavaria and has two islands and a castle to explore.
  • Lake Ammersee is little-known outside of Germany, but it offers beautiful green waters, water sports, and hiking opportunities galore.

Langeooger Strand, Langeoog

Langeoog is potentially one of the most beautiful islands along the German northwest coast. Since the island is auto-free, only bikes and horse-drawn carriages and a small railway that goes from the port to the main town can fly here. The place has a very picturesque picture with the long, sandy white beaches that span the whole island and the many beach ponds.

Lubminer Strand at Greifswalder Bodden

We must mention the famous free-body culture of Germany at some point! On Lubmin Beach at the Baltic Sea coast, a free community is practiced and accepted. The beach is considered to be particularly beautiful against the beautiful background of rough rock walls and the nearby pine forest. If you don’t really focus on your full body tan, you can also enjoy many outdoor activities, including hiking , biking, and fishing.

Wannsee Beach

Best Beaches in Germany - Wannsee Beach
Best Beaches in Germany – Wannsee Beach

Germany has not too much coastline, but it does have great, or very large inland lakes relative to other European countries. The Wannsee is Berlin’s largest lake and is especially popular on hot weekends. Besides being able to sail well, the beautiful white sandy beaches at Wannsee offer you to escape the city for a day without traveling far away.

Timmendorfer Strand, Niendorf

Best Beaches in Germany Timmendorfer Strand
Best Beaches in Germany Timmendorfer Strand

The four miles (six kilometers) of sandy Timmendorfer Strand in the Bay of Lübeck is extremely popular with locals, but almost unknown to tourists. The beach ‘s long pier stretches to the sea while the Timmendorfer Strand nature area has around 1,300 native birds and offers a perfect day trip. The beach is an appealing attraction. Also a popular spa among Germans is the beach resort.

South Coast of the island of Fehmarn

Fehmarn Island on the Baltic Sea is a kitesurfing and windsurfing oasis. Naturally, that means that in Germany the average swimmers will be more windy and will not have the same mild sea brisk. However, should you wish to travel on the waves in strong winds, there are only a few more suitable places, regardless of your skills and experience. Furthermore, because of the numerous silver herons and cormorants in the Wallnau water-bird-reserve the place is very popular with bird lovers.

Bathing area Ording, St. Peter-Ording

St. Peter-Ording in Britain, a coastal town well known for its sulphur springs, is also known as Scarborough. While the soothing effect of waters can be argued for, there are numerous thermal baths and wellness centers that make St. Peter Ording an eldorado of relaxation. The immensity of the sandy beach and the waves are still a long way from being one of Germany ‘s finest surf spots.

Kampen Beach

Best Beaches in Germany - Kampen Beach
Best Beaches in Germany – Kampen Beach

Small but fine, exclusive and cosmopolitan, elegant and also cosy village.

Kampen is the village of charming contrasts. Endless sandy beaches and wide heaths, red cliffs and edgy types, sparkling champagne and quick-witted friezes – find out what gives Germany’s most famous village its very special charm.

You can learn more about it by going through the website of Kampen

Hörnle Beach

The “Hörnle”, as the beach is called by the Constances, is located at the end of the Konstanzer Bay near the Bodensee-Stadion and offers a fantastic view of the Obersee and the Überlinger See. In summer, the largest beach resort on Lake Constance, with over 50,000 square metres of sunbathing lawn and 600 metres of shoreline, is the meeting point par excellence and popular with all age groups.

To know more about what this beach includes feel free to visit their website – Hornle Beach

Holi Beach Föhr or Wyker Beach

Best Beaches in Germany - Wyk Foehr
Best Beaches in Germany – Wyk Foehr – Image Source

Wyk is the only town in Föhr and if you are looking for experiencing the Indian Festivals of Colour Holi on beaches in Germany then Wyk is one of the beaches which you should consider covering. You can read more about the even Holi on their official website which tells about the date of the event they also organize some stage shows as well so you will absolutely enjoy if you are into this.

Read more about that here – Holi Beach


are there any beaches in germany?

Well yes of course, Germany has it own share of beaches which are absolutely beautiful and stunning. You’ll find sun, sea, sand, surf, and stuff to do at plenty of great German beach resorts. We have compiled the list of best beaches in Germany in this post.

Does Germany has a sea?

Germany’s Baltic Resorts and Attractions. Although Germany has no Mediterranean Sea coast it does have coasts on two seas: the North Sea (Nordsee) and the “East Sea” (Ostsee), the Baltic.

What are the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world?

Sellin on Rügen
Binzer Strand on Rügen
Westerland on Sylt
Ahlbeck on Usedom
Ostseebad Ahrenshoop
Sankt Peter-Ording

We hope that this Travel Guide for Best Beaches in Germany was helpful for you and we have covered enough beaches to give you a good option for your summer holidays in Germany. In case you have a suggestion about the post and you have visited any beach in Germany which you think is not added in our list, we will be happy to include that, So don’t hesitate and drop your suggestions in comment.

Also, if you are more interested to go on road trips, we have a list of 20 Magical Road Trips to take from Germany. If you are wondering how to travel in a cheap way in Germany we have got you covered in our post Cheap ways to travel in Germany.

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