10 Awesome Things to do in Koblenz Germany

If you are within Germany and you are looking tired of staying at home and want to take a stroll and satisfy your itchy feet. Then in this post we will be sharing Top things to do in Koblenz Germany.

Even thought the borders are open and the non essential travels are not an issue within the Europe if you are staying in Europe but we are still not confident to travel to places which has higher number of pandemic count. At times like this we are searching for beauty within the borders of Germany and trust me there are so many excellent options available in Germany when you start looking.

We covers some awesome things in our post about Fairytale Castles in Germany, If you are interested about exploring some excellent architecture and interested about learning stories of Kings and Queens why not plan for a short trip to explore these castles.

Without further adieu, let us dig in and find out about things to do in Koblenz

A little bit about the city then it is situated at the junction of two of Europe’s most important rivers: the Mosel and Rhine. Due to its relatively small size, the city on the Rhine and Mosel river is ideal to be explored by foot without any need to rush from one place to another by car.

Koblenz location makes it the most popular city to be explored from western Europe. This is because it is one of the best day trips from Luxembourg, Cologne, Frankfurt, and others.

Did you know that Koblenz’ history dates back to the Roman Ages? Located at the confluence of the Rhine and Mosel river, Koblenz was one of the first commanderies of the Teutonic Order.

Together with the fairytale castles, the centuries-old vineyards and impressive history of the Upper Middle Rhine River Valley, Koblenz has been UNESCO listed.

The Koblenz attractions mentioned in this post are selected based upon the criteria of being easily connectable for free walking tour Koblenz guide. I hope you also enjoy some of my favourite places to visit and things to do in Koblenz, Germany!

The map at the end of the article will provide you with a better overview of Koblenz’ points of interest to plan your perfect Koblenz vacations!

How to Reach Koblenz Germany

I am not sharing the option for renting the car here because that obviously is the best thing to do and you can do that anytime. If you are looking for some cheapest options around that check – Rent a Car in Germany.

From Frankfurt

By train from the train station Frankfurt Main. 3 trains per hour. – Book here your train ticket to Koblenz

From Cologne

By train from train station Cologne. 4 trains per hour. – Book here your train ticket to Koblenz

By river cruise from Cologne to Koblenz – Book here your boat tickets from Mainz to Koblenz

From Mainz

By train from train station Mainz. 2 trains per hour. – Book here your train ticket to Koblenz

By river cruise from Mainz to Koblenz – Book here your boat tickets from Mainz to Koblenz

From Luxembourg

By train from train station Luxembourg. 1 train per hour. – Book here your train ticket to Koblenz

From Amsterdam

Many people also come from Amsterdam to Koblenz by train.

If coming from further away, you can also book cheap flights to Koblenz with Travel Resources Flights Page!

That covers how to reach to Koblenz via the train option in Germany, let us find out the attractions in Koblenz below

Things to do in Koblenz

Deutsches Eck: The German Corner

Things to Do in Koblenz Germany - Deutches Eck
Things to Do in Koblenz Germany – Deutches Eck

Deutsches Eck (German Corner) is a bow-shaped platform, marking the point of confluence of River Mosel and River Rhine. A massive statue of Emperor Wilhelm I adorns the Deutsches Eck. This spot offers great views of the river, bridges, cruise ships, and the town, and provides a lovely background for your holiday photos.

It’s a great spot for one of those Titanic-like movie shots or selfies.  the meeting place of these two mighty rivers has been an important part of the city’s natural defenses since 1216 when the Order of Teutonic Knights settled here (the remains of their old fortification, Deutschherrenhaus, lie nearby).

Koblenz Cable Car

Things to do in Koblenz Germany - Cable Car
Things to do in Koblenz Germany – Cable Car

One of the first things to determine when you’ll arrive in Koblenz is when you’ll go on a cable car ride.
This sends you over the Rhine, up to the Fortress of Ehrenbreitstein.

The network has 18 cars, just under 900 meters in length, and its capacity of over 7,500 passengers an hour is higher than any other cable car in the world.

On the bridge you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the world heritage scenery of the Upper Middle Rhine, and the mighty river itself.

The view is much better when you’re on car 17, which has a glass floor but clearly isn’t for people who have height sickness.  Try catching a car around sunset, when the light is amazing.

The Fortress of Ehrenbreitstein

Things to do in Koblenz Germany - The Fortress of Ehrenbreitstein
Things to do in Koblenz Germany – The Fortress of Ehrenbreitstein

Situated 118 meters above Koblenz on the east bank of River Rhine, the Fortress of Ehrenbreitstein (Festung Ehrenbreitstein) was built between 1817 and 1828 on the ruins of an older fort destroyed by the French. The current fortress was completed by the Prussians in 1828 and is the second largest in Europe. Now it is part of the UNESCO world heritage site.

It’s best to approach the site via the fun Koblenz Cable Car — the longest in Germany — across the Rhine, with its superb views over the town and the two rivers (a small funicular railway can also get you here).

Nowadays, the Koblenz castle hosts a museum with historic artifacts and its high walls and corridors can be visited. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Koblenz!

St. Castor Basilica and Courtyard

Located right next to the German Corner, The St. Castor Basilica and its quaint courtyard is one of the top places to visit in Koblenz.

The basilica is considered to be the oldest church in Koblenz and it’s here where the division of the Frankish Empire was decided. The foundations of the basilica go back to more than 1200 years!

It was damaged during the second world war but was later repaired. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the silence of this oasis of peace. 


Next stop for the One Day Itinerary in Koblenz is Jesuitenplatz. This square in the middle of Koblenz’s Altstadt takes its name from the Jesuit order, which was in Koblenz for just shy of 200 years until it was expelled in 1773 and which is now the Koblenz’ town hall.

One of the key reasons so many travelers visit the Jesuitenplatz is the tower clock: it plays a beautiful melody at full hour. I loved the two domed towers and passage to the grand gate.


The Schängelbrunnen is one of the quirkiest points of interest in the old town at Koblenz. The fountain shows a boy spitting water and its context is obviously linked to Koblenz ‘s history and image. It may seem odd but this is one of Koblenz’s top places to visit because it is culturally significant.

You will access the Willi-Hörter Platz after passing the Jesuitenplatz grand portal and the fountain is immediately on your left.

The history to the fountain comes from the “Schängellied” written in 1914, which is considered to be the anthem of Koblenz. The song is about the city’s boys’ rogue actions known as “Schängel.”

The boys born during the French occupation were known as “Jean,” and thus “Schang” in the dialect of Koblenz. Originating from French fathers and German mothers, “Schängel” has long been considered a derogatory name for illegitimate children born in that time.

Each local in Koblenz today is nevertheless proud to call himself a “Schängel.” Thus the fountain is one of the most important icons of Koblenz and famous tourist attractions in Koblenz!

Stolzenfels Castle

Top Things to do in Koblenz Germany -Stolzenfels Castle
Top Things to do in Koblenz Germany -Stolzenfels Castle

Stolzenfels Castle on the banks of the River Rhine, just outside Koblenz, sits nicely on a hill filled with thick trees. This magnificent castle, built in the 13th century with heavy fortifications, is considered a classic example of Prussian Rhineland Romanticism. It offers a perfect backdrop for your photos as you cruise the Rhine. In addition, it’s sure to be a great experience to tour its grand interiors.

Accessible via a 15-minute walk up a steep footpath, the castle remains one of the most romantic attractions in the region. Visitors can tour the interior where highlights include the Great Knight’s Hall and the former royal living quarters. Guided tours are available, and half the fun is taking the pleasant (though uphill) walk from the river up to the castle.

Electoral Palace

The palace on the left side of the bank of river Rhine is a classic example of early French neoclassical architecture, and served as the residence of the last Archbishop and Elector of Trier, Clemens Wenceslaus of Saxony in the 18th century,

You can watch the river from the terraced gardens in front and see the monument for Father Rhine and Mother Moselle.

Rhine Gardens

The 3.5 kilometer (two-mile) long walkway extends from the Electoral Palace to the island of Oberwerth is a wanderer ‘s dream. The Pfaffendorf Bridge, the Rhein-Mosel-Halle convention center and stunning manicured gardens are highlight points along the way. The highlight of this path is the 19th-century Empress Augusta Gardens (Kaiserin-Augusta-Anlagen), with vibrant flower beds, tall trees, and sculptures.

The Church of Our Lady

Top Things to do in Koblenz Germany - Liebfrauenkirche
Top Things to do in Koblenz Germany – Liebfrauenkirche ( Source )

The Romanesque Church of Our Lady (Liebfrauenkirche), also known as the Church of Notre Dame, stands on the highest point in the Old Town. While what we see today dates back to the 12th century with later additions to the 15th century, there is evidence of a much older place of worship founded here by the Romans in the 5th century. Notable features include its magnificent Gothic choir and the elegant Baroque onion-shaped towers with their four bells, popular at 10 pm each evening for tolling the “Reveler’s Bell.”

We hope that this Travel Guide for Koblenz for helpful for you and we have covered enough from the city for your One day Itinerary. In case you have a suggestion about the post and if you liked something in Koblenz which you think is not added in our list, we will be happy to include that, So don’t hesitate and drop your suggestions in comment.

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