Does it Snow in Greece? 10 places to cover when it snows in Greece

Yes, there is snow in Greece. It can snow from November to April, mainly in the northern regions.

Traveling to Greece in the winter months is the best time to witness snow and enjoy snow activities. In this post, I will be covering in detail all the places where it snows in Greece so that you can decide which one you should plan to visit for chasing the snow in Greece.

The mountains are located in the central part of the country. This area comprises the mainlands and the core of the city. Due to the presence of the island cities in the nation and the Mediterranean climate of the islands, the burning question of Whether it snows in Greece. Arises. The Mountain areas, located in the core city, consist of high mountain regions with the highest mountain range of 9,573 feet tall, which is 2,918 meters above sea level.

Does it snow in Greece?
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Does it snow in Greece?

The immediate answer to the question “Does it snow in Greece?” is yes! The core cities are near the mountains, so these places snow in Greece. These places include the capital of the country, Athens, and the neighboring towns. The other places where it snows in Greece in the northern part of the country.

Experiencing the country during the snow times is beautiful and magical. If you’re traveling to Athens during the winter months, you won’t have to travel far to experience the snow. Meanwhile, the islands of Greece experience the Mediterranean climate. If you still believe that these cities do not have the magical snow you’re looking for and are still finding the answer to the question ” Does it snow in Greece?” visit the northern part of Greece during the winter months!

Snow in Greece in December is recorded as 6 millimeters of snow. As December is considered the first month of winter, the temperature reduces to 3.9 degrees Celsius.

Snow in Greece in January is recorded to be at least 35 millimeters and is considered the month of the heaviest snowfall in Greece.

In February, the temperatures start to rise and reach 4 degrees.

Places with snow in Greece

To experience the magical snow, there are many places in the country where it snows. The northern parts of the country are the places with the heavy snow. These regions have alpine climates and the winter season begins from December to February. The summer months beginning from April to November have least or no snowfall.

To experience the fairy tale snowfall following are the Places with snow in Greece that you should visit in the winter months:

1. Arachova, Viotia

Does it snow in Greece?
Places with Snow in Greece: Delphi (Photo by Jeff Stapleton)

Arachova is a beautiful, picturesque village in the Viotia city and the village is known for the ski resort. The village is located at the Mt. Parnassus and comprises of the most famous winter destinations in Greece. The most beautiful destination that comes to mind when someone asks does it snow in Greece? is Arachova.

There are various archaeological sites in the village that you must visit. The site includes Delphi which is a religious place dedicated to Apollo who was a Greek God. The site was developed in the 8th century BC and also inhabited the Oracle of Delphi and Pythia.

2. Kalavryta, Achaea

Another charming and beautiful place that comes to the mind when we hear “does it snow in Greece? ” is Kalavryta in Achaea and are reminded of the beautiful landscape during snow.

This is a popular village for the snow activities and the village has a Ski centre. This village is second closest to Athens. This village is known for the historical horrors as the German had attacked the village. The attack is considered as the worst massacre in Greece.

To reach this beautiful destination, one can board a plan to the airports of Athens and Patra. Athens receives flights all round the year and the Patra airport receives the flights only in the summer months and has cheaper flights from abroad. From these two cities, travellers can take the bus to Kalavryta.

3. Meteora, Thessaly

Does it snow in Greece?
Places with Snow in Greece: Meteora

Meteora, Thessaly is one of the World Heritage sites under UNESCO. This unique destination is beautiful as one can witness snowfall during the winter months of December and January. The snow in the city is not much in comparison to the rest of the cities. Despite this, one tends to witness alot of snow on their way to the city.

The city of Meteora is named after 6 monasteries located on hilltop and makes an impression of the monasteries elevated in midair, thus, constitutes among the top Places with snow in Greece.

4. Metsovo, Epirus

The village is located on the foothills of the Pindus mountain range. Metsovo is a small village which is unique and beautiful. It is one of the ideal destinations that one can visit if they want to witness snow. The village is the best place to learn about the culture of Vlach people. These people are a local group of people who are known to be the descendants of the Balkans. These people have settled in the Northern part of Greece over a large period of time.

The beauty of Metsovo attracts many visitors during the winters especially to witness and experience the snowfall.

5. Ioannina, Epirus

Snow in Greece
Places with Snow in Greece

Ioannina is a town located in the northwest region of Greece and is among our favourite places with snow in Greece. The town is located on the shores of Lake Pamvotis. This picturesque town is located in the middle of n alluring lake and giant mountains on the other, the town experiences only a few inches of snow during the winters. The beautiful landscape and the snow makes the town picture perfect.

If light snowfall does not attract you, and want to experience heavy snowfall, then you must travel to Zagori village which is located in a close proximity to the town of Ioannina. Ioannina has a great advantage of the being a town as one could travel to nearby places on a road trip easily!

6. Crete Island

Snow in Greece
Places with snow in Greece

An island on a Places with snow in Greece list? Does it snow in Greece in this region?

You’ve read it right! Crete Island is one of the most places to visit in Greece during winters and is a diverse land in terms of geography. The landscape in Crete Island is diverse to such an extent that it inhabits snowy mountains and seaside on the same land. For experiencing snow, one needs to go the beautiful mountain sites!

The people of Crete Island are known to be hospital and warm. The culture of the island is so rich that one cannot miss it apart from the snow. One must try dishes like Raki, snails and Cretan Dakos.

Apart from all this one can undertake the beautiful Greek Cruise!

7. Kastoria Macedonia

One of the our top suggestions for the Places with snow in Greece is the town of Kastoria in Macedonia. This beautiful town experiences extreme chilly temperatures and it frequently drops to -15 degrees Celsius.
The town experiences snowfall every year and it is a true winter wonderland. Best time to visit this town is in December and the town experiences an average snowfall of about 2.5 inches. This place is a perfect holiday for anyone looking for Places with snow in Greece during the peak winters.

This place experiences traditional cafes, tavernas and large number of winter activities. The town also has pretty lakes and scenic landscapes which definitely makes it to the ‘gram!

8. Tzoumerka

Does it snow in Greece?
Places with snow in Greece

Located in the foothills of the Pindos range in the northwestern part of the country, the Tzoumerka is a series of mountain peaks which run north to south and share the boundary of Ioannina and Arta.

This mountain range has commendable scenic beauty ranging from crystal springs and waterfalls. The ranges will give you an amazing experience of snow, countryside and wildlands. There are small villages such as Syrrako, Kalarrites and the Melissourgi on the northwestern side of the range.

9. Loutraki Pella

Thermal springs and winters are the best combination. Located on the foothills of Mount Voras. Loutraki is a small village with a ski resort and a hot spring. The hot spring is located in between the trees and waterfalls where the water is supplied by the river. There are 48 private baths , 2 inner pools and 2 hammams.

Enjoying the snow in this small town is a bliss.

10. Pilio

Pilio is a peninsula which is covered with forest mountains slopes. This town is densely wooded and driving through this is a pure bliss. One can find themselves around apple groves. Below the mountain slopes is the spectacular view of the sea.

The villages in the area are rustic and picturesque and definitely worthy of going on your Instagram feed! The villages are beautiful, tourist friendly and a bliss for the snow lovers. The trees in the are beautiful and are like a fairytale.

Greece is a beautiful place to visit in winters. The cities turn in to the ultimate winter wonderland and a fairytale. This winter wonderland is beautiful and is definitely worth it!

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