Spain is a country located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. It is the fourth-largest country in Europe and the fifth-largest country in the European Union. It borders Portugal to the west and France, Italy and Algeria to the east and north. It is the world’s second-largest exporter of wine and fourth-largest exporter of fruit and vegetables.

yachts docked on ibiza marina harbor

20 Things to Do in Ibiza Spain

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Ibiza is a great party destination. It is a party destination that has been at the forefront in Europe’s clubbing and dance music scene for over 25 years. The super-clubs…
Things to do in Costa Adeje

Things to do in Costa Adeje

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Top 10 Things to do in San Sebastian

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San Sebastian is a Spanish city located on the France Spain border and is a coastal city. There are many things to do in San Sebastian which can make your…
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Things to do in Leon Spain- Best Free Guide

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One of the most popular historic town, there are many things to do in Leon Spain on your perfect holiday. The city of Leon is a part of the autonomous…
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Things to do in Palma De Mallorca

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It is very astonishing that Palma makes it onto any list of the greatest locations to visit in Mallorca given the abundance of incredible beaches, wonderful fishing ports, national parks,…
Things to do in Seville Spain

20 Best Things to Do in Seville Spain

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The capital city of Andalusia is that is rich in Moorish history. This is evident everywhere from the vibrant painted tiles that decorate several buildings, to arches that are shaped like…
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Things to Do in Alcudia Spain

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The charming town of Alcudia, which is located in the northern part of Mallorca, has no shortage of things to do. The only spot in Mallorca where a totally intact…
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Things to Do in Burgos Spain

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Planning your trip to Burgos Spain then here are the Top Things to do in Burgos which you can not afford to miss. Burgos, the former capital of the Kingdom…

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In lovely Spain, the feeling of vacation is always present! Sip on luscious sangria in the sunshine, unwind with a siesta in the late afternoon, and fill up on endless plates of delectable tapas at night. The outdoors is the country’s soul if eating is its heart. When you combine the two, you’ll have a gastronomic haven where meals stretch for hours and Spaniards converse and laugh in the balmy evening air. Get ready to see the beach transform into the living room and the street into the kitchen as daily life takes place outside. A straightforward but lovely way of living that explains Spain’s optimistic outlook.

Spain, although being a contemporary nation, is unique in other respects as well. It is a remarkable time capsule to the past. Discover wonderfully maintained structures, quaint cobbled alleyways, stunning churches, and picturesque mountain communities. But delve a bit deeper, and you’ll find a lively, enjoyable side to Spain. Cities come to life thanks to the vibrant, artistic, and colorful murals created by street art. Architects and artists are pushing the envelope with their incredible creations, from Valencia’s future “City of Arts and Sciences” to Barcelona’s bizarre and fantastic Gaudi architecture.

The fiesta, however, is the real representation of Spanish culture. The entire family may dance, laugh, and have a nice time together in the streets for any purpose. A very vibrant and thrilling style of living is created when loud music and singing are combined!