Traveling To Egypt in 2024

An iconic destination, a trip to Egypt is often perceived as filled with visits to pyramids and other mystical places from this Ancient era;

however, Egypt offers much more. Whether it’s wonders of nature, unique experiences, or immersing yourself in Egyptian culture during a visit to the souk: traveling in Egypt is about much more than just the pyramids. Discover our tips for experiencing Egypt differently.

Embracing nature

The White Desert: a surprising futuristic landscape

Located in the Farafra region, the White Desert delights both young and old. This vast expanse is a real geological gem. Formed from white chalk rocks, you’ll feel like you’re on a movie set preparing a film about the Moon. Far from going into orbit, this desert offers you a unique visual experience.

A must-see, whether it’s for a sunrise or a sunset.

Siwa Oasis, a real paradise

Like a preserved cocoon, this oasis represents the calm and serenity you may seek during a trip to Egypt off the beaten path. You’ll be far from the bustle of cities and the hustle and bustle of tourists invading the Valley of the Kings and Queens. Its freshwater sources are renowned, and its thermal springs will be a highlight of your trip. You’ll also be amazed by the endless palm groves when you visit the Shali fortress.

Don’t forget to taste the local dates and olives!

The Red Sea, a marine space full of riches

Parasols on the beach of Red Sea in Hurghada, Egypt

Famous for its crystalline waters, discover exceptional marine flora and fauna. Diving enthusiasts will be captivated; it’s a superb playground for snorkeling enthusiasts. Whether it’s corals, fish, or other mysterious creatures, the coral reefs of the Red Sea are still largely preserved and will dazzle your eyes. This is a beautiful aquatic adventure not to be missed.

Experiencing culture differently

Electro festivals by the sea

Electronic music is increasingly present, and the Egyptian scene is full of talents to discover. You can hear them play at festivals, especially in Hurghada and El Gouna. These two seaside resorts attract many DJs from around the world each year, much like Ibiza. You’ll experience a unique festival listening to music at sunset with lights reflecting on the sea.

These captivating rhythms will be magical memories you’ll bring back from your trips to Egypt.

Bars and cafes in Cairo

As the past meets the present in Cairo, this city offers unique meeting places such as Café Riche and Windsor Bar. These spaces are more than just iconic as their walls have seen artists with promising futures pass through. From writers to revolutionaries from the 1950s, these places are imbued with a unique sense: that of possibilities.

Whether it’s for a coffee after lunch, a lemonade to refresh you on a hot afternoon, or having a drink in the evening: you’ll see locals engaging in fascinating conversations about Egypt’s future and its global heritage. One thing is certain, you’ll remember these moments.

Adventure-filled activities to experience in Egypt

Finally, why not organize unique activities during your upcoming holidays in Egypt? This country with an extraordinary past offers you numerous activities; here are some ideas:

  • Skydiving over the pyramids: a free fall with a view of these iconic monuments of history. Guaranteed adrenaline!
  • Hot air balloon ride in Luxor: Seeing this magnificent landscape from a hot air balloon at sunrise will be almost magical.
  • Mountain biking and Jeep in the desert: explore the desert while having fun in the dunes, experiencing unique sensations.

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