Barcelona Pass Review | Is it worth your money?

Love Barcelona? Want to Save money? Here’s a review of the Barcelona Pass, the best way to see the city on a budget.

The Barcelona Pass can help you save around 4 € per person against the Standalone tickets. Want to know how? then read further.

Recently I visited Barcelona and that is when I came to know about Barcelona Pass. In this post, I will be sharing my honest view about the Barcelona Pass and eventually, we will decide whether it is worth spending money or not.

Unlike the other places, there are a considerable amount of options for Barcelona since it is one of the most popular locations to cover in Spain. So I will be breaking down this post and will talk about all the passes.

If you are still in the planning phase and you don’t know what things to cover in Barcelona then you can check out Awesome Things to do in Barcelona Spain

What is the Barcelona Pass?

Let us start with the most favourite one from the Barcelona Pass and you’ll get everything you need to explore Barcelona’s top highlights. You can even choose the order you see things in, making it perfect for planning your own custom adventure.

You can get the Sagrada Familia Fast track tickets, and Park Güells ticket, you can enjoy the hop on hop off bus tour of Barcelona.

You’ll also get a downloadable audio guide that you can use at over 130 locations around Barcelona. Leave no stone unturned as you explore.

Barcelona Pass Review
Barcelona Pass Review | Barcelona Card Reviews

What all things are included in Barcelona City Pass?

Sagrada Familia

Barcelona Pass Review
Photo by Enrico Perini :Sagrada Familia: Barcelona Pass Review

This is where you can begin your journey throughout Barcelona along with the magnificent creations by Antoni Gaudi.

The basilica he designed is an incredible project in dimensions and ambition. It remains only three quarters of the way through, more than 140 years since Gaudi first got involved.

When the spires are complete, they will make it the largest church structure in the world. It it is unlike any other religious building you’ve ever been to.

It is said that the Sagrada Familia combines several architectural styles like Catalan Modernism, Art Nouveau and Spanish Late-Gothic, but Gaudi’s masterpiece is a snub to these types of definitions when you gaze open-mouthed on the nave’s ceiling.

Get a Skip-the-Line ticket for fast track entrance: Sagrada Familia Skip-the-Line

Park Güell

Complete your Gaudi experience with a visit to this park situated on Carmel Hill. Many visit this area of Gracia for the breathtaking views across Barcelona from the main terrace in the park. You’ve seen these benches in the mosaic design on their postcards as well as in films.

In addition, there are colonnades as well as sculptures and fountains that are all designed by the distinctive style of the architect.

If you’re still not sufficiently Gaudi you can visit the House-Museum in which he resided from 1906 until 1926, with furniture and ornaments made by him available for viewing.

Self-Guided Tour of Park Güell

Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour

Barcelona City Audio Guide Extras:

Don’t know your Claudius from your Tiberius? You’ll get an audio guide for each destination included with each ticket, so prepare to be transported as you walk into the world of Barcelona! On top of that, you’ll enjoy an in-depth guide to Barcelona itself, featuring commentary on over 130 hotspots.

What is the cost of the Barcelona Pass?

Barcelona Pass Review
Barcelona Pass Review

Let us just talk about the price of Barcelona Pass it cost you around 86.50 Euro in the starting. But I will dig deeper and talk about whether the 86.50 Euro cost is worth your money or now.

Check the availibility of the Barcelona Pass below

Is The Barcelona City Pass Worth Buying? Barcelona Pass Review 

As I already told that the Barcelona Pass cost you around 86.5 Euro. I am going to break down here about the attraction which is going to be covered.

AttractionsCost in EuroStandalone Ticket Link
Sagrada Familia Fast Track33.80Book Here
Park Güell13.50Book Here
Hop on Hop off Bus Tour28.00Book Here
Barcelona City Audio Guided Tour9.50Book here
Self Guided Tour of Park Güell5.00Book Here
10% Discount on next ticket
Barcelona City Pass review 

Anyhow with just this combination we are saving around 4 Euro per person when we are taking the Barcelona Pass compared to the standalone tickets so it is anyhow a good deal for you!

On top of that if you are planning to do any more of the things to do in Barcelona which requires tickets like Barcelona Aquarium, Dali Theatre, Barcelona Zoo if you are travelling with Family to Barcelona you can save another 10% on your ticket cost here.

How does the Barcelona Pass Works?

Barcelona Pass Review

It is fairly easy –

  • Select your dates for the pass.
  • Complete your payments.
  • You will receive the tickets in email.
  • Also you will get the 10% discount code in email.

Barcelona City Pass vs Barcelona Card

Barcelona Card is slightly different than Barcelona City Pass. In the Barcelona Card you get unlimited Public Transport (bus, metro). This pass also provide free access to couple of the Museums and discount to couple of other attractions in Barcelona. On the contrary Barcelona City Pass is more like the club of discount and entry passes with Skip the line tickets for Major attractions of Barcelona.

Hence for some people the Barcelona Card + The Gaudi Bundle is the ideal option for booking in Barcelona because you get the complete benefit of Barcelona Pass along with the Barcelona Free Transport at the cost of 99 EUR.

One thing to note is that Barcelona Card cost you around 48 EUR for 75 Hours.

If you calculate the cost that mean you are paying around 12.5 EUR in extra on top of the Barcelona City Pass to get the Public Transport Free.

If you want to buy the Barcelona Public Transport Ticket then it may cost you around 10 EUR for 10 journeys as checked on the website

Barcelona Pass Review

Barcelona Pass Review
Barcelona Public Transport Ticket Cost

Barcelona Pass Review

If you want to check the availability of Barcelona Card youc an check below.

Barcelona Pass Review

What things are included in the Barcelona Card?

What’s included

  • Unlimited free travel on the TMB metros and buses, the FGC city and suburban trains, trams, airport trains and Renfe suburban trains zone 1
  • Skip-the-line entry to museums and sights
  • Map of Barcelona and a guidebook in 6 languages

Free Attractions in Barcelona Card:

  • Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
  • Fundació Antoni Tàpies and Fundació Joan Miró
  • MACBA Barcelona’s Contemporary Art Museum
  • MNAC Catalonia’s National Art Museum
  • Museu Picasso
  • El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria
  • MUHBA: El Call, Museum of the History of Barcelona, Refugi 307, Via Sepulcral
  • Museu de Cultures del Món
  • Museu del Disseny
  • Museu Etnològic
  • Museu Frederic Marès
  • Monestir de Pedralbes
  • CaixaForum and CosmoCaixa
  • Jardí Botànic de Barcelona
  • Museu de les Ciències Naturals de Barcelona
  • Museu de la Música, Museu de la Xocolata and Museu del Modernisme Català
  • Museu Egipci de Barcelona
  • Museu Olímpic i de l’Esport Joan Antoni Samaranch
  • Public transport

Discounted Attractions in Barcelona Card:

  • Casa Amatller
  • Casa Batlló
  • Casa de les Punxes
  • Casa Milà (La Pedrera)
  • Casa Vicens
  • Cripta Gaudí de la Colònia Güell
  • Gaudí Experiència
  • Palau Güell
  • Poble Espanyol and many more!

Go City Barcelona Explorer Pass Review

Now one other pass which could also be an option for you is the Go City Barcelona Explorer Pass and in this section, we will be covering in detail about the Go City Barcelona Reviews and see whether it is worth your money or not.

To be precise there are two kind of passes offerred by Go City, One is the Explorer Pass and the other is is the Go City All Exclusive Pass.

The main difference in between the Explorer Pass and All Inclusive Pass is that Explorer Pass provides you free entry to minimum 2 attractions and there are more options for the same whcih offere for 3,4,5,6 or 7 Barcelona’s best attractions,

Go City Barcelona Explorer Pass
Go City Barcelona Explorer Pass

Now let us try to breakdown the cost of 2 attraction Go City Explorer Pass

Attraction NameCost in EUROStandalone Booking
Sagrada Familia Guided Tour49.00Book Here
Casa Battlo Entry with Self Guide Tour35.00Book Here
Park Guel Guided Tour26.00Book Here
TotalFirst two options – 84 EUR
Last Two Options – 61 EUR
Break up of Top Attractions in Barcelona which you should cover.
Barcelona Pass Review
Barcelona Pass Review

Now just the 2 days Go City Explorer Pass cost you around 59 EUR which is less than the combination of 2 options which we simulated for the top attractions to cover in Barcelona, If you are thinking about just exploring the place on your own by buying the entry tickets then Barcelona Pass would be more suitable option for you to think off because that offeres you entry tickets on discount and you do not have guided tour in that.

If you pick the first two options to visit then the total cost of the standalone booking is 84 EUR and the Go City Explorer Pass is going to cost you 59 EUR that means you are save 25 EUR per person if you are just taking the Go City Explorer Pass.

Barcelona Pass Review

Go City Barcelona All Inclusive Pass Review

Now this pass is for someone who want to explore Barcelona in and out out and save a lot of money during the process of exploring Barcelona.

We would be sharing with you the Three Days Itinerary for Barcelona and simulate that how much you are going to save with the Go City Barcelona All Inclusive Pass vs Stanadlone Tickets.

If you are still in the process of evaluating that whether you need Explorer Pass or All Inclusive pass you can check the website in detail for the comparison.

Options available for Go City Barcelona All Inclusive Pass are

  • 2 Days Pass for 109 EUR
  • 3 Days Pass for 135 EUR
  • 4 Days Pass for 141 EUR
  • 5 Days Pass for 156 EUR

Sample 3 Days Itinerary for Barcelona

If you are wondering how much you can save with this Barcelona Pass then you can read further.

Day 1

AttractionsPrice in EURStandlone Booking
Casa Battlo35.00Book Here
Park Guell Guided Tour26.00Book Here
Gaudi Experience 4D9.00Book Here
Barcelona Pass Review

Day 2

AttractionsPrice in EURStandlone Booking
La Pedrera35.00Book Here
Casa Vicens18.00Book Here
Poble Espanyol11.20Book Here
Barcelona Pass Review

Day 3

AttractionsPrice in EURStandlone Booking
Barcelona Aquarium24.00Book Here
Las Golondrinas Boat Cruise9.50Alternative Book Here
Picasso Museum Guided Tour33.00Book Here
Barcelona Pass Review

So if we sum up everything then the total cost of this sample itinerary is 200.70 EUR and 3 Day Pass cost is 135 EUR so if you calcualte the saving then you are roughly saving 32% on the actual cost. So the Go City All Inclusive Pass is ofcourse going to save you money if you are planning to explore each and everything in Barcelona.

Does The Barcelona Pass Save Time?

The short answer is yes but it going to same as booking the separate tickets online before you actually step foot into Barcelona. I really am not fond of traveling in Europe and exploring places which I want to explore and standing in queue for hours just to take the tickets and then again another hour in the queue to finally see the attraction.

In the Paris Pass Review I talked about the same thing because when I visited Eiffel Tower I was so happy that I booked the ticket online well before hand which saved me around 1.5 hours from the queue for just the tickets. In Venice City Pass Review – Is it worth it? I talked about similar thing as well and so in the Vienna Pass Review – Is it worth your money?

Tip! I tend to also book the skip the line ticket because it helps you to directly access the attraction without standing in the normal queue just for couple of bucks.

Does The Barcelona Pass Save Money?

Well yes for sure as we checked above you are going to save around 6 euro per person if you are planning to explore Barcelona to the fullest.


That was all about Barcelona Pass Review and do let me know if you found this post helpful.
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FAQ – Barcelona Pass

Q: Is the Barcelona Pass worth it?

A: The Barcelona Pass can be worth your money if you plan to visit several attractions in the city. It offers free entry to over 20 popular attractions and allows you to skip the lines at some of them. However, it may not be worth it if you only plan to visit a few attractions or if you’re not interested in the ones included in the pass.

Q: What attractions are included in the Barcelona Pass?

A: The Barcelona Pass includes entry to popular attractions such as Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Batllo, Camp Nou, and Hop-On Hop-Off bus tours among others. You can check the complete list of attractions included on the Barcelona Pass website.

Q: Is the Barcelona Pass a good deal?

A: The Barcelona Pass can be a good deal if you plan to visit multiple attractions and make use of the additional benefits such as skip-the-line entry and free hop-on hop-off bus tours. It can save you money compared to purchasing individual tickets for each attraction.

Q: Should I buy the Barcelona Pass or the Go Barcelona Explorer Pass?

A: The choice between the Barcelona Pass and the Go Barcelona Explorer Pass depends on your preferences and travel plans. The Barcelona Pass offers free entry to a selected number of attractions, while the Go Barcelona Explorer Pass allows you to choose a specific number of attractions to visit. Consider the attractions you want to visit and compare the prices and benefits of both passes to make the best decision.

Q: Is the Barcelona Pass all-inclusive?

A: No, the Barcelona Pass is not all-inclusive. It includes entry to a selected number of attractions, but not all attractions in the city are covered. Make sure to check the list of included attractions before purchasing the pass.

Q: Can I use the Barcelona Pass for public transportation?

A: No, the Barcelona Pass does not include public transportation. However, some passes may offer discounts or special offers for transportation services. Check the details of your specific pass for more information.

Q: Is the Barcelona Pass worth the money for sightseeing in Barcelona?

A: The Barcelona Pass can be worth the money for sightseeing in Barcelona if you plan to visit several popular attractions included in the pass. It can save you time and money compared to purchasing individual tickets. However, if you have specific attractions in mind or if you prefer a more flexible itinerary, it may be more cost-effective to purchase tickets separately.

Q: Can I purchase the Barcelona Pass in advance?

A: Yes, you can purchase the Barcelona Pass in advance online through the official Barcelona Pass website. This allows you to skip the lines at the ticket counters and start using the pass immediately upon arrival in Barcelona.

Q: What attractions are included in the Go Barcelona Pass?

A: The Go Barcelona Pass includes entry to a selected number of attractions in Barcelona. Some popular attractions included are Casa Batllo, Camp Nou, Park Guell, Barcelona Zoo, and Montjuic Cable Car, among others. Refer to the official Go Barcelona Pass website for the complete list of included attractions.

Q: Should I buy the Go City Barcelona Pass?

A: Whether you should buy the Go City Barcelona Pass depends on your preferences and travel plans. The Go City Barcelona Pass offers free entry to a number of attractions and can be a good way to save money if you plan to visit several of the included attractions. Consider the attractions you want to visit and compare the prices and benefits of the pass to make an informed decision.

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