Is Snaptravel Legit Or Scam?

I know this feeling when you find some new website sharing deals about the Hotels and you have this feeling about whether you should book from them or not. Rest assured, Snaptravel is a legit company while I don’t endorse this application I will share my personal experience and things I have found about the product.

Finding the best deals and discounts when booking hotels or flights isn’t easy and challenging to locate at times. Snaptravel Reviews will help you get started if you want to use this utility.

SnapTravel is a great resource. Have you never heard of them? Don’t worry. Here’s an easy guide to all you must be aware of!

Snaptravel Reviews

SnapTravel Review

What is SnapTravel?

In 2016, SnapTravel was founded. SnapTravel was founded in 2016, founded in 2016 and is a Canadian startup that seeks to offer customers the best rates on flights and hotels through AI. In August, According to the GlobeTrender SnapTravel, they were able to find more than 350,000 hotel nights in more than 150 countries.

SnapTravel is described as a “travel agent that uses the use of messaging.” SnapTravel offers a platform for accommodation booking that aims to provide its customers with the most current deals on travel. They provide special offers and discounts via private chats on a person-to-person basis via messaging apps like SMS, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

You can send them a text message with your date and city preferences. You’ll receive an answer with SnapTravel’s customized offers, which you can avail of with just the click of a button.

How do you use SnapTravel?

If you scroll toward the very bottom of the page, you’ll be able to search for hotels by city. This lets you see the deals available before communicating to SnapTravel to find costs and places. You can’t book directly, however, since you need to use SMS or Messenger to access SnapTravel’s deals.

SnapTravel is similar to the one-to-one relationships you’d enjoy with your travel agency, but they utilize A.I. to function as an agent. The booking engine they use uses relationships with industry partners and connections to locate prices for private agreements, bulk tickets, and consolidator inventory which aren’t ordinarily available to the general public.

That means clients are getting the best prices and rates they won’t find elsewhere.

Snaptravel Reviews - Image Courtesy: SnapTravel
Snaptravel Reviews – Image Courtesy: SnapTravel

SnapTravel claims to be “half-bot and human and half-bot.” It means while a lot of your questions are handled through a machine, you will still be able to communicate to a live agent in the event of need. The simplicity of an A.I. service ensures that you’ll receive a fast and effective service that will assist you in finding the most affordable prices for your travels.

Discount Flight Tickets – Snaptravel Reviews

While it was initially an online booking platform for hotels, they’ve been able to add flights into their services. Looking for great offers on flights, look at their dedicated flight website. Their unique algorithm for finding flights allows you to find the top prices that aren’t published so that you can fly on an itinerary within your budget.

Contrary to the hotel booking service that it offers, its flight service lets users do their research entirely online, as opposed to messaging apps. Input your information about your trip, and you’ll be able to look through all flights at a discounted price. Make sure you note that if you decide to book via this application, you’ll have 20 minutes to make sure you have confirmed your purchase once you have selected an option.

Snaptravel reviews

Who is the owner of SnapTravel?

SnapTravel is part of SnapCommerce, a platform that utilizes A.I. and text messaging to help customers find “the best products at the right price.” Details about SnapTravel’s founders and advisors are available on their site on this page.

SnapTravel and SnapCommerce were founded in the same year by Henry Shi and Hussein Fazal. If you’re interested in their funding sources, you can find out more here.

Snaptravel reviews
Image Courtesy: Snapcommerce

An interesting fact about initial Investors in SnapTravel included N.B.A. superstar Steph Curry and the Chief Executive Officer at Expedia, Peter Kern!

Is SnapTravel legit?

Although they sound great on paper, their SnapTravel reviews online paint an entirely different image.

Is SnapTravel legitimate and reliable? Let’s see what other users have to say about SnapTravel.

SnapTravel receives an overall rating of 4.4/4.5 stars from TrustPilot and an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. Based on their ratings, SnapTravel does provide the services they promise and offers hotels at a low cost and a reasonable rate.

However, many SnapTravel reviews about its credibility on TrustPilot are written by invitee reviewers. This means that SnapTravel demanded that they write a review following their service experience. The reviews must be taken with a pinch of salt.

Please continue reading to learn the overall impression we have of SnapTravel!

Are SnapTravel Flights Legit?

SnapTravel is a service that connects users to lower-cost flights through A.I. technology. Therefore, SnapTravel is not able to handle flights or experiences during flights. If you have questions about the flights SnapTravel provides, you can check out individual airline reviews about the quality of the service instead!

Snap Travel Reviews

What are people’s experiences with this travel app?

We realize that it’s not easy to evaluate the quality of a person’s experience based on stars, so what’s the problem? What percentage of people have utilized and enjoyed SnapTravel? What is the general opinion of SnapTravel’s users about their travel planner application?

If you were to ask users about their experiences with SnapTravel on Reddit, You’d receive many different answers. Additionally, there are other review websites of SnapTravel with a wide range of opinions.

There is a consensus that SnapTravel is a good choice for what we’ve said it’s great for. Many people love it for this. Some have had experiences that could be the reason for some bad reviews or complaints about SnapTravel online.

In particular, during the research of writing this post, we found a lot of negative reviews on Sitejabber website but one thing to note here is that there are fairly less number of reviews on the website.

Snaptravel Reviews

What’s up regarding the SnapTravel Complaints?

If you’ve been browsing through SnapTravel review forums on different sites and sources, You’ve likely seen some criticisms or reviews regarding users’ experiences using SnapTravel. How can you determine the source of people complaining, and are they legitimate?

The majority of complaints center around inconsistencies in communication between SnapTravel and hotels. This implies that SnapTravel could contain outdated or inaccurate information regarding the hotel’s facilities and rules. It is also possible to have difficulties due to SnapTravel not communicating the amount you’ve paid to your hotel in time.

No matter the situation, however, verifying the hotel’s site regarding its facilities is always recommended, and confirming the information through SnapTravel before departing to travel. Some have even called SnapTravel frauds, but these are simply issues that users have encountered when using SnapTravel and shouldn’t reflect the general experience of SnapTravel.

SnapTravel is a company that earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Snaptravel Reviews

Is SnapTravel refundable?

If you have booked a trip that is not refundable via SnapTravel and you cancel, you won’t be able to claim a refund for any cancellations or modifications. Another critical item in small print is that SnapTravel is not responsible for any problems with the hotel’s provider. If a hotel fails to honor your reservation, you are responsible for any costs incurred.

That’s it… How are SnapTravel’s cancellation and refund policy provided?

SnapTravel is not liable for any issue caused by “delay or cancellation strikes, strike, force majeure or any other reason beyond our SnapTravel’s immediate control.” In these instances, no refunds will be made.

Snaptravel Reviews

What is SnapTravel’s reaction to COVID-19 cancellations?

At present, SnapTravel is offering a flexible policy on refunds for Covid-19-related cancellations. So don’t worry! Suppose you find that your trip needs to be canceled due to issues with covid-19. In that case, however, if your trip is not refundable, send a message via their website to their support team, and they’ll get your news as quickly as possible, hopefully with the total amount of your refund.

If you’d like to know more about their cancellation policy, check this webpage to learn more.

How does SnapTravel earn money?

Because customers can use SnapTravel’s services at no cost, they do not earn revenue directly through SnapTravel. SnapTravel makes a share of each hotel reservation they offer. Please read about how they utilized the effects of the pandemic on travel to boost their profits in this article.

Membership Plans

Alongside the ability to book via the messaging system, SnapTravel also offers a membership option. For a cost of $30, you’ll be able to enjoy exclusive V.I.P. services, including a 5% discount on bookings for six months and prompt support. At the end of six months, if you decide to extend your membership, it’ll cost you $5 per month.

If you decide to test joining the club, you must understand that you can’t unsubscribe from the program within one year. After that, you can opt-out at any time.

Snaptravel Reviews

Career Openings

Interested in working for SnapTravel? Head to their careers page to see all position openings and get to apply!

Snaptravel Reviews

That was our in depth guide for Snaptravel reviews. If you are in the planning phase of booking then we would recommend you to check –

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