10 Delicious Vegetarian Indian Restaurants in Budapest

Good and Healthy dinner after an exhausting day (Budapest Travel Guide) is all you need on your vacation. Since you are looking for some delicious Vegetarian Indian Restaurants. Chasing Whereabouts has listed the best Indian restaurants in Budapest to curb your hunger with Indian food.

These Indian Restaurants in Budapest include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items, with an average cost for 1 person. If you are worried about the cost, don’t worry, look at the average cost of the meal for 1 person and select the option that suits your budget in Budapest. Although travelling in Europe is not cheap, however, we have drafted the list of budget, cheap and affordable Indian Restaurants in Budapest.

Note: The currency of Hungary is Hungarian Forint. At some places, you can pay in Euros from your Travelcards or Cash. Please don’t forget to ask/confirm before making a purchase in Budapest.

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Best Indian Vegetarian Restaurants in Budapest

Vegetarian Indian Restaurants in Budapest near Buda Castle / Castle District

After spending an amazing day in the Buda region and reminiscing the history of Hungarian Kings, its time for a delicious meal. You must be missing Indian food in Budapest, thus you can hop to these tried and tested Vegetarian Indian Restaurants in Budapest.

Don’t forget to share your reviews in the comments below as well. How many stars would you give to your favourite restaurant which makes it the Best Indian restaurants in Budapest?

The list of Vegetarian Restaurants in Budapest near Fisherman’s Bastion can be visited easily, even if you are near Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest. You can just walk and visit the yummy restaurants, which makes them Best Indian Restaurants in Budapest.

CURRY HOUSE Indian Restaurant near Fisherman’s Bastion

Indian Restaurants in Budapest are found in many places in the city that serves best Indian starters and Curries. Do check the red chillies on the menu card in case you don’t like spicy food. Prices of a few popular dishes at Curry House are as followed Butter Chicken (2500 Huf), Paneer Butter Masala (2600 Huf), Naan (450 Huf), Plain Rice (600 Huf).

Address: Budapest, Diós árok 16, 1125 Hungary
Timings: Opens at 12:00 pm
Average Cost for 1 – 2750 Huf / 650 INR
Menu: Download Here

Indigo Indiai Étterem Buda

The Royal Fine Dining experience can be taken at Indigo Indiai Étterem Buda. They have two restaurants in Budapest, One is located in Buda region (Since 2015) while the other one is in Pest region (Since 2005). With a huge variety of curries and tandoor food items, Indigo Indiai Étterem Buda is popular among Indian Tourists.

The main reason for the popularity of these two Indian restaurants is that the Chefs working in the kitchen are brought from North India. Few popular vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in Amsterdam are as follows Butter Chicken (2950 Huf), Vegetable Curry (1800 Huf), Naan (550 Huf) and Plain Rice (790 Huf).

Address: Budapest, Fény u. 16, 1024 Hungary
Timings: Opens at 12:00 pm
Average Cost for 1 – 3870 Huf / 918 INR
Menu: Check Here

Indian Restaurants in Budapest near Budapest City Centre

Are you searching for some Best Indian Restaurants near Budapest City Centre? We have a whole list if you are looking for:

Indian Restaurants near St. Stephen’s Basilica
Indian Restaurants near Budapest Eye, Budapest
Best Indian Restaurants near Hungarian Parliament Building
Vegetarian Indian Restaurants in Budapest

Good Karma Restaurant

The modern Indian restaurant near Budapest City Centre is located at a walking distance from St. Stephen’s Basilica. Delicious Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food in Budapest include Rolls, Wraps, Basmati Bowl and special Indian Food Items for kids. You also have a lot of option to choose from in Drinks and Desserts.

One can have a combo of rice bowl with curry or wrap for around 2000 Huf, which is approx 475 INR.

Address: Budapest, Október 6. u. 21, 1051 Hungary
Timings: Opens at 11:00 am
Average Cost for 1 – 2000 Huf or 475 INR
Menu: Download Here

Salaam Bombay Indian Restaurant

Clearly, you will find many options under the vegetarian and non-vegetarian food section of the menu. Mostly this place is crowded with a lot of Indian people, craving for best Indian Food in Budapest. I can share an idea of the price of the Indian dishes served at Salaam Bombay. Butter Chicken (2690 Huf), Plain Roti (500 Huf), Garlic Naan (700 Huf).

Address: Budapest, Garibaldi u. 4, 1054 Hungary
Timings: Opens at 12:00 pm
Average Cost for 1- 4000 Huf or 950 INR

Indian Restaurants in Budapest near Central Market Hall

Well enjoyed your experience at Budapest Boat Cruise? or just completed exploring the Central Market Hall. You can find the flavours of India from the following Indian kitchens in Budapest. Try these delicious Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Food restaurants in Budapest City Centre or near Central Market Hall.

Rajkot Palace Indian Restaurant

This is one of the largest Indian Restaurants in Budapest with seating capacity of 130 people. The menu reflects the diversity of India, steeped in the classics while offering deft touches of modernity. Our wine selection are constructed to pique the interest of the novice yet be alluring to the enthusiast and to focus on grape varieties that best compliment our cuisine.

The service style emphasizes hospitality with knowledgeable, technically proficient staff who are present yet unobtrusive. The result is a vibrant and trendsetting scene, full of energy and sophistication. Rajkot Palace is a place of gathering, a place of celebration, a place for business and a place for pleasure. Butter Chicken (€24.5), Paneer Tikka Masala (€21.5), Naan (€ 3).

Address: Budapest, Nyáry Pál u. 9, 1056 Hungary
Timings: Opens at 12:00 pm
Average Cost for 1 – €40
Menu: Download Here

Royale Rasoi

Royale Rasoi was opened in the city center of Budapest near Kálvin Square, in Ráday street in April 2018. The restaurant awaits guests with a colourful repertoire of traditional Indian cuisine in North India. Our Chef has +20 years experience, he is an authentic Indian cook. The place can accommodate up to 45-50 people on two floors.

From June to the end of September, it is possible to take a seat on the outdoor terrace as well. If you are craving for Indian flavours try Balti House’s delicious Butter Chicken (2300 Huf), Dal Makhni (1700 Huf), Naan (350 Huf) and Plain Rice (600 Huf).

Address: Budapest, Ráday u. 5, 1092 Hungary
Timings: Opens at 11:30 pm
Average Cost for 1 – 3500 Huf or 800 INR
Menu: Download Here

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Pesti Chutney

Majorly famous for its Indian delicacies. This restaurant serves the main course for 3000 Huf. The best part is that all main courses are served with complimentary rice, naan and vegetable.

This restaurant also offers Fine Dining experience, Meat or Vegetarian multi-course tasting menu available upon request Meat or Vegetarian multi-course tasting menu available on request at 8900 Huf.

Address: Budapest, Bródy Sándor u. 21, 1085 Hungary
Timings: Opens at 12:00 pm
Average Cost for 1 – 3000 Huf or 700 INR
Menu: Check Here

Indian Restaurants near Doboz Night Club

Delhi Darbar by Mr. Masala

The captivating taste of India has now moved to Budapest! It’s like an unforgettable gastronomic trip along with an immersive world of traditional food at Delhi Darbar Indian Restaurant. Traditional Indian cuisine and atmosphere in Budapest, this is Delhi Darbar! We have shared the prices of few Indian Cusiisnes served here, Butter Chicken (2390 Huf), Matar Paneer (1650 Huf), Butter Naan (500 Huf).

Address: Budapest, Dohány u. 54, 1072 Hungary
Timings: Opens at 12:00 pm
Average Cost for 1 – 3500 Huf or 830 INR
Menu: Check Here

Bollywood Vegi Bar Indian Restaurant (Vegetarian)

Int his Indian Restuarant, Bollywood has gone for sure with the choice of name in the sense that there is no doubt we will come across Indian dishes. The Vega Bar has also been added to make sure everyone who eats a good Indian (or just finally something new tastes) downtown is sure not only beef is left off the menu. What we don’t know at first, however, is that here you can ask for catches not only spicy but without spices at all. 

The owner of the place prepares everything as we please. If it’s spicy, if it’s extra curry, if you want to eat vegan – it solves. All dishes are freshly prepared, based on a homemade recipe. There is nothing spared out of the pot, but the food is not too complicated, and the portions are absolutely plentiful. Take it away too! Shahi Paneer (2000 Huf), Tandoori Naan (300 Huf).

Address: Budapest, Akácfa u. 50, 1072 Hungary
Timings: Opens at 12:00 pm
Average Cost for 1- 3000 Huf or 700 INR
Menu: Check Here

Shalimar Restaurant | Indian Restaurant

At this Indian Restuarant, you will get a taste of Mughalai Food being served in Budapest. Shalimar Indian Restaurant serves amazing dishes and cuisines which will make you fall in love with Budapest again. The authentic cuisines from the Mughal Era make this restaurant one of the best Indian restaurants in Budapest. Few Popular Indian Dishes from this restaurant includes- Shahi Paneer(1690 Huf), Shahi Chicken Korma (2490.), Butter Naan (450 Huf) and Basmati Rice (750 Huf).

Address: Budapest, Dob u. 53, 1072 Hungary
Timings: Opens at 12:00 pm
Average Cost for 1– 3500-4000 Huf or 850-950 INR
Menu: Check Here

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to pay tax on food in Budapest, Hungary?

Generally, in all restaurants of Budapest 10% service charge will be added to the bill. The invoice includes a 10% service charge.

What is the currency of Hungary?

The currency of Hungary is Hungarian Forint. At some places, you can pay in Euros from your Travel-cards or Cash. Please don’t forget to ask/confirm before making a purchase in Budapest.

How much does a Mc Donald’s meal costs in Budapest?

A combo meal at McDonald’s will cost about 1500 HUF (€6).

What is the cost of one time meal in Budapest?

One time meal for lunch or dinner may cost your around €5-€8.

Is your favourite Indian Restaurant from Budapest not present in the list? Don’t worry! Please share the name and address of the restaurant with us along with your favourite Indian cuisine from the restaurant.

We hope you will have a taste of Best Indian Restaurants in Budapest from the list given above. Please share your personal feedback regarding any Indian Restaurants in Budapest in the comment section below. We will try to feature it in our post.



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