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I was looking forward to expanding the Merchandise store of Chasing Whereabouts for people like me. Let me explain this down the line in the post. In this post, we will be covering the in-depth Yakkyofy Review. This is the new drop shipping tool in the market which is actually completely free right now.

You heard me right, When I said this is completely free.

Yakkyofy is a reliable and free drop shipping management platform.  With Yakkyofy you can find and import dropshipping products right in your eCommerce store with only a few clicks. With this platform, you can easily deliver any products to the US and most of the EU countries within 5 to 10 business days and that’s quite impressive.

Along with that, Yakkyofy also helps in finding products with prices from 15% to 20% lower than the Chinese eCommerce platforms like AliExpress and Alibaba. And this what makes this platform more reliable and effective.

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What is Dropshipping?

Well I will certainly not explain more about this but for people who have just stumbled upon this post I want to explain what dropshipping actually is.

Dropshipping is a business model that allows entrepreneurs to start an online business and sell products to their buyers without ever actually stocking the items themselves. Instead, when a dropshipping store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer.

Who is this tool Yakkyofy for?

  • Dropshipper,
  • eCommerce owner
  • online business owner
  • people who sell products on platforms like Amazon, eBay etc.

Check out the intro video for the Tool

In this post, we will be covering the honest Yakkyofy Review as a third person not associated with the company and just using it to run and update the product on my travel eCommerce store.

In case you want to check the tool on your own and then read the review please follow the link below

Why I chose Yakkyofy?

So as you all know I just started the Merchandise Store of Chasing Whereabouts with the Printful Print on demand shop setup. I was looking forward to open a dropshipping store for people like me who want to have to flexibility of buying souvenir like Fridge Magnets and Showpiece of the Places they have explored.

Like I always tend to miss buying the actual number of quantity of products for gifting my near and dear ones. And once I am already in my home country I couldn’t get a way to buy the souvenir again.

For times like this Chasing Whereabouts Merchandise Store could come for help. For getting you extra fridge magnets of different countries and gifting them to dear ones.

Just to make this possible when I read the add about the Yakkyofy that it is a free dropshipping tool. I thought why shouldn’t I try this out.

And here I am writing my review about it and my experience of installing it on my store in my Yakkyofy Review.

How Yakkyofy Works and Why It is Different from Oberlo? 

If you use Oberlo or other similar tools, you can also try Yakkyofy, as it is one of the options available out there that is reliable. The primary difference between Oberlo and this web app is that you do not have to purchase and deal with long shipping times on Aliexpress. Yakkyofy will purchase goods directly from Chinese factories and ship them easily with the quick distribution method available in the destination country.

Yakkyofy Review
Yakkyofy Review

In other words, you can purchase goods directly from the retailer at B2B prices with this efficient dropshipping tool and you can even private label your items and your packaging, in the end, you have the ability to easily establish a real brand and still be able to drop your products.

In addition, you can also opt to purchase stock of goods to be stored in Yakkyofy’s warehouse in Shenzhen or to submit them directly to a custom address or to an Amazon FBA venue, and these are the things that make it stand apart from the competition.

The application is in any case, intended to provide you with automated operations that require little effort from your hand. In this way, since all the sourcing and logistics tasks are handled and managed by Yakkyofy, you can concentrate on sale.

How to Get Started With Yakkyofy? 

It is really easy and straightforward to get started with this tool, everyone can get started right away. But we have shown here the exact steps you can take to get started for free with the web tool. Let’s see how this method actually works.

Step 1 – Signup For Free

In the very first step, you need to just sign up using your email address and create a free account.

Yakkyofy Review
Yakkyofy Review

Step 2 – Connect your Store

Now in this step, you need to just Connect one or more store (multi-store account). Just connect your store right with a tool so that you can start adding products easily.

As in my case I just installed the Yakkyofy application as a plugin and signed it with the same credential to which I signed up in the first place.

Yakkyofy Review
Yakkyofy Review

Step #3: Import Products

Here in this step, you can easily import products right to your store. Import product from the catalog in just one click without any hassle.

Yakkyofy Review
Yakkyofy Review

Step#4: Ask Quotations

Ask for quotes from items with the Yakkyofy Chrome Extension outside of the catalog. You can easily install their chrome extension right on your browser in order to get more features and functionality. Ask for quotes for privately branded items.

Yakkyofy Review
Yakkyofy Review

Step #5: Buy Products

Buy products in stock and keep them for free in our Warehouse in Shenzhen.  Keep an eye on your stock levels with the Virtual Warehouse.

Yakkyofy Review
Yakkyofy Review

Step #6: Recharge Your Account

Just recharge your eWallet to pay your orders automatically without any hindrance. Just keep track of your shipments right with the tracking number and the tracking status directly from your dashboard.

Yakkyofy Review
Yakkyofy Review

How to import Products which are not in Yakkyofy Catalogue?

Now in this case you will have to use the chrome extension which the company provide for getting the similar product seller. For example I wished to add one product which was Switzerland Souvernic so here is the step by step guide for importing products using the chrome extension for Yakkyofy.

Step 1 – Find the Product on Aliexpress or any website which is supported by Yakkyofy

Yakkyofy Review - import Products which are not in Yakkyofy
Yakkyofy Review – import Products which are not in Yakkyofy

Step 2 – Click on the Yakkyofy Chrome Extension and Select images and click on Start Search

The image search will start and you can close the pan and wait until you get a notificaiton.

Yakkyofy Review - import Products which are not in Yakkyofy
Yakkyofy Review – import Products which are not in Yakkyofy

Step 3 – Wait until the Image Search is Approved and You have received a notification

Once you have started the search it will come in the Image Search option with Status as Pending. Once the matching product is found then you will get a notification.

Yakkyofy Review - import Products which are not in Yakkyofy
Yakkyofy Review

Step 4 – Choose the matching products from the search results

At the same place of image search. Once the status has changes to approved. Click on details which will show the options as below.

If you have found the product then click on choose product mentioned below and press confirm.

Yakkyofy Review
Yakkyofy Review

Step 5 – Wait for some time until the shipping cost is decided

Once you have confirmed the product the product will move to the dropshipping window and the status will be pending here until the shipping cost is calculated for the product.

Yakkyofy Review
Yakkyofy Review

Features Of Yakkyofy

Here the features you can get with Yakkyofy. Let’s find out what features this free tool is actually providing.

Fast Shipping with Special Line:

They use the fastest shipping service available on the market to supply your packages. With the help of Special Line, They can deliver orders to the US and most of the EU countries within 5 to 10 business days.

Upload Products in a Few Seconds:

Pick your products on our index and click on the purple button to upload them to your store.

Private Label Products:

You can easily dropship Products with Private Label and personalized packages and customized cards with Yakkyofy.

Customizable Products Descriptions:

You can transform the descriptions and titles of your products to best respond to your client’s desires.

Multi-Stores Dashboard:

You can link all your Shopify and Woocommerce stores with only one Yakkyofy Account and manage all your orders from only one place with only one dealer.

Set Price Rules:

You can set mathematical rules to calculate automatically the prices to show on your store and set your edge.

Set Orders in One Click:

You don’t need to fulfill for your orders one by one, but you can simply select and pay them all with just one click.

Automatic Orders:

You can completely automate your order fulfillment system and send all your orders to use as soon as they arrive on your store with a no click required process with your eWallet.

Shipment Tracking:

You can find inside your Yakkyofy Dashboard all your orders tracking numbers for easily managing and following all your deliveries step by step.

Bundle Sales:

You can send different products, bought by the same customer in the same order, paying only for one delivery with Yakkyofy.


With Yakkyofy you can open a pre-paid wallet that allows you to automate all your order fulfillment process, save order processing time and pay in one solution a product stock if you want.

Virtual Warehouse:

Do you want to be sure to always supply your products in time and short your processing time? You can buy products in stock and keep them in your Virtual Warehouse, ready to be shipped whenever you prefer with Yakkyofy. Yakkyofy also saves the returned products for you and stores them in your account ready to be sold again.

Internal Quality Assurance:

We guarantee the physical attributes, models, color, and size of the products that your order matches your expectation.

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Pricing of Yakkyofy

Yakkyofy’s best part is that the site is completely open and they don’t have to pay a single buck. You can sign-in at no cost and quickly. So what are you waiting for? Just get started for free with this reliable dropshipping app.

Customer Support Of Offered By Yakkyofy

The service provided by this platform is very reliable and offers user support that is polite and responsive. For all customers, chat and email help are available. Their official email of support here is

You can also chat right through the Facebook Messenger Chat. Even the best part is that along with a proper YouTube channel, they have regularly updated the blog where you can get tools to make your dropshipping company more profitable.

Pros and Cons of Yakkyofy


  • Integrations with Woocommerce and Shopify
  • Multi-stores account
  • Dropship products with Private Label
  • Fast shipping within 5-10 days in many countries
  • Heavy discounts when scaling product quantity
  • No Upfront Cost
  • Great Customer Care
  • Direct Delivery to Amazon Fba
  • Tracking number and status available
  • The automatic order fulfillment process
  • Quotation of products outside the catalog


  • The catalog is not so big
  • Quotations are a bit slow
  • “Yet – that you have limited possibilities to select quotations – there is no possibility to delete previous linked shops.”
  • “Understanding the potential of the software, miss an italian version.”
  • “The new design comes with some problems for me.”
  • “Lack of sporting goods on the page and not enough guidance on how to import.”

Conclusion:  Yakkyofy Review 2021 | Should you try it?

This free Yakkyofy dropshipping management tool is no doubt the best alternative available on the market. It is completely free and without paying a single buck, everyone can get started with this platform right away. You should try it to find out whether or not it is useful for you. The features offered are genuine and are given to make the dropshipping company more profitable.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to share your reviews of this tool right in the comment section below.

And also if you liked the post, then please do share it on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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