Travel Backlinks for SEO
The Ultimate Guide (2020)

This is a definitive guide for getting some high-quality Travel Backlinks for your Blog in 2020.

This guide will help you with information about Backlinks and some actionable steps in order to get your first backlink.

So let us dive in

Travel Backlinks

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Table of Contents

Basics of Link Building

In this section of the post we will try to understand the basics of link building. This section is to make you familiar with the term if you are not aware of Link Building.

What is link building?

Link building is the activity in which you get a one-way hyperlink pointing to your website. This helps you to build your website authority and helps in your off-page search engine optimisation (SEO). One of the most common practices of link buildings includes Guest Blogging, Content Marketing, Email Outreach and building personal relationships with fellow travel Bloggers in the same domain.

Why do you think Link Building is very Important?

Travel Backlinks

Ranking on search engine and that too in travel niche is very hard. Looking at the fact that there are around more 500 million blogs in the current environment. To make your content visible to the target audience you will have to rank at least in Top 10 on google.

And for Google to rank your travel blog on the top it looks for the data that how many websites are linking to your blog. And this link should be something which relates to your website. That means if you are travel blog then the website linking to your blog should be from the same niche i.e. travelling.

Google make sure to check the linking quality as well as compared to the linking quantity.

Now the question which will pop in your mind is?

What is a high-quality link? How can I get a high-quality link?

Well, don’t stress we are going to cover this slowly in our guide as soon as you are more familiar with the term Link Building.

How can I find High-Quality link for my travel blog?

Before learning about the step by step guide of linking building for your travel blog, Let us first understand about High-Quality links and the factors which makes a website high-quality. Because you have to target such website for your backlinks.

If you know about these factors you can easily understand and analyze whether the backlinks which you get from the travel blog or travel website is going to be a high-quality link or not. In this way, you can focus on the link which is going to rank your travel blog on top of Google.

With that being said, here are the factors which identify whether the link is worth building or not.

Authority of the Page

You may have heard people posting ads and invitation for writing a travel guest post on Facebook by charging some amount and giving non-competitive backlinks.

I use to wonder myself what is Authority of the Page before analyzing it myself and stepping into the travel blog industry full time.

If the page which is linking to your domain is a popular page of the website having a very good rating at Ahref then getting a link from the page is going to have a very a good impact on your website ranking on Google.

That’s because links from authoritative pages pass more authority (also known as PageRank) to your site.

(Note: Although Google doesn’t share PageRank information publicly, they still use it as the foundation of their algorithm).

You can easily check a proxy indicator of PageRank (“PageRating”) using Ahrefs.

Enter the URL on Ahref and then check the URL Rating

Travel Backlinks - The Ultimate Guide

Authority of the Site

The quality of the link is also evaluated by the authority of the site. The authority of the site is nothing but a rating of the website on scale of 0 – 100. The higher the number the higher is the authority of the site.

Lonely Planet, Nomadic Matt all these websites have higher domain authority. So if you are getting a link from a travel blog like that it is going to have a better impact on your ranking.

If you want to check the domain ranking either you can use Ahref and check the DR score or you can also go to Moz and check your “Domain Authority” Metric.

Travel Backlinks - The Ultimate Guide