Top 12 Things to do in Tenerife Canary Island

Things to do in Tenerife Canary Island
Things to do in Tenerife Canary Island

Why to Visit  

Tenerife is the most popular island in the Canary Islands archipelago, and there’s a good reason why: Tenerife is stunning and boasts an exceptional climate that some people consider to be the best in the world. 

Tenerife can be the best option for you if you’re planning to visit the Canary Islands for the first time because the island offers a wide variety of activities and sceneries, making it ideal for all types of tourists. Tenerife is home to a variety of landscapes, including high mountains (Mount Teide is 3718m), magnificent beaches, mystic Anaga forests, attractive settlements like Masca, and cities that still have their unique architectural styles, such Garachico and La Orotava. 
Tenerife offers a variety of activities from beach to mountain activities, both in urban and rural locations. No matter what kind of traveler you are, there is always an abundance of things to do in Tenerife.

Best Things to do in Tenerife Canary Island: 

Things to do in Tenerife Canary Island

1. Visit Mount Tiede:

Starting with the Tiede Mountain the tallest in Spain, stands at a height of 3,718 meters and the highest volcano peak of the country. Unique species can be found here, including the spring-blooming Echium Wildpretii (Tajinaste) and the Teide violet, a flower that can only be seen above 2,500 metres in elevation. 

You need to make a permission reservation in advance if you plan to climb to the summit of Mount Teide. 

There are many trails that begin from the top station of the cable car, so you can ride it up to virtually the summit and then explore. For just €27 for a round-trip ticket, the cable car will carry you all the way to 3555 m and provide you with breathtaking views of the national park. Regardless of the season, we advise you to pack a jacket or cardigan and wear comfortable shoes because it can get rather windy up there. 

You might also decide to go on a tour like Teide by Night, which will show you the best sights in the national park before you watch the sunset. The tour concludes with a delicious meal and a stargazing session. 

2. Santa Cruz De Tenerife

The largest city in Tenerife is Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which has served as the island’s capital since 1833. You can learn more about the distinctive personality of the city by strolling through the narrow streets of its historic centre. 

Walking through the Market of Our Lady of Africa’s stalls, seeing the Adan Martin theatre, or going to the largest collection of palm trees in Europe are a few of the greatest things to do in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Don’t miss this event if you’re traveling during Carnival (typically at the end of February); it was declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest. 

Along with the neoclassical architecture that gives the city its intriguing character, you can also view the castles and towers constructed to defend it from pirates. 

3. Anaga Rural Park 

One of the numerous reasons to visit Tenerife is to stroll along the Path of the Senses. 

If you enjoy hiking and exploring Tenerife on foot, Anaga could be your all-time favorite places on the island. If you don’t want to hike, though, you may still rent a car and drive through the park, stopping at the several viewpoints for breath-taking sights. 

With three paths of varying lengths and challenges, Mirador Cruz del Carmen is a popular site to begin your excursion into the Anaga woodlands. These trails are all designed to give you a taste of the kinds of views and vegetation you may expect to see if you choose to explore Anaga further. 

4. Puerto de la Cruz 

Another lovely community in Tenerife that is worth visiting is Puerto de la Cruz. It is notable for its quaint old town and the neighbourhood of fishermen that features amazing urban art. 

Along with the more unique features that have found their way into the streets, the city’s maritime culture has persisted and can still be noticed. Puerto de la Cruz is a city where tradition and modernity coexist peacefully. 
In Puerto de la Cruz, sights to see include the San Felipe Castle, the Pier, the Botanical Garden, the La Paz Overlook, and the Jardin Beach. An additional location that you must visit is the Plaza del Charco. 

Even better, if you enjoy surfing, head to Martiánez beach to catch some waves and socialise with other surfers. 

5 . Whale and Dolphin Watching in Tenerife

if you want to have the amazing pleasure of seeing these animals in their natural environment, watching whales and dolphins in Tenerife should be must activity to include in your itinerary.  Additionally, sailing on the open seas is extremely soothing. This is a great activity for families visiting Tenerife with children. 

Cetaceans can be seen calmly approaching the boat during the relaxing boat journey that makes up the experience. Every journey is a unique adventure because there are up to 21 distinct species of whales along Tenerife’s coast. 

6. Cueva del Viento  

One of the biggest lava tubes in the world, the Cueva del Viento is found in the village of Icod de Los Vinos. You can tour a small portion of it during your visit to see the vertebrate fossils of already extinct species. It is undoubtedly one of Tenerife’s most intriguing tourist destinations

Its name, “Wind Cave,” comes from the amazing air currents that are present inside and are a result of the enormous volcanic stone maze that forms this cave. Keep in mind that the tourist area is quite modest in comparison to the overall extent of this volcanic tube because it has not yet been entirely excavated. 

The temperature within the cave drops a few degrees, so if you don’t want to be uncomfortable, I suggest dressing in long pants, a sweatshirt, and comfortable, closed-toed shoes. Make a reservation in advance to ensure you can visit. 

7. Roques de Garcia 

The Teide National Park has the Roques de Garca, which are vertical volcanic rock formations. There are a few of these rock formations that are so distinctive that they have names, like La Cascada, La Catedral, and Roque Cinchado. The latter is unique enough to be recognised as a natural monument. 

8. Punta de Teno  

On a wonderful sunny day in Tenerife, Punta de Teno is a lovely area to explore. 

The view from Punta de Teno is spectacular because you can see the Los Gigantes cliffs from the other side. Unfortunately, you can’t go inside the lighthouse, but the scenery is still worth the trip. Additionally, there is a little, pebbly beach where, when the sea is quiet, you can swim while admiring the Los Gigantes Cliffs. 

9. See The Dragon Tree 

The most recognisable tree in Tenerife is El Drago Milenario. 

The most well-known tree on the island is El Drago, or the Dragon Tree. There is no cost to get a close-up view because it is finest from the town square. Icod de los Vinos, a little village where you can view several buildings with distinctive Canarian architecture and wooden balconies, is definitely worth visiting. You should go to both Garachico and Icod de los Vinos on the same day because they are so near to one another. 


Tenerife is home to six stepping pyramids, the origin of which is mostly unknown. The archaeological site of Güimar is stunning and an outstanding location that should be explored in Tenerife, whether it is a collection of nineteenth-century relics or ancient temples. 

Numerous gardens surround the pyramids, including the Sustainable Garden with native flora and the Toxic Garden with more than 70 varieties of poisonous plants. 

11. Los Gigantes Cliffs 

The cliffs in Los Gigantes, or Acantilados de Los Gigantes as they are known in Spanish, are worth seeing. Playa Los Guios is a beach where you can spend some time, but if you want to see the cliffs at their best, you should go to Mirador de Archipenque (this is the perfect spot to watch the sunset, as it offers a lovely view of La Gomera, the neighbouring island). 

You may take boat trips from the port in Los Gigantes, and one of the most well-liked in this region of Tenerife is the sailboat cruise. 

12. Try different cusines !! 

Take a food tour and try out different cuisines popular in Terenife like  

Papas Arrugadas which is basically wrinkled potatoes boiled in sea salt before roasting to create a wrinkled texture. This dish is served with the famous mojo sauce.  

Mojo sauce comes in a variety of forms, but the two most popular kinds are mojo rojo and mojo verde (made from coriander and parsley). 

Try out fish and Sancocho Canaria 

Fish dishes like the Sancocho Canario are frequently consumed on Good Friday. Sancocho is typically used to refer to a stew or thick soup, especially in Latin America. However, the meal is served in Canary without much gravy. This recipe calls for preserved and salted fish. After soaking for 24 hours, the fish is gently boiled with potatoes and served with your choice of mojo sauce. 

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