Istanbul Tourist Pass Review

Heading to Istanbul and looking for the best way to explore its historic mosques, monuments, palaces, and other attractions? An Istanbul Tourist Pass may be the answer. But how do you know it’s worth the money and your time? In this Istanbul Pass Review, we will talk in detail about the pass.

Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. With an incredible mix of ancient history, iconic cultural landmarks and mesmerizing views, it’s no wonder that tourists flock to this fascinating city year-round. The Istanbul Tourist Pass aims to make your trip easier by allowing you access to various attractions at a discounted price.

In this review, we will explore what makes the Istanbul Tourist Pass a great choice for your next visit. We’ll look at what attractions are included in the pass, where you can buy it and compare prices so that you can make an informed decision if this pass is right for you.

Istanbul Tourist Pass Review

Istanbul Tourist Pass Review
Istanbul Tourist Pass Review

Istanbul Tourist Pass Review Summary

Istanbul Tourist Pass is a digital travel discount card that provides entrance and transportation tickets to many of Istanbul’s top tourist attractions. It is created by CityBerry, which has 25+ years of experience in Tourism and offers tours to historically important places with knowledgeable guides.

The pass allows you to choose from 75+ things to do in Istanbul for a single set price, with discounts of up to 75%. It is very easy to buy and use since it has a great website and an app you can easily download.

Istanbul Tourist Pass® offers 1-day, 2-day, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 10-day pass options. The company has sold over 250,000 passes by the end of 2022 with a 98.7% customer recommendation rating. Reviews can be found on the website to ensure reliable tourism agency backing when travelling abroad. This makes it easier for tourists who want to explore Istanbul without having to worry about buying individual tickets or paying full prices for attractions


The pricing of Istanbul tourist passes offers a range of options to suit different budgets and needs. For those looking for a short stay, the 1-day pass is available at €95 (Adult) and €55 (Child). For those wanting to explore more of the city, 2-7 day passes range from €105 – €175 (Adult) and €65 – €125 (Child), while the 10-day pass is priced at €195 (Adult) and €145 (Child).

The Istanbul Tourist Pass also offers great value with premium entertainment and museum visits such as Bosphorus Dinner Cruise, Whirling Dervishes Show, Big Bus tickets and skip-the-line museum tours. For five or seven day passes, visitors can get an 80€ value plus free entry to Sea Life Aquarium and Madame Tussaud’s at 12€ each by including the Bursa Day Trip and Sapanca Lake Tour. Guided tours of various attractions are also available for purchase.

Check the availability of the Istanbul Tourist Pass below

What’s included?

This package offers a comprehensive tour of Istanbul, Turkey. It includes access to attractions such as state museums and discounts on airport transfers. Additionally, there is a chat service over WhatsApp for any questions or concerns you may have during your stay. Pickup and drop-off from select hotels is also included in the package.

The tour guide will take you through some of Istanbul’s most iconic sites, including Hagia Sophia, Dolmabahce Palace, Grand Bazaar and Blue Mosque. Audio guides are provided to help you get the most out of your experience. However, please note that the Harem section is excluded in the Dolmabahce Palace museum tour. With this package, you can be sure to make the most out of your time in Istanbul!

Some of the included things

Attractions & Tours:

Attractions & Tours is the perfect way to explore the best of Istanbul. With a range of guided tours, experiences and discounted services, you can make the most of your time in this vibrant city. From guided tours of popular attractions such as Hagia Sophia, Dolmabahçe Palace, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazar and Byzantine Hippodrome to experiences such as museum passes, photoshoots in Ottoman attire, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and SEA Life Aquarium –

there’s something for everyone. Plus, with access to attractions and experiences with a digital pass emailed after purchase – there’s no need for printed tickets or hidden payments. And if that wasn’t enough – free guided tours are provided for state museums! So why not take advantage of Attractions & Tours and explore all that Istanbul has to offer?

How much will I save?

The Istanbul Tourist Pass is a great way to save money if you plan on visiting multiple attractions in the city. With English support and valid for 1-10 consecutive days, it can be used to gain admission to included attractions.

Reservations can be made via the mobile app and most attractions are single entry, except the Boat Tour which is valid for 1 day or 1 full loop. Children must present a valid passport at museum entrances to validate their age.

The Istanbul Museum Pass can also save you money if you plan to visit multiple museums. You can buy the pass from a ticket booth, Mosaic Museum, Museum of Islamic Arts or a vending machine. The card is activated when used at the entrance and is valid for 5 days or 120 hours.

Vending machines only accept cards and do not accept cash, but there are also vending machines on the square in Sultanahmet that may be operational. With all these options available, it’s easy to see how much money you

Ordering and Getting Started with Istanbul Tourist Pass

The Istanbul Tourist Pass is the perfect way to explore the city and save money. With this pass, you can access a variety of attractions and services at discounted prices. To get started, simply order your pass online and receive a link to your pass page. You can also download the app for iOS or Android for easy use of the pass. Once you have your pass, you can reserve seats and WiFi devices to make the most of your experience.

Check the availability of the Istanbul Tourist Pass below

Making Reservations

Making reservations for a trip can be a daunting task, especially during high season. It is best to order passes a few weeks before the start of the trip in order to get the best deals and discounts. Airport pickup is now a discounted service for which an extra fee needs to be paid. When ordering a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, the user must provide their hotel’s name and address for delivery.

The Istanbul Tourist Pass is an excellent way to explore the city as it includes entrance fees and guided tours to various venues. The schedule of the guided tours can be checked on the Istanbul Tourist Pass page, making it easier to plan an itinerary with the pass. Popular attractions should be booked early in order to avoid last minute rush.

All detailed information about tour and booking experiences are available on the digital pass, which can also be used to book attractions, sights and services via its mobile app.

My 3-day Itinerary

My 3-day itinerary in Istanbul is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

  • Day 1 – I will start my journey by visiting the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, followed by a visit to Hagia Sophia and Basilica Cistern. After that, I will explore Hippodrome and fountain, Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar. To end the day with a bang, I will enjoy a Whirling Dervishes show and dinner at Nevizade.
  • Day 2 – I will tour Dolmahbaçe Palace, Beşiktaş Stadium, Topkapı Palace and Hagia Irene. Then I will take a Bosphorus cruise with dinner and entertainment.
  • Day 3 – This day of my trip will begin with a Hop On-Hop Off bus tour around the city. During this tour I will visit Madame Tussauds, Pera Museum and Galata Tower before ending the day with dinner. With all these activities planned

My Experiences Using Istanbul Tourist Pass

I recently had the opportunity to use the Istanbul Tourist Pass during my visit to the city. This pass provided me with a mobile Wi-Fi device, power bank, and USB charger cable, which was incredibly convenient for staying connected while exploring the city.

The Hop On-Hop Off bus is the starting point for most guided tours and guides require Istanbul Tourist Pass numbers to be shown via the app on a mobile device.

The Istanbul Tourist Pass proved to be an invaluable asset during my stay in Istanbul. It provided me with a discounted way to experience all of the city’s top attractions and sights. The accompanying mobile app was easy to use and served as a great city guide book.

All of the attractions, sights, and services that I booked from the app worked out perfectly with my digital pass. Additionally, I found their Whatsapp support team to be quick and helpful when I had questions or needed assistance. Overall, I highly recommend this pass for travelers staying at least 3 days

Guided Tours

Guided tours of Istanbul’s most popular attractions are a great way to explore the city. With the Istanbul Tourist Pass, visitors can skip the line and go straight in with their pass to enjoy guided tours of attractions such as the Grand Bazaar, Hagia Sofia, Topkapi Palace, Dolmabache Palace, Basilica Cistern and Serfifye Cistern. The Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum is also included in this package.

The guided tours provide an enhanced experience for tourists as they are led by an accredited guide who speaks English. The guide provides brief explanations of the exhibits as well as interesting facts and legends about them in a balanced way. This allows visitors to gain more knowledge about the history of the museum while still having time to explore it in more detail. Guide Livan is known for providing an enjoyable tour experience that will leave you with lasting memories of your visit to Istanbul.

Activities Which Required Reservations

Making reservations for activities in Istanbul is a great way to ensure that you get the most out of your trip. From Whirling Dervishes ceremonies at the Hodjapasha cultural center to Bosphorus cruises with dinner and entertainment, there are plenty of options available

. It is best to book passes a few weeks in advance, especially during high season, to ensure availability. Airport pickup is now a discounted service for which you must pay an extra fee. When ordering a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, provide the start date and hotel address so it can be ready upon arrival.

The Istanbul Tourist Pass includes entrance fees and guided tours to various attractions. The third step on the pass page is to check the schedule of the guided tours. Making an itinerary can be done by printing out the page and creating one’s own plan.

On board the Bosphorus cruise, guests can choose between fish, chicken or Turkish meatballs for the main course while enjoying entertainment such as Turkish

Other Activities

The Istanbul Tourist Pass app is a great way to get access to all the activities in the city. It was especially helpful when we wanted to take the Beşiktaş Stadium Tour, as the help desk was available at 10:00 and provided assistance with getting an entrance ticket.

Reservation was also required for some activities, such as a Whirling Dervishes ceremony at the Hodjapasha cultural center and a Bosphorus cruise with dinner and entertainment, including hotel pickup.

Passengers were seated together on the cruise regardless of party size, allowing them to meet people from all over the world. Guests could choose between fish, chicken or Turkish meatballs for their main course while enjoying entertainment such as Turkish folk dances, a demonstration of whirling dervishes and a belly dancer.

They could also take pictures in Ottoman style dresses and enjoy water pipe while the DJ played music. The Istanbul Tourist Pass app made it easy to get into all these activities without any

Is Istanbul Tourist Pass Worth It?

The Istanbul Tourist Pass is a great value for money if you plan to take advantage of the activities and benefits it offers. For a three day itinerary, the regular price (excluding the ones not included with the pass) would be over €210 instead of €115.

The pass includes skip-the-line tours, evening entertainment, 3 days of pocket WiFi mobile internet, discounted airport pickup and entrance tickets to Sea Life and Madame Tussauds wax museum. Without the hop on-hop off bus, the regular price is still more than €165.

However, if you only want to go to museums and take a short Bosphorus cruise, then the Istanbul Tourist Pass may not be worth it. It may not be the best choice for those who prefer to explore Istanbul independently without a guide or take a short day cruise on the Bosphorus. Ultimately, it depends on individual preferences and budget considerations when deciding whether the Istanbul Tourist Pass is worth it.

What is the alternative to Istanbul Tourist Pass?

Now this is an interesting topic because you have numerous Istanbul City Passes available which you can check and select as per your need while we are planning to write more around the Istanbul Tourist Passes available but most of them includes everything.

If you are short on budget then we would recommend you to combine Istanbul Unlimited Public Transport Pass with Istanbul Complete Experience Pass.


The Istanbul Tourist Pass is a great way to explore the city of Istanbul and get access to all the activities it has to offer. It provides VIP style access to over 35 of the top attractions across Istanbul, including 3-day pocket WiFi, skip-the-line guided tours for 5 top attractions, free access to museums and attractions, discounted airport transfer, a Whirling D


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