Day trip to Geierlay Suspension Bridge – Fall in love with Nature

We all have been going through this state of dilemma whether we should travel or during this state of Pandemic. While the case of Cornavirus has decreased in Germany, People have started travelling to places within Germany which are less crowded so we decided to go on a short trip to Geierlay suspension bridge.

Germans love to spend their summer holidays at a nice place to relax and enjoy the warmth of the sun. So we covered a couple of options for travelling i.e. Beaches in Germany and one of the latest ones was my personal favourite which is the Magical Road Trips from Frankfurt.

Now last Saturday 22nd of August we were finally able to counter our dilemma and come to firm decision that we will travelling now.

So I started preparing the options which we can cover on a day trip from Frankfurt so that we don’t have to stay at some Hotels. (Being Cautious). We already covered Koblenz and share the top things to do in Koblenz in our travel guide.

Keeping the thought in mind that the destination needs to be a Less Crowded one and approachable via the public transport we finalized that we will be travelling to Geierlay Suspension Bridge.

I checked some videos online about the bridge and the view was breath-taking in the videos only so I was excited enough to visit in person and experience the view.

So in our blog we will be sharing all the information about the Germany’s longest suspension Bridge

Day Trip to Geierlay Suspension Bridge - Chasing Whereabouts - hanging bridge germany
Day Trip to Geierlay Suspension Bridge – hanging bridge germany – Chasing Whereabouts
Watch the video about Geierlay Suspension Bridge and how to reach this place if you are planning to visit this using the public transport of Germany.

Information About Geierlay Suspension Bridge

  • The bridge is located between the towns of Mörsdorf and Sosberg. You can park the car in Mörsdorf, here you pay a fee of 4 euros for two hours and 2 euros per hour onwards. Note that there is a parking system and you cannot enter the village of Morsdörf by car and not get to the bridge by car. The Geierlay Bridge walk is easy and should take you about 25/30 minutes one way however the wait time during afternoon can stretch around 2 hours. There are signs all over. Wheelchairs and strollers should also be able to reach the bridge on the paved trail.
  • The bridge is 360 meters long, 85 centimeters wide and is at an altitude of 100 meters above the ground of the Geierlayschleife.
  • You can combine your visit to the Geierlay swingbridge with a 6.2 kilometer long hike around Mörsdorf. You can pick up a map from the visitors center. Make sure to wear sturdy footwear, especially when it’s raining, as the trail down can be very slippery.
  • There are no toilets at the bridge at the moment, the last toilet stop before the bridge is at the visitor center which cost around 0.70 Euros. There are also no shops or kiosks, on a warm day it is certainly wise to bring enough water and perhaps something to eat. There is a cart where you can buy something to drink like cola or water but it is available only till five in the evening.

Where can you find the Geierlay Hängeseilbrücke?

Day Trip to Geierlay Suspension Bridge - Chasing Whereabouts
Day Trip to Geierlay Suspension Bridge – Chasing Whereabouts

Mörsdorf is about a 365-kilometer drive from Utrecht, globally between the cities of Trier, Koblenz and Frankfurt. It takes about four hours by car to get there.

So if you are travelling like I did via the public transport then you will have to reach either Trier or Koblenz and after that take a bus to Morsdorf which will drop you to the visitor centre of Morsdorf.

The other way is renting a car and driving your way to Morsdorf in that case you can also cover the beautiful Eltz Castle and Cochem Castle once you have covered the bridge.

How to Reach Geierlay suspension bridge?

From Frankfurt – Book your train to either Koblenz or Trier

After that you just have to find a bus connectivity to Morsdorf, The best this is to download the DB Bahn application and search for the currently active bus to the Bridge.

Recent Rule regarding the Pandemic?

Day Trip to Geierlay Suspension Bridge - Chasing Whereabouts
Since mask is compulsory on the Bridge currently here is one picture around that.

In order to comply with the distance of 1.5 m, the flow of visitors must be directed by means of a one-way regulation in such a way that no traffic can take place on the bridge.

One-way traffic is regulated as follows:

  • In every straight hour the entry is made from Sosberg in the direction of Mörsdorf.
  • In every odd hours the bridge may only be crossed from the direction of Mörsdorf in the direction of Sosberg

If you want to avoid the waiting time on the Geierlay suspension bridge and you already came up with the plan of hiking then it is wise to start From the Sosberg bridge head, a crossing is possible faster, because most visitors start from the Mörsdorf side.

Exchange possible waiting time for a short hike from Mörsdorf via the Geierlay loop,which leads you to Sosberg and over the bridge back to Mörsdorf.

Geierlay walking route – how to get to the bridge

Day Trip to Geierlay Suspension Bridge - Chasing Whereabouts
This is walking route toward the Geierlay Suspension Bridge from the Morsdorf Side

The Geierlay visitor center in Mörsdorf opens at 10 a.m. and I receive additional information here, such as a map with the Geierlay walking routes. The lady who works here told me that it is about 1.8 kilometers to walk from the parking lot, you cannot reach the bridge by car.

Walk towards the Geierlay Suspension Bridge

It’s fairly quiet and I start walking towards the town, following the signs directing me to the Geierlay suspension bridge. Not long after I’m leaving Mörsdorf behind again and I’m walking through the countryside surrounding the village.

The pathways are pretty straight and I was able to see the crowd walking towards the bridge.

After about twenty minutes of walking, I arrive at the bridge. It’s fairly crowded at the entrance but on the bridge itself it’s not too busy yet. It’s clear to me though that it’s a tourist attraction for all ages: I see elderly with their walking chairs, families with small children and people of my age.

I reached there somewhere around 1:15 PM in the afternoon on the Morsdorf side and by the time I was able to reach in the queue it was already 2 PM and the entry from the Morsdorf side of the bridge was stopped. So I waited for one hour in order to get the chance to walk through the bridge.

The Bridge itself

Day Trip to Geierlay Suspension Bridge - Chasing Whereabouts
One Picture on the Suspension Bridge – I was lucky that I was the first one to enter the bridge so I got the bridge for myself to click this picture even during the rush hours.

Now the sight you get on the bridge is absolute beauty and this was the very first Suspension Bridge which I ever visited so all in all it was a fun experience for me, Even though I have height phobia since the fencing on the sides of the bridge was so nice I never felt scared of height over here and it was absolute fun.

As soon as I reached the centre of the bridge the bridge started swinging because of the wind and people on the bridge and it was a thrilling experience for me.

Vlog of the Geierlay Suspension Bridge

We hope you enjoyed this post and looking forward to visiting the Geierlay Suspension Bridge by yourself. If you are already travelling in this region you might wanna read about things to do in Koblenz and some other magical road trips from Frankfurt don’t forget to visit the Eltz Castle and Cochem Castle along with this trip.

If you are thinking of travelling alone – Here are the recommendation for Top European Countries for Solo Female Travel In Europe. We also covered some interesting topic around the cheapest place to visit in Europe also if you are a nomad and looking for the cheapest place to live in Europe we got you covered.

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