14 cose fantastiche da fare a Bruges: Bruges Itinerario Belgio

If you are planning your visit to this cute medieval town then Chasing Whereabouts has compiled a list of top things to do in Bruges, Belgium. This Bruges Itinerary is jam-packed with all the information you will need in exploring this city.

This town has welcomed over more than 2 million people every year in the northwest of Belgium. This city has everything, stunning architecture, old buildings canals and narrow lovely cobbled streets. You can even take the boat tours if you want.

Fun Fact about this city is that sometimes it is also called “Venezia of the north” perché ha così tanti canali. Bruges ha il titolo di città patrimonio mondiale dell'UNESCO. Ha un porto internazionale chiamato Bruges-Zeebrugge con molti hotel, resort e anche una bellissima spiaggia.

So I don’t think you need any more reason to travel to Bruges, Isn’t it?. You can cover this complete city on Foot and that is definitely how we want you to explore this. You will fall in love with the city as you walk across its narrow streets.

Bruges Itinerary: Top Things to Do in Bruges

Check out the Old St. John’s Hospital

It is beautiful, Situated in the scenic location right in front of the Canal this is one of the best picturesque locations in Bruges. The hospital was founded in the 12th century and in one of Europe’s oldest surviving hospitals.

In the middle ages, it was a place for sick travellers and pilgrims to take of care and later it was expanded with a monastery and convent.

Bruges: Free 2-Hour Guided Walking Tour with Booking Fee

Make the most of your trip to Bruges and reserve your spot on this free walking tour led by a passionate, local guide. Delve into the rich history of Bruges, marvel at the city’s architecture and picturesque streets, and visit a number of iconic landmarks.

Church of Old Lady

The impressive historic church with its 118-metre tower and artworks, multiple altars inside. It is considered as one of the highest brick buildings in the world. If you walk inside you can also find Michelangelo’s sculpture called Madonna and the Child. You can enter the museum for the nominal cost of 5 Euro.

St. Bonifacius Bridge

Bruges Itinerary - Top Things to Do in Bruges - Chasing Whereabouts - Bonificius Bridge-Optimized
Bruges Itinerary – Places to see in Bruges – Bonifacius Bridge

It is a very small bridge just behind the church and if it was not for the picture we would not have found it either. However, we really wished to enact the legendary story of this Bridge.

It is said that once you cross the Bridge, The first person you see on the other side is the person that you will Marry! Many people exclaim that Bonifacius bridge is the oldest of the city’s many, but it actually only dates back to 1910. This, of course, does not change the fact that the bridge is picturesque and charming. So you should not miss finding this out when you are travelling to Bruges. Take it as a dare for your things to do in Bruges.

Get a perfect click at Rozenhoedkaai

Bruges Itinerary - Top Things to Do in Bruges - Chasing Whereabouts - Rozenhoedkaai
Bruges Itinerary – Top Things to Do in Bruges – Chasing Whereabouts – Rozenhoedkaai

If you are travelling to Bruges then, of course, you must be expecting some really nice pictures in this city. So here it is the most photographed spot in Bruges. With the background of the stunning medieval house, the corner is beautiful at any time of the year.

Over here, Groenerei and Dijver canals meet. It is believed that the Rozengoedkaai was a mooring place for ships in the late middle ages and traders came here to unload and load their merchandise.

Don’t miss to checkout The Burg Square

Bruges Itinerary - Top Things to Do in Bruges - Chasing Whereabouts - Prvincial Hof
Bruges Itinerary – Top Things to Do in Bruges – Chasing Whereabouts – The Burg Square

The Burg square is one of the oldest inhabited places (starting in the 2nd century) in Bruges. The most impressive building on the Burg is the Town Hall. This Gothic Bruges City Hall was built in 1376. The city was

governed from here for more than 600 years. Just the corner you will find the Palace of the Liberty of Bruges.

This gold-trimmed building was the place where the surrounding countryside was governed.

Basilica of Holy Blood

Bruges Itinerary - Top Things to Do in Bruges - Chasing Whereabouts- Basilica of Holy Blood
Bruges Itinerary – Top Things to Do in Bruges – Chasing Whereabouts- Basilica of Holy Blood

UN roman catholic church situated at one of the corners of The Brug Square. This flamboyant facade is actually a 16th-century staircase that connects two underlying chapels: the Romanesque Saint-Basiliuschapel and the (neo)gothic Holy Bloodchapel.

It has a small church which has a ceremony where everyone can see the capsule of Holy Blood. A small gem in the middle of the city! Entrance fee is around 2,5 €.

Eat or Drink in Grote Markt

This market place has been used since 958. There you can find one of the most impressive monuments of the city, many restaurants and cafes, market on every Wednesday and also you can ride a horse carriage and feel like back on time!

Climb up on Belfry tower

Bruges Itinerary - Top Things to Do in Bruges - Chasing Whereabouts - Belfry Tower
Bruges Itinerary – Top Things to Do in Bruges – Chasing Whereabouts – Belfry Tower

One of the city’s most prominent symbols, the Belfry formerly housed a treasury and the municipal archives and served as an observation post for spotting fires and other danger. A narrow, steep staircase of 366 steps.

leads to the top of the 83-metre-high building. There is a public toilet before the entrance in the garden. The admission fee is around 10 €.

Get a click in front of Provinciaal Hof

Bruges Itinerary - Top Things to Do in Bruges - Chasing Whereabouts -Provincial Hof
Travelling to Bruges – Chasing Whereabouts -Provincial Hof

The Provinciaal Hof (Province Court) is a Neo-Gothic building constructed in two phases on the market place in Bruges.

It is the former meeting place for the provincial government of West Flanders. The building on the left side was originally the governor’s residence.

Do you know there is a french fries museum “Frietmuseum”

This particular museum has the distinction of being the first and only museum dedicated to French fries. If you want to learn about the history of Belgium’s favourite snack you can purchase a ticket with an admission fee of around 7 €. So if you are travelling to Bruges you should miss checking the fries museum.

You Book your ticket from here – Tickets for Fries Museum Bruges

Jan Van Eyck Square

In the middle the square there is a statue of Jan van Eyck – famous Flemish paint. There you can find beautiful buildings surround – the most important ones are Poortersloge and the Old Tollhouse. The fierce traders and rich porters (citizens with city rights) do not populate the square any more, but it still holds a captivating appeal. the square and the Old

How about checking out the Chocolate Museum – Choco-Story

If you want to see how chocolate is being made, visit Chocolate Museum, in the building of the 16th century called Huis de Crone. You can purchase an admission ticket for around 10 € and get to know about chocolate history and production steps. End your visit with some free sample bites of Belgian chocolate! Get the tickets for Choco-Story Belgium

Take a look at Sint-Salvators Cathedral

Cathedral displays a mixture of architectural styles-since it started to work in the 10th century it has been destroyed by fire and rebuilt in the 13th and 14th centuries. It is the oldest parish church in Bruges which has many old paintings, choir stalls, Gobelins and many more worth seeing artworks.

Tired then Relax at Minnewater Park

Bruges Itinerary - Top Things to Do in Bruges - Chasing Whereabouts - Bridge
Bruges Itinerary – Top Things to Do in Bruges – Chasing Whereabouts – Bridge This is the Bridge of Love

One of the romantic spot to visit while travelling to Bruges. This park with many bridges and lakes along with the lake of Love which is the heart of the park and beautiful swans which are the city emblems should be on your Bruges Itinerary.

This park is all about the tragic romance of Minna and her warrior love Stromberg has evolved into another legend that you will have eternal love if you walk over the bridge together with your partner.

Take the Time Travel Tour at Historium Bruges

The Historium – Bruges’ most visited attraction – lets you step back in time. Get a glimpse of how lively Bruges was during the Golden Age in various ways.

In the Historium Story, you’ll follow the love story of Jacob, Jan van Eyck’s apprentice, as you wander through this spectacular attraction with film, backdrops and special effects. In the interactive Historium Exhibition you will find additional information about Mediaeval Bruges or you can get started on the wacky Family Trail.

Check out the Burges Beer Museum and Taste Beer when you are travelling to Bruges

Interactivity, innovative technologies and, of course, beer, make the Bruges Beer Museum way more than a museum. Take a self-guided tour and learn about the ingredients that go into beer, play a fun quiz and taste some beer in the bar at the end!

The Belgian beer culture is big, even beyond Belgio! Get to the heart of the good stuff at the Bruges Beer Museum, with a self-guided tour to teach you everything about the brewing process. Get the Tickets for Bruges Beer Museum

Go to Lamp Museum Lumina Domestica

A visit to the Lumina Domestica Lamp Museum will brighten up your day when you are travelling to Bruges! This charming museum illuminates 400,000 years of human struggle against The Darkness. No, not unseen forces of evil, or the British glam-rock band; literal darkness! With over 6,000 lamps and lighting sources on display, dating from the stone age up to the modern-day, it’s an enlightening experience! Get the tickets for Lumina Domestica

Bruges Itinerary: Top Accommodation to Stay when you travelling to Bruges

Where to Stay in Bruges?

Hostels to Stay in Bruges

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Hotels to Stay in Bruges

Checkout more Hotels in Bruges or head out to Travel Resource Accommodation Page.

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