Things to do in Maspalomas Spain

Located in the south of Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands, Maspalomas is a resort town. There are many beautiful things to do in Maspalomas.

Maspalomas was named after the first settler and a soldier known as Rodrigo Mas de Palomar. Present-day Maspalomas is filled with many development projects. The town is designed in a way that attracts many tourists. There have been numerous infrastructure projects in the town such as public institutes, private clinics, hospitals, local and foreign schools, shopping areas, casinos, cinemas, golf courses and sports centres etc.

There are many luxury hotels and resorts in town which follow the concept of horizontal bungalows and rooms rather than vertical planning. The climate in the town is favourable and makes it easier to enjoy outdoor activities.

The town is very busy during Pride month, Christmas and New years. The town is 30 minutes away from the Las Palmas airport.

There are numerous things to do in Maspalomas, and this article will give you a list of all those places to make the most of the trip!

Things to do in Maspalomas
Photo by Frantisek Duris on Unsplash : Things to do in Maspalomas

Things to do in Maspalomas

Maspalomas Dunes

Things to do in Maspalomas
Things to do in Maspalomas : Photo by Quinten Braem on Unsplash

Maspalomas is a town known for the natural reserve of dunes. These dunes are beautiful and give a dessert vibe. The dunes can be admired from a distance! These dunes are a must visit on your trip to Maspalomas. These dunes have been preserved since the year 1987 and were among the 12 treasures of Spain competition.

The dunes were were formed by the sands from the marine sheld and laid dry during the ice age. It is recommended that you visit the dunes during the morning and evening time and not during the afternoon.

Playa de Maspalomas

Things to do in Maspalomas
Photo by Paul Pastourmatzis on Unsplash : Things to do in Maspalomas

One of the most famous beach in a resort is the Maspalomas. Once you cross the dunes, you will reach the Maspalomas beach. Sunbeds and umbrellas can be paid for and enjoy the lovely beach in great comfort.

The vast blue sea comes rushing to the golden sand, and one can witness the birds flying. One can also enjoy the wind sculpted sand dunes which are shaped like the sand dunes. Playa de Maspalomas is located between the Meloneras on the west and the Playa del Ingles on the east.

This beach served as an important port till the 16th century. There were boats, fishing vessels and ships carrying supplies on the beach often. In the present day, the beach serves as an important tourist destination and there is a good transport network reaching the beach. One can use the public transport as they are fast, cheap and reliable. There are two bus lines from Las Palmas as well.

Maspalomas Lighthouse

Things to do in Maspalomas
Photo by Pablo Orcaray on Unsplash: Things to do in Maspalomas

Maspalomas Lighthouse is located on the south of Gran Canaria and is in the middle of the coastline. Maspalomas Lighthouse was established in the 19th century and is a distinctive landmark. It is a tallest lighthouse on the Canary Island as the height is 56 metres.

The lighthouse was developed with a traditional idea and is designed in a rectangular manner. The Maspalomas Lighthouse was declared as the Property of Cultural Interest under the Historical Monument.

In the year 2019, the lighthouse was opened for public after the closure. The lighthouse can be visited to experience the excellent craftsmanship in comparison to the rural houses of the Gran Canaria.

Palmitos Park

Things to do in Maspalomas
Photo by Ben Berwers on Unsplash Things to do in Maspalomas : Palmitos Park

Palmitos park is a 49 acre park which has a botanical garden, aviary and zoo. The park is located in a countryside and in south of the tourist beached and dunes.

The park consists of the terrace near a fountain which leads upto the amphitheatre where you can also witness the birds flying. There is a snack bar and small cafe next to the cafe. There is a wide variety of vegetation that is found here such as cacti and succulents. There are 160 different types of cactus and 1000 different palm trees.

Check the entry ticket for the Palmitos Park

Sioux City Park Western Adventure

Things to do in Maspalomas
Things to do in Maspalomas

Sioux City Park is a old film studio which has been designed in a way that it gives a vibe of a classic cowboy town and a rugged landscape. It is a perfect set for recreating classic movies which were set in the American Wild West.

The theme park is 54 kilometres from Las Palmas and a 10 minutes drive from Maspalomas. On your arrival, there is a change of settings as one can find themselves in an authentic Western Town. Sheriff’s office, saloon and blacksmith’s shop is all there.

There are many films which have been recorded here. There is a Mexican village, an Indian reserve and many historical periods. Events in the theme park take place on regular intervals and the recreation to this park is a personal favourite among many tourists.

There are many food options in the theme park as you get many things such as hamburgers, pizzas, hotdogs and many western themed dishes. There is a barbecue buffet as well that takes place every weekend.

Check the tickets for Sioux City Park

Maspalomas Botanical Park

The botanical park of Maspalomas also known as the El Parque Botanico de Maspalomas is home to numerous plant species. These plant species are grouped by their location of origin, habitat or use. Many plant species are native to the Canary Islands and some are very unusual. There are many birds, butterflies and many insects.

South Urban Park Maspalomas

South urban park is a beautiful park in Maspalomas. For someone who enjoys picnics, morning or evening walks and jogs this is a great park. There are some amazing facilities for the kids as well as there are swings and other hotspots for children activities. There is a small cafe and bar in the park for some snacks and drinks.

Dolphin Watching cruise

Things to do in Maspalomas
Things to do in Maspalomas

A boat trip is among the best ways to enjoy the scenic beauty of the island. Gran Canaria is famous for the same. A boat leaves from Puerto Rico and a few othe points such as Mogan, Taurito, Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas and a few more islands. Sailing along the coastline is beautiful and many marine animals are spotted.

The duration is 2-3 hours and one can have unlimited soft drinks. Free cancellation is upto 24 hours before the boat ride.

Check the ticket for Dolphin Watching Cruise

Visit Aqualand Maspalmos

If you want to enjoy more in Maspalmos then how about visiting Aqualand Maspalmos to enjoy Slides, rides, and more for the whole family at Gran Canaria’s. It is undoubtedly one of the Top Things to do in Maspalmos if you are travelling with Family or kid.

On a hot, bright day in Gran Canaria, Aqualand Maspalomas is a splash-fest you won’t soon forget. With these Aqualand Maspalomas tickets, you can skip the wait and head straight to the kid-friendly attractions and exhilarating slides. Even a solarium is available if you need a moment to unwind.

At Gran Canaria’s Aqualand Maspalomas, you can cool down from the heat while giving the youngsters a chance to splash around as you unwind.

The small ones will have a joy in Kidzworld splashing around in the pools and sliding down the slides as they try to avoid the enormous bucket’s overflow.

Check you Aqualand Maspalmos Skip the line Ticket

Holiday World Maspalomas

Things to do in Maspalomas
Things to do in Maspalomas

Holiday World is an amusement park which has recently been renovated and reopened in the year 2019. There are rides for both adults and children. There are facilities for bowling, escape room and karaoke.

The park was made with a vision of providing fun and entertainment for all age groups. The park provides leisure for the visitors and the residents of the island in their day to day life.

The rides include Ferris Wheels rollercoasters, shooting stalls, pony riding, skydrops, parrot shows etc. Visit the park on weekdays and the minimum height of going on a ride is 80 cms.

The entry to the theme park is at nominal cost of 11 EUR and one has to invest in the rechargeable card which can be swiped while paying for the individual rides. If you are taking a bus to the theme park look into 25, 30 32, 36, 45, 52, 66 and 70. These bus routes stop in front of the Holiday World.

Check the Holiday World Skip the Line Ticket

Port Mogan Market Half Day tour from Maspalomas

Things to do in Masplasomas
Photo by Sergej Spomer on Unsplash: Things to do in Masplasomas

Port Mogan or Puerto de Mogan is a very busy market as there are souvenirs in the market. The lovely market is busy on the market day and is difficult to park. There are air conditioned coaches that run to the market for the service.

There are souvenirs, local food items, vegetable and fruits, watches, bags, perfumes, clothes and shoes. There are many cafes and bars in the market and it is hard to find a space during lunch hours.

There are many cases of pickpockets as well in the market, it is advised to be vigilant in these markets. It is also advised to bargain the prices of the products in these markets.

That was all the top things to do in Maspalmos Spain. Do let us know if you think we have missed anything from the list and you enjoyed that in Maspalmos.

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