GuideGeek Review: Is this AI Travel Assistant worth it?

With the AI taking us by storm and with ChatGPT revolutionising and making it accessible for us. We have personally come into the age of AI Travel. Where we have several application which harness this generative AI capability to help you build itineraries.

I remember those days when I use to research for hours and come up with the ideas of what I need to do before each and every travel plan.

Now you may have your concerns about? come on Sankalp?

How can I trust an AI for the entire travel plan?

I would say don’t trust it completely but use it as a starting point for helping you build up the skeleton itinerary. Planning a trip, whether it’s for a short period or a longer duration, requires a considerable amount of time and effort. People often dedicate numerous hours to reading guidebooks, and travel blogs, and perusing social media platforms in search of helpful tips and information.

Today, businesses are seeking to streamline that procedure by utilizing the newest sensation: artificial intelligence.

Thanks to the emergence of AI, an increasing number of resources are now accessible to globetrotters, enhancing their travel experiences.

GuideGeek stands out as the most exceptional among these resources that I have personally come across.

What is GuideGeek?

GuideGeek, the personal AI-powered travel assistant developed by Matador Network, is a fantastic tool for all your travel needs. Matador Network, a renowned travel and adventure publisher, has combined OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, up-to-date travel information including live flight search, and expert curation from their own travel specialists to create this advanced AI.

With GuideGeek, you have the ability to inquire about a wide range of topics such as

  • accommodation options
  • suggested itineraries
  • local customs and slang
  • recommended places to eat
  • exciting activities to experience
  • safety advice
  • budget-friendly tips
  • and much more!

And the best thing is that it is completely free so you just head to their website GuideGeek and use the QR code to start the WhatsApp chat with their network. If you don’t want to use the WhatsApp then they also have the option to connect on Instagram.

Still not convinced then you can head to Matador website and use the chat option their on the website and you have the GuideGeek there as well.

How does it work in real time?

When you start by scanning the QR code you would get the first message like this.

Guide Geek Review
Screenshot, text message

I have been living in Frankfurt since last 3+ years and I know this place so I thought of asking question about a 3 days itinerary for Frankfurt.

This was one good itinerary shared by the tool. Well of-course it could be a bit better by covering some more details around what else you can do in the city. (Since I already talked about Top Things to do in Frankfurt)

But for someone who has no clue about what to do, this for sure starts and cover good options.

How Different it is From ChatGpt?

The answer is simple it can pull new information as well. Sine ChatGpt (free version) only has the information uptil 2021.

It can suggest you something around the flight offers or accommodation offers as such but GuideGeek is connected with their affiliate partner via API so they can share detail about question if you ask him something around things like Flight Deals.

With this I had a question that can it also help me find Hotel Deal but unfortunately. I have not yet figured out a way to do that because seems like during my testing it just got stuck with Flight and kept on sharing details again and again on flight deals.

Guide Geek Review
Guide Geek Review

Will GuideGeek forever remain free?

Well this totally depends on the number of user who are going to use the tool in future and if they end up booking the Flights and Hotels from its recommendation or not.

Because eventually this AI Travel feature cost them money so it is really interesting to know how long they can keep it for free.

Is AI Travel Real?

Well if you ask me honestly then the recent trip I did in Barcelona Spain this year (you can check the Youtube videos about that) was entirely designed by AI.

And to be honest yes it covered a lot of things to be done in Barcelona.

But do you think it covers everything?

No, AI Travel can be a good starting point for creating the draft itinerary but you have to spend some time to quality check and find out the information shared by the AI whether it is correct or not.

But don’t fret you can get your Wanderlust Planner Template which you help you organize your travel Itinerary and complete plan in a nice template.


In conclusion, after thoroughly reviewing the GuideGeek AI Travel Assistant, it is clear that this innovative tool is a good addition for any traveller and the best of all is its accessibility from WhatApp.

Its seamless integration with various platforms and devices makes it easily accessible and adaptable to the needs of every traveler. The GuideGeek AI Travel Assistant truly revolutionizes the way we experience and enjoy our travels, ensuring a stress-free and memorable trip from start to finish.

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