Planning to buy WANDRD PRVKE then WANDRD PRVKE 21 Review will get your started to decide if this is your next travel bag or not.

The people at WANDRD have created quite a stir within the photographers in the world of travel. At the time of their initial introduction of the acclaimed PRVKE collection, the company declared it to be the most ideal backpack for photographers. I wasn’t convinced.

It’s an exaggerated claim.

Finding the right camera bag isn’t an easy job. Each photography style is unique and requires different equipment while working or exploring the wild. A few manufacturers have managed to combine amazing looks and functionality for photographers and long-lasting durability into one product.


With all the 5 star reviews, I thought that it was the right time to conduct an in-depth dive into the WANRD PRVKE. Although there are plenty of great things in this purse, I did notice a few aspects that I did not love enough, too.

In the end, you have to decide what's a issue. It's a personal choice.

It was initially designed not with photographer in mind but specifically for photographers as well. WANDRD says that this bag can be modified to meet the needs of any traveler. But is it able to perform the task?

I hope you will find this WANDRD PRVKE review can aid you in making a decision.

WANDRD PRVKE 21 Review 2022: Quick Answers

  • The WANDRD PRVKE was designed by photographers to be used by photographers.
  • The main premise for this backpack is organizational.
  • It is adorned with an original and stunning style.
  • It's theft-proof and weather-resistant--two things photographers need!
  • It's well-padded, even with no camera cube.
  • This bag is as other bags in the event that you don't purchase the camera cube.

The WANDRD PRVKE is available in two size (21L or 31L) The rest of the features is identical.


  • A+ is a company
  • A lot of access points
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Lifetime warranty
  • International shipping


  • Camera cube integration can be extremely difficult to integrate.
  • Heavy
  • There isn't a built-in waist belt
  • Not ideal as a single hiking bag
  • Weather-resistant, but not waterproof.

Who Is the WANDRD PRVKE For?

  • photographers: This pack is specifically made with photographer in mind. The dimensions are sufficient to hold a large quantity of gear however, they are small enough to be able to carry around. This accessory package is completely photographic-themed, with extra weather and impact protection in the shape of a camera shell that is protected and rain fly. Its Essential Camera Cube can easily fit in this bag, and you can also purchase additional accessories, such as accessories straps. Overall, it's among the top cameras bags available for photographers!
  • Commuters: Are you a walker in search of the perfect weekday bag? Are you a cyclist in search of a stylish, weatherproof bag and light? Do you frequently take trains and are looking for a secure, discreet bag that will protect all of your workplace gear? The WANDRD PRVKE can do everything you need and much more.
  • Travelers from all over the world: The carry-on bag you choose to use is an essential element of your travels Therefore, it is essential to have the perfect bag to do the task. The WANDRD PRVKE has the back of your hand (pun intended) all the way with its incredible array of safety features. It's sturdy as well as comfortable and is the perfect size to fit under a seat or into an overhead bin in the airplane.
  • Individuals who live or work in areas with a lot of rain: Extreme durability and weatherproofing are included with WANDRD's PRVKE. It's a great pack to own when you reside in an area that is humid the world. You can use it for everything such as shopping and day hikes!

Who Isn't the WANDRD PRVKE For?

  • Backcountry Hikers:While this review will reveal that the WANDRD PrVKE is equipped with numerous features that are useful for hikers but it's not likely to be the first option to explore the forest, especially if you plan to do it on your own. Although it's extremely durable and can certainly get you there regardless of where you go however, the PRVKE isn't quite small to function as the ultimate backpacking bag. The list below of the best camera backpacks for hikers offers better choices for hikers.
  • one-bag travelers: The bag's size is not enough to a true single-bag-traveler. Although it does have certain features you'd definitely find useful however, there are more suitable options from WANDRD that offer more room, such as the 45L Access HEXAD Duffel.
  • Runners as well as Speedy Hikers and Peak-Baggers This WANDRD PRVKE does numerous things, but ultralight isn't among the things. This bag was made to be a cushioned tank that will hold your expensive photography gear.

Who is WANDRD?

WANDRD has an amazing background story. In the year 2015, three photographers became tired of having to live with cameras that were shoddy. In the past photographers had to decide between a camera bag that would protect their cameras, but appeared to be garbage or one that was stylish but completely did not function as an actual gear bag. WANDRD was designed to address this issue.

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Since the launch of their first ever product with the help of a Kickstarter campaign that was launched from their basement the founders have worked to create a practical bag with aesthetics for photographers who want more out of their gear. Two more Kickstarters over four years and numerous products in the past the PRVKE ('provoke') has emerged as the culmination of their ambition to offer one of the most desirable cameras for those traveling. They're now among the most popular backpack brands around.


The PRVKE is a fantastic combination of practical and useful features. From a simple roll-top lid , to a myriad of safe and well-placed pockets. This bag is designed to simplify your life. Let's spend a few minutes to talk about each of these distinctive attributes.

If you're running out of time take a look at this video from WANDRD

Wandrd Travel + Camera Pack

Dimensions and Specifications

Dimensions of the daypack pack are important when choosing the right size. A backpack that's too large will strain your shoulders, but it's too large and it's difficult to hold. Too high and it'll be difficult to change!

The WANDRD PRVKE bag is relatively tall, shallow bag made to hold the weight of the bag closer towards your physique. This is ideal for photographers who are carrying heavy, bulky camera equipment. For those who carry computers and textbooks (college pupils or digital nomads).The WANDRD PRVKE is an excellent city bag

It's quite tall even when folded up. It's also ergonomically-designed and well-padded for all types of users however, the size of the bag indicates that it's going to fit the larger person more comfortably.

In terms of capacity with regards to capacity, the normal PRVKE is able to hold a decent amount of space, with it's main compartment having 21L of storage space. There's also a larger version that can hold 31L , if you're looking for extra room to store your gear. The roll-top feature is helpful here also, along with the accessory straps - they provide the ability to compact the backpack.

The bags are very heavy. With 2.8lbs and 3.4lbs and 3.4lbs respectively for the 31L and 21L bags they are not light bags. Even with all of the padding along with the organization, waterproofing and toughness, there is an essential trade-off in weight category. Remember that adding camera cubes or a photography kit will make your weight.

21 Liter31 Liter
Dimensions17''H X 11''W X 6.5''D19''H X 12.5''W X 7.5''D
Capacity21L + 5L31L + 5L

The Essential Camera Cube (4/5)

Although it could technically be classified as an add-on item but I'd bet it's not worth the money unless you purchase the camera cube with it.

In the end, it's an item for photographers. And photographers need camera cubes.

There are a few sizes in various sizes, all of that are excellent add-ons to your backpack. Each has a number of removable partitions to ensure that your camera and lenses stay in a comfortable and secure position during any trip you embark on.

Its Essential Camera Cube can accommodate a long-distance lens as well as the DSLR or two to 3 smaller lens. With its adjustable partitions, you can alter the layout according to your preference, ensuring that your electronic children are secure throughout their travels.

Its Essential Camera Cube is designed to be placed on the bottom of the backpack, so that the weight is efficiently distributed through the straps. It also fits well with an access side points, which makes it simple to grab without having to completely take out everything. Because it's made to meet the requirements that come with the backpack it sits snugly inside the bag's bottom and doesn't move around.

The Pro Camera Cube is the same, but it's more rigid, fitting two cameras, 4-6 lenses (including bigger zoom lenses) and even drones.

It is also possible to purchase the new Mini Camera Cube designed to fit inside the top of the 31L or 21L versions of the PRVKE.

Roll-Top Lid (3/5)

am a sucker for the lids that roll up I'm quite content to see that WANDRD has included a roll-top function in this case.

The roll-top is expandable/collapsible, and can add another five liters to your toting capacity! Also, it looks pretty cool.

It's also very safe, meaning that thieves with sticky fingers would be unable to play with it, without you even notice. The other zippers are also concealed to discourage thieves from taking it.


I have a major issue with the feature. When the bag is filled to the brim and the roll-top has been extended completely, the extra weight of the bag is out from the handles. Instead of securing them they simply slide into the side and are an ineffective and unattractive feature.

More thought might have been given to the practicality of this. If you don't plan on filling your bag with food every time, it shouldn't be any issue.

Side Access (4/5)

The issue with lids that have a roll-top design is that it hinders spontaneous photos. WANDRD came up with this idea, and has included a convenient side access point for this exact reason!

This means that you can move the bag onto one side and gain accessibility to the camera to make a quick draw. There is no need to fiddle while you lift the bag completely off to access the main compartment for your camera.

I'd have preferred they created an access point that was larger, perhaps to be able to access multiple lenses and cameras simultaneously. I also wish they'd come up with a different method to secure cameras to bags (since it's easily removed).

The basic idea is that it is the case that you have to insert the side access flap inside the flap on the side of the bag. This means that your side access flap will be twice the thickness that it has to be.

The way in which the modules work together is unnatural.

Rainfly Pocket (3/5)

If it starts raining it is advisable to have a bit of security for your gear could be necessary. A rainfly can be the perfect protection that will render your gear impervious to rain.

WANDRD does not include the rainfly in the bag's contents Unfortunately. However, it has an exterior pocket that is convenient at the bottom to keep a rainfly in case you're in need of it.

Although it's not an attraction however, the rainfly pouch is a good idea and will prevent you from attempting to store the rainfly in your delicate equipment.

However, you'll have to buy the rainfly on its own, and I do not think you need to have to.

Water Bottle Pocket (4/5)

There's a problem that's common with pockets that aren't mandatory (like water bottle pockets) They just hang in the corners or back of the bag when they're not being used and are far enough to grab all kinds of things. Not so on the PRVKE.

This water bottle pouch can be expanded. This means it can be safely shut when not when not in use. This will keep your backpack's appearance slim and sleek in the event of a need, but allows room for one litre of water at the time of. Additionally, this pocket could be a great place to store the tripod.

(Also If you're in the market, you should read on our pick of the best water bottles to take on the road.)

Clamshell Zipper (5/5)

In addition to the standard roll-top, they also have an clamshell zipper that is located between the straps for your shoulder. This makes it easy to access the inside of the bag without having to reach into the upper.

This makes packing an easier and organized process rather than forcing your bag to be loaded at the top. In addition, it provides an easy access to your laptop sleeves.

Laptop Sleeve (4/5)

WANDRD includes a thoughtfully designed laptop compartment that makes travelling with your laptop easy. The 15" Sleeve is situated in its main compartment in the bag and has a good padding to absorb any bumps that travel.

The zipper of the clamshell that accesses the main compartment opens to allow easy access. I also love how the sleeve holds the laptop firmly against your back, helping with the weight distribution.

Passport Pocket (5/5)

Just behind your lower back lies a tiny compartment with a zippered closure. This is the most secure compartment and is the perfect spot to keep your passport, or other small objects that you would like to keep secret.

It's virtually inconceivable for anybody to gain access to this compartment while the PRVKE is placed on your back. The zipper is also discrete when you take your bag off, which means it will not instantly draw any attention.

Magnetic Handles (2/5)

The two handles at the top which join above the lid of the roll are equipped with magnetic clips. They stay together when you're moving around and keeps them from moving into your neck and then back.

Although it's a nice design element, I'd prefer that the magnets were a more durable, since the handles break very quickly.

In addition, as we've mentioned previously in the case of a roll-top that is full, the handles won't ever even connect.

Materials (5/5)

It seems like every year new materials are created that are lighter and more durable. They are also more water-resistant. The most effective backpacks I've seen are ones that embrace the latest technology instead of sticking with the traditional, and that is exactly what WANDRD have done.

The bag is constructed of two primary materials: Robic 1680 Ballistic Nylon and waterproof Tarpaulin. Robic Nylon is among the most robust nylon materials available. It's tough, resistant to abrasions, and extremely durable A bag made from this material will stay with you for an extended period of time.

Based on the opinions of some wholesalers you could even create bomb-proof equipment!WANDRD PRVKE WANDRD PRVKE is made from some of the strongest fabric available.

In conjunction with the space-age fabric the material which makes it one of the top backpacks to use on rainy days with tarpaulin. Simple and efficient The addition of tarpaulin will make this bag weatherproof and doesn't add any weight.

Of of course, claims to weatherproofing are only valid when the zippers are up to the task. WANDRD has ensured that the zippers they've kept in their designs are weatherproofed and covered to ensure that they don't get vulnerable to the weather you may encounter on your travels.

All in all, it is a stunning design that is designed for those who require to know that their gear is safe from any harm while carrying the bag.

Style & Aesthetics (5/5)

The people who design beautiful backpacks don't tend to be particularly concerned with the security, capacity, or function. Sometimes, comfort is just the last thing on the list.

It's true that WANDRD would not be the company they have become if didn't possess an eye for design. In the end, the business began with the notion that it's not necessary to need to choose between two options. You can combine functionality and great appearance in one package.This is certainly a chic and fashionable bag!

And I'm very impressed with the design they created for us. The small size of this bag create it a clean, upright appearance that doesn't pull over your shoulders or appear too heavy when it's worn. Due to the limited number of zips as well as the absence of waist and chest straps, there's not much hanging from this bag.

Although the color palette isn't huge (three choices) the color schemes features a feminine matte finish, which is elegant and subtle. The style isn't overly exaggerated to keep the attention of pickpockets , but nevertheless, it is definitely stylish.

It's a bag that can endure a beating in the bush yet still clean to stroll around the city.

Then, there's the roll-top. A truly unusual feature in the pack, to be certain it is one that I'm constantly referring to in this review of the WANDRD PRVKE. Instead of hiding or concealing its presence, WANDRD has designed the roll top to be in all sides and I am awestruck by it.

In the end, why would we hide the truth about us?

Comfort (3/5)

If you're likely to transport camera equipment with your the comfort and ease of use will be crucial design elements. We've all felt how heavy one camera may feel after one hour of walking even a complete range of cameras.

From a purely ergonomic point of view From a functional standpoint, this is a fantastic bag for ergonomics. Like I said the compact design keeps the weight of the bag closer in relation to you. The load is positioned close to your center of gravity, which makes it less hefty. This will also decrease the amount of motion from your lenses, camera and laptop.WANDRD PRVKE sits comfortably on your back

The straps are well-designed, with stitching that runs across the back panel to ensure an even distribution of weight over the shoulders. The straps as well as the back are cushioned, with no corners that press against your hips and shoulders. The only issue could be that it's not particularly air-tight.

A minor drawback of these straps is they come with not a top-adjusting. It might seem like a minor issue however, with the size of this backpack, shorter users may struggle to be comfortable without a top strap that can make the load more hefty over the centre of gravity.

There are two additional unclear aspects of this bag: chest straps belt and the waist. I would have guessed that the backpacks designed for transporting heavy equipment would have these, however in the case of WANDRD's they're sold separately.

I'm not able to come up with any rational reason to support this. The straps that clip-on aren't as secure as an integrated version and are a major difference in your ability to carry the weight for a long time. The only reason I can think of is they don't match the style that the backpack.

Organization (5/5)

If you're a photographer who prefers traveling with lots of gear An organized bag is helpful in a variety of ways. An option that gives you to access all of its compartments without needing to move your gear all across the floor is the ultimate goal, making sure that you are able to manage important things with ease.

In this category, WANDRD has demonstrated its creativity by taking a variety of innovative ideas and turning them into a neatly-organized device.

Entry Points (5/5)

The first and most important is entrance points. There are three! The most important entry point for access is the roll top that allows you to reduce your gear to make it more comfortable to carrying. It also assists with the weatherproofing and is held in place by a stunning machined synch. If you need to it is possible to unroll it to store any items you find or jackets that you remove.Access points that are easy to access? These bags have these!

There's also the Clamshell. The whole back of the bag opens for access to your main compartment as well as camera bags and laptop sleeves.

There's also the side access that is directly accessible from the inside of the bag, from an angle that it's possible to reach without having to take out the backpack. The camera bag included with the pack comes with an opening that is identical that makes this an ideal alternative for bringing your camera when you're in the move.

Pockets (5/5)

What do you think about pockets? They've got you covered. On the outside, you'll find the water bottle compartment that is zipped into a flat position when not in use. There's a pocket that is flat for books and maps on the front as well as a rain fly pocket at the lower part of the bag.

On the back is the useful security pocket. It's probably not the best option for anything heavy like the wallet, but it's ideal for documents and passports. There's also a compartment on the top to store your phone, as well as an inside pocket to store your keys, all located in areas that aren't easy for thieves to get at.

Inside you will find pockets to store batteries as well as SD cards inside of the side flap it's a nice small detail, and also serves as a separator inside that main compartment. This is mostly used to store the accessories of the camera bag however, it could also serve as useful as a storage device when opened via the clamshell's side.

Other Features (5/5)

There are a few extras that complete this slick and organized beast. There's a piece made of elastic that's on the main strap that is designed to keep your lens cap when you take pictures There are also loops on the outside of the bag that can be used to attach additional equipment like an tripod onto the PRVKE.

Durability (5/5)

It's useless to have all these amazing features packed into your backpack when the backpack will have to throw it in the dumpster after 3 months of usage.

It's been a good experience, and I've had no issues with the strength the backpack. The robust materials utilized to create this bag (as as the top-quality design) has resulted in bags that can compete with the Abrams tank for its durability.

Myself, as well as several of my photographers have used the WANDRD PRVKE on a variety of diverse travel adventures and not one of us has ever had any sort of issue with the bag breaking in a sudden manner.

Price (4/5)

Of of course, all the qualities and benefits have to come at a price. The PRVKE is a top-quality product that has an amount that is comparable to.

It's an expensive price for a set however, I believe it's a reasonable cost to be paying. It's for the stand-alone bag, but I highly suggest looking into their accessories bundles (I like a great camera cube) that really improve the capabilities and functionality of their PRVKE.

The addition of bundles will increase the price, however I think it is worth paying, particularly if you use the bag primarily for photography gear.

Warranty (5/5)

It's a good thing! The WANDRD PRVKE is protected by a lifetime guarantee in the event of any flaws. This doesn't mean they'll give you a replacement bag if you spill it on the fire pit while going camping...but in the event that it does be damaged or ripped at any point, you can rest assured that the manufacturer is there to help you.

Shipping (5/5)

Wherever you are anywhere in the world, WANDRD ships to you. With three warehouses located in the USA and the Netherlands as well as Hong Kong, they'll easily ship anywhere around the globe within two days from the time an order is placed.

They also state that they're not accountable for any delays or errors made from the shipping agent. But, as they're using the signed post with trusted agents, it's difficult to imagine this as an issue.

WANDRD PRVKE Accessories

The PRVKE is a stunning bag all on its own however WANDRD decided that it was not enough for them. As a nod to their camera-loving roots the company has launched a collection of accessories created to go with the bag to make it more attractive to photographers.


While the bag is weatherproof, it's always good to be protected as much as you can against rain. A rainfly is a basic bit of material that will match the colors of the bag you've picked.

It's conveniently tucked away in tiny pockets at the lower part of the bag which is not just hidden and provides additional protection for camera bags.

Clip Straps

The clip straps are great for hauling the tripod around, additional gear or even a sleeping bag in case you're planning to stay under the stars.

They're secured, meaning you can unclip them and leave whenever you're at your best. This side release buckle can be snapped off in one action, which is great for those who are in a hurry. It's also very easy to put on your bag!

Waist Straps

I've stated the fact that in my review I feel it's odd that WANDRD decided to market the items as an add-on instead of making them an integral part to the overall design, but there's nothing I can make about it!

They're equipped with some nice characteristics - for instance, the belts are equipped with two additional pockets to give you more organization. Additionally, they are well-padded, meaning they're easy to ride on your hips.

These accessories can be purchased with the backpack on the WANDRD website, in an photographer bundle (there are two kinds). Photography Bundle includes all of the above mentioned accessories, while The Traveler Bundle includes everything but the camera bag.

You can also purchase the bag without accessories, however if you believe you'll use the accessories, it's best to buy accessory items with the bag, since it's less expensive as the bundle.

WANDRD PRVKE Review: Final Thoughts

My overall impressions of the WANDRD PRVKE are fairly neutral. On the other hand, it's able to accomplish what other backpacks failed to accomplish previously: mix the benefits of innovation, functionality and organization with stunning design.

However I believe that they missed the mark with certain features, such as the roll-top feature and the integration of camera cubes.

If you're a photographer then this is certainly among the most useful travel daypacks available.

It's tough enough to stand up to whatever you put it through. It's constructed with premium materials that are weather-proof and tear-resistant. It's well-organized, with access points and pockets in abundance.

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