So you are planning to visit Atenas and wondering if you should take the Athens city pass O no. Atenas pasar revisión ¡Te ayudará a decidir qué hacer!

I will also break down whether it is worth it or not and how feasible it is going to be for you if you are planning to buy it. Also, what is going to be the best way to utilize the Atenas city pass if you have bought it?

In this post, I will not talk about the Top things to do in Athens because I have already shared one detailed post about that.

Athens Pass Review
Athens Pass Review

This post is updated on 26.07.2023 thanks to the comment of one of our reader who mentioned that the cost of Athens Pass has increased by around 11€.

Atenas Aprobar revisión

Atenas City Pass Review Summary

Are you organizing a Greek week or maybe a few days? There is a lot to fit in! By combining the top attractions in Athens into one convenient ticket, we’ve taken the hassle out of making an itinerary. To begin exploring ancient Grecia, simply flash it at the Acropolis Museum and the Acropolis & Archaeological Sites.

Additionally, an audio tour app that you may download to your phone will give you a guided tour of Athens’ city center.

So if you think about this on a top level it sounds quiet fascinating if you are really wondering about Exploring Athens .

Acropolis & Archaeological Sites: Combo Ticket

Athens Pass Review
Athens Pass Review

Acropolis Museum: Skip The Line

With skip-the-line admission to the Acropolis Museum in Athens, you can view an Acropolis made of LEGO bricks, stroll among ancient statues that have all kept their hues, see treasures that have been discovered, and more.

Relics from the Temple of Athena Nike, votive offerings, and sculptures showing the conflict between the Gods of Olympus and the Giants may all be found in this fascinating museum. Don’t forget to glance up at the Propylaia’s coffered ceiling when standing on the parapet of the Athena Nike temple. This area is a Greek odyssey housed in a structure.

Athens Pass Review
Athens Pass Review

City Tour of Athens: Audio Guide app

The City Tour of Athens app is a great way to learn about the history and culture of Athens while on your trip. The app has an audio guide that walks you through important landmarks in the city, and gives interesting facts about each one. The audio guide is easy to use, and you can listen to it while on your walk around the city or even when you’re waiting in line at a museum.

Athens Pass Review
Athens Pass Review

10% Extra Discount on anything

If you have something more to cover in Athens Greece and you want extra discount then you also get 10 percent discount with the pass which you can use for something else.

Athens City Pass Info

If you are wondering what all things are included in the Athens City pass then here are the things which you need to look out for in your Athens City Pass.

  • Athens Castle Skip The Line Ticket
  • Athens Astronomical Clock Skip the Line Ticket
  • Panoramic Vltava River Cruise
  • Athens City Audio Guide App
  • 10% Discount on all the other attractions in Athens .
Athens Pass Review
Athens Pass Review

Atenas City Pass Price

Let us just talk about the price of the Athens City Pass it cost you around 59 Euro in the starting. But I will dig deeper and talk about whether the 59 Euro cost is worth your money or now.

Athens Pass Review

Consulta la disponibilidad de la Athens City Pass abajo

Is The Athens City Pass Worth It?

As I already told you that the Athens City Pass cost you around 59 Euro. I am going to break down here about the attraction which is going to be covered.

AtraccionesCoste en eurosEnlace de boleto independiente
Acropolis & Archaeological Sites: Combo Ticket34.00Reserve aquí
Acropolis Museum: Skip The Line18.00Reserve aquí
City Tour of Athens: Audio Guide app5.50Reserve aquí
10% Descuento en el próximo billete

Ágora antigua de Atenas
Can save 1.2
Reserve aquí
Total + Ancient Agora of Athens70
Athens Pass Review

If you are a fan of mythology then there is another pass which you can take which is Athens Mythology Pass but that would be something for our next post.

So if you check it even if you are not using the 10% discount which is something extra you are getting from the Athens Pass, The total cost of the standalone ticket is 57.5 Euro and the Athens Pass cost you just 59 Euro which is 1.5 € extra.

This would only make sense if you are going to take any extra activity in Athens which is going to cost you more than 15 € then only you can reach break even.

So if you are already exploring Athens then you might wanna save some bucks because you will for sure explore all these places during your trip.

Not sure what to do in Athens then check out Las 35 mejores cosas para hacer en Atenas.

What is the alternative to Athens Pass?

Athens Mythology Pass is also an awesome deal which you can get if you are spending a lot of time in Athens and exploring almost everything in Athens.

Athens Mythology Pass is comparatively different from the Athens Pass and it is a bit costly as well as it cost you around 98 Euro.

It does offer entry into Acropolis, Ancient Zues Temple and Ancient Agora. So if you also want to explore Acient Zues Temple then you might wanna check this pass.

Consulta la disponibilidad de Athens Mythology Pass Below

Does The Athens City Pass Save Time?

Short answer is yes but it going to same like booking the separate tickets online before you actually step foot into Athens . I really am not fond of travelling in Europe and exploring places which I want to explore and standing in the queue for hours just to take the tickets and then again another hour in the queue to finally see the attraction.

En el Revisión del pase de Venecia I talked about the same thing because when I visited St Marks Bascillica I was so happy that I booked the ticket online well before hand which saved me around 1.5 hours from the queue for just the tickets.

¡Consejo! También tiendo a reservar el boleto sin colas porque te ayuda a acceder directamente a la atracción sin hacer cola normal solo por un par de dólares.

Dado que todos los boletos que obtienes bajo el Athens City Pass are the fast track or skip the line ticket then it will for sure help you to save time. The options are the same as these stand-alone tickets which we have pulled and shared above in the table as they are also skip-the-line tickets.

Does The Athens City Pass Save Money?

As I have talked about in other Europe Pass Reviews that city passes are saving money, Athens city pass is is not a good deal because you will pay around 1.5 € more when you take the Athens pass compared to stand-alone tickets.

It would only make sense if you want to book something extra in Athens which would be more than 15€ or so.

How Much Time Do You Need In Athens?

I always recommend the city pass for a shorter trip with a limited time to explore. Because in that case, you can save every minute just exploring the top attraction rather than just standing there in the queue to wait for your turn.

That was all the information around Athens City pass to help you understand if the Athens city pass is worth your money or not. For me it was and I was happy to buy that. I leave it upon you to decide what to do further.

If you are looking about what to do in Athens then check out 13 Amazing Things To Do in Athens.

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Athens pass is not going to save you money unless you are planning to use then 10% discount for buying something around 20€ attraction.
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You end up paying 1.4 € extra if you take the pass.
Athens Pass

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  1. I don’t see how the Athens Pass makes any sense. The combo ticket for the Acropolis plus six other ancient sites is 30 euros, and the acropolis museum admission is 15 euros. The Athens Pass is currently selling for 59 euros. For the 10 percent discount to make up the 14 euros difference, you’d have to spend $140 on other admissions, and I don’t even know if that’s possible. Maybe the math was different when you wrote the article.

    1. Hi Erika,

      Thanks for the comment and yes it does not make sense at the moment to take the Athens pass because they increased the price for this one. Because just few months back it was 48 Euro which you could also see in the snapshot. So they increased it by 11 euros in total. The combination of Acropolis and other ancient site at the moment is 34 euros and Acropolis museum is 18 Euros (skip the line) But then still stanadlone ticket would make more sense that is the main reason why I added the standalone ticket link as well to cross check and see when people are planning their trip.