Are visitors allowed on Uluru?

Are visitors allowed on Uluru?, Mount Uluru is Australia’s principal natural landmark and the symbol that is most associated with this country.

This sacred sandstone formation in the middle of the desert is visited by about 250,000 people annually, and many travelers apply for an Australia eVisa just to see Uluru in person!

It’s no surprise why Uluru is so popular — nowhere else can one find such a picturesque, unique, and mythical place. If you’re planning a trip to Australia and want to make the trek to Uluru, keep reading to find out more information about getting there, what to know before traveling, and if it’s possible to hike up Uluru.  

Is it Possible to Climb Uluru?

 Are visitors allowed on Uluru?
 Are visitors allowed on Uluru?

Despite such huge popularity among tourists, climbing Mount Uluru was recently banned.

Since October 2019, climbing the mountain has been forbidden after the board of the Uluru National Park voted unanimously to close the trail. The traditional owners of Uluru, the Anangu Aboriginals, consider the mountain a shrine.

In fact, even the Anangu natives do not climb Uluru because of its great spiritual significance in their culture, and climbing the mountain is considered a sign of disrespect. Besides eroding the rock with climbs, visitors have also been dropping trash and polluting nearby waters.

However, travelers shouldn’t be discouraged — the climb up Uluru is definitely not the main attraction of this site, as all of the most interesting things happen at the foot of the mountain!

Travelers can visit the area around the mountain to take photos, drive around, and take part in the Uluru base walk.

Many tourists come here just to see the picturesque views of how the mountain changes color depending on the time of the day. At dawn, the color of the rock has lilac tones, while during the day, it changes color to purple. At sunset, Uluru is an enchanting mix of red and golden hues.

When is the Best Time to Visit Uluru?

Since Uluru is located in the desert, the climate is not the most pleasant and requires preparation.

The average temperature in Australia’s summer (December to February) is 35 C, and the average low temperature in winter (June to August) is only 5 C. Due to this, the best time to visit Uluru is between May and September. During the winter season, the weather temperature is kept at a comfortable 25 to 30 C, which makes the trip more pleasant.

Where is Uluru?

 Are visitors allowed on Uluru?
 Are visitors allowed on Uluru?

Mount Uluru is located in Central Australia and lies west of the Simpson Desert, in the eponymous Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

Even though Uluru is located in the middle of the desert, getting to it will not be difficult. In fact, there are many direct domestic flights from large cities in Australia, such as Sydney, Cairns, Adelaide, Darwin, and others. The closest cities to Uluru that have airports are Alice Springs and Yulara. After landing, travelers can take a tour, shuttle bus, or rent a car to get to Uluru.

Both cities have many hotels where visitors can stop to relax and get ready, but those who want to take a tour should do so in Alice Springs. There is a large selection of tours for any budget and interest, including large group tours and private jeeps that will take you to the most remote places in the desert.

If you want to travel by car, it’s worth planning ahead for gas stations and bringing plenty of water with you, as the desert can get extremely hot.

What to See Around Uluru

Simpson Desert

Tourists from all over the world come to the Simpson Desert to see the incredible scenery that is unique to this region, including huge dunes, bright red sand, and otherworldly landscapes.

The best place to admire the desert scenery is the special viewing area near Uluru called Talinguru Nyakunytjaku, which offers incredible views of the rocks and golden dunes.

Field of Lights

The Field of Lights Exhibition is a man-made landmark designed by world-renowned artist Bruce Munro. With Uluru in the background, the artist furnished a  nearby field with over 50,000 glass-domed lamps that are more than 380 kilometers in length.

When the sun sets, they light up in different colors and create an incredibly magical atmosphere. At night, this place is especially beautiful because millions of stars in the sky are added to the light of the stems, which are perfectly visible in the desert.

Alice Springs

Alice Springs is the city where a trip to Mount Uluru begins for most travelers, but many don’t realize that the city itself also has many interesting places!

It is worth starting with the Australian Aboriginal Cultural Center to learn more about the life and traditions of the indigenous people, especially since Uluru is one of their most sacred sites.

Likewise, visitors can buy handmade souvenirs made by locals or stroll around the many picturesque natural sites that surround the city. The city offers one-day tours during which you can see the nearest canyons, desert landscapes, and botanical gardens.

That was the in detail information around whether you can visit Uluru or not. Do let me know if you liked this post and if you have any question about this place.

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