Where to Stay in Dubrovnik?

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It is nestled along the shores of the Adriatic Sea in Dubrovnik. One of the most stunning and attractive places within the Mediterranean region, Dubrovnik is one of the destinations that blends all the finest beach getaways and city getaways. With a wealth of architecture, history, and culture, the Pearl of the Adriatic is a fantastic city with everything for all.

The core of Dubrovnik is the part known as Dubrovnik’s Old Town, and this area is easy to navigate by foot.

Dubrovnik’s Top Areas

Many attractions are located near each other, and it is easy to explore and see all you can in only a few hours. Aside from the Old Town, buses are the primary mode of public transportation. Tickets for buses are about EUR 1. However, there are also 24-hour or monthly passes available for those who intend to use buses for their time in the city.

If you are deciding the best place to stay in Dubrovnik, take a moment to think about what you’d like to achieve from the holiday. If you are a beach lover living close to the ocean is perfect and provides stunning views.

If you’re a history buff Staying close to the city’s walls as well as The Old Town as possible might be a good idea. If you’re working on a budget but want to get the most out of your visit to Croatia Hotels in close vicinity, Cavtat could be a good and economical option.

Old Town [SEE MAP]

old town on rocky seashore against cloudy sky - Where to stay in Dubrovnik Croatia?
Where to stay in Dubrovnik Croatia? Photo by Spencer Davis on Pexels.com

Why Stay in Old Town?

The traditional center of Dubrovnik was always the Grad. This district is now called The Old Town. It is the Old Town is the most accessible district in the city to recognize since it’s the one which is located within the City Walls of Dubrovnik. The name suggests a remarkable historical region where you will discover the city’s most extensive collection of important architectural, historical, and cultural sites.

There’s no limit to the possibilities to discover, do, and experience in your Old Town. It is possible to start your day walking through a centuries-old Gothic palace and then continue with an excursion through the ancient city gates and close it out with delicious food in a local eatery.

If you are in Old Town, you have to walk around the city. When your lodging is in Old Town, you can walk to many essential attractions in less than 20 minutes. To accommodate the countless visitors who want to explore the historical side of Dubrovnik, The Old Town boasts a staggering number of restaurants, cafes, nightlife, and souvenir shops.

Things to See and Do in Old Town

  • The Dubrovnik’s Old Harbor – Once the central point for the Dubrovnik’s trade fleet, the harbor is mainly used by local fishermen and as a dock for beautiful replicas of the argosies as galleons.
  • Franciscan Monastery: This stunning monastery with Baroque churches houses a Romanesque Cloister and the third-oldest pharmacy in the world.
  • Onofrio Fountains – Onofrio’s stairs to the fountain are now a popular gathering location for youth from the area and where visitors and pigeons rest to refresh with cool water.
  • Pile Gate It is a convenient point to begin walking along with The Old Town.
  • Fort Lovrijenac – Yet another incredible and impressive fortress, Fort Lovrijenac, also known as the Fort of St. Lawrence, is situated outside the city walls near the western end of the city.
  • Rector’s Palace – Previously the residence for the Major Council, it now houses an exhibition focused on the city’s historical past.
  • Stradun – Walk around and relax at a café on the main road in the town’s old part.

Where to Stay in Dubrovnik Old Town?

Luxury Hotels in Old Town Dubrovnik

Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik
Where to Stay in Durovnik Croatia? - Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik
Where to Stay in Durovnik Old Town? – Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik

Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik – The lavish Hilton Imperial is housed in an 1890s-era building that is situated outside the city’s wall. Trees of tropical origin line the hotel’s entryway, showcasing the beauty of the coastline of Dubrovnik without obscuring the hotel’s heritage.

The rooms are equipped with significant upgrades such as sea views with separate living areas and private balconies. The luxurious amenities of Hilton Imperial. Hilton Imperial includes facilities like a ballroom, conference rooms, a fitness center and spa with an indoor pool, two bars, and a grand formal restaurant.

It is the Pucic Palace
Where to Stay in Durovnik Old Town?
Where to Stay in Durovnik Old Town? – Pucic Palace

It is the Pucic Palace – If you’ve always wanted to reside in a palace, this is your opportunity. It is the Pucic Palace truly is a palace, and it was built in the Baroque style during the 17th century. Only a few steps away from the ocean, the resort places near the most popular tourist attractions in Dubrovnik.

Everything in this hotel Pucic Palace is top of the quality, from the intricately made rugs in the rooms to the luxurious oak hardwood floors, as well as the locals’ artwork displayed on the walls.

Marble staircases create a dramatic impression upon entering the hotel. In the evening, you can enjoy a glass of whisky or fine wines in the intimate and dark wine bar.

Midrange Hotels Dubrovnik Old Town

  •  Hotel Stari Grad – The Hotel Stari Grad is the ideal boutique hotel. There are only eight rooms in the hotel, meaning you will experience a truly unique experience during your stay in Dubrovnik. The hotel is in a structure dating from the 16th century. However, rooms are equipped with various modern amenities. The flat-screen TVs in all rooms and the well-stocked minibars are available to everyone.

Budget Hotels in Dubrovnik Old Town

  • Karmen Apartments Karmen Apartments an assumption that affordability in Dubrovnik is a sign of sacrifice in quality or culture. Karmen Apartments proves that entirely incorrect. With panoramic views of historic sites from the windows, Karmen Apartments helps you immerse yourself in the local scene.

    Although it’s not expensive, this is the grand home that belongs to the family of Van Bloemen, and it comes with kitchenettes to make food preparation easy. It can also be a nice option if you are searching for Where to stay in Dubrovnik with Family.

Hostels in Dubrovnik Old Town


Why Stay Somewhere Else?

Because Old Town is undeniably a popular destination for international tourists, It can sometimes be crowded and inauthentic. Furthermore, Old Town hotels located within the city’s boundaries are more costly than that farther outside. Restaurants and souvenirs are also expensive, especially in the case of companies that cater directly to tourists that are visiting Dubrovnik.

Be aware that even though plenty of hotels in the Old Town have a varied range of private rooms and apartments available for rent. However, there are only two hotels within the city’s walls. Also, remember that there’s no parking in Old Town, so you’ll have to take your luggage through the city.

Ploce[SEE MAP]

Why Stay in Ploce?

Ploce Iza Grada Ploce Diza Grada is Croatian, which translates to Ploce Behind the City, where you’ll find the area of Ploce. The site is close to the city’s eastern wall, which makes it one block away from the sights in Old Town. The place is a popular hotel because it combines two top features of Dubrovnik coastal views and a charming historic city.

From the majority of hotels in Ploce rooms, guests can take pictures of the old city walls, as well as the turquoise waters of the Adriatic along with the lush vegetation of nearby island Lokrum to the distant. This is why Ploce has some of the top hotels in Dubrovnik, and you’ll be able to find luxurious resorts in the vicinity.

There are two distinct areas in Ploce to explore when staying in the area that is the city. There’s the lively historical section that is located close to the city wall, which is home to beautiful cafes, souvenir shops, and a variety of historical sites. Banje is one of the city’s most popular public beaches at the opposite end of Ploce. You’ll be able to swim, lay on the sand, enjoy a meal at one of the beach clubs along the coastline and cater to visitors and locals who want to enjoy.

Things to See and Do in Ploce

  • Banje Beach – A pebble beach with stunning views of the city’s walls and an island in Lokrum.
  • Dubrovnik Cable Car – Takes you to Mountain Srd in less than four minutes. A fortress at the top houses a small museum that explains its history.

Where to Stay in Ploce

  • luxury
  •  Hotel Excelsior – Dubrovnik’s Hotel Excelsior is a world-class hotel located in a royal palace constructed in 1913. The hotel’s amenities are elegant, from the luxurious rooms that provide private living spaces with views of the sea and balconies. Whether you’re craving Thai food, international cuisine, or Croatian dishes, there is a place to enjoy it at any of the three restaurants that overlook the sea in the hotel. There’s also a gorgeous private beach for relaxing and splashing around with no crowds on Dubrovnik’s beachfront.
  • Grand Villa Argentina The hotel is perched on a cliff that overlooks the Adriatic Sea is Grand Villa Argentina. The hotel is luxurious and upscale. It is surrounded by gardens with terraces and boasts an exclusive saltwater pool and a private beach. The rooms are equipped with modern facilities but with an abundance of local and cultural character to remind you that you’re in the middle of Croatia. Two excellent restaurants, two stylish bars, and a dazzling fitness center complete the exceptional charm at The Grand Villa Argentina.

Why Stay Somewhere Else?

The region of Ploce close to the Old Town is an affordable alternative to staying inside the city walls. However, resorts with beachfront rooms in the other district may be pricey. People on a tight budget may be shocked by the costs of accommodations close to Banje and Banje, not to mention the crowded atmosphere in these international resorts.

Lapad[SEE MAP]

Why Stay in Lapad?

The city’s west side, as well as its Old Town, in the Lapad Peninsula. The peninsula lies to the west of Lapad, the bay area commonly called Uvala Lapad, to separate it from the entire island. Lapad is the perfect spot to stay if you are keen to experience all the beauty and natural splendor of Dubrovnik and want to spend the most time possible outside. The beachfront in this bay area is the main draw for many, and it’s where you’ll find an abundance of luxurious hotels. The Lapad’s accommodations are much cheaper than those in Old Town or Ploce, making it an excellent spot to spend your money without breaking your budget.

While Lapad is far from the historical attractions in Old Town and the interior of the city’s walls, public transport is a breeze to travel to the town. Buses are frequent and take less than 15 minutes to travel across Lapad towards The Old Town.

Overlooking Lapad, located above the beaches, Lapad transforms into what is referred to as the lung of Dubrovnik, a hilly wooded region with breathtaking views. Numerous hiking trails are located above the beach, making it an ideal choice for those who love photography, outdoor activities, and taking advantage of the mild Croatian climate.

Things to See and Do in Lapad

  • Lapad Beach – A car-free, sandy beach situated on the Lapad Peninsula, where you can enjoy a relaxing time under the shade of many trees.

Where to Stay in Lapad

  • luxury
  •  Hotel Dubrovnik Palace – The Hotel Dubrovnik Palace is located just a few feet from the Adriatic Sea, promising excellent views and easy access to the best Dubrovnik beaches. The hotel is also modern thanks to the white, modern accents, individual balconies, complimentary wifi, and 24-hour room service. Foodies will love this hotel because of its choices for dining, which include the beachfront restaurant with a swim-up bar and the healthy eatery on the top floor.
  • Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik, The cliffside Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik, is a modern hotel with views of the ocean blues of the Adriatic. The exterior is breathtaking with its glass-fronted balconies, which offer guests a better idea of the ocean. The rooms are luxurious with hardwood flooring, designer toiletries, and large flat-screen TVs. The private beach is sure to become your preferred hotel area, but you also have the option of taking swimming laps at the indoor heated pools.
  • midrange
  •  Hotel Lapad The hotel is located in a beautiful Victorian structure built in Victorian times. The Hotel Lapad can be described as a stunning structure. In the evening, lights and sconces shine a light on this hotel’s fine details that impress guests and architects. The facilities in the Hotel Lapad are excellent. You’ll enjoy the complimentary breakfast buffet, the nightly entertainment for free, the outdoor pool, and the restaurant that offers sea views.
  • Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik The sleek, large structure dubbed Valamar Lacroma. Valamar Lacroma is a budget alternative that will not overspend your budget; however, it will tick all the criteria for an unforgettable stay. Rooms are fully equipped with internet access, minibars, safes, kettles, flat-screen televisions, and kettles. Breakfast is included for all guests, and there are two restaurants and four bars to provide plenty of dining options. Relax for the day in one of the many pools, at the fitness center, or in the spa.

Why Stay Somewhere Else?

Many accommodations and hotels in Lapad are trendy, and, at times, it can be challenging to recognize whether you’re in Dubrovnik. On the beachfront of Lapad Bay, there can be a thriving nightlife. This is not ideal for those planning early morning starts or especially for households with youngsters. The good news is that staying away from the main tourist stretch of hotels may provide greater peace and tranquility.


Why Stay in Gruz?

Gruz is the principal port in Dubrovnik. It is the first port of call for many travelers who arrive on cruise vessels exploring both the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. Gruz is situated just north of Dubrovnik’s Old Town, making it an ideal area in the capital city for exploring. The majority of the time, Gruz is residential, which allows you to experience the real Dubrovnik is like with fewer tourists. Like one would expect from a more secluded zone, Gruz offers lower prices on everything from restaurants and clothing stores. The accommodation is also cheaper in Gruz as opposed to other areas of Dubrovnik, and also there is a more affordable alternative like affordable accommodation and hostels.

Gruz is renowned for its stunning views of the ocean as well as its beautiful marina. This area of Dubrovnik is the best place to stay if you want to visit a few islands on your trip. The Elaphite Islands are within view from Gruz, and it’s easy to book ferry rides for excursions throughout the region.

Where to Stay in Gruz

  • Berkeley Hotel – Although the rates are affordable for Berkeley Hotel, despite the affordable rates at Berkeley Hotel, the location remains a luxurious resort. The rooms are stylish and modern; some have balconies, sitting areas, and kitchenettes. A bar on the premises is the perfect place to meet people and socialize with guests, and there’s an on-site spa for pampering and luxury. The 24-hour concierge and front desk staff can assist with late-night check-ins or provide suggestions for restaurants, nightlife, and tours of Dubrovnik and the surrounding regions.
  •  Hotel Adria – The Hotel Adria in Dubrovnik represents the Mediterranean style due to its traditional white exterior and roof that is shingled. The hotel also offers a modern style because of a restaurant with high ceilings and breathtaking harbor views. The rooms are basic yet elegant. Guests can enjoy facilities like the on-site bar, the pool outside, the business center, and the spa.

Why Stay Somewhere Else?

While Gruz is located near the most visited attractions in the city’s Old Town, this residential neighborhood offers little historical interest for visitors. If you plan to do lots of sightseeing and exploring, it might be easier for you to be in Old Town or Place. Although hotels and restaurants may be less expensive in Gruz, they’re typically less attractive and more costly than city-center or beachfront establishments. If you’re looking to experience the best, Dubrovnik offers that staying in a different part of the city could make that goal more feasible.

Cavtat[SEE MAP]

Why Stay in Cavtat?

Cavtat is a lovely Adriatic city that lies to the south of Dubrovnik. While it’s completely removed from Dubrovnik, it’s still an attractive place to stay. The reason for this is its closeness to the Dubrovnik Airport. While Old Town of Dubrovnik Old Town is a 30-minute drive from the international terminal, Cavtat is just five minutes away.

There’s more to Cavtat than convenience for travel but. Cavtat has a long tradition that dates back more than 2,000 years, and many historical cathedrals and churches are in place in the city’s center. Along the waterfront of Cavtat, There are plenty of bars, restaurants, and eateries where you can sit and unwind and watch the natural scene unfold before you. In general, lodging in Cavtat is more affordable than in Dubrovnik, making it a more attractive location for tourists on vacation. If you’re planning to go to Dubrovnik in the morning, numerous ferry services and buses will take you to Dubrovnik quickly.

Things to See and Do in Cavtat

  • Rector’s Palace and St. Nicholas Church – The Renaissance mansion is home to its Baltazar Bogisic collection. The Baroque structure next to it houses its St. Nicholas Church with its unique wooden altars.
  • Vlaho Bukovac House The house where Vlaho Bukovac, the Croatian artist Vlaho Bukovac was raised and from where the artist returned in later years to build his ideal studio for artists. The house itself is the museum.
  • Mausoleum belonging to The Mausoleum of the Racic family – erected in 1921, this mausoleum is the final resting spot of the prominent Cavtat shipping clan.

Where to Stay in Cavtat

  • luxury
  •  Hotel Croatia Cavtat, The Hotel Croatia Cavtat With stunning views of the Adriatic and the mountains surrounding the Hotel Croatia Cavtat, it offers the ideal destination for nature lovers. Most rooms come with balconies, which let you take in the views in peace or perhaps with an alcoholic drink. While you can avail yourself of the benefits of 24-hour rooms, it is possible to take a break and dine at any of the restaurants located on the property or have a snack near the pool outside or at two private beaches. You can relax in the salon, spa, or your Finnish sauna following a fun day and exploration.
  • budget
  • Hotel Cavtat – With air-conditioned rooms, balconies that overlook the harbor, and a swimming spa on the hotel’s rooftop, the Hotel Cavtat only feels expensive. However, the proper lodging selection makes it an excellent choice for those on a budget. The rooms are equipped with satellite TV and comfortable beds. An open-air restaurant offers fresh seafood and international food. Our front desk will be available all day long, and the staff is happy to assist you in arranging excursions and sightseeing tours in the southern part of Croatia.

Why Stay Somewhere Else?

Cavtat has plenty of appeals. However, it’s not as appealing as the historical and cultural importance of Dubrovnik. As it’s a less well-known tourist destination on the coast, fewer people exist, but there are fewer eateries, galleries, museums, and luxurious hotels. Many people find driving 30 minutes on a bus to reach Dubrovnik’s Old Town of Dubrovnik not appealing. If you’re not looking to escape the crowds, you are taking an early flight to catch from the airport, or you’re operating on a tight budget, it might be more convenient to stay close to Dubrovnik rather than Cavtat.

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