Enjoy your perfect Summer in Turkey at these attractions.

Top 15 Famous Destinations for summer in Turkey
Summer in Turkey

Planning a European trip in summer? Spending Summer in Turkey is one of the popular thoughts many people have post Covid-19.

Turkey is a transcontinental country and experiences distinct climatic conditions. It is a part of Europe and Western Asia. The country shares its borders with the Black sea on the northern side, Georgia to the northeast and Iran, Armenia and Azerbaijan to its east.

It is known to be the earliest settled in the world and the country has many Neolithic sites. Greeks were among the first settlers here. Due to the country’s location, there are various cultural influences seen in the country. There is a amalgamation of Greco-Roman, Islamic and western cultures seen in the country.

Summer in Turkey is witness in the months of June, July and August. The temperatures fluctuate between 24 Degree Celsius and 48 Degree Celsius. In this scorching heat planning a cruise can be a highlight of the Summer in Turkey. Cruising is one of the largest tourist attracting activity in the country.

Turkey is an Islamic country and is known for its rich architecture and historical places.

Top 15 Famous Destinations for Summer In Turkey

As there are a lot of cultural and historical places to visit in Turkey. To have a safe, budget-friendly and delightful trip to Turkey in summer, it is vital to follow tips like learning a few Turkish phrases in advance, using public transport, wearing cotton clothes and wearing decent and fully covered clothes to Mosques.

So let us start with our list

1. Cemberlitas Hamami, Istanbul

summer in Turkey
Enjoy one of the Cemberltias Hamami during Summer in Turkey

When in Turkey enjoying a Turkish bath is a must. The Hammam showcases the unique culture of the country and it is one of the old bathhouses that was constructed. The hammam was constructed in the year 1584 and showcases early settlements.

The Hammam is located on the Cemberlitas Square on Divanyolu Street, thus the name Cemberlitas Hamami. There are various monuments in close vicinity of the bath such as the Mahmud Pasa complex which includes its mosque, school and tombs. There are various treasuries, libraries and universities located here as well.

These are couple of the awesome Turkish Bath Tour which you can take when you are visiting to Istanbul.

2. Ruins of Ephesus

The evidence of the earliest settlement in Turkey is the Ruins of Ephesus. These ruins showcase the Greek settlement in the 10th century BC. The temple of Artemis is the only standing structure in the whole complex and attracts a great number of tourists.

The Library of Celsus is another popular landmark in this ruined city. The ruins are very well conserved and were known as the important trading centre in the Mediterranean region. The city is in ruins today due to the loss of harbour which eventually led to the loss of access to the Aegean Sea. This was an important location for trade thus the city residents started to leave the city.

Summer in Turkey
Top 15 Famous Destinations for summer in Turkey

If you want to plan this trip then you can take a day trip to Ephesus from Izmir or you can also take the Day Trip to Ephesus from Bodrum.

3. Nargile Bars

Turkey is known for the tradition of the communal hookah pipe. If you’re someone who likes to experience new things, you should try Turkish tobacco. The contemporary cafes in the traditional water pipe served with coffee are run alongside these bars. The bars are adorned with beautiful glasses and wooden bottles of diverse shapes and sizes with a long pipe.

Top 15 famous destinations for summer in Turkey
Summer in Turkey

4. Archaeological Site of Troy

summer in Turkey
Summer in Turkey – Day Trip from Istanbul to Troy

The Archaeological site of Troy is a UNESCO world heritage site. The site is 4,000 years old and the first excavations at the site were undertaken in the year 1870. The site is historical as it displays the first settlements of Anatolia and the Mediterranean world. The city was then preserved by Homer in the Illiad.

This is one best day trip from Istanbul which you can do when you visiting Turkey. You can also checkout the tour ticket from our partner GetYourGuide.com.

5. Kapali Carsisi

Souvenirs are the highlight of any trip. Kapali Carsisi is one of the Grand Bazaars as it is a very expansive bazaars in the city of Istanbul. Due to the large scale of the market, there are many small things one can carry back home. The pieces in the market can be found in vibrant colours and the items include jewellery, artefacts, spices, antique pieces, handcrafted items and carpets and treasure troves.

Top 15 famous destinations for summer in Turkey
Summer in Turkey

6. Hiking in Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut is a famous mountain range known for large sandy mountains and the faces of the ancient gods. The beautiful landscape before the mountain range is to die for and is a part of the Nemrut Dag National Park. Due to the ancient setting of the mountain range, it is a World Heritage Site and hiking on this range requires comfortable shoes and a hiking pole!

Summer in Turkey
Top 15 Famous Destinations for Summer in Turkey

7. The Bosphorus Ferry ride

Ferry ride in Turkey is one of the top highlights and it tours on the Black sea and Mediterranean sea. The route of the ferry ride is such that it covers the spot where the two water bodies meet. During the ferry ride, one can enjoy the marvelous view of Galata Bridge and the cityspace at Bosphorus.

Top 15 Famous Destinations for Summer in Turkey
Summer In Turkey

8. Ankara Castle

It is believed that the castle was built in the 1600 BC and was built in the ancient empire of Hittites. The military commander of the empire Ankara was the one who built the castle thus the name of the castle is Ankara Castle. Since this background is mythical, the architecture style reflected in the building is Roman, Byzantine and Seljuk as the structure had undergone many historical changes and renovations.

The castle is located on a pea and is located such that the entire city can be viewed from the castle. The houses around the city are red-tiled roofs which indicated the historic housing in the locality. The periphery of the city has 20 towers which was built as a protective layer. This is a part of the old city architecture.

Summer in Turkey

Top 15 Famous Destination for Summer in Turkey : Photo by Febiyan on Unsplash

9. Dolmabahce Palace

The beautiful palace is located in the city of Istanbul and is a significant monument in the history of the city. The palace was considered an administrative centre in the Ottoman Empire and is a combination of baroque, ottoman and neoclassical architecture.

The beautiful palace has 46 halls and 285 rooms with golden ornamentation on its ceilings, Iznik tiles, and a crystal chandelier in a Bohemian style. If you’re a history buff, the palace is open between 9 AM to 4PM.

Top 15 Famous Destinations for Summer in Turkey
Photo by Ikbal Alahmad: Summer in Turkey

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10. Hagia Sofia

An imperial mosque and a Greek orthodox Christian Basilica, the Hagia Sophia is a present day museum. The museum was completed in the 6th century and the architecture style of the building is Byzantine. The Islamic architectural features incorporated in the design of the building.

Hagia Sofia was formed in way which had a longitudinal basilica and the building as a central arrangement. The main dome is supported on the pendentives with two semi domes. These semi domes were located on either side of the longitudinal axis.

The plan of the building is square and appears to be rectangular. There are three aisles which are separated by the columns and galleries are located above with marble piers.

Summer in Turkey
Hagia Sophia: Top 15 Famous Destinations for Summer in Turkey

11. Hippodrome of Constantinople

Hippodrome of Constantinople was once a social gathering and sporting event spot. The monument was an important landmark during the Byzantine Empire. The landmark is located in present day Sultan Ahmet Square and the tourist visit the place to witness the original structure, even though it is in ruins. The landmark survived till 1453 and had fallen into ruins.

12. Lycian Rock Tombs

Summer in Turkey
Top 15 famous destinations for Summer in Turkey

Lycian Rock Tombs display rock cut architecture and were carved in mountains during the ancient times in Turkey. The tombs were constructed with a sole purpose of storing and preserving the bodies with a belief that magical winged creatures will carry them into afterlife.

The tombs were built by Lycians. The gates of the tomb are exactly like the entrance to the temples. The construction was done in rugged rocks and wooden panels.

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13. Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque is located in Istanbul and was built during the Ottoman rule. The mosque attracts large numbers of tourist and was constructed between 1609-1616. The blue mosque got its name from the hand printed blue tiles on the interior of the walls and at night the blue lights on the five main domes steal the show!

The mosque is located next to Hagia Sophia and is under the UNESCO World Heritage Site. There a six minarets and eight secondary domes in the building. There are influences of Byzantine style of architecture. The lower stories of the building have 200 stained glasses and 20,000 hand painted glazed ceramic patterns.

Top 15 famous destinations for a Summer in Turkey
Summer in Turkey

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14. Pigeon Valley

In Turkey, Pigeons are the birds which are known for love and care. If you are planning a trip to Pigeon valley you will witness different species. There is a tree covered in blue evil eyes which are instagrammable.

The valley is located between the Goreme and Uchisar regions and is known for walking, easy hiking and abandoned cave homes. One may explore the valley on a horseback or a jeep safari.

Top 15 famous destinations for summer in Turkey
Pigeon Valley: Top 15 Famous Destinations for Summer in Turkey

15. Cruise

Saving the best for last? Cruise trip from Turkey is the best vacation one can experience. Due to the location factors of Turkey, some of the top cruises venture in and around the country. Turkey has a coastline of almost 8,000 kms and 20% of it is shared with Black Sea. There are ships which are headed from Istanbul and continue on the Mediterranean sea.

While on the cruise, one can witness many iconic building in the city of Istanbul and one can refer to the landmarks in this article! Cruise is an experience of a lifetime thus making it to the list of Top 15 Famous destinations for Summer in Turkey.

Top 15 Famous destinations for Summer in Turkey
Summer in Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful place and experiencing these places mentioned above is new exciting adventure in the Summer Months. A summer vacation post covid-19 is a much deserved vacation!

That was all the information around things to do in Summer in Turkey so if you are already planning your trip then don’t forget to cover these awesome places.

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