Best Crossbody bag for Europe travel in 2024

Baggage is one of several items needed for travel. The location of your possessions is just as crucial as what you actually take. It’s understandable why the luggage market is rising.

Of course, you need more than just a suitcase; you also need a carry-on bag and a travel bag for when you get to your destination. Do you want to be wandering around your new city with a heavy bag on your back, for example, if you’re going on a city break? Most likely not! This is why whenever I travel, I always bring a crossbody bad or a Travel Purse. Actually, I employ one daily.

Best Crossbody bag for Europe travel
Best Crossbody Bag for Europe travel

Why You Need A Crossbody Bag For Europe Travel

Why precisely do you require a crossbody travel bag when you travel? Why can’t any old backpack do for your trips through Europe?

It all boils down to three different considerations: fashion, practicality, and security.

For these reasons, you need a bag you can rely on and one that will withstand the rigors of travel, both the actual travelling from point A to point B portion of the deal and when you’re out touring as well.

Best Cross Body Bag For Travel In Europe Comparison Chart

We looked at the best crossbody travel purse for Europe, compared their features and prices, and made this easy-to-use table to help you review and decide what crossbody purse for travel will suit you best.

Crossbody Bags Reviews

Baggalini Travel Crossbody Bag

This stylish and elegant option comes in seven distinct colors, including, but not limited to, brown, black, gray, and blue. You can fit a little bit more inside if necessary because the fabric is flexible and the shoulder strap is adjustable for comfort and security. Having said that, you don’t have to worry about wet belongings because the material is waterproof.

This specific bag doesn’t come with many security features. Even still, the bag’s depth and durability give the owner piece of mind, and it would be difficult for anyone to enter the bag unintentionally. There are numerous interior zips for organization and security, and the bag has a detachable coin purse that complements the style.

NeatPack Crossbody Bags for Women

This bag is renowned for being highly affordable while yet having excellent anti-theft features. Additionally, there are 3 different colors , so you can choose something that appeals to you. This specific crossbody travel bag is distinguished by its shape, which has a side-hugging design for added security because you will actually feel the bag at your side.

Canvas Crossbody Bag Shoulder Bag

If you are looking handmade bag with embroidery and a slick design you can checkout this Canvas Crossbody Bag.

However, one thing to note in the beginning is that it is made of Canvas so you can not carry in rain. But it can be an excellent additions to your travel bags list.

STUOYE Crossbody Bags for Travel

If you are not going for the bulky ones and just looking for a medium size cross body bags for Europe Travel then this one could be an ideal option for you.

It is not a waterproof but it is made up of  Soft nylon material with the properties of lightweight, smooth to the touch and easy to clean and comes in 15 different designs and options.

Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag

This bucket bag is another another fantastic Travelon product with anti-theft features and a stylish appearance. The bag comes in a variety of colors and has a main compartment lockable and slash-resistant technology.

The bag includes a nylon liner to protect everything and is made of polyester, making it waterproof. Reviewers frequently mention how comfy and user-friendly the bag is, and the straps are adjustable.

Additional features include RFID blocking slots, a water bottle holder, an umbrella slot, and an LED light to help you discover things within the bag more quickly.

Pacsafe unisex adult 7 Liter Crossbody

The design of this bag is fairly macho, making it ideal crossbody bags for men. The bag comes in two colors—khaki green or black—and is shaped something like a laptop bag flipped on its side. This Pacsafe crossbody bag has a lot of anti-theft capabilities in addition to having a chic appearance.

Since the bag is made of ripstop nylon, which is waterproof and durable, pickpocket slashes are not a concern. With a big main pocket and a smaller front compartment, the zipper is incredibly durable.

When carrying the bag and your stuff, the strap’s padded part helps to relieve shoulder strain and provides an adjustable 30-inch length. For long trips and planes, this bag is perfect.

Roma Genuine Leather Multi-Pocket Crossbody Purse

If you want a basic bag that will keep everything safe and secure but isn’t very fashionable, this is a nice option. even a very affordable crossbody purse. In conclusion, this is a decent travel handbag for individuals on a tight budget.

This bag comes in four colors: black, white, brown, and maroon. It is waterproof and of high quality because it is constructed of cowhide leather. You can organize your belongings by zipping the bag around so that everything is where it needs to be. There are four exterior compartments, a slip-in pocket within the bag, and a 27-inch adjustable strap. This adjustability isn’t the longest, but it’s not not the shortest either.

The Sak Iris Casual Purse Crossbody in Leather

Another leather crossbody bag with five colors—green, white, yellow, black, and red—is this one. It is high-quality and waterproof thanks to the leather outside, and it is lined with fabric. Strong zips, front and back slip pockets, and an outer pocket on the front are all on the main compartment. A zipped interior pocket is also present in this pack at the back.

The bag weighs 2.1 lbs altogether, which is not the heaviest but also not the lightest weight, and the shoulder strap is flexible and comfy.

Although it doesn’t have as many pockets as some purses, this one can fit your basics. Long trips by car, aircraft, or train are great for this device because it can also hold an iPad mini. On the negative side,

Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Hobo Bag

This chic crossbody hobo bag with an Americana design works well for both daily use and travel.

It contains a roomy main compartment with RFID-blocking compartments that zip up, as well as a lockable zipped front pocket with two open-wall pockets and an LED key clip. A rear pocket that is simple to get to is the best place to keep goods you might need to grab quickly.

Locking zippers and slash-resistant, removable, and adjustable straps are further anti-theft features. It’s a great option for travellers who are fashion-conscious because it is made of tough cotton canvas with a gorgeous suede rim and traditional lining.

Luckit Crossbody Backpack Waterproof Chest Bag

It inclused two main compartments, 12 functional pockets, a mobile pocket, mesh bags in side for water bottle or umbrella, the enought pockets room for all your belongings, such as cosmetics, notebooks, tissues, keys, mobile phones, ipad, passports, etc. Sling backpack can effectively keep your belongings, easy to storage, will not messy.

What Is A Crossbody Bag?

There are many various kinds of bags available, but a crossbody bag is useful for travelling. The beautiful thing about this bag is that you may use it on a daily basis in addition to when you’re travelling.

Before we continue, you should fully understand what this kind of bag is. To answer your question, a crossbody bag is a typically smaller purse that has a long strap that crosses your body and sits on one hip.

Depending on your height and how comfortable you are, these straps on a crossbody purse may typically be changed so you can have it higher up or lower down on your body.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Crossbody Bags For Travel?

Security is the key concern here because a bag that is sitting on your hip and fastened to your body by a long strap makes it very unlikely that it will be stolen from your back or shoulder. In addition, you don’t have to feel restricted when trying to explore a new location because your hands are free.

If you have both hands free while traveling, you can pull your suitcase behind you or carry a larger carry-on cabin bag without feeling burdened.

As you can see, there are lots of options for crossbody bags available. Consider your requirements and spending limit as you search for the ideal crossbody purse for vacation.

How To Choose The Perfect Crossbody Bag

Of course, you could simply snag any attractive over-the-shoulder travel bag from the store. But before you get one, we advise taking these into account:


You require a portable crossbody travel bag. You may put much more inside it because it will feel like nothing when it is empty and resting on your body. You won’t be able to tell if someone is tugging on a bag that seems like thin air, possibly trying to open the zipper, so it won’t be as secure.

Strap Length

To shift the bag however you feel comfortable, such as if you are wearing a thick or thin coat or if you want it to sit higher on your hips for increased security, you need a bag with an adjustable strap. This adjustable feature is present in the majority of the top crossbody bags for travel, but it is something to consider.


Always choose waterproof materials. As a result, you have a genuinely versatile alternative if you wish to utilize it anywhere outside only for travel. Fabric bags are suitable for use in the summer, but if you use them again, say in the event of rain, you might discover that your possessions get a little moist.


You probably already own this bag without even realizing it! There is a broad selection of crossbody bags available. Because of this, prices aren’t excessively exorbitant unless you want a reputable brand name.

Anti-Theft/Security Features

Only the top crossbody bags for travel include beneficial features that prevent theft or make it extremely difficult for someone to access your bag without your knowledge. This entails a new design for the bag—one that folds down and zips—as well as secret interior compartments, key clips, and anti-slash materials (yes, people do use knives to sever bags from their bags!)

Internal Compartments

Internal compartments are a common feature of cross-shoulder travel bags and can help you organize your items and keep your valuables extremely safe. These may be inside or outside, with the inside obviously being safer.

All clear? Let’s look at the reviews of all crossbody travel bags (or travel purses) now, and by the time we’re done, you’ll be able to choose the best one for you.

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