20 Tropical Islands in Germany for your Next Trip

While you may not mention Germany when you talk about Islands or Beaches in Germany, trust me Germany has its own fair share of beauty. In this post, we will be going through the list of gorgeous Tropical Islands in Germany for your next trip.

Most are located off the northern coast and feature such attractions as car-free environments, perfect beaches, butterfly sanctuaries, or UNESCO World Heritage status.

Here are the fifteen German islands you should add to your itinerary.

Tropical Islands in Germany


Tropical Islands in Germany
Tropical Islands in Germany – Rugen

Although the entire Baltic coastline is well worth exploring, possibly the jewel in the Ostsee crown is the island of Rügen, towards the eastern edge of the coastal stretch and approaching the border with Poland.

Rügen is one of the most beautiful Islands in Germany situated in the Baltic Sea. It’s known for its beaches and white chalk cliffs, like the King’s Chair on the Jasmund peninsula. The King’s Chair has a viewing platform and visitors centre with exhibits on Rügen nature.

The park is known for its wild forests of beech and white tailed eagles and forests of the Jasmund National Park. The nearby Sassnitz seaside resort has HMS Otus, which is now a museum.

Website – Rugen


Tropical Islands in Germany
Tropical Islands in Germany

If you love backpacking and exploring new places, Sylt is a go-to destination for your next trip. Sylt is one of the largest Islands in Germany which stretches around 40 Km white sandy shore along the island’s western and northern coastlines.

In peak season, swimmers, surfers, and sunbathers flock to the beach, and the iconic Strandkorb beach chairs line up in the sand. But Sylt’s charms go beyond endless beaches.

Visitors are dazzled by the magic of Sylt. In the crystal clear North Sea air, sunsets create explosions of colour in the sky and on the water. When you fall in love with Sylt, you fall in love forever.

Website – Sylt

Amrum Island

Tropical Islands in Germany
Tropical Islands in Germany

The North Frisian island of Amrum is one of the most outstanding roadtrip objections in the entire of Schleswig-Holstein. The new North Sea air, mudflats and an ocean side that happens to the extent that the eye can see are sufficient to tempt anybody searching for an activity stuffed occasion or peaceful break.

Traversing nearly 20 square kilometers, Amrum island is found solidly in the core of the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park. Kniepsand ocean side is a trademark milestone here, loosening up for 10 kilometers long and traversing up to 1.5 kilometers in width.

The incredible waves off the ocean side give the ideal circumstances to surfing, cruising and kiteboarding. You could actually climb the means inside the beacon and peer down on all the brandishing activity from far as high as possible.

Amrum is additionally an astonishing objective for birdwatchers, with large number of ocean and seaside birds running to the island during reproducing season. Why not go for a mudflat visit and wonder about the entirety of our padded companions as you walk? Amrum is certainly worth a visit lasting through the year, with covered Frisian houses, fish cafés and mariners’ bars giving warm and comfortable spots throughout the cold weather months.


Tropical Islands in Germany
Tropical Islands in Germany

Baltrum is the littlest of the East Frisian islands, with parts of it having a place with the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park. Sightseers on this vehicle free island in the Wadden Sea can anticipate a serene desert garden of peacefulness.

It nearly appears like time has stopped on this resting excellence of an island. There’s an ocean side traversing four kilometers, where kids can play and fabricate sandcastles while their folks sit back, unwind and take in the ocean air from one of the numerous comfortable ocean side seats.

The seaward shoals give the ideal circumstances to fledgling surfers and kiteboarders to rehearse their abilities at low tide when the waves are negligible. The spa community has a lot to satisfy wellbeing fans, who can book some thalassotherapy, a mud or fango wrap thus substantially more.

In the event that you extravagant a relaxed walk, a decent strolling visit through the island could be exactly what you really want. The convenience on offer reaches from occasion lofts to three-star inns.


Tropical Islands in Germany
Tropical Islands in Germany

With its beach front environment and perfect normal scene, Borkum in the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park is a well known decision among travelers. Covering just shy of 31 square kilometers, Borkum is the biggest of the seven East Frisian islands.

Around 30 kilometers from the central area at Germany’s most north-westerly point, Borkum is a vacation spot with something for everybody. In the event that you’re searching for a wellbeing and health break, you’ll appreciate enjoying thalassotherapy and taking in the air, which is low in dust and wealthy in iodine. Borkum has a lot of regular features as well, including the Borkumriff shoal, which is home to seal provinces.

Also the shocking hills, inland knolls and freshwater pools, where local orchids blossom and sprout. In the event that you’re keen on finding out about the neighborhood history, you can set out toward the island’s historical center or take a walk around the Old Lighthouse, which will take you on a visit through the most established establishments on Germany’s North Sea coast.

The high ropes course is a fresher expansion to the island, flaunting marvelous perspectives over the North Sea from 60 unique stages right on the coast.

Föhr Island

Tropical Islands in Germany
Tropical Islands in Germany

The island of Föhr is situated in the north-western piece of Schleswig-Holstein. A 50-minute scaled down voyage from Dagebüll to the ‘Frisian Caribbean’, taking in the Halligen islands on the way, is everything necessary to get guests into the occasion temperament.

All things considered, even the excursion brings the rhythm down a peg. The ship skims at a comfortable speed through the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park, a shocking home to in excess of 10,000 types of widely varied vegetation and an UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site starting around 2009. Föhr isn’t known as the Frisian Caribbean in vain: Sheltered from the breeze by Amrum and Sylt, it is a lavish green island where a different scope of plants prosper.

Water avid supporters will be right at home along the 15 kilometers of sandy ocean side toward the south of the Wyk ship port. The island likewise has a rich history of custom. You can figure out more at the Frisian Museum or experience it for yourself at the yearly Biikebrennen festivity that is remembered to pursue away the colder time of year.


Tropical Islands in Germany
Tropical Islands in Germany

The shocking red sandstone precipices of Heligoland extend out of the water around 70 kilometers from the central area. The island flaunts a special normal scene and a gentle oceanic environment.

Secret far out in the North Sea, Heligoland is frequently alluded to as Germany’s just island in the high oceans, despite the fact that this isn’t completely obvious from a geological or legitimate perspective. Heligoland’s distant area and complete absence of vehicles imply that the air is essentially liberated from dust, which is incredible information for anybody that experiences sensitivities. The adjoining island of Düne makes for a staggering sunbathing spot.

Sightseers on Heligoland can follow themed trails the entire way to Lummenfelsen, the nature protection region with the most rearing birds in the entire of Germany. Furthermore, there is a lot of greenery to take in on the way as well. One delicacy that is not to be missed is the well known Heligoland lobster, which can be bought from the legacy safeguarded lobster cottages along the harbor.


Tropical Islands in Germany

Frauenchiemsee is among the the three islands of Chiemsee which is is one of the most beautiful in Germany. The island is surrounded by mountains and only home to a few hundred people. It is renowned for its stunning views and also the Benedictine abbey.


Danholm can be described as an idyllic little island in the Baltic Sea with a long military history. It offers stunning views, colourful gabled homes with stone churches, beautiful bathing beaches, sailing and fishing options. It also houses a number of fascinating marine-themed museums, and also offers boat trips.


Tropical Islands in Germany
Tropical Islands in Germany

Reichnau in Lake Constance is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to an old Benedictine abbey that was built in 724. The abbey is still a source of inspiration for religious celebrations and parades on the small island. Tourists can take in stunning panoramas from Lake Constance from Reichnau, and for those who are interested in the past The Reichnau Museum explores the rich history of monastic life on the island.

Fehmarn Island

Tropical Islands in Germany
Tropical Islands in Germany

With 2,200 hours of sun consistently, interminable normal sea shores along 78 kilometers of shoreline, pleasant lakes and rough bluffs, Fehmarn is an enchanting getaway destination.

Envisioning a more loosening up setting than this enormous island in the Baltic Sea is hard. Crossing nearly 185 square kilometers, this is probably Germany’s sunniest locale, which has a gentle, invigorating environment. Assuming you’re searching for unadulterated unwinding, you can enjoy the spa medicines at the FehMare pool complex or go to the sands of the immense and tenderly inclining sea shores that guarantee a good time for all the family.

Also, assuming games occasions are more your thing, you will not be disheartened by the same token. You can go pony riding, play golf, sail, plunge or, with flawless timing of year, enter the yearly Fehmarn Marathon. Head off on a climb to find fields, glades, the shore and that’s just the beginning. For instance, a few hundred types of birds rush to the Wallnau Waterbird Reserve, broadly respected to be one of north Germany’s most valuable biological conditions.


Tropical Islands in Germany
Tropical Islands in Germany

Nonnenwerth It is an island of a tiny size within the Rhine River, near Cologne. The lush green island is famous for its monastic site made up of Benedictine nuns. Tourists can enjoy a breathtaking unobstructed panorama of the islands from Drachenfels mountain.

Hiddennsee Island

Bragging unending stretches white sandy sea shores, salt swamps, tough bluffs and pine woods, Hiddensee is a blissful spot for some. There are additionally workmanship exhibitions, historical centers, talks and shows in abundance on this island in the Baltic Sea.

Covering just shy of 19 square kilometers, Hiddensee is found simply off the west shoreline of Rügen in the Baltic Sea. Warmly known as ‘Söte Länneken’ (sweet little land), this island’s shocking and fluctuated regular scene in the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park doesn’t disappoint guests.

No limit to essayists and specialists have been looking for motivation on the island for a really long time. Hiddensee has developed a standing as a social area of interest thanks to every one of the occasions going on. Families are allowed to investigate the island by walking, by bicycle or riding a horse. Ocean buckthorn is a neighborhood delicacy that develops all over Hiddensee and tastes flavorful in cakes or squeeze drinks.

Langeoog Island

Tropical Islands in Germany
Tropical Islands in Germany

The water tower makes for a dazzling milestone on the East Frisian island of Langeoog. With the sandy ocean side loosening up for 14 kilometers, the ridges transcending up to 20 meters tall and the glades loaded with blossoms, it’s not difficult to see the reason why this island is a well known getaway destination.

Sandwiched among mudflats and the ocean and crossing around 20 square kilometers, Langeoog has consistently felt the overwhelming power of nature. Guests can go to the water tower, which traces all the way back to 1909, to appreciate dazzling perspectives on the island with its defensive ridges and regular dikes.

A directed visit through the mudflats of the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park will permit you to draw near to nature – you might try and be sufficiently fortunate to recognize some herring gulls. Close by climbs, bicycle rides and horseback visits, an occasion on Langeoog implies surfing, swimming and walking. What’s more, the children can cheerfully construct sandcastles near the ocean. You’re in for sun, sand and wind on Langeoog, regardless of the time.

Juist Island

Tropical Islands in Germany
Tropical Islands in Germany

Local people call Juist ‘Töwerland’ in their lingo, which, in its unpleasant interpretation, makes the island something of an otherworldly wonderland. Furthermore, you can see where it gets its name from when you respect the 17 kilometers of ocean side between the Wadden Sea and wild North Sea, which you can taste, smell and hear regardless of where you are on the island.

The long East Frisian island of Juist sits only a couple of kilometers off the central area, among Borkum and Norderney. Any place you are on this tight piece of land in the North Sea, you realize you will not be a long way from the coast and mudflats. Vacationers can wonder about the rhythmic movement of the tides and now and again spot provinces of seals at the east finish of the island.

There’s no reason not to remain solid here – head off on a stroll along the mudflats or a bicycle ride around the vehicle free island. Or on the other hand perhaps you’d prefer have a spa treatment or thalassotherapy? It’s not difficult to feel at one with the ocean and nature on Juist, which has prompted an aggressive supportability target having been set, with the island meaning to be carbon-nonpartisan by 2030.


Tropical Islands in Germany
Tropical Islands in Germany

Mainau an island with flowers on the shores of  Lake Constance  (Bodensee). The flowers of a variety of species illuminate the island with a rainbow of colors, while filling your air with heavenly scents. Visitors can also see the castle as well as a butterfly home as well as some gorgeous flower art.

Norderney Island

Tropical Islands in Germany
Tropical Islands in Germany

With immaculate regular scenes in the east and white sandy sea shores loosening up for kilometers in the north, Norderney is an extraordinary community for thalassotherapy in the Wadden Sea, a shocking UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

When you are advancing toward Norderney, Germany’s most established North Sea spa resort, you will begin to leave every one of the strains and stresses of regular daily existence behind you. The second biggest of the East Frisian islands doesn’t disappoint with its wonderfully boisterous sea shores and unblemished normal scenes. Regardless of anything season you visit.

Traversing 26 square kilometers altogether, around 85% of the island falls inside the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park.

However, this extraordinary area doesn’t simply speak to nature sweethearts. Water sports fans, sun admirers, cyclists and explorers will feel totally at ease here, as well. Breaks with an emphasis on wellbeing are no joking matter on Norderney, which is the glad home of bade:haus, Europe’s biggest thalassotherapy focus.

Pellworm Island

Tropical Islands in Germany
Tropical Islands in Germany

The North Frisian island of Pellworm is arranged in the core of the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park. Perfect magnificence, serene peacefulness and a lot of daylight make this island an unlikely treasure for anybody needing a little reprieve and unwinding.

This huge island in the North Sea traverses 37 square kilometers and life here is a lot of governed by the tides. On the off chance that the rhythmic movement of the ocean permits it, guests can set off on a visit to investigate the mudflats, strolling past mussels, lugworms and crabs en route to the adjoining Halligen islands.

Holidaymakers can feel genuinely comfortable here, with the rational disposition and warm greeting from local people, the provincial appeal of Pellworm itself and the superseding feeling of harmony and calm passing on guests to inhale simple. It’s hard not to go gaga for the island, which incidentally turns out to be a heartfelt area itself. Couples can get hitched at the beacon in Pellworm, with a customary chief’s function to adjust procedures.


Tropical Islands in Germany
Tropical Islands in Germany

It’s difficult to oppose Poel with its new ocean breeze and pleasant scenes. Untainted normal magnificence, perpetual sandy sea shores and an enchanting harbor are all a vital part of life on the biggest Baltic Sea island in Mecklenburg.

The untainted island of Poel is arranged in the triangle between the three Hanseatic towns of Rostock, Wismar and Lübeck. The scene is rich and various, with the rough bluffs remaining as a distinct difference to the delicately slanting sandy sea shores.

Exceptional insurance is stood to the salt bogs on Poel and the island of Langenwerder off the coast, where no limit to seaside birds rush to raise. There are a lot of water-put together exercises with respect to offer, for example, stumbles on the traveler transport from the wonderful Kirchdorf Harbor, a spot of conventional fishing on a shaper boat and brandishing undertakings on pedalos, water skis and that’s just the beginning.

Spiekeroog Island

Tropical Islands in Germany
Tropical Islands in Germany

Spiekeroog is a rich green island in the core of the North Sea, where guests are blessed to receive immaculate nature, tremendous sea shores and a perspective on the apparently ceaseless ocean. This is the ideal spot to dial back the speed and re-energize those inner batteries.

Sandwiched between the adjoining islands of Langeoog and Wangerooge, Spiekeroog in the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park is shockingly green thanks to its wealth of oaks and dark pines. Throughout the late spring months, the purple of lavender is added to the variety range, while the ocean buckthorn gets a sprinkle of orange the harvest time.

And each of this works out before a steadily changing hill setting. The wellbeing medicines and clean air go with the island a famous decision for wellbeing enthusiasts as well. Furthermore, why not partake in a real North Sea experience? Go on a boat outing to see the seal states, partake in a delectable feast at a fish café or taste on some East Frisian tea (complete with “Kluntje” rock sugar) in a comfortable coffee bar.


Tropical Islands in Germany
Tropical Islands in Germany

Ummanz is home to enchanting fishing towns and immaculate regular scenes. Rügen’s younger sibling island in the Baltic Sea finds an exceptional climate of harmony and peacefulness that is ideally suited for vacationers needing some rest and unwinding.

Traversing nearly 20 square kilometers, Ummanz is connected to Rügen by a long scaffold. The fields, knolls and farmland on this very level island are just barely multiple meters over the tidal pond waters of the bigger of the two adjoining islands.

Situated in the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park, Ummanz is encircled by loads of other little islands, where guests can joyfully watch herons, geese, cormorants and falcons in harmony. Waase, the biggest town on the island, is home to a congregation that is definitely worth a visit in spite of not checking out at all exceptional from an external perspective.

Inside, you will be wowed by a delightfully cut special raised area that was initially made for the Hanseatic town of Stralsund in Antwerp in 1520.

Usedom Island

Tropical Islands in Germany
Tropical Islands in Germany

Usedom consolidates the conventional spa resort feel with shocking nature. To be exact, holidaymakers can hope to find 42 kilometers of fine white sandy sea shores and delightful normal scenes highlighting trails and cycle ways covering a few hundred kilometers. It is located in Baltic and has been split into Germand as well as Poland.

Usedom in the Baltic Sea is Germany’s second biggest island and it is blessed to receive an amazing measure of daylight. A few guests come to the island to partake in the ocean and sand, while others favor the Achterland outback and decide to investigate it on lengthy climbs or bicycle rides.

The verifiable ocean side retreats of Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin gloat an exceptional fascinate with their wharfs and tremendous waterfront engineering. There is a lot of convenience to look over, including lavish inns right by the ocean, cordial visitor houses and barges. Culture vultures are in for a treat, as the island has a schedule loaded with old style music, supper club, writing and theater.


Tropical Islands in Germany
Tropical Islands in Germany

Wangerooge is a wellbeing resort and spa in the North Sea. Arranged at the core of Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park, the island’s scene highlights sea shores, hills and salt swamps. Sightseers can have confidence that unwinding is not all bad here.

Wangerooge is the second littlest of the seven East Frisian islands and the most easterly of all. There are no vehicles on the island, which can be investigated on a boat at the harbor or on a train at the town train station, with the rail route going back over 100 years.

The long ocean side is spotted with splendidly hued ocean side seats for unwinding throughout the late spring months and there are a lot of shops, lodgings and cafés to look at, as well. The island is great for families, dynamic vacationers and anybody hoping to unwind.

Take your pick from ocean side volleyball, windsurfing, sandcastle building or wellbeing and health medicines at the spa offices, where guests can re-energize their batteries and reestablish their internal harmony.

Museum Island

Solo Female Travel in Europe - Berlin - Chasing Whereabouts
Islands in Germany: Museum Island

It’s not obvious how many of the city’s most renowned museums are situated on this islands. Museumsinselsits amid the bustle in the middle of the city, and is connected via bridges. It is among three UNESCO World Heritage sites in the capital city. If you are visiting Berlin then this is for sure going to be one of things to do in Berlin.

The historic collection of five museums that are world-class showcases all kinds of things from the famed bust Egyptian queen Nefertiti to the most renowned European paintings. Each museum was constructed under the reign of a different Prussian monarch and is designed in distinctive styles of the time. 

The famous Pergamon was built in 1897 and been through many long-term changes and is set to reopen in 2024.Alongside those museums rebuilt Berlin Palace is currently in construction and will include two museums: the Ethnological Museum of Berlin and the Museum of Asian Art.

From the breathtaking coastlines of Sylt and Rügen to the serene beauty of Heligoland, Germany’s islands offer a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, these islands have something for everyone. So pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and set sail to explore the enchanting islands in Germany.

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