Zugspitze From Munich Everything you need to know

If you are willing to reach the Top of Germany and wondering about how to plan your trip from Munich then Zugspitze from Munich Travel Guide has all the information you need for your trip.

Zugspitze is one of the excellent day trips from Munich which you can take. If you want to know what all other options you have for yourself then checkout here.

It’s difficult not to feel tiny when you stand at the top of Zugspitze The mountains are all around you and surround you with wonder and awe. A clean glacier rests in the valley below. In winter months, skiers and snowboarders are able to enjoy the winter wonderland.

In the warmer months, hiking enthusiasts traverse the rugged terrain. Zugspitze Mountain, Germany’s highest summit, is an exhilarating day excursion to Munich for the outdoorsy enthusiast or for anyone who wants to see views that are unlike anything else in the world! 

Take a look at my pictures and let me know if this isn’t among the most stunning views you’ve ever seen! Zugspitze in Munich is a must-see on your bucket list and is one of my top things to share with anyone visiting my family and friends. 

How to Reach Zugspize from Munich?

Zugspitze from Munich
Zugspitze from Munich

The day trip to Munich up to Zugspitze is the best method to experience Zugspitze and the Alps at their full splendor particularly if you’re an avid skier or hiker. The day starts in Munich with a train ride to Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Then, get onto a classic train and ascend over 3,000m to the highest point in Germany. Enjoy your time exploring the glacier, and enjoying the breathtaking views. Pause for a bite to eat the highest quality wurst in Germany and a beer. 

You could even travel that separates Austria and Germany at for as many times as you’d like! It’s not the simplest of trips however it’s definitely worthwhile. Be prepared for a long and tiring day with many logistical issues. For those who aren’t independent travelers, I’d suggest some tours to consider booking that will get you back and forth and back while you relax.

Are you looking for an active day excursion from Munich? Explore hiking at Tegernse or make an excursion to the legendary Disney Castle, Neuschwanstein Castle

Booking Transfers starting from Munich to Zugspitze

How to save money with Combo Tickets Combo ticket – Train from Munich to Zugspitze

As I said earlier there are a lot of logistical work involved in travelling from Munich to Zugspitze that involves a variety of businesses. 

If you’d like to reduce costs, you can purchase tickets for the Deutsch Bahn Zugspitze Summer or Winter Combo ticket. This can however only be purchased from the central station or at a DB ticketing booth, for the cost of 10. 

This means that you cannot purchase the ticket on the Internet. In addition, getting it from the ticketing kiosk can be a bit confusing. 

My opinion is that the most convenient way to get this combination ticket for less money is through the DB Travel Center (Reisezentrum) located in the Hauptbahnhof

However, it could take some time therefore it is recommended to arrive at the station early or purchase tickets ahead of time.

After I’ve terrified you, I’ll grab your hand and guide you through the entire process Don’t be afraid. If you intend to purchase tickets in person at the Deutsch Bahn Reisezentrum, I recommend that you arrive at least an hour prior to your train, or visit the station on a time when you have time. 

It may appear to be an easy process however, sometimes the staff aren’t fluent in English and it can take the time needed to register and print tickets. Additionally, there could be an extremely long line waiting in front of you, that means you’ll wait for a long time.

While you wait take a moment to think about the beauty waiting for you!

It is the Deutsch Bahn Reisezentrum is commonly confused with its information booth. The information booth is located behind the booth on the left when you’re facing away from the tracks there is a glitzy DB Travel Service Center (you should also follow the indications to that DB Travel Center). 

You can buy tickets, change the schedule of trips and manage with delays in trains, and so on. This center is an enormous DMV. You go in, pick up an ID number, and sit back and wait until your name is called. 

On a Tuesday morning during the summer, with very few number of people around waiting for around 20 minutes.

Local Tips: If are in a rush inform reception that they may be able to be able to squeeze you in ahead of other guests.

After your number has been called then you can request the attendant to give you the Zugspitze Combo Ticket from DB. Depending on the winter or summer season, the cost will differ. The 2022 summer rate is 73 euros per person (discounted price to youngsters) while the price for winter is a smaller amount.

The three pieces will be printed and the agent will deliver them out in a neat small envelope. DO NOT LOSE ANY OF THESE FOR THE ENTIRE DAY! 

  • The first one is the round-trip ticket which takes you between Munich to Garmish using an DB train. 
  • It’s a voucher that you have to present afterward for to get your Zugspitze pass. 
  • The third one is an acknowledgement. The tickets will pay all round-trip train, gondola transport and cogwheel train beginning in Munich to the top the Zugspitze and back.

The Zugspitze Ticket

If the whole combo thing isn’t for you or you’re a snob and don’t really care about costs, then purchase the tickets separately. 

This option is also available for those who live in Garmisch. If you are in Munich, go online and book your DB train from Munich to Garmisch-Partenkircehn Hbh

Before you get on at the Zugspitzbahn located in Garmisch you can purchase an Zugspitze Ticket that will allow you to climb the mountain once , and return via railway or cable. 

Tickets purchased by this method costs around $63 per person.

Please note that purchasing an individual ticket for Zugspitze on the Seilbahn (which refers to the largest gondola that runs from Eibsee to the summit of Zugspitze) costs around 40 euros per person. 

If you’re not proficient in purchasing Tickets for the DB Combo Tickets or the Zugspitze ticket and you have to purchase each thing separately it could cost you lots of cash.

What is the Garmisch Classic Ticket?

There’s another option,”the Garmisch Classic Ticket. It does not require you to ZUGSPITZE however it does allow riders to take the Alpspitzbahn to a lower point. T

here’s a hut to enjoy meals and numerous hiking trails for summer with winter-time views. 

This is a great option for people with limitations in mobility and people who struggle with higher elevations. In general, it’s an easier alternative.

The train takes you from Munich to Garmisch/Zugspitze

If you have your tickets With your tickets in hand, the time to board your train, if you’re taking off from Munich. The first part of your journey will be to Munich up to Garmisch Partenkirchen Hbf. 

Trains depart at Munich Hbf each hour, at 32 hours. I love catching the 7:32, 832 9:32, or 7:32 train. My opinion is that if you wait for it to arrive later than this you’ll be squeezed to get there. 

The earlier you get on the train and the longer it will take you to have to explore, not worry about getting the final train back and unwind while sipping Germany’s top beer on the summit of the hill. 

Believe me in saying reaching Garmisch is the most simple and fastest portion of your journey. From there , you switch trains twice and ride two gondolas that may run only every 30 minutes to an hour. The bottom line is that the earlier you start, the more efficient.

Trains that go to Garmisch generally depart from platforms 27 or 28 But always check the timetable. Look for trains that say Reutte in Tirol and then via Garmisch. 

A helpful DB staff person is always waiting at the train station who will double-check your tickets. Take a seat, lay back, and enjoy the ride. The train will arrive in Garmisch in just one hour and fifteen minutes and the train will stop for a time in Garmisch before it divides.

Zugspitzebahn and Zugspitze Tickets

Get off the train and go down the steps. The tunnel will be entered and follow the directions for Zugspitzebahn. 

The next step is to change your ticket. Stand in line in front of the glass building, and you will receive the voucher tickets. The voucher will be exchanged voucher for a tiny card which resembles an actual ski pass. 

This is your ticket to gold for the entire journey up and down the mountain. You can utilize it 4 times. If you haven’t purchased this combo ticket with an DB train are able to purchase the Zugspitze Ticket or Garmisch Classic Ticket at the counter.

When you are on the platform, board the white and blue historic Zugspitzebahn cogwheel train, or wait for it to come, it departs every 15-30 minutes according to the season. The trip is among my absolute favorites. 

You travel through lush green pastures, cattle grazing beautiful homes or churches with mountains in the background (unless, of course, it’s winter, in which case you’ll pass the snowy white fields and skiers. 

The train arrives at Grainau which is where you upgrade to a brand new Zugspitzebahn which should be just to the left of the platforms. Continue along the cogwheel train until Eibsee and you’ll be able to choose!

  • Option 1: Take the train until Zugspitzeplatz as well as The Zugspitze glacier (this isn’t the highest point however, it is the valley below). 

There you can play at the top of the glacier. You can also sledding, visiting the highest church in Germany and hike around, have drinks, and take in the panorama. Then, you can ride the Gondola (Gletscherbahn) up to top. 

Once you’ve climbed the peak and have a look around, you can take the larger gondola back (Seilbahn Zugspitze) to Eibsee where you can take the Zugspitzebahn and then return to Garmisch.

Pros : Gondolas are more frequent than trains, and if you remain on the train for the entire duration and don’t depend on it for transportation and down, you’re less likely to endure longer wait times.

Cons: You will take the train to Eibsee when you return half way down which means you may not be able to sit.

  • Option 2: Leave from the train to Eibsee. Go to the lake (5 minutes walk) If you wish prior to embarking on the massive gondola and ascending to the summit. 

Take a tour of the top, crossing the border and enjoying the most delicious wurst before taking the gondola that is small towards the glacier. 

If you’re ready, embark on the Zugspitzbahn cogwheel train, and then continue down the mountain – changing to Grainau until you arrive at Garmisch. Garmisch Station for trains.

Pros – You’ll feel more at ease stopping at the Eibsee lake in terms of time. You’ll be able to get right to the top and maybe plan your time slightly better.

Con – It is possible that you might have to wait 30 minutes or more for the cogwheel train. However, while you wait, explore the glacier as well as the surrounding region.

All in all, your tickets will cover you for all round-trip transportation, including the gondola one-way and the train on the other. It is not a matter of which option you pick. Both routes are intended to be practical and efficient. 

It is possible to do it by ear If you don’t see many people take off at Eibsee Perhaps you should take a different route to make room in the gondola that is large, however, you can’t do anything wrong. 

I’ve been through both, and have I had no major problems either way. If I had to choose between the two options I’d recommend taking the gondola up , then taking the train back down.

Seilbahn Zugspitze

If you’re riding it down or up the Seilbahn is awe-inspiring. This gondola was brand new! When I rode it a couple of years back, it was small and outdated, but this year, I was totally by. 

The gondola has broken world records. It is the biggest pylon, longest cablecar span, as well as the largest height difference between the valley and mountain stations — in essence it’s just all-around cool. 

When you’re loaded you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the beautiful Eibsee lake with endless mountains and adorable villages. 

If you’re willing to take the risk, you can stand in the middle of the glass top. To be truthful I was sad that the trip was over but there’s plenty to be looking forward to!

Things to See and Do at the Peak of Zugspitze Munich

How do I begin? There’s a lot to do and see from the summit of Zugspitze. First, I would suggest looking out to take in the breathtaking panoramas of mountains. 

It’s difficult to see past the railings of the lower deck. So, go towards the top of the platform and capture all the shots! Take a break and grab a coffee if feel a little chilled and eat lunch in the cafeteria or go over to the old section on the platform. 

Munchner Haus Munchner Haus was constructed in 1897, and was initially an ideal place for climbers to rest before taking the risky journey to the summit. Relax in the lovely Bayerische atmosphere , and enjoy a glass of beers and German food. Or, you could save yourself for the most delicious Brauwurst that you can find in Germany!

If you’re hungry, you could continue towards the Austrian/German, Bavarian/Tirol border. It is possible to cross it multiple times as often as you’d like. Views from the Austrian side differ with greater towns and fewer mountains, however it is generally less and less crowded. Make sure to visit the snowflake display on this side too.

Zugspitze Gletscher

It is possible to take a tiny Gondola into the valley below which is where you can catch the trolley train. 

In winter, the region is mostly populated with skiers and lots of snow, which makes it hard to travel around too far. 

But, you can enjoy the chance to play a snowball, watch skiers, go to the igloo village or go on a mini slope for sledding. In summer, you can walk through the mountains to visit the highest church in Germany and have a drink and enjoy the view.

There is enough snow to have the opportunity to have a mini-sledding adventure. If you’re descending to the train station, be sure to check the timetable for trains.

Winter vs Summer

If you are in Munich or close by, I would highly recommend visiting during the winter and summer months. But, if you’re only going to Munich once in your lifetime, both provide amazing experiences.

In summer, there’s plenty of space to walk or hike around However, the glacier can be quite small while the cover of snow is limited. 

Personally, I believe the mountains look the most beautiful with snow and the summer mountains have a rugged appeal. 

The winter temperatures are often below freezing and during the summer, you can go away with an oversized T-shirt on most days. Prices for combo tickets can vary.

What to Pack

If you’re visiting during the winter months, make sure you bring gloves, a hat or scarf, a winter coat and boots. 

In the summer, you’ll require an light jacket in case of wind and a waterproof jacket in the event of rain, and you are able to go with clothes for summer. 

Bring water along with well-worn sneakers, sturdy watch, or battery packs for phones and a book to read on the train, and a few layers.

Taking the Zugpitze Day Tour from Munich

Zugspitze from Munich
Zugspitze from Munich

The process of getting to Zugspitze and returning is a little difficult. There are a variety of transportation options that operate only at specific times of the day. It also requires you to pay attention to the time so that you don’t miss the final trains to Munich. 

While I strongly recommend the self-guided tour for those who are independent and confident it’s not for all. If you’re not a fan of keeping track of trains’ schedules and trying to figure out how to travel from the train station to the cogwheel and back, consider hiring a tour guide to Zugspitze. There are two most effective alternatives:

The first choice, Full Day Tour to Germany’s highest Peak: Zugspitze, includes a motorcoach transport between and to Munich as the Zugspitze ticket includes the cogwheel train as well as the ticket for the gondola, and an adventure on sledding trails and rides within the Alps. There is no lunch included. This is the most value for your buck, and there aren’t any additional charges, so you are able to simply relax and enjoy your time.

The second alternative, Zugspitze: Full-Day Excursion to Germany’s Highest Peak, appears to be less expensive, but it doesn’t comprise the cost for the gondola that is an additional 49 Euros, which means it’s more expensive at the final. The package does not also include the bobsled experience.

If you are done exploring the trips from Getyourguide then you can also check Day Trip to Zugspitze from Munich by Viator.

Want more information then check out the official website of Zugspitze.

FAQs: Zugspitze from Munich

The ideal season for visiting Zugspitze, the highest peak in Germany, depends on your preferences and activities.

If you enjoy winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding, the best time to visit Zugspitze is during the winter months from December to March. The mountain offers excellent skiing conditions with a variety of slopes for different skill levels. You can also enjoy other winter activities like snowshoeing and ice climbing during this time.

For hiking and mountaineering enthusiasts, the summer season from June to September is ideal. The weather is milder, and the mountain trails are accessible for hiking and climbing. You can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding Alps and explore the diverse flora and fauna of the region.

Spring (April to May) and autumn (October to November) can also be good times to visit Zugspitze. During these seasons, the weather is generally pleasant, and the mountain is less crowded compared to the peak summer and winter months. It’s a great time for leisurely hikes, photography, and enjoying the changing colors of the landscape.

Ultimately, the best season to visit Zugspitze depends on your interests and the activities you plan to do.

Zugspitze is definitely worth visiting if you enjoy breathtaking mountain views and outdoor activities. As the highest peak in Germany, Zugspitze offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding Alps.

You can reach the summit by cable car or cogwheel train, both of which provide a memorable journey. Once at the top, you can explore the observation platforms, visit the glacier, or try skiing or snowboarding in the winter months.

There are hiking trails for all levels of difficulty, allowing you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the area. Whether you’re a nature lover, an adventure enthusiast, or simply seeking a unique experience, Zugspitze is definitely worth a visit.

Yes, Zugspitze is located in the Alps. It is the highest peak in Germany and is part of the Wetterstein mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps.

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