Can you Fly a Drone in Paris? Complete Guide for 2024

The short answer is No you can not fly a drone in Paris. The entire Paris metropolitan area is a No-fly zone and you will end up being imprisoned or fined if you are caught flying a drone in Paris.

I have talked in detail about flying drones in France in my comprehensive guide about France which covers all the details you need. You can also check the application to see the other places where you could fly a drone during your trip in France

Can you fly a drone in Paris?

So I can not fly a drone in Paris what other option do I have?

Well, one thing I did while visiting Paris was carry my Insta 360 X2 and the Extended Selfie Stick to capture the stunning footage of the places like Trocadero, Louvre Museum.

That was one of the points why I decided to buy the 360 camera back in 2021 because I needed an alternative for my Mavic Mini.

What about options?

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Can you Fly a Drone in Paris? Complete Guide for 2024
Drone Laws in Paris

What are the general rules for flying drone in France?

It has been made pretty easy about the drone laws in Europe after 2022 since all the countries have been following the rules set by EASA which was covered in detail in my post about flying drone in Europe.

In France, drone operation is subject to specific regulations designed to ensure safety, privacy, and security. Here are the key rules for flying drones in France:

  • Drones may not be flown at night unless you have received special authorization from the local prefect.
  • Flying drones over people is prohibited. This is a measure to prevent accidents and protect individuals’ privacy.
  • Airports or airfields are restricted areas for drone flights to avoid interference with commercial and private air traffic.
  • Private property cannot be overflown without the owner’s authorization. This rule protects property owners’ rights and privacy.
  • Military installations, prisons, nuclear power plants, historical monuments, or national parks are also off-limits for drone flights. These restrictions are in place for security reasons and to preserve the integrity of nationally significant sites.

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Conclusion: Being a Responsible Drone Pilot in Paris

So now I am pretty sure you are aware that Paris is a no-fly zone and you can not fly a drone in Paris.

Can I fly my drone near the Eiffel Tower?

Unfortunately, drones are not allowed to fly near iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower in Paris. These areas are designated as no-fly zones for drones due to safety and security reasons. It’s best to enjoy the view of such landmarks from a distance and capture their beauty in a responsible way.

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