est-il un moyen légitime d’économiser de l’argent ? Examen approfondi

It was not long before when I reviewed SnapVoyage as one of the method of saving money on Hotels booking but then later this company was revamped completely with the idea of Application based booking like other competitors and Agoda.

In this post, I will be talking in detail about and will review this product as a traveler with the core idea in mind that whether it can help you économiser de l'argent on your trip or not.

Yes, is a legit company so if you are wondering whether you can book the hotels from this application or not you can for sure. 

If you are going to read further you will get the idea about the application and usage and also some honest review from the Realtime user.

La question légitime de est-elle posée devant le Colisée avec des étiquettes contrastées légitimes et frauduleuses.
Is Legit

Is a Legit Company?

Well, yes it is a legit company and if you want to read some old reviews about them then you have to search for the SnapTravel review. 

With this you are going to get a better idea about the customer experience. Review

This review is going to be divided in 10 sections in total and if you are just here to learn around the specific section then you have to check the recommended section from of TOC.

I do recommend you to check the full post if you are planning to do your next booking from  which will give you a sense of understanding.

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)

Well it was easy for me to get started with the application, you have to head to the website and directly search for the places for the hotels booking. Review Review

Mobile Experience

How to Start with
How to Start with

The mobile application is also pretty straightforward with the average rating of 4.6 ⭐ the setup process of pretty easy.

I was able to setup in 3 easy steps

  1. Gave my mobile phone number.
  2. Received an OTP.
  3. And then I was ready to use the application.

You have to share your phone number with them in case you are using the application or even the online interface Review

Above is the snapshot for the booking which I tried for Nice, France and the moment I clicked on Search Hotel Deals I was prompted with the sidebar to get the code via SMS or WhatsApp.

If you choose the WhatApp option you are going to get the 4 digit code from Verify and once you enter that you are ready to start.

Functionality and Features

Now let us talk about what all you can do with, this application is for Hotel bookings only so if you are looking for something around Flights or Car Rental then I would recommend you to checkout Skyscanner or Discover cars. Review

Like any other booking website I have got the result on the right hand side with the filters on the left and I can filter the hotels listing based on this points

  • Hotel Starts
  • Gamme budgétaire
  • Amenities
  • Hotels Near Locations
  • Also different properties like BnB and Apartments.

Deals Quality

Okay, coming to the main point, are you actually going to save money on Hotels when you book from

In order to answer this I ran a test around the website for my upcoming trip to the Côte d'Azur, I mostly did the booking from for this trip and sometimes Airbnb but I wanted to test this theory of in order to find if maybe I did something wrong.

So here I go, checked for Nice as you could see above.

One thing I immediately missed from the here was to filter out the property based on reviews which I normally do when I am booking from . It helps me avoid having bad experiences.

So I don’t have this feature on now what, let us try to find the same property on some other website so as to find the rating of those property. ( Okay this should be a part of User Interface only but them it fits her 😉 )

Budget Hotels Deals Review

Let us go with the first Hotel which I have found –

Pierre & Vacances Residence Heliotel Marine

I was able to find this hotels also on and the non refundable deal was for 250 € and the refundable deal was for 280€.

Now below is the price which I have got on for the same deal 243.49 € for the non refundable one and 265.77 € for the refundable one.

Is it cheaper than in this situation yes – I am saving around 6.51 € on the non refundable booking and 14.23 around the refundable booking.

So you are saving around 2.6 % on the non refundable and 5.08% on the refundable booking. Review

So yes you are saving money also on the budget hotels. But will you just blindly book from here?

Lyonnais Review

This was the 2nd listing from which has my triple room for 252.99 € for 3 days if I try to book the same on I am getting the same room for 244 € so here the is cheaper the so you are saving around 3.56 % if you book from

Middle Budget Hotels

Novotel Nice Centre Vieux Nice

I tried to test this with medium segment hotel and this one is costing me around 46€ for 3 nights for 2 people in the non refundable segment Review

The same hotel on is costing me around 450.89 € for the non-refundable which is on average a saving of around 5.37% and in euros it is around 26.11 € Review

So the winner is here.

Luxury Hotels Deals

Now that I have tested the Budget Hotels Deals, I wanted to test the Luxury hotels deals in order to find out whether you save considerable amount of money here or not.

Hyatt Regency Nice

On I am getting the hotel for 1584 € for 2 people. Review

On the same hotel is costing me around 1469.62 € so I am saving around 114.38 € and in percentage this is going to be around 7.21% of saving. Review

So if I talk about the deal quality then yes is giving me a better deal quality compared to the or any other booking interface.

Performance and Reliability

If I talk about the speed of the website it is generally good here in Frankfurt, Germany. It takes around 5-6 seconds to pull up the result of the Hotels listing.

Cost and In-App Purchase and What is Super+ Review Review

Well when you are using the application without the Super+ then you dont have to pay anything and you are just paying the final cost but there is a subscription model for the hotels booking cashback program which is going to give you the option of 10% extra cashback on all the hotels booking.

The cost for this is around 15 $ / month and this feature is similar to what we get with Wayaway which I have talked about in another post about WayAway Review.

You can check more about this deal on this-

 Privacy and Security

Managing my account notifications and personal data on is quite straightforward. I have the flexibility to adjust my notification preferences through the App, ensuring a personalized experience. 

While some security-related notifications remain active for safety reasons, I have control over the marketing communications I receive. 

To unsubscribe from marketing emails, I simply need to click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. For SMS opt-out, I can send STOP to the sender’s number. 

If I ever decide to delete my data, I can either reach out to at +1 (844) 461-2577. Or if I go into the application on mobile and tap on the profile on the bottom screen there is an option for Request for Account deletion

Customer Support

Reaching out to customer support is also kind of easy for if you are on desktop you can click on profile and then chat with us and it will open the chat window.

For mobile application it was kind of weird at firstI was not able to reach to the point of opening the chat it kept on throwing me different places and verifying the phone number but not the chat support.

But finally found a way to do it.

  1. When you are in app, click on profile and then Help and Support.
  2. It tell you to verify your phone number and throws United States as basic option.
    1. If you verified with WhatsApp click on that and it will auto login you from the application onf your default browser
  3. Click on Profile again and then Chat with us 
  4. And Hurray! You are finally connected with the Chat Support.

Can you read actual Reviews of Hotels on

Well one thing which is lacking here is this and this application is dependent on the Tripadvisor from where it pulls its review from.

You can not find the actual review of the hotels on this platform but yes you can do like I did and search with the hotel names on Google to find the review of the hotels on

Real Reviews from the users of

Here is a summary of the reviews about

  • Positive reviews highlight the ease of booking, best rates available, and great experiences with booking hotels for destination weddings.
  • Some customers had concerns about the credibility and customer service of, mentioning issues with reservations, refunds, and communication.
  • responded to complaints by emphasizing their credibility, commitment to customer satisfaction, and efforts to address the specific issues raised.
  • Overall, customers appreciated the competitive pricing offered by but highlighted the importance of thorough checking of booking details and policies before finalizing reservations.

Quick Tip: While doing the full research about their reviews and customer service reply one thing which was clear was people having bad experience when they are booking the non-refundable booking on this website. 

I think this one is pretty much same when you are non refundable booking on any other website as well so I would personally recommend you to do then for refundable booking so that they can help you out if need arise.

Final Thoughts: Review

To summarize it all I was able to find some decent deals on the website and I was also able to save some money on the booking on this application.

So this could be an ideal option for you if you are planning to book hotels in future.

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