Family Friendly Resorts in Italy

Italy is one of the most beautiful, fun-packed destinations in the world, and you can experience it all in family friendly resorts in Italy. One of the greatest draws of family resorts in Italy is that you can have fun with your entire family — without wondering whether something will appeal to all ages. Resorts can have many benefits, one of them including several activities that a family can tap into at any hour of the day.

Family Friendly Resorts in Italy
Family Friendly Resorts in Italy

I love having a planned itinerary for wherever I go. Itineraries help me make the most of the limited time I have in any certain place, and when I go somewhere as beautiful and romantic as Italy, I certainly don’t want to waste time figuring out what to do next. However, when you stay at the best family resort in Italy, it’s okay to have time to lay back and enjoy the fun as it comes to you. When you have to plan so much around each day at home to make sure both parents and children are cared for, it’s okay to want to lounge about without much planned for your vacation.

Top 5 Family Friendly Resorts in Italy

1. Abi d’Oru Beach Hotel and Spa in Sardinia

This resort is right on the beach and will have you swimming in the beautiful, clear waters not long after you check in. This hotel and spa is the perfect place for adults to unwind and relax while also allowing your kids to have fun in the splash park. Older kids can also explore some fun, outdoor sports while enjoying the great climate of Italy at any time of the year.

The breathtaking view of Marinella Bay might make you exhale all your stress and enjoy every moment you spend at this resort. Spending time relaxing on vacation can lead to a decreased risk of cardiovascular issues and diseases, so relaxing at this resort will definitely help you forget about the real world. I love relying on resorts because they take much of the planning away — leaving me to relax with my loved ones. As a bonus, you’ll also be able to enjoy that the restaurants offer designated kids’ menus for your picky eaters!

2. Verdura Resort in Sicily

The family resorts in Italy are great opportunities to bring your family on an adventure of a lifetime. I always have fun traveling with my loved ones, but sometimes, I want a bit of a break. When a resort can offer plenty of activities to keep my entire group occupied, I get excited — so I’ll be able to enjoy my time with my group while also enjoying my alone time.

The Verdura Resort is one of the best ones for families in Italy. The Verduland Kids’ Club is there for babies, kids and teenagers, full of activities regarding art, cooking, science and so much more. What impresses me the most is that the pathways are stroller-friendly, proving that the Verdura Resort cares about everyone’s happiness, no matter how young they are.

You and your sweetheart can relax on the beach or even book a babysitter so you can have a romantic dinner or couple’s massage. This resort is also an easy trip away from some fascinating sites, like the beautiful views of Mount Etna.

3. Vivosa Apulia Resort in Salento

The Vivosa Apulia Resort in Salento is another contender for the best family resort in Italy. It’s immensely eco-friendly, making it a stress-free vacation for anyone who wants to lower their carbon footprint while traveling. Since tourism makes up about 8% of carbon emissions, I lean toward businesses and locations trying to make a difference in the environment. Vivosa Apulia is one of them.

The resort’s solar panels and zero-plastic policies help it run well while giving back to the environment. Your walk to the beach is accompanied by a protected nature reserve that will help you relax. Alongside those fun green features, you can also experience the spa and eat delicious, healthy, local food — and kids will also enjoy the ropes course and other activities the resort can offer them. It’s a great place to make memories for the whole family.

4. Hotel Bouganville in Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the most beautiful locations to vacation to, and this resort is just as stellar as the last. It’s located in Forte Village on the island of Sardinia, and its deluxe bungalows are perfect for families of any size.

They prioritize family, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can do with and without your kids. Many bungalows have the option of a private garden with playhouses and other toys to keep kids entertained. You can even request a special Barbie bungalow with unique amenities, as linked above.

This resort features beautiful views with opportunities for your kids to learn history while enjoying the beach. There are plenty of good restaurants nearby, and if you’re like me and want some alone time with your partner, you can rely on the nursery to watch your kids while you and your sweetheart have a romantic evening. Simply looking at plants can also help lower the effects of stress on your body, which can also help you enjoy your vacation to the fullest — making memories with your whole family.

5. Castello di Casole in Tuscany

If you want an experience unlike any other, staying in this castle is your best bet. Castles are so beautiful, and spending a night in one is like a dream come true if your heart is full of fairytales like mine is. Your kids will love this one-of-a-kind adventure as well. While it might not be right on top of a beach, this resort has plenty of tours and activities to keep kids’ attention, like horseback riding and hunting for truffles with sniffing dogs.

This 10th-century castle has more modern features, like a heated infinity pool, that will merge comfort and history. It has a smaller number of rooms and suites than the others on this list, so you need to book early for an experience that only a few people get to have.

Different from the others on this list, Castello di Casole does not have a designated kids’ club, but there will be so much to keep them busy that you won’t even notice you miss it. This countryside getaway is perfect for people who aren’t keen on the beach but still want an experience at one of the star family resorts in Italy.

Find the Best Family Resort in Italy

An Italian vacation should be on everyone’s checklist. All the above resorts are on my bucket list, and while I might not be able to experience them all right away due to my other planned trips, I still want to see the best they have to offer.

Even if an Italian vacation doesn’t seem within grasp, you can prepare for the future at the best family resort in Italy for you — which means prioritizing what your kids want as much as what you look forward to. Fortunately, these resorts are all great for families and may even leave your group wondering when you can return.

What I personally like to do is check the Hotel Deals on the Accommodation Page before going into booking.

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