Paris Pass Review – Is it worth it?

If you are thinking about whether you should buy the Paris Pass or not? whether it is worth your money or not, then, in that case, we will try to cover all the information related to that in our Paris Pass Review.

A gateway to the City of Lights like never before! Are you ready to unlock the secrets and wonders of Paris with an all-encompassing pass that grants you access to the city’s most iconic attractions? Look no further, as we dive into the world of Paris Pass, where exploration meets convenience, and adventures await at every turn.

But wait, there’s more! In this captivating review, we won’t just stop at the renowned Paris Pass. We’ll unveil three other passes that have recently emerged, promising exciting experiences tailored to different interests. Brace yourself for the enchanting Paris Family Fun Pass, the mesmerizing Paris-Seine Pass, and the indispensable Paris Travel Pass. Each offers its unique charm, opening up new dimensions of discovery and delight.

I personally didn’t like the Paris Pass Silver and Paris Pass Platin as it was not suppose to save any money to the traveler and that is the reason why it is not the part of this post.

If you are planning to visit Paris then it is obvious that you would hear or read about Paris Pass. This is used by thousands of travelers every year.

But what if you are travelling to Europe on Budget?
Is it worth your money to buy the Paris Pass?

Do you know the Paris Pass and Paris Museum Pass they are two different things?

For first-timers who just start looking about Paris Pass may get confused with the two options available over the internet

There are two separate cards –

  • Paris Pass
  • Paris Museum Pass or also widely termed as Museum Pass Paris

Go City Paris Pass

It’s your all-in-one comprehensive sightseeing package and will save you time, money and stress, providing you with everything you need to discover Paris from free entry to useful information along the way!

It includes all the features of the Paris Museums Pass, Paris Attraction Pass and Paris Travel Card in one single pass.

In simple term, you can get entry into museums, your travel attractions and you can commute for free using the Paris Pass.

Paris Pass Review
What all does Paris Pass Includes?

How much does Paris Pass Cost You?

New Pricing of the Go City Paris Pass
New Pricing of the Go City Paris Pass

Note – Child Passes are for 2-17 year olds and the other one is for adults.

Cheapest Place to Buy Paris Pass?

Let us talk about the Cost of the Paris Pass and How can you save money on buying your Paris Pass. Currently the official website is running some heavy discount on the Paris pass and below table would give you the idea about the cost.

DaysAdultChildAdult Disc.Child Disc.

How does the Paris Pass Work?

How does the Paris Pass work?
It is super easy to activate the Paris Pass and use

Using the Paris Pass is fairly easy process. You can buy that online even before travelling to Paris. You can make use of the free guides and itinerary which comes along with the pass to plan your trip.

You can either get that delivered to your home address or collect it when you are in Paris. A simple Scan of your pass will activate the pass for use.

The pass is valid for 24 months from the date of Purchase, So you don’t have to worry if your trip date is changing.

The Paris Pass is also easy to use. Don’t worry about standing in line to buy tickets. Just present your Paris Pass at all of the included museums and most of the attractions, and you’re in! Easy peasy.

(Please note, certain sites like the wine tasting tour or entry to the Louvre may require reservations, while other attractions – like the hop-on hop-off bus tour and river cruise – may require a valid ticket.)

Price Breakdown – Buying Ticket Separately VS Paris Pass

The Paris Pass includes entry to all the major museums (and multiple smaller museums), the national monuments, and a few other attractions. 


MuseumsActual Cost (Euro)
The Louvre 17
Centre Pompidou Museum of Modern Art14
Orsay Museum (Musée d’Orsay)14
Rodin Museum (Musée Rodin)12
War Museum and Napoleon’s Tomb (Musée de L’Armée at Les Invalides)12
Grevin Wax Museum24.50
Dali Museum (L’Espace Dali)12
The Paris Story Museum11
Musee De Perfum Fragonard Tour8
Gourmet Chocolate Museum12
…and many more

Monuments and Historic Buildings

Monuments and Historic BuildingsActual Cost
Arc de Triomphe12
Notre Dame Cathedral Towers10
Palace of Versailles18
Château de Fontainebleau12
La Conciergerie9
and many more

Note – In case you are planning for Eiffel Tower and visiting Catacombs then you have to get the tickets on your own.

Other Activities, and Discounts
( Paris Pass Exclusive not included in Paris Museum Pass )

Activities NameActual Cost
One-Day Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour 38
Montmartre Walking Tour29
Les Caves du Louvre Wine Tasting32
Bateaux Parisiens River Cruise15
Walking Tour in the Parisian Covered Passage24
Montparnasse Tower 18
Paris Opera House (Palais Garnier Opéra) 17
…and many more Random discounts on Restaurants

As you can see, prices for most attractions aren’t overly expensive, but they can add up quickly. And don’t forget that the cost of the Paris Visit Travelcard is also included with your pass. 

You can read more about all the attractions covered at the Paris Pass website. However, to save your cost while buying the pass I would recommend you to buy from here.

SAVE IN PARIS – Get access to 60+ attractions, best sites and activities in Paris at huge discounts. Learn More here.

Things you need to know about the Transportation Portion of Paris Pass

The Paris Pass comes with unlimited travel within Central Paris (zones 1 – 3) — which includes the Metro, Buses, RER, and Tram. That said, Paris is a very walkable city and it is best explored on foot or bike you may only use the Metro 1-3 times a day.

Paris Public Transportation Prices

Below are the pricing options for the Paris transportation system (Central Paris, Zone 1 to Zone 3)

  • Single Ticket – 1.90 €
  • Book of 10 Tickets – 14.90 € (1.49€/ride)
  • Unlimited Day Pass (for continuous days)
    • 1 Day – 12 €
    • 2 Days – 19.50 €
    • 3 Days – 26.65 €
    • 5 Days – 38.35 €

It is best that while building you itinerary for Paris , you take into account how many times you are going to use the public transportations to see if the pass is really for you or just a single tickets are the best options for you.

Note : Paris Pass is not valid for the train that goes to and from CDG Airport.

Paris Pass Review

When are you going to travel outside Zone 1-3?

If you ask me you will need to buy separate ticket to go to below places and it is not covered in your Paris Pass ( Travel Pass ) option

  • Versailles
  • Disney Paris
  • CDG Airport

I don’t think there are any other places or attraction which you need to say which are outside Zone 1 & Zone 3, If you have not booked the hotel and you are thinking about buying the Paris Pass, Try to book the accommodation in the Zone 1 – Zone 3 range.

Visit the Official Paris Transportation Website (RATP) to get all the details about navigating Paris and the surrounding areas.

Top Reasons to Get the Paris Pass


A single word answer for the reasons to get the Paris Pass is Convenience.

The Paris Pass combines the Paris Museum Pass, the Paris Visit Travelcard, and the Paris Attractions Pass into one convenient sightseeing card.

Additionally, it makes buying tickets simple. Instead of purchasing your tickets separately, over 60 of the top attractions in Paris are included on the card – perfect for first-time visitors and those who plan to do a lot of sightseeing.

Fast Track Entry

Waiting Line is frustrating at any place; It is waste of time for the starting. And when you are travelling to a new place, Time is money and you want to make the most of your visit by saving time as much as possible.

Unfortunately, lines at the most popular spots in Paris can stretch over an hour long. With the Paris Pass, you’ll skip the ticket lines at many attractions and save yourself some valuable sightseeing time. (Please note: You may still have to queue with others who bought advanced tickets.)

Unlimited use of Public Transportation

If you are alone then it is best to walk on the streets of Paris and Cover the attraction on foot. However, the complete equation changes when you are travelling with Kids or old people.

As we mentioned above, Paris Pass includes the feature of Paris Visite Travel Card for the duration of your pass. This gives you free unlimited access to the Paris Metro (subway), RER (subway), and city buses inside of Central Paris (Zones 1-3).

Public transportation in Paris is easy to use, so don’t worry about that. It can save also save you thousands of steps and hundreds of dollars in taxi fares. The Paris Pass also comes with a handy map to help you navigate your adventures.

Hop on Hop Bus Tours

A hop-on hop-off bus tour is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with Paris. It’s also a good way to get from one side to the next.

The tour makes 9 stops throughout Central Paris and features audio guides in 8 different languages. During the summer, buses run every 8-15 minutes (10-15 minutes in the winter). Please be aware that, once activated, the HOHO Bus Tour is only good for one day.

You can take a look at the Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour Maps.

Is Paris Pass a Value for Money Product?

Well, this question may pop up in your mind when you are planning to buy Paris Pass.

To understand whether it is value for money or not, You should break down the cost of the Pass to Days Basis.

  • 2-Day Pass: €66.00/day
  • 3-Day Pass: €55.33/day
  • 4-Day Pass: €51.50/day
  • 6-Day Pass: €41.00/day

The more days you spend in Paris with the Paris Pass , The lesser you spend on daily basis. But in that case you will have to visit as much place as you can in order to take the most benefit of your pass.

In my opinion, first-time visitors and heavy sightseers can get their money’s worth from the pass, but you’ll need to go for it. (Better yet, use our coupon code from above – or check for an even better deal – when you buy the Paris Pass on sale here!)

We recommend you to go through the sample itinerary for four days and the cost breakage of 206 € which averages to daily of €51.50/day.

It means you have to spend €51.30/day on attractions of Paris, covering museums and special activities which comes with the Paris Pass.

If you look at the prices of the museums listed above, you’ll see that the average museum ticket price is about €14 and the average price for monuments is around €12. That gives you an idea of how much you would need to do in a day for the pass to make financial sense.

First, pick which museums, places, and attractions you will find interesting. We caution against cramming your museum-filled schedule just to get your “money worth,” because you’re going to burn out. Most people believe that visiting two (maybe three) museums is about the limit (the Louvre and Versailles will easily take up a whole day, so when you visit those, don’t try to see two museums). And don’t forget that half of Paris’ charm comes from strolling the streets, admiring the architecture, and relaxing in the parks and gardens — all free.

Also, look at how many of the extra attractions sound interesting to you — for example, hop-on-hop-off bus, river cruise, Montparnasse Tower, Paris Opera House, etc). All of them are really good and you will enjoy doing that.

Lastly, As we quoted Time is money when you visiting a new place, The Paris Pass gives you an escape route from the time you are going to spend in queues for buying tickets with the skip the line option of the Paris Pass. In general you are going to spend around half an hour in queues of tickets.

Paris Pass Review: Is Paris Pass Worth It?

Let us try to understand this by taking a sample itinerary in mind and look at the value breakage of the pass. We will consider the four days itinerary with 5 days travel pass option ( since 4 days travel pass is not present) which is 206 € which averages to daily of €51.50/day.

The travel pass for 5 days cost €42.40 which equals around €9/day.

Day One

Hop-on Hop-Off Bus Tour 38.00
Paris Aquarium Cineaqua 20.50
Sainte-Chapelle 11.50
Bateaux Parisiene River Cruise 15.00
Total€ 85.00

Day Two

Montmartre Walking Tour€ 29.00
Picasso Museum 14.00
Centre Pompidou 14.00
Montparnasse Tower 18.00
Total€ 75.00

Day Three

The Orsay Museum 14.00
Stade De France Guided Tour 15.00
Louvre Museum 17.00
Les Caves du Louvre Wine Tasting 32.00
Total€ 78.00

Day Four

Coverage Passage Walking Tour 24.00
Arc De Triomphe 13.00
Grevin Wax Museum 24.50
Palace of Versailles 18.00
Total€ 79.50

As you can see, once you factor in public transportation, it’s fairly easy to reach our €51.50/day goal that makes the Paris Pass worth the cost. Each day is certainly full of activities but it’s not unrealistic.

The total cost of the above itinerary would be 317.50 without a Paris Pass, not to mention the 5 day travel pass would be an extra addition to above amount for the commute.

With a 4 Day Paris Pass, you would save over €111.50 – which also includes a free Metro ticket – so the benefits are obvious!

Who should consider buying the Paris Pass?

  • First Time Travellers – For most first-time tourists the Paris Pass can be a good choice. The card is super convenient, and by including most of the attractions you would like to see any way it simplifies your experience. Often, access to public transport through the travelcard is a good perk.
  • Travellers who want to cover extra things – If you’ve already arranged to see a few museums and decide to take the hop-on-hop-off shuttle, visit the Montparnasse Tower observation deck, see the Paris Opera House and do a river cruise on the Seine, then the pass is going to be a nice deal. Fortunately, all these activities are items that we will strongly recommend to all tourists.
  • People who want to cover a lot in a few days – If you want to avoid getting into the lines of tickets for any attractions, This covers everything on that front. As we said, time is your enemy when you are travelling, So you have to spend that very precisely and you would not like to spend it standing in queues.
  • Travellers Who Want to See Paris at Their Own Pace  – Well this may happen to you, Since there so many options to cover in case you don’t like the museum which you entered or the attraction you visited you can come out and head out to a different place which is unlikely if you buy a single ticket, in that case, you have to stick with that for the money which you spent on the ticket.
  • Convenience/ Skipping the line – If you are really not fond of standing in line and waiting. Then you don’t really need any other reason to buy the Paris Pass. Also, being able to skip the lines is going to be a huge time saver — especially in the summer when there are more people travelling.

Who should skip buying the Pass?

  • Budget Traveller who are only visiting one/two museums – Well if you are travelling Europe on Budget then absolutely this pass is not for you. The actual cost of the Paris Pass is the total amount in which we were able to visit Paris from Germany for one day tour.
  • Not interested in the Extras – If you don’t want the Bus Tour, river cruise, Montparnasse Tower, then you skip buying this.
  • Visitors who just want to visit Museums – If you are just interested in museums then the value for money option for you would be buying the Paris Museum Pass.
  • Those who will not use Public Transport – The Paris Pass is worth it if you are able to use all the aspects of it. So in case you are not using public transport then you should again take a look at your itinerary and find out whether you will really need it or not.
  • Staying in Paris for Longer Duration – In case you are staying in Paris for a longer duration then the max days which you can get on Pass is six days so in that case, you can plan in your own pace.
  • Travellers Who Just Want to See a Few Places — If you just want to see a few museums over the course of your trip, the pass isn’t worth it.
  • If you are not planning to cover everything and you are exploring paris with Family and looking forward to explore just the Paris Zoo, Grevin Wax Museum and Grande Galeries you can take the Paris Family Fun Pass and it will be a better option for you as a family.

Tips for using the Paris Pass and Getting the most out of it

  • Buy the Pass on Sale – You will get a discount on the pass very often so you just look for it and buy it during discount. We shared the cheapest place to buy the Paris Pass above, You can buy from there.
  • Check for Closure – Most museums are at least one day a week closed — normally a Monday or a Tuesday. Some museums close also quite early — like 4-5pm. In addition, some museums are open one day a week late, which can be a great way to get some more museum time in (plus the crowds tend to be much smaller during these times).
  • Night Activities – If you have some museums and attraction which are open during the night, Then visit them during the night and use the day time to cover those places which close early.
  • Don’t waste your first day – The time of the pass starts the first day you use it, So you should plan to start using the pass early in that day, So you can utilize your first day in an effective way.
  • Restriction of Museum pass for 3 days Paris Pass – Just make sure that the museum pass is only available for 2 days for your 3 days Paris Pass so you have to take this into account if you are buying your 3 days Paris Pass.
  • Group you Sightseeing by Area – This is actually not about the Paris Pass but in general when you are building your itinerary. You should consider keeping the attraction which is close on a single day in that case you can utilize most of your Paris Pass.
  • Travel Outside of Paris Is Not Included – Remember, travel outside of Zones 1-3 in Paris is not included. So, you’ll have to pay extra to reach Versailles and the other chateaus.

How to Buy Paris Pass

You can buy the Paris Pass online via the Paris Pass Website. or you can buy the Paris Pass at Discounted Price – Just Follow the link purchase Paris Pass on Discount.

Conclusion – Is Paris Pass Worth It?

There isn’t a small answer to this, it depends on various factors and the kind of traveller you are.

The best way you evaluate it to understand and see, If you can utilize the maximum of your Paris Pass or not.

If you’re a Paris tourist for the first time, a sightseeing pass is an easy way to make the most of your time. Having a pass simplifies issues (not getting individual passes, waiting in line, etc.) plus it helps set your sightseeing goals.

A Paris Pass might also be a good choice for those who want to do a lot of sightseeing and want to do so as quickly as possible and as conveniently as they can. Purchasing the pass when on sale will also help you get even more bang for your dollar.

At the other hand, if you only intend to visit museums, it might be a better choice to get the Paris Museum Pass. You will also be able to bypass the ticket lines but you will not be able to join other attractions such as the HOHO bus tour or the river cruise. If you plan on using public transport, you would still have to pay separately for that.

If you’re not on your itinerary to visit museums, you probably don’t need a pass at all-but you’ll miss some of the best art and sightseeing in the country!

So, is the Paris Pass worth it? That’s really up to you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Paris Pass review, and please let me know if you have questions. Above all, have a great time in Paris. Until next time, happy travelling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Paris Pass Worth it?

The best thing which you get out of the Paris Pass is the ability to skip the line and that is absolutely worth it when you running on time crunch and if you don’t like to wait. If you pay out with the pass vs. purchasing separate tickets, you’ll always find that buying separate tickets is easier, but it’s well worth saving hours waiting in line for the extra €10-€15 you spend on the pass.

Is the Paris Pass worth it for 3 days?

If you are looking for visiting all the attraction which you get in the Pass then this should add value to your Paris Pass, But then you spend around 166 Euro for the pass. The best thing for you is to list down all the top attraction which you want to cover and check the standalone cost of the entry ticket. Paris pass packs a lot of places which made not be the one which you want to visit.

How much is a Paris Pass cost for Adult?

As of November 2020. The two-day pass cost 132 Euro, Three days Pass Cost 166 Euro, Four Day Pass cost 206 Euro and Five-day cost 246 Euro for Adult.

How much is a Paris Pass cost for Teen?

As of November 2020. The two-day pass cost 75 Euro, Three days Pass Cost 95 Euro, Four Day Pass cost 115 Euro and Five-day cost 146 Euro for Adult.

How much is a Paris Pass cost for Child?

As of November 2020. The two-day pass cost 40 Euro, Three days Pass Cost 55 Euro, Four Day Pass cost 65 Euro and Five-day cost 88 Euro for Adult.

What is the difference between Paris Pass and Paris Pass lib?

The main difference between these two passes – apart from the price – is that the Paris Pass includes a hop-on hop-off bus tour bus, the Paris City Pass does not.

What is the cheapest way to travel around Paris?

Take public transit from Charles de Gaulle.
Be careful with taxis from the airport.
Don’t take taxis short distances.
Buy a 10-pack of Metro and bus tickets.
Hold onto your Metro ticket!
Don’t buy your tickets on the bus.
Take a Cheap city bus tour.
Consider a “Paris Visite” travel card.

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