Top Things to Do in Zurich to enjoy exquisite Holiday

If you are planning to travel to Zurich in the upcoming days. Below are reasons why Zurich should be your next travel destinations. Chasing Whereabouts has compiled the list of Top Things to do in Zurich during your visit.

Switzerland is love among travel enthusiast and this beautiful city Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. If you feel like exploring the world of art and want to go on a shopping tour in Switzerland then Zurich is your go-to destinations. All hands down!.

Zurich has an excellent public transport system and you can either choose to commute by the transport system. If you love walking you can maybe explore the city on foot.

During our visit, we took the Zurich Card as it offers free travel on public transport and free admission to museums, delicious surprises at restaurants, and discounts on selected souvenirs and tours.

Zurich is one of the wealthiest cities in Europe, with one of the highest quality of living standards in the world it is also among the world’s largest financial centres.

If you are looking for the Top things to do in Zurich or finding the best places to visit in Zurich then read along this post will not disappoint you.

Top Things to Do in Zurich

Check out the Swiss National Museum

Top Things to do in Zurich Switzerland
Top Things to do in Zurich Switzerland

The Swiss National Museum is a castle-like building with very rich gothic architecture. If you wish to learn the cultural history of Switzerland then this is an excellent museum showcasing about it. It is by far the most important collection of Swiss historic and cultural artefacts – more than 8 lakhs of them, covering a wide range of subjects from prehistory through the 20th century. It looks like history in fairy tail.

Take a boat ride on Lake Zurich

Top Things to do in Zurich Switzerland
Top Things to do in Zurich Switzerland

This large, crescent-shaped lake curves over the peaks that are wooded of Pfannenstiel to the east , and that of the Albis chain in the west.

There are a variety of methods to get the most of your lake We’ll explore some in more in depth later.

If you’re wandering through the city, you can take the picturesque promenade to the east of the shoreline within the Seefeld quarter.

You can also look out towards Uetliberg and marvel at the numerous yachts and other craft speeding across the lake during the summer.

The promenade begins at Bellevue which extends 3 kilometers to Tiefenbrunnen.

It’s part of a series of pathways laid out along the lakeshore in the 1880s.

There is one nice tour options which you can check which offers Tickets for Ferry Ride on Lake Zurich & Cable Car to Felsenegg Viewpoint

Check out the Alfred Escher Statue

Top Things to do in Zurich - Alfred Escher - Chasing Whereabouts
Top Things to Do in Zurich – Alfred Escher

Do you know about Alfred Escher?

He is known to be the designer of modern Switzerland, founded two large banks and three insurance companies, to help and finance Gotthard railways. He was also co-founder of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

This sculpture is located in the middle of the street in front of the train station. It is one of the good locations to create your time-lapse video as the moving trams surely add charm to your videography.

Check the Downtown Street Bahnhofstrasse

Top Things to do in Zurich - BahnofStrasse - Chasing Whereabouts
Top Things to Do in Zurich – Bahnhofstrasse

Zurich’s main downtown street called Bahnhofstrasseis crossing from the main train station (Bahnhof) to the Bürkliplatz at the head of the lake. 1.200-meter street is one of the most attractive shopping streets in Europe, enlivened by fountains, public art, trees, and distinguished buildings.

Get a Click on Lindenhof or Play Chess

Top Things to do in Zurich - View from Lindenhof - Chasing Whereabouts
Top Things to Do in Zurich – A view from Lindenhof

The Lindenhof is a public square on the top of a hill in the centre of Zurich with a great view over the Limit. It used to be the base of the Romans and Carolingians era Kaiserpfalz. On the top of the hill, Roman and medieval
remains can be seen. Lindenhof is listed as one of the Swiss Heritage Sites of National Significance.

One of the top things to do in Zurich if you have time to spare is playing chess here on Lindenhof, There are around 3 large man size chess board maid on the ground. It feels like playing the game of Chess from the climax of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

For me personally Lindehof was one of the Zurich top attractions and I just sat down on the hill watching the beautiful city of of Zurich for hours. There are some really nice seating arrangement so carry your coffee and something to eat and just sit down and watch the beauty of city from this hill.

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Don’t miss checking out “Augustinergasse”

Top Things to do in Zurich - Augustinergasse - Chasing Whereabouts
Top Things to Do in Zurich

Augustinergasse is one of the most historic streets in Zurich. With many colourfully painted bay windows, it provides a glimpse to the history of the city.

The bay windows provided not only better light but also the possibility to see who is at the door. They were never built directly above the entrance door, but instead always slightly offset.

Visit the St. Peter’s Church

Top Things to do in Zurich - St Peter Church Reflection - Chasing Whereabouts
Top Things to Do in Zurich – St. Peters Church

It is the largest clock in the tower in Europe! South of the Lindenhof in the Old Town, St. Peter’s Church stands on a little hill. It is the oldest parish church in Zurich, it has an early 13th-century Romanesque choir under the
tower and a Baroque nave with aisles and galleries.

You can enjoy walking across the street of Zurich, It is lovely when the city is lit up during the night. I enjoyed even more because of visited Zurich during the Christmas time and the whole city of decorated with fairy lights and it felt so beautiful just strolling on the street.

Visit the Open-Air Museum Ballenberg

Explore the past and discover centuries of Swiss culture as you wander through the sprawling landscape of the Open Air Museum Ballenberg. This museum in the open air will transport you to simpler times and allow you to explore more than 100 authentic structures across the nation. It also offers tasty demonstrations such as authentic bread – and cheese-making as along with old-fashioned construction techniques.

Let the stresses of our modern lives disappear completely and let yourself be absorbed in the fascinating history of Switzerland.

If you are planning to visit the open air musseum then I would suggest you to pre book the ticket before hand to save the time.

Check out the Paradeplatz

Located near Lake Zurich where you can easily reach the old town. It is an important tram junction, once even called as a Pig Market. It is also called the largest financial transaction site in the whole of Switzerland because any of large Swiss banks built their offices there.


Top Things to do in Zurich - Fraumunster- Chasing Whereabouts
Top Things to Do in Zurich – Fraumunster

Often mistranslated to Church of Our Lady, the name of the protestant Fraumünster actually means Women’s Church which was founded in 853 and is one of the must-sees in Zurich. Also, famous about Fraumünster
church is the set of five stunning stained-glass windows.

Explore the Maestrani’s Chocolarium

One of the best things to do in Zurich when you are travelling with kids is visiting the Maestrabni’s Chocolarium.

Chocolate is a sure way to make you feel happy But what is the process of bringing happiness into chocolate?

This unique, interactive tour, guests can enjoy an enjoyable trip through the chocolate manufacturing process that shows the way happiness is created inside.

There’s no other place in Switzerland that visitors can get close enough to chocolate production. On the way, you’ll be able to witness the live production of miniatures and mint items from an exhibit in glass.

Explore a range of chocolates, design the chocolate bars of your choice and then take an outdoors tour of the forest reserve surrounding the factory.

Explore the famous Lindt Chocolate Factory

Top things to do in Zurich Switzerland
Top things to do in Zurich Switzerland

If you are not visiting Lindt Chocolate Factory while you are in Zurich then it is a crime :P. Another Zurich Must see attraction when you are travelling with Kids. Switzerland is famous for Chocolate and the Lindt is one of the most famous brand of Switzerland Chocolates so it makes sense to squeeze this in your Zurich Itinerary.

What all you can expect from this trip?

Explore an engaging Lindt Home of Chocolate Museum located near the historic Lindt & Sprungli production facility.

Learn about the long and intricate journey chocolate goes through from the bean to the bar with an audio guide tour.

Visit the impressive chocolate fountain at the entrance hall that is more than 9 meters high. Learn about the ways that chocolate has conquered the world and learn about each step of the manufacturing process using multimedia displays.

Explore the chocolate tasting area where you can taste the various chocolate delights. Watch the process unfold through the panoramic windows and observe the process of creating new products.

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Bürkliplatz, Bürkliterrasse & Lake

There you’ll find the landing for lake steamers. From here you can cruise on Lake Zurich to enjoy beautiful views of the Glarus Alps. Also, over here there are places where you can sit and relax in Bürkliterrasse.

Or maybe try doing what we did, go for a boat tour and enjoy the stunning view of the lake for around 1.5 hours.

Watch a Show in Opera House

Top Things to Do in Zurich - Travel to Zurich - Chasing Whereabouts - Opera
Top Things to Do in Zurich – Opera House

In a walking distance from the Bürkliplatz, right by lake Zurich, there is the first permanent theatre, the Aktientheater. It was built in 1834 and it was the city’s main performance space for drama, opera, and musical
events until 1925 when it was renamed Opernhaus Zurich.

So if you are planning your travel to Zurich and looking for things to do in Zurich maybe you can also plan watching an Opera together with your partner.

You can also take the Walking Tour of Zurich if you want to explore Zurich in more detail manner.

Climb up to Grossmünster

Top Things to Do in Zurich - Travel to Zurich - Chasing Whereabouts - Grossmunster
Top Things to Do in Zurich – Grossmunster

If you are a fan of panoramic view then you should not miss this opportunity of climbing up the Grossmunster Church to get the beautiful sight of Zurich city. We just paid 5 Euro to go on the top of the church and it was worth the money.

This Church was built as a monastery on the graves of the ones who were patron saints of the city. It has a statue of Charlemagne on the top — he founded the first secondary school there.

Sooth your eyes from the interior of “Wasserkirche”

Wasserkirche is located at the end of Münsterbrücke stands and it is entirely surrounded by the River Limmat. It has a long history by not being connected to the mainland – it was stood on the little island. It has a meaning of Water Church and inside you can find beautiful interior.

See the events at Cabaret Voltaire

Top Things to do in Zurich - Scooter - Chasing Whereabouts
Top Things to Do in Zurich

Its story began at the start of World War I. A German doctor Hugo Ball, and other artists were looking for a place to express their ideas and frustration, They found Spiegelgasse street – where was home for cabaret already. Today many events, exhibitions and various restaurants take place in DadaHaus.

Stroll in the old town “Niederdorf “

Niederdorf is Zurich’s old town. This pedestrian zone during the day offers many stores and cafes. In the evening it changes to a highly visited nightlife district with many bars and street artists. Locals refer to it as “Dörfli – the little village”. Wonderful place to walk around and enjoy this beautiful part of Zurich.

Visit ETH Zurich & Polyterrasse

The imposing Federal Institute of Technology building was constructed in 1864 where it has been visited by 80.000 workers and students daily. In three minutes from the building, there is a panorama terrace where you
can enjoy superb views of the city which is called the Polyterrasse. It’s surely worth visiting to have a nice view of the city before coming back at night.

Uetliberg – Zurich Mountain

To see 2.850 feet above sea level mountain takes around 25 minutes to reach from Zurich Central Train station. It affords you to see an impressive panorama of the city, alps and the lake. Don’t worry about the weather – it looks beautiful even if there is a blanket of fog covering the city underneath.

Check the town Centre or Rathaus

Rathaus is the city hall. It was built between 1694 and 1698 and has baroque elements but its basic features are of Renaissance style. Nowadays the Cantonal Parliament meets on Mondays and the City Council on Wednesdays. When they are meeting, during the session the blue and white flag of Zurich flies.

We really had a lovely experience travelling to Zurich. It is a beautiful destination. We hope that you found something helpful by reading this guide. We are more than happy to help answer any questions about planning your trip to Zurich that you may have! Please don’t feel shy to comment below or send us an email!

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