Recensione ONESTA della borsa da viaggio Nomatic: la borsa migliore per te?

We are pleased to present certainly the best ( E most truthful) Nomatic Travel Bag review online.

First of all, we’re not afraid of to inform you this: The The Nomatic Bag is among the top bags available currently. But we would only suggest this bag for specific categories of travellers. This Nomatic Bag for Travel Bag is perfect for certain travellers, but not for everyone else.

In order to assist you to make the right choice, we (figuratively) took the bag to pieces and left no stone unturned, so that you are 100% sure that this bag is you want.

When you’re done reading this Nomatic review of a travel bag, you’ll be aware of everything you should learn about this new bag, and be able to determine if it’s the right bag for tuo travel needs.


Quick Answers: Is the Nomatic Travel Bag for You?

  • Questo Nomatic Bag for Travel Bag is the perfect choice who want a sleek well-designed and stylish bag. The bag is elegant and feminine. A lot of Nomads are ditching backpacking bags that are traditional in favor of more modern and sleek bags such as this one.
  • Its Nomatic travel Bag is ideal when you need to take a small amount of luggage or going for one week (or as) at a time.
  • This Nomatic travel Bag is ideal for you If you’re a Nomade digitale that doesn’t need to carry much gear
  • This Nomatic Bag for Travel Bag is ideal in the event that you’re looking for an approved cabin carry-on bag.

Overall, this bag is perfect for those who appreciate its style, functionality and efficiency. It’s definitely one of the top minimalist bags available. There are a lot of Nomatic reviews online have the same opinion.Some of the highlights of this bag

However, you must become someone who loves to travel light.

Let me explain the reason…

The bag was created to be used for trips lasting 3-7 days and has a capacity of 40L. Although some full-time travellers can manage a 40L bag, but others might struggle to find a bag that can last for long-distance trips, particularly when washing your clothes isn’t an option.

If you’re planning an extended trip or are bringing many pieces of gear The Nomatic isn’t as good as some of the bigger bags that are available. Nomatic can make larger bags, if that is the type of bag you need.

Nomatic Travel Bag Review
Nomatic Travel Bag Review

The Nomatic Bag for Travel Bag is not the right bag ideal for you If.

  • You’re an avid hiker. This Nomatic Travel Bag is able to handle some lighthiking however, If you’re looking for something that was more suitable for going outdoors, we’d recommend an Osprey Farpoint 40.
  • It is the Nomatic Bag for Travel Bag is non suitable for those who need to travel a lot. It’s 40L! (Try for the Osprey Aether 70 instead).
  • Its Nomatic Bag The Nomatic Bag non ideal if you are planning to go on an extensive trip. It was created for 3–7 days of trip (Check for our High Sierra 90L for an even bigger, yet contemporary bag).

If you’re thinking about the bag, you’re likely to be drawn by its sleek, modern style, and you’re probably intrigued by Nomatic’s highest effectiveness E high-end organization.

If you’re not sure whether this bag is right suitable for you, it boils to a very crucial issue.

Does it fit for you?

Still unsure?

Don’t worry. Let’s get inside The Nomatic Travel Bag, and fully experience whether it’s the ideal backpack for your needs.

Who Are Nomatic?

Nomatic has come from out of thin air to become one the most well-known bags-making firms that are available. Nomatic produces a broad range of products , such as wallets, watches notebooks and watches, and their dedication to high-quality has allowed them to raise a massive amount of funds through Kickstarter as well as IndieGoGo.

What was the amount they raised? $3 million! This was only for backpacks.

The goal of Nomatic is to make top-quality products that are practical and adaptable, and this bag does not deviate from this goal and is an illustration of why they managed to raise such a large amount of funds. The Nomatic bags review can inform you more about this.

Different Nomatic Products

The review is mostly focused on one item: the Nomatic Travel Bag.

But, Nomatic currently offers several kinds of backpacks. This review we’ll review two of their other backpacks including they offer the Nomatic Backpack, Nomatic Travel Pack as well as the Nomatic travel Bag. Although they do share certain similarities – besides the confusingly identical names they are designed for distinct types of travellers.

It is the The Nomatic Backpack as well as The Nomatic Travel Bag Sono extremely similar. They share the same design, have the capacity to expand, and possess incredible internal organization. While their similarities are impressive however, their differences are significant.There is the Nomatic Backpack as well as The Nomatic Travel Bag side by side. There is also one greate offer which is going on which Try before buy offer for Nomatic bags.

Meet the The Nomatic BACKPACK

Nomatic - Life on the Move - Shop Now

The main difference is in how big the backpacks are. Nomatic Backpack Nomatic Backpack is the most compact backpack offered by Nomatic. It’s 20 liters (but it expands by 24L) and is suitable for use in everyday life. It’s a fantastic tiny backpack, but due to its size, it is not recommended to be used for extended travel. It can be used more as a bag for day use.

This Nomatic Backpack is also constructed from sturdy and waterproof material as well as zippers.The panel that can be removed is an AWESOME option in the Nomatic Backpack

Additionally, it comes with some cool options like the ability to fold the straps inwards, making it a duffel and also a cool, magnet for a container for bottles of water.

As with the rest of Nomatic products the backpack comes with plenty of pockets and compartments to provide the ultimate organization. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the cafe to work on your project or getting on an airplane to travel for the night There’s plenty of space that will keep your gear perfectly organized.

One of the coolest characteristics in The Nomatic Backpack is its removable panel. It is designed to house electronic gear (keyboards wires, keyboards chargers, keyboards, etc.) however, no matter what gear you are traveling with the panel will probably handle it.

This unique feature gives you the choice of packing according to the way you want to pack.

Going to a coworking space to finish your work? Do you want to visit the library for a late-night studying session? Join the panel!

However, let’s say that you’re planning a short night trip or having a night out in the city and don’t have all of your electronic gear take off the panel, and voila! You’ll save a few ounces and will be able to put your bag in the way you’d like it to be packed.

Super cool, super cool.

Other notable features that are part of Nomatic Backpack…

  • RFID-secure pockets They will help protect your electronic gear protected from hackers which becomes more essential with each passing year.
  • The hidden money pouch Very, very helpful to keep in your pocket
  • Keyleash that retracts It’s also super practical, a fantastic option to keep your keys secure and easily accessible
  • Sleeve for the roller bag – Nomatic likes to create products for those who travel. If you are traveling with the roll-on suitcase, this bag is a perfect fit on top the retractable handle
  • Cord pass throughsThis backpack is designed with strategically placed holes in it that permit the use of cords throughout the backpack (great for times when you require fast charging!)
  • Glasses case with removable shell The glasses case is removableAnother useful option, this glasses case tough and easily fits into the backpack.
  • Notebook pocketIf you’re a notebook-user, then your notebook will be kept in a specific spot in your Nomatic backpack.

Meet The Nomatic TRAVEL PACK

If it is true that Nomatic Backpack has the lowest capacity item in the Nomatic arsenal, then the Nomatic Travel Pack is the middle-sized choice in the family.

As I mentioned earlier previously, as I mentioned, the Nomatic Backpack and the Nomatic Travel Pack are very alike. They’re so similar that everything I mentioned regarding The Nomatic Backpack ALSO applies to the Nomatic Travel Pack.

The Nomatic Travel Pack is a combination of everything in it has in the Nomatic Backpack offers, but it adds a few amazing features.

Let’s examine the main differences…This Nomatic Backpack is perfect for business trips.

The main difference is in that of size of the Travel Pack is 20L in size, however, it has an innovative expansion feature that lets you make it larger by thirty litres.

This massive expansion capability is one of the primary reasons we love this backpack. Twenty and 30 liter backpacks are remarkably different. And the capability to switch between the two is one of the coolest things that we have seen in the back of a backpack.

This is a sign that you’re likely to enjoy some incredible flexibility. With 20 liters, it’s an extremely light backpack for daily use. If you’re at school, working on the laptop or simply need a fashionable backpack to get around town in, the 20 liter set is ideal.

Let’s suppose you want to make use of the additional packing capacity that comes with The Nomatic Travel Pack and open it up to make it a 30 liter. 30 liters is enough to last for up to a week of travel and makes this an excellent choice among the most efficient business backpacks available.

A few differences exist between this pack with Nomatic Backpack. Nomatic Backpack…

  • TSA ready When you go through airport security , you will be able to quickly open the laptop compartment, without having to remove your laptop
  • Tablet pocket If you’re traveling with an iPad or Kindle, this Nomatic travel Bag comes with a pocket to keep it warm and safe
  • Mesh wall for dividing In contrast to that of the Nomatic Backpack, the Travel Bag doesn’t have an adjustable panel. Instead, it has mesh walls in the main compartment, which can be useful for storing clothing for trips that are shorter
  • Cubes of compression extremely well-designed and a fantastic feature, these cubes are ideal for underwear, socks, etc. They also have two compartments, which means you can store dry and clean clothes in separate compartments.

Back to the Nomatic TRAVEL BAG Review

Overall, both of the aforementioned Nomatic products are fantastic… but neither could meet the demands of a long-term traveler.

We’re there today, with this Nomatic Travel Bag review.

It’s the one that we are looking at right currently. It’s the largest of all Nomatic backpacks, with a strong 40L. Nomatic suggests this bag for 3-to-7-day trips, however having traveled for many years with only 40L (and an everyday bag) I am able to confirm that the 40L can be capable of much more… If you’re not afraid of being minimalist and having to make some sacrifices.

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Nomatic Travel Bag Review – Features

Since that the Nomatic Travel bag has a number of amazing options, this is likely to be quite a long piece.

However, don’t fret you’re in luck – it’s great!

This bag took several years and several dozen prototypes to create and the results are evident! The designers behind this bag did an amazing job of making the most of space they could.

We believe that this bag is an amazing work of art. Let’s explore why…

Size of the Nomatic Travel Bag

This is by far the major characteristic in The Travel Bag. It’s because, based on the style of travel you prefer, this bag could be just the right dimensions for you… however, it might also be too small for you.

It’s just 40L. Many professional travellers (including myself) have traveled around the world for years with only the 40L bag. The feeling of being free is exhilarating.Its Nomatic travel Bag is prepared for any situation!

However travelling around all over the world with the size of a 40L backpack is not for all. The majority of long-term travelers choose to travel with 60-70L.

If you’re not sure whether to carry light or heavy check out the “Great Backpacker Debate” in our review of the top backpacks for traveling. This guide will give you all the information you must know about you should travel ultralight or with more gear is better to suit your needs and preferences.

Does it possible to consider the Nomatic Travel Bag an actual carry-on?

In the endless debate of 40L vs . 60L bags there is one crucial caveat 99 percent out of 100 you can be sure that the Nomatic Travel Bag is likely to be permitted to be carried on.

This is massive.

Yes, Ryanair or other zealous budget airlines may try to cost you for your excess baggage, or if you pack your bag, it could exceed its weight limit for carry-ons… however, when you pack it like normal travelers and smile, the bag is USUALLY permitted as a carry-on.

Traveling with bags that carry on luggage is a game changer. Not only will you enjoy the security of being aware of where your valuables are as well as easing the burden on your back and reduce the price of your journey (checked bags can add up quickly! ).

At 21 13 9″, you’ll be able to be rest assured you’ll have your luggage with you for the duration of your journey – Nomatic is a custom-designed bag for Carry-on.

So if you’re searching for the top carry-on bags You might have found the perfect one.

Nomatic Travel bag Review - Nomatic Travel Bag 40L Review
Nomatic Travel bag Review – Nomatic Travel Bag 40L Review

Nomatic Travel Bag as a Backpack OR Duffel Bag

One of the best characteristics in our favorite features of the Nomatic Bag for Travel Bag is that the Nomatic Travel Bag can be utilized as a backpack, or transform into an great travel bag also.

As you can see in the image below, the reason for this may be the result of some really clever engineering.We are awestruck by our how Nomatic Travel bag can easily be converted into a duffel bag!

This feature is extremely helpful and easy to utilize.

Some bags have incorporated bags that have a duffel or shoulder strap however we can declare that nobody has managed to do it as smoothly like Nomatic did with its Travel Bag. Check out the video above to see the demonstration (it’s extremely easy to use).

Laundry Bag

It is the Nomatic Bag for Laundry is so handy!

Another of our top features is the laundry bag.

It’s a easy addition, and one we’re wondering why bags haven’t added yet? It’s genius!

Laundry can be one of the most stressful aspects of travel, particularly when you’re traveling light. When traveling light means you’ll be carrying only a few clothes and it’s essential to keep dirty ones separate from the clean ones.

You can enter the laundry bag Nomatic.

Take it off at the bottom of the bag and hang it on the nearest doorknob or hook. Once you’re all set to go packing, you can simply place the laundry bag into one of the primary compartments in the Nomatic Bag. Bag.

This little addition can bring an incredible amount of comfort for travelers and shouldn’t be ignored. You can certainly purchase your own travel laundry bag (there are plenty available on Amazon) but it’s not going to fit inside your Travel Bag (plus it will cost you more! ).

Laundry Bag Notes

Laundry bags are made from mesh. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Pro? Super light and transparent! Cons? Your dirty laundry may smear out the bag. It is recommended to bring an empty trash bag or something that can secure your laundry bag if you travel with an entire load of clothes.

You’ll thank us in the future.

Weather Resistant Material

The resistance to rain is always appreciated

While traveling, it’s common to end up in rain or snow.

Also, Nomatic has taken measures to ensure that, no matter how harsh the conditions, your gear is safe.

Exterior of Nomatic travel Bag is completely waterproof material. The interior is made of tarpaulin material.

Based on our experiences, we discovered it to be extremely sturdy. We don’t suggest submerging the bag in water However, if you’re stuck in a rainstorm that is heavy it is safe to rest knowing that your belongings are guaranteed to remain dry.

These zippers also are water resistant, meaning that they will not rust if you happen to get trapped in a storm.

In the end, when you’re looking at Nomatic Travel Bag Nomatic Travel Bag, the most important thing to be concerned over is material. It is a bag that was created with affection. Its stitching has been reinforced and the bag is incredibly comfortable and extremely robust.

Water Resistant Water Pocket

We initially resisted the water tank, but we eventually became very fond of it.

Here’s why.

The water compartment lets you accomplish a variety of things…

  1. Create less garbage (and conserve the environment)
  2. Save money (by just refilling your bottle rather than purchasing new bottles)
  3. Do not worry about spillage (it’s water-proof!)
  4. You may have some extra space (in the event that you need to place something else in the compartment)

We are very happy that the compartment is water-resistant, which means that in a worst-case scenario , if your water spills the bag, it won’t be able to soak other areas of the bag.

It is a material can be described as solid. It is not water resistant but water resistant.

Water Bag Notes

The pocket for water bottles becomes extremely crowded as the bag gets filled and, if you’ve got a an overflowing bag, it becomes more difficult to squeeze your bottle into.

Disclaimer: Bottle of water does not come with.

Detachable Wait Straps

We understand that certain people don’t like straps for their waist!

If you’re in the same boat then, rejoice! You are free to leave them behind!

We think that the detachable waist straps are great for the people who need them to. We recommend removing the waist straps if prefer using the Nomatic Bag for Travel Bag as an actual duffel bag (which lots of people use! ).

However, if you prefer the Nomatic for backpacking we suggest leaving the backpacks on. Back support is rock solid.

Shoe Compartment

The compartment for scarpe is one of the Nomatic’s greatest attributes!

Another aspect you don’t see in many travel bags. Yes, every bag has compartments where can accommodate shoes canfit into However, we’ve yet to see many bags with special compartments to accommodate shoes.

This is an awesome pocket that, although it might appear small, it is a powerful piece of kit and will fit any type of footwear you’d prefer – sneakers, dress shoes Crocs, sandals (no judgements).

Anything other than a pair of boots should be acceptable.

If you’re really keen to use the shoe compartment, but do not want to carry more shoes – you still have the space! Take your coat, light sweater, or other clothing item which is compressible. Then you will be performing at maximum-packing-efficiency.

Shoe Compartment Notes

Simply put, you could have a hard time fitting both a pair of shoes and a bottle.

If you put your items in certain compartments, the space will be smaller inside other pockets. This is known as travel-packing 101 and is one of the most difficult issues if you’re traveling with 40-litre bags.

Roller Pack Sleeve

If you travel with an e-roller suitcase such as this NCM Pro You are likely to enjoy this.

This Nomatic Travel Bag comes with the sleeve of a roller pack in it.

This means that you will be able to quickly slide your bag straight on its handle.

You can then take your luggage for check-in and carry with you your Nomatic luggage with you during your flight.

This feature will affect only a small percentage of you, however, it’s worthy of mention.

Laptop/Tablet Slot

Make sure your devices are safe with The Nomatic Laptop compartment!

Laptop sleeves are crucial and are one of the most important reasons why we recommend modern bags such as Nomatic as well as Tortuga, for those who are digital nomads as well as professional travellers.

Old-fashioned travel bags such as Osprey and REI don’t have the same attention. For those who travel with laptop it’s best to have something unique. Case closed.

The compartments for laptops and tablets are pretty typical in their design like Tortuga. The laptop sleeve holds up to 15” laptop and the tablet case is ideal for tablets such as an iPad, Kindle, or If you do not have any of them, it can be used as a case to hold documents or other papers that you may be travelling with.

Laptop Compartment Notes

If you are using more than 15 inches of laptop, it won’t fit into the bag.

RFID Safe Pocket (Plus some awesome technology-related stuff)

The features of Nomatic show off their full potential.

The majority of bags for travel are designed quite similarly. The large central compartments are filled with tiny compartments. But not Nomatic.

In contrast with other bag brands, Nomatic has put nifty side compartments on the Nomatic Travel Bag and the result is quite a kickass.

The second compartment on the side is designed to house everything you need to keep in your technological gear. It is where you can put an laptop charging cable, phone charger along with any other wires or cords you might be traveling with.

These pockets are well-designed and, most importantly, they’re easy to access. Some of the more modern travel bags do not have this kind of accessibility which is one of the most popular aspects in the bags.

Additionally, this compartment includes the RFID secured pocket (shown above ) where the person is depositing the cash).

RFID can be described as a method which can protect you from electronic theft, and even though the technology may be controversial, we believe it’s a great idea!

The purpose of this pocket is to store your small security necessities. Consider passports, cash credit cards, passports as well as government IDs. You’ll feel more secure knowing that the bag is equipped with security locks which means your valuables are safe from real and electronic pickpockets.

Don’t forget, thieves.

Easy Access Notebook Side-Pocket

I’m a big fan of bookmarks that come in multiple sizes to keep me on the journey!

If you’re not reading or keep a notebook, you’re able to skip the next step.

For those who read or are moleskin-ers – you’ll enjoy this.

This is a standard case for a book or notebook however, the main reason it is so awesome is the convenience. There is no need to dig through your bag in search of the book. Don’t waste time creating your own improv-book-slots.

Nomatic offers a great size sleeve. The easy access is a wonderful feature.

Lifetime Warranty

Nomatic provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee to their customers. They they will repair any defect they are responsible for free.

Simple and efficient.

The most wonderful present. can be CONVENIENCE!

Product Listing and where to buy?


Current Ongoing Deals on Nomatic BackPack

Below are the current Nomatic Backpack which you can buy on discount.

Se ne stai cercando qualcuno lista di cose da fare all'ultimo minuto O lista di imballaggio per l'Europa then we have go your covered, I mean you would need that to pack your bags.

Isn’t it?

That was all about the Nomatic Travel Bag Review do let us know if you buy them. We have also shared some awesome product review around Contenitori da viaggio per liquidi E Borse da toilette da viaggio sospese which we think would be handy for your Europe Trip.

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