London Postal Code & London Zip Code Ultimate Guide

London postal codes are a crucial aspect of the city’s address system. Understanding the structure and significance of these codes is essential for navigating and locating specific addresses within London.

In this blog post, we will delve into the intricacies of London postal codes, providing a comprehensive overview to aid your understanding.

So that the next time when you want to send something to someone, you have all the information you need to create your UK postal code with ease!

Sending a package to London last summer turned out to be quite a challenging experience for me. Unfortunately, the package ended up in a completely different neighbourhood, delivered to someone else’s doorstep. This incident taught me an important lesson about the importance of correctly identifying the right London address.

While I am not a postman and understand that there can be exceptions and tricky regions in any major city, I have learned that it is crucial to double-check the mailing address with the recipient before shipping. This simple step can help prevent any confusion or delivery mishaps. In case you are sending a surprise package, it is also advisable to verify your work with the post office before the package departs. They can provide guidance and ensure that the address is accurate, increasing the chances of successful delivery.

By learning from this experience, I now understand the significance of attention to detail and proactive communication when it comes to shipping items, especially in unfamiliar areas. Taking these precautions can save you from unnecessary stress and ensure that your packages reach their intended recipients smoothly.

Key Takeaways

  • Postal codes and zip codes are essential for accurate mail delivery in London.
  • Postal codes in London consist of letters and numbers, while zip codes in London are purely numerical.
  • The first part of a London postal code or zip code indicates the general area, while the second part specifies the exact location.
  • London postal codes and zip codes can be found using online lookup tools or maps.
  • Accurate postal codes and zip codes are crucial for timely and efficient mail delivery, as well as for accurate location tracking and data analysis.

What is a London Postal Code?

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A person cutting a stamp on a piece of paper.

A London postal code is a unique combination of letters and numbers assigned by the Royal Mail to precisely locate a specific area in London. It consists of two parts, namely the outward code and the inward code.

Postcode areas play a crucial role in identifying the precise geographical location of an address.

For instance, in Greater London, the postal code HA represents Harrow, while SO represents Southampton. Without this vital information, the outward code would be insufficient, resulting in the failure of your mail to reach its intended destination.

What is a Zipcode?

What is a Zip Code?A Zip Code is a postal code used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to identify a specific geographic area for mail delivery.
When were Zip Codes introduced?Zip Codes were introduced in 1963 as a way to improve mail delivery efficiency.
How many digits are in a Zip Code?A Zip Code can have either 5 or 9 digits.
What do the first three digits of a Zip Code represent?The first three digits of a Zip Code represent a sectional center facility (SCF), which is a central mail processing facility for a geographic area.
What do the last two digits of a Zip Code represent?The last two digits of a Zip Code represent a specific post office or delivery area within the SCF.
What is the purpose of Zip Codes?The purpose of Zip Codes is to improve mail delivery efficiency and accuracy by identifying specific geographic areas for mail delivery.

London Postcode Districts you should be aware of

A red pin on a map of london.
A red pin on a map of london.

In addition to the previous discussion on postcode areas, it is important to include the London postal district when creating a London postal code. The postal district identifies the specific region in the UK where mail is to be delivered. For instance, Southampton uses the postal district “SO,” while the postcode district further identifies the specific district within the postal area.

Districts are distinguished by numerical values that come after the postcode area. For example, Stoke Newington falls under the postcode area “N,” followed by a number ranging from 0 to 99, which specifies the district within Stoke Newington.

To illustrate, N16 represents the 16th district within the postal region (also known as a postal area) of Stoke Newington. Let’s consider a specific pub to practice London postcodes. Take note of the details below!

The White Hart, a popular pub situated at 69 Stoke Newington High Street, is located on the northeastern side of the city.

To form its London postal code, we combine N (for Stoke Newington), 16 (as it belongs to district 16), and 8EL (representing the inward code, which is composed of the postcode sector).

In conclusion, the postal code for The White Hart pub in Stoke Newington, London is N16 8EL.

London Postcode List

If you’re searching for the postal code of New Cross in London or any other area in the southwest part of the city, here is a selection of popular London zip codes.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and to ensure the efficient delivery of your shipment, it is recommended to confirm the delivery address with the recipient in the United Kingdom. It’s worth mentioning that while the terms “zip code” and “postal code” are often used interchangeably in the U.S., the phrase “zip code” is not commonly used in the U.K.

Greater London Zip Codes:

  • W8 6AG (5 digits)
  • SW2 1DF (6 digits)
  • SW1A 1AA (7 digits)

North London Zip Codes:

  • N4 1EE
  • N22 6SY
  • N15 4BE

Central London Zip Codes:

  • SW1A 2WH
  • WC2N 5DN
  • WC2N 5HX

West London Zip Codes:

  • UB2 4NE
  • TW7 4RB
  • W3 8LQ

South London Postal Codes:

  • SW19
  • SW1
  • SW2 (and so on)

Bishopsgate London Zip Codes:

  • EC2N 4AY
  • EC2M 7PY
  • EC2M 1GT

London Zip Code for Amazon

If you need to contact the Amazon Services UK Limited office in London, their postal code is NN11 8QL. Additionally, if you are looking to use Amazon hub lockers in central London, there are numerous options available. It would be beneficial to conduct some research to determine which locker location is most convenient for your delivery and pickup needs.

In case you encounter any difficulties in finding the specific London postal code you require, you can also consult the Royal Mail Postcode Finder for assistance.

Formatting Your London Postal Code – How to Read a London Postal Code

If you are still unsure about the correct format for a London zip code, take a look at the diagram below specifically created for Buckingham Palace. This diagram was very useful to me when I was first learning how to create UK postal codes, as there were not many examples of London postcodes available.

SW [POSTCODE AREA] – This is the first part of the outward code.

1A [POSTCODE DISTRICT] – This is the second part of the outward code.

1AA [POSTCODE SECTOR] – This is the inward code.

How to Read a American Zip Code?

While British postal codes use an alphanumeric format like W1G 9XX, American zip codes are composed solely of five digits. For example, let’s take a look at the zip code 10001 for Manhattan in New York City:

The first digit, “1,” represents the general region or state. In this case, it corresponds to New York.

The following two digits – “00” – narrow down the location further to a specific city or town within that state. In this instance, it refers to Manhattan.

Lastly, the final two digits – “01” – provide even more precise information about neighborhoods or streets within that city.

By understanding these components and their meanings, one can easily identify specific areas within American cities using zip codes.

Popular London Postal Code and Zip Code Areas

Certain areas in London have gained popularity due to their unique characteristics,cultural significance,and vibrant communities.Here are some notable examples:

1.WC2E – Covent Garden: Known for its bustling markets,theatres,and street performers,this area is a hub of entertainment in central London.Its vibrant atmosphere draws both locals and tourists alike.

2.E14 – Canary Wharf: This financial district boasts towering skyscrapers housing major banks,firms,and multinational corporations.Canary Wharf’s modern architecture stands in stark contrast to traditional parts of the city like Westminster.

3.NW1 – Camden Town: Famous for its alternative music scene,Camden Town attracts music lovers from all over.The iconic Camden Market offers an array of shops,souvenirs,pubs,and live music venues.

FAQ: London Postal Code

In this section, I will provide answers to some important questions regarding the correct formatting of your London postcode. I will also explain the distinction between postcodes and zip codes, among other things.

Why is it crucial to format your London postcode accurately?

London has a vast number of postal codes that are used to direct mail to approximately 35,000 different boroughs, neighborhoods, and residences throughout England. Unfortunately, if you do not format your postcode correctly, there is a high chance that your mail may get lost or delayed at a mail center in London. In such cases, it may not find its way back to you.

To avoid any delays in the delivery of your mail, it is essential to follow the comprehensive guide on correctly formatting your London address. Additionally, it is advisable to double-check your work with the recipient to ensure accuracy.

What is the Zip Code for the UK?

A pin is pinned on a map of united kingdom.
A pin is pinned on a map of united kingdom.

Unlike the United States, the United Kingdom does not use zip codes. Instead, they utilize a system of postcodes. The specific postcode required depends on the district or area to which you are sending your mail.

A typical UK postcode consists of two parts: an outward code, which includes one or two letters followed by one to four numbers, and an inward code, typically comprised of three numbers. For instance, the full postcode for Southwark in East London is SE1 9AA. In this example, the outward code is SE1 and the inward code is 9AA.

It is worth noting that postcodes in Northern Ireland have a different format compared to England, Scotland, and Wales. For more information and a complete UK postcode list, you can visit the Royal Mail website.

The outward code designates the district or post town where the mail is being sent, while the inward code specifies the individual sector within that district or town, as well as a specific address or thoroughfare.

Occasionally, you may come across the terms “outcode” and “incode,” which are shortened versions of outward code and inward code, respectively. I wanted to bring this to your attention because I overlooked this detail when I sent that package to London last summer!

Does the UK have Zip Codes?

No, The United Kingdom utilizes postal codes that consist of 5-7 alphanumeric characters, while the zip codes in the U.S. are composed of only 5 digits.

In contrast to Paris, where postal codes are exclusively 5-digit numeric values, the United Kingdom employs a combination of alphanumeric characters and multiple numeric digits, similar to the postal codes in Ireland. To ensure timely delivery of your package, it is advisable to utilize the postcode checker provided on the Royal Mail website.

What is a 5 Digit Postcode for the UK?

When it comes to London or the UK, simply relying on a 5-digit zip code (also known as a postcode) may not be sufficient.

Unlike in the United States, London postal codes can consist of 5 to 7 alphanumeric characters, so the general rule of a 5-digit code does not always apply.

Although there are certain postcodes that do have 5 digits, it is important not to assume that your postcode is accurate just because it reaches the 5-digit mark!

What is a Valid Postcode in the UK?

In the United Kingdom alone, there are approximately 1.8 million valid postcodes. London itself spans over 600 square miles and comprises more than 34,000 postal codes. It’s no wonder that many people make mistakes when trying to send mail or packages to the UK for the first time!

Now, let me address your question: “What is considered a valid London postcode?” Well, Buckingham Palace, located in inner London, has the postcode SW1A 1AA. If you’re accustomed to sending mail domestically within the United States, this may seem a bit peculiar. However, SW1A 1AA is actually a very common London postcode.

Are all UK Postcodes 7 Digits?

Not all UK postcodes consist of 7 digits. The length and format of a UK postcode can differ. Typically, they comprise of five to seven characters, arranged in two parts with a space in between.

What is a London City Postcode?

The City of London, also known as the “Square Mile,” is a small section located within Greater London. It is commonly referred to by its postcodes, which typically start with ‘EC,’ representing Eastern Central.

For instance, an example of a London City postcode is ‘EC2M 7PY,’ which corresponds to the Bishopsgate area within the City of London.

Similar to other postcodes in the United Kingdom, these City of London postcodes consist of two parts: an outward code indicating the general geographic area or district, and an inward code pinpointing a more specific location, such as a street or building.


Whether you’re looking to find a London zip code for the northwest side of the city or the southeast, whether it’s a green park or a bustling pub, knowing how to identify the correct London postal code is essential.

A postal code is used in many countries around the world, while a zip code is used only in the United States.

There are approximately 120 postal codes in London.

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