Top 20 Things to do in Split Croatia

In this post we will be covering all the things to do in Split Croatia which you can not afford to miss. We have also compiled the list of Day Trips from Split Croatia in case you are interested in that.

Split is a tourist hotspot due to its proximity to the Adriatic sea. It is Croatia’s major seaport and offers many scenic coastal views.

Split tourism has been a large contributor to Croatia’s economy for the past few years, bringing in millions of euros from different types of tourists.

It is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Europe, which drives up demand for tourism services like hotels and restaurants.

When is the best time to Visit Split?

Split is an amazing place to visit at any time of the year. The city has two distinct climates that make it a perfect destination for travelers of all interests and preferences. In the winter, visitors enjoy beautiful snow-covered mountains and snowy beaches, while in the summer, they can enjoy crystal blue waters during their vacation.

The city itself has plenty of historical attractions and natural wonders that will make any traveler fall in love with it.

What is the weather like in Split?

The Split area experiences an oceanic climate, with temperate weather. Daily highs in the summer are in the range of 27 to 29 degrees Celsius. In winter, the temperature ranges between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius.

The Split area has a temperate climate influenced by its location near the sea. Temperatures are usually pleasant throughout the year, with daily highs in June-September ranging from 27-29 degrees Celsius and winter temperatures between 10-15 degrees Celsius.

What is the best food to try in Split, Croatia?

This section provides a thoughtful and informative introduction to the city of Split, Croatia and the best food to try there.

If you are thinking about visiting or moving to Split, Croatia, you will want to know what the best food is that you should try while you are there. Here is a list of some of the most popular dishes from this beautiful coastal city:

1) Pršut – This is a cured bacon that originated in Dalmatia. It is usually smoked or air-dried with oak woods for up to two years before it can be eaten.

2) Rizoto – This dish includes rice cooked in stock with vegetables and meat. 3) Prebranac – This dish consists of beef sautéed with onions, garlic, peppers and tomato

Where to stay in Split on Budget?

I recommend staying near the city center, preferably in one of the oldest neighborhoods – Gajeva street. The price range for these apartments is €15-€25 per night. (function(d, sc, u) { var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; s.type = ‘text/javascript’; s.async = true; s.src = u + ‘?v=’ + (+new Date()); p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p); })(document, ‘script’, ‘//’);

How to get around in Split, Croatia?

Split is a port city on the Adriatic coast. It is a bustling tourist destination that offers all the amenities one would need for their holiday.

Getting around in Split can be done either via bus or taxi.

The bus system in Split is very efficient and is used by locals as well as tourists. The bus network has lines to all tourist attractions. It operates from 5am to midnight and fares cost 3 Kn (Croatian currency). Taxis are also available in Split, they operate 24 hours a day and are affordable as well.

I took an UBER for 2km from RIVA Promenade and it cost around 20 Kuna for that which is roughly 2,67 Euro.

Let us read about top Things to do in Split Croatia!

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Top 20 Things to do in Split Croatia

1.Visit Diocletian’s Palace

Things to do in Split Croatia  - must see in split croatia
Things to do in Split Croatia

The Diocletian’s Palace in Split, Croatia is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the best preserved Roman palaces in the world. The general consensus is that it was built by Emperor Diocletian (AD 245-313) as his retirement home.

The palace overlooks the city of Split from its position on top of a hill, and it can be entered through any one of its four gates: Porta Aurea, Porta Gemina, Porta Aeneas or Porta Ferrea. Ancient ruins can be found inside the palace grounds, including an ancient Temple to Jupiter and an Amphitheatre.

For sure this is one of the top things to do in Split Croatia without any miss.

2.Browse the Night Market or take a boat tour of the Harbor

Top Things to do in Split Croatia
Top Things to do in Split Croatia

The night market in Split is a must-see for all visitors. With over 2000 stalls, from jewellery to clothes, there is something for everyone.

The night market in Split is a must-see for all visitors. There are over 2000 stalls of different products, from jewellery to clothes, and you can find anything you are looking for in the many stands. The atmosphere during the day is relaxed and inviting with many people out and about enjoying the various food stands and the sights that this lively area has to offer.

At night it becomes alive with activity as vendors pack up their merchandise and customers pack up their purchases to go back home or continue on their way through the city streets enjoying some of Split’s famous seafood restaurants or nightclubs.

3.Walk down to the Riva Promenade and enjoy delicious ice cream

Things to do in Split Croatia
Things to do in Split Croatia

The Riva Promenade is the most famous and beautiful promenade in Split Croatia. It is located right on the shoreline and it is a pedestrian street. The promenade features many shops and restaurants that offer delicious ice cream.

If you just want to enjoy the beauty of the sea while getting your breakfast, lunch or dinner then this is the perfect spot for you! There are also many souvenier shops here so you can buy souvenier at this place if you like to.

4.Visit the City Archives and Library for an interesting insight on Split’s history

The Split Archives and Library has many interesting pieces of information on the history of this beautiful city.

One interesting thing to see would be the original document of the Home Rule Act from 1886. The Library also has rare books from before World War II, as well as audio recordings of Split’s first radio station, which was broadcasting in 1930.

Some other things worth checking out are historical records about Tomislav Square, such as photographs and videos. You can also find the old plans for Split’s infamous Zidine – a war monument built in memory of those who died during Croatia’s war for independence.

5.Enjoy a beer at a local brewery like Zagorka Brewery or Karlovacka Pivovara

Zagorka Brewery is the biggest brewery in Bulgaria and Karlovacka Pivovara is the oldest in Croatia. I’ll talk about both breweries, starting with Zagorka.

Zagorka Brewery

The Zagorka Brewery is the biggest brewery in Bulgaria and it started its production back in 1891. It has a capacity of 1 million hectoliters per year and it has around 300 permanent employees.

Karlovacka Pivovara

Karlovačka pivovara (abbreviated as KP) is a Croatian brewing company located in Karlovac, Croatia, very close to the Slovenian border. It produces a range of beers including lager beer, pale ale, dark ale, wheat beer and fruit beer among others.

6.Take part in a boat race on Brač Bay, on a traditional Dalmatian rowing boat called “Jadran” or “Galeb”, from Split to Brač Island

Brač, a Croatian island, is the perfect place to experience Dalmatian culture. The island offers beautiful beaches and scenery but also has a rich history. For the past few years, this island has become increasingly popular as a destination for tourists looking to explore Croatia.

This year’s Brač Boat Race will take place on September 17th, 2021 from Split to Brač Island. This race will be on traditional Dalmatian rowing boats called “Jadran” or “Galeb”. You’ll be racing against other teams of five rowers and you can register as part of a team or individually. You can also choose not to row at all and come just for the day!

7.St. Duje’s Cathedral

The cathedral of St. Duje in Split, Croatia is a Roman Catholic Cathedral located on the eastern side of the historic center. It was built in the 12th century by Croatian King Petar Krešimir IV and Queen Zvonimir. The cathedral was originally built to be a monastery but later converted into a church in the 15th century.

The Cathedral is well known for its richly decorated facade with sculptures of biblical themes such as the Baptism of Christ and reliefs depicting stories from Genesis, Exodus, and Daniel that were carved out of red marble imported from Italy.

Things to do in Split Croatia
Things to do in Split Croatia

8.Peristil Square

Things to do in Split Croatia
Things to do in Split Croatia

Peristil Square Split Croatia is the first Croatian shopping mall with an emphasis on modern retail. Peristil Square is situated in the heart of Split and covers an area of 15,000 m2. The shopping mall is built on a former park and is surrounded by retail stores, fashion shops, and entertainment venues overlooking the sea.

Peristyle Square (Peristil) — Located in central Split, the Peristyle Square (Peristil) is a must-see for any traveler. The enormous palace of Diocletian, which attracts people from all over the world, is located in this city. The Peristyle Square is an integral feature of the palace, forming a courtyard that leads to the main entrance. Anyone visiting the famed palace ruins that dominate this modern city would be hard pressed to miss it.

9.Climb Marjan Hills

Top Things to do in Split Croatia
By DIREKTOR – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Climb Marjan Hills Split Croatia, Marjan Park Split is located on a peninsula to the west of Split’s historic Old Town. The area, known as the Lungs of Split, is densely forested, with picturesque overlooks and routes for those who want to experience Split hiking and Croatian environment.

Hiking Marjan Split, Croatia is best done when the sun is bright, the sea is glistening, and the strong aroma of pine and fresh dirt fills the air. Visitors can take a break from Split sightseeing and immerse themselves in nature by following the routes into Marjan Forest Park.

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Top Things to do in Split Croatia
Top Things to do in Split Croatia

Campanile Tower is a beautiful symbol of Split Croatia. It was built in the 13th century and is one of the symbols of the historic core of Split

Campanile Tower is a beautiful symbol of Split Croatia. The tower was built in the 13th century and it’s one of the symbols of historic core. I think that anyone who visits this country has to visit this tower.

11.Statue of Grgur Ninski

Things to do in Split Croatia
Things to do in Split Croatia

Grgur Ninski is a famous Croatian writer who is most known for his epic poem, Slavena.

Since Croatia declared independence in 1991, it has been searching for its own identity. Grgur Ninski was one of the first to provide this identity in his poem Slavena. Reading Slavena gives readers the opportunity to see Croatia from a different perspective and feel its culture and heritage.

Ninski’s childhood was spent at a time when there was no unified Croatian state and his family was exiled from their home in Split during World War II, so it is not easy to find original copies of his work, but they can be read online.

12.Visit Klis Fortress

Top Things to do in Split Croatia - Klis Fortress
Top Things to do in Split Croatia – Klis Fortress – Photo by mana5280 on Unsplash

The Klis Fortress is a fortification that was built in the 13th century and was used as a military base up until the 18th century. It is one of the few remaining medieval military structures along with some buildings from later periods, including a palace.

The fortress is located 3 kilometers south of Split, Croatia’s second largest city, on the Dalmatian coast. The Roman road connecting Salona (today’s Solin) to Doclea (today’s Podstrana) passed by this area and it was strategically important for whoever controlled it.

You can also try the ZIP Line Tour in Split if you are fan of Zipline, it could be a nice addition to the top things to do in Split Croatia.

13.Krka National Park

Things to do in Split Croatia
Things to do in Split Croatia

Krka National Park is the largest national park in Croatia and is situated on the northern side of the Dalmatian coast. The park is home to a number of waterfalls. If you have some time then visiting one of the Parks in Croatia is a must see in Split Croatia.

Krka National Park was established in 1949, and it has since become a popular destination for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can explore the nature trails that wind through caves, waterfalls, and limestone gorges. The park has been designated as a Nature Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its unique geological and natural features.

Krka National Park features some of Croatia’s most famous natural landmarks including Skradinski Buk (Skradin Waterfall), Veliki Krčki Jarak (Big Krči Canyon) as well as Malo Krčki Jarak .

If you are looking to know more about Parks in Croatia then check our other post to find all the beautiful parks in Croatia.

14.Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments in Split Croatia

The museum is a part of the Archaeological Museum in Split, Croatia. The Croatian Grand Tour route includes the museum as one of its destinations.

Croatian archaeologists have managed to find and excavate more than 100,000 items from this region. This collection is now on display for visitors in the Croatian National Museum in Split.

The archaeological site itself was discovered back in 1909 when a group of locals were digging for sand to be used in construction and found that there was something else down below them. They started digging and found that it was an ancient Roman city called Salona.

15.Ivan Meštrović Gallery

The Ivan Meštrović Gallery in Split Croatia is a museum that houses the works of sculptor Ivan Meštrović. The gallery was opened to the public in 1954 and is designed by Ivan Meštrović himself. It has a collection of over 600 sculptures, drawings, sketches and prints of work by this artist; most are exhibited in situ.

The gallery is an appropriate example of what happens when an artist creates his own space for exhibiting his work, as it provides a glimpse into how he conceived his sculptures before they were completed.


Salona was the new cult spa destination in Split. Salona is a wellness destination that offers a variety of treatments, giving you all the tools for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Salona Spa was opened in 2008, located on Velebit Mountain, near the city of Split. Their main goal is to offer their clients an unforgettable experience and make sure they feel relaxed and rejuvenated when they leave.

17.Visit Trogir

Trogir is a city on the Dalmatian coast, located in the region of Dalmatia. After the Turkish invasion in 1537 and subsequent occupation, Trogir was deserted and it was not until 1656 that Habsburg Emperor Leopold I permitted Croatian peasants to settle there.

In contrast to other Dalmatian cities like Dubrovnik or Split, Trogir has retained its medieval character. The old town of Trogir has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its diverse architectural styles from Renaissance to Baroque, with influences from Central European and Mediterranean traditions.

The town features a blend of churches, monasteries and palaces as well as an abundance of restaurants with fresh seafood on offer. A number of cultural activities can also be found here such as theatre festivals

18.Climb the bell tower of ST. DOMNIUS CATHEDRAL in Split Croatia

You can see the bell tower from a distance because it sits high above Split’s rooftops.

You can climb the stairs of the bell tower for some beautiful views of Split’s historic centre, and on to the islands in the Adriatic Sea. You’ll also be able to see more of Croatia from up there!

19.The Old Town of Split Croatia

Top Things to do in Split Croatia
Top Things to do in Split Croatia

At the very least, you’ll need a few hours to get a feel for the old town, which can only be done on foot. You’ll find it on Pjaca Square, where Split’s old town hall looks out over a sophisticated plaza of shiny marble tiles and cafes. Another must-see place is Fruit Square. Its name comes from a market that was held here and many of Split’s Venetian-era buildings were built in the Renaissance style, and many of them can still be seen here. Take a stroll down Marmont Street, which stretches down to the water and is flanked on the upper end by shops, cafes, and restaurants, and you’ll get a glimpse of the old Hollywood.

20. Watch the beautiful Sunset of Split while Kayaking in the evening.

Who could ask for a better day than one that ends with a kayaking session off the Split coast sunsets. The safest and best way to explore the region, swimming and snorkeling around Marjan in Croatia. Not to mention, jumping from rock to rock into the crystal clear water, while you watch the beautiful sunset over the mountain.

You can book your tickets from here- Split Sunset Kayaking Tour

Things to do in Split Croatia

Best Day Trips from Split: What to Do in the Area

1. Hvar Town – Wine Tasting, Sightseeing, and Nightlife

Top Things to do in Split Croatia - Hvar
Top Things to do in Split Croatia – Hvar

Hvar Town is an idyllic seaside town with a traditional Mediterranean vibe that feels like it has been transported straight out of the French Riviera. This charming town is a popular destination for tourists who want to experience a little bit of everything (sunbathing on the beach, swimming in the clear blue water, exploring picturesque towns on boats), and Hvar Town doesn’t disappoint

You can visit Hvar Town and also 5 more islands while cover top things to do in Split Croatia in trip trip – Book Here

2. Biograd na Moru – Roman Architecture & Medieval Fortress

Top Things to do in Split Croatia
Top Things to do in Split Croatia – Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

Biograd na Moru is a town on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia. It thrived during the Roman Empire as an important port city and trading post. The historic center of Biograd was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003. The town is also characterized by its medieval fortress, which still stands today withstanding wars and major storms throughout history.

Biograd na Moru is notable for its valuable Roman architecture and medieval fortresses. These structures speak to the city’s rich history, from its prosperous past as a port city to being destroyed by war and natural disasters, but always rebuilding into something better than before. In 2003 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for both its architectural treasures and history as the site of the last capital of Yugoslavia’s democratic monarchy.

3. Exploring 5 Islands and Blue Lagoon Along with Blue Cave from Split

Head on an adventurous small-group or private 5-island tour by speedboat, including snorkeling in pristine blue waters, sightseeing in Hvar, and a visit to the famed Blue Cave.

What to do in Split, Croatia During Night?

Split, Croatia is a city with a beautiful nightlife. It has many nightclubs that are open until the early hours of the morning, but some offer more than just dancing and drinking.

A visit to Split will not be complete without exploring what it has to offer at night.

It is hard to visit Split and leave without experiencing what it has to offer during the night. With its beautiful beaches, interesting history, and rich culture, you can’t help but spend your evenings in one of its many nightclubs enjoying drinks with friends or dancing until dawn.


One of the things that first attracted me to Croatia was the beautiful nature and scenery. But it is not just about the beauty. The people I have met who live there have been unbelievably kind and welcoming.

I feel like Croatia is a perfect place for someone just like me: someone who enjoys reading a good book in an outdoor café, exploring new places, meeting new people and exploring cultures. I am so excited to go back!

That was all about the Top Things to Do in Split Croatia. If there was something which you visited and found exceptionally good in Zadar then don’t forget to drop your comments below!

You can plan your trip by checking our One Week Itinerary for Croatia. Read about Top Things to do in Zadar, Top Things to do in Sibenik

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