Female solo travelers: Tips on traveling to Europe

Traveling alone as a woman might feel a bit scary. You won’t have friends or family members to help you speak the language or remember how to get back to your lodgings. Plus, you might worry about becoming the victim of thieves or pickpockets who see you as an easy target. In this guide we are going to go over some of the most important tips for solo female travellers.

While solo female travel in Europe is something to get excited about, you should also learn a few pointers about staying safe.

According to research by Bounce, in the top 15 safest countries for women to travel alone in, all had 60% or more of women said they felt safe walking alone at night. Nations like Finland have the highest rank for female equality, while France, Portugal and Turkey scored high on laws for female protection. Solo female travel in eastern Europe and beyond is quite safe, but keep these tips in mind as you step off the plane.

Prepare a few things in advance

woman in teal dress standing on brown brick floor - Tips for Solo Female Travellers
Tips for Solo Female Travellers

While your greatest risk in other countries might be violent crimes, the most significant threat in solo European travel is pickpocketing or thievery. Those are far from the worst that can happen, but it will still put a huge damper on your trip if you can’t pay for transport to nearby countries’ underrepresented wonders or necessities like food. Therefore, preparing for emergencies is critical so you don’t have to scramble.

It’s wise to take a bit of cash and an extra debit card with you. Solo female travel in Europe means you’re more likely to stick out as a tourist, making you a prime target for those with sticky fingers. Check your bag – which you always keep closed, across your body and in sight – throughout the day. Is everything still there? The sooner you know if someone’s pickpocketed you, the sooner you can report the stolen cards.

You should also brush up on your health insurance before taking a trip alone. While you hope accidents won’t happen, there’s no guaranteed way to prevent them. Knowing how to communicate your coverage to European doctors can help smooth the process and ensure you get the treatment you need without breaking the bank. Review your insurance plan before leaving so things can move along easily if you need hospital care. Checkout SafetyWing if you are looking for insurance for your trip.

Aside from emergency prep, you should learn a few travel routes or find apps that locate transportation in the country you’ll be in. Readying this information beforehand can help you feel more confident when you need to get around.

Don’t advertise you’re traveling alone

a woman in a red dress standing in the water - Tips for Solo Female Travellers
Tips for Solo Female Travellers

Solo female travel in eastern Europe is undoubtedly a thrilling time in your life. Social media fanatics and chatty extroverts will likely want to share all they can with people back home and the new friends they meet on their journey. However, sharing too much can cause issues regarding your safety.

Refrain from discussing too much about how you’re traveling alone. It is an exciting and brag-worthy accomplishment, but you never know who could be listening. Someone looking for a burglary target might overhear you, follow you back to your hotel and see which room you’re staying in. They might wait until you leave and steal your things. Clever pickpockets could find you on social media after stealing your wallet and do the same.

You must be cautious about who you tell you’re in Europe alone. Communicate with your friends and family about your plan beforehand and keep them updated with your location for safety, but be wary about telling strangers or sharing too much online. Save all those gorgeous pictures and updates for after you return – it’ll help keep you safe and reminisce on everything you experienced.

Keep an eye on alcohol consumption

Women Drinking Wine - Tips for Solo Female Travellers
Tips for Solo Female Travellers

Alcohol is a big part of European culture. People consumed various low-alcohol wines, beers and ciders daily, as water was unsafe to drink for a long time. Churches even produced brews, and political leaders advocated for people to have beer rather than the new import – coffee. This has led to rich alcohol manufacturing and consumption traditions that still last.

You’ll likely want to try a few local liquors, brews or cocktails unless you’re maintaining sobriety. Who wouldn’t want to sip sangria in Spain or whisky in Scotland? Plus, you must get at least one Guinness if you stay in Ireland. However, when you’re doing solo female travel in Europe, try not to go beyond getting tipsy. Inebriation means you won’t be able to keep yourself as safe as you could soberly. You might even leave your wallet or keys behind and become unintentionally stranded.

Feel free to try the local delicacies, but know your limits. You’ll be fine if you know how to keep your wits about you and stay safe. While you’re at it, why not try a few nonalcoholic drinks unique to the region? Apfelschorle is famous in Austria, Switzerland and Germany, and all you need is some local apple juice or cider and carbonated water. For something even more particular, travel to Lithuania and sample the poppy seed milk – especially if you’re there around Christmas.

Take cues from the locals

You should keep an eye on how other women usually dress. European women typically wear much fancier clothes than other countries – your sneakers and leggings will make you look like a tourist. Pack according to how people dress in the country you’re visiting so you can blend in with the locals.

As you’ve likely heard, tipping culture is much different in Europe. In many countries, 10% is average at restaurants, but it’s not necessary in Scandinavian nations. There will also be differences in tipping tour guides, hotel employees and taxi drivers.

While gleaning tipping practices from others, pay attention to potential scammer habits. Someone might pick your pockets as you watch a street musician or ask for help for their sick child. Even though you want to be helpful, it’s best to follow native Europeans’ lead and avoid talking to strangers approaching them on the street.

Solo female travel in Europe is fantastic

Finally going on your journey is liberating. Even if it initially feels a bit scary, all the steps you take to prepare for the trip will be worth it. Solo female travel in Europe could change your life.If you are on the lookout for the places for Solo female travel in Europe then our guide can help you.

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