Things to Do In Gran Canaria

Things to do in Gran Canaria
Things to do in Gran Canaria

It’s a beautiful place to visit. The Canary Islands are an incredible archipelago stunning to explore. Incredibly, it’s an area of Spain and is more close in proximity to Morocco in the south, which means it has a sun-soaked environment for a beautiful vacation. It’s not only sunshine that makes Gran Canaria so special. The Canary Islands are so unique, there’s also a lot of beauty and culture that can be found all over the islands including Gran Canaria being no exception. That’s why I decided to share my list of top things to do in Gran Canaria and the most loved activities you can do when visiting Gran Canaria on your next vacation.

It is now estimated that there are seven major islands that comprise the Canaries and Gran Canaria being one of the largest. Gran Canaria is a huge island to explore, and it is possible to stay for the whole day (or longer) exploring the entire island.

To be honest, a few people are influenced by their preconceived notions of what an Gran Canaria holiday is. For example, drunken bars, crowded beaches and never-ending hangovers however, you could not be more right!

Like a lot of other places, there’s the possibility of bars and nightlife, but the island is an extensive history and stunning landscape that is sometimes masked by this.

In any case, I’m going to ramble on just like usual! I’d like to share some of my absolute top places and the best experiences on Gran Canaria to help you discover a different aspect of this beautiful island. I truly hope that you will enjoy your visit.

Have a look below, for the top activities to enjoy on your trip to Gran Canaria. Have a great time!

1.) Roque Nublo

Things to do in Gran Canaria
Things to do in Gran Canaria : Roque Nublo

The enormous volcanism in Roque Nublo is a pretty famous spot on the island of Gran Canaria that was formed around four million years ago. In the end, the Canary Islands were made up of volcanoes, and this is only one of the many examples of the islands ‘ turbulent geological history.

The crag is located in the region of Tejeda and is easily one of the most impressive crags you can be able to see. For access, you’ll have to hop into a vehicle and park it (at the beginning of the trail) prior to embarking along one of the various length hiking trails on which you will be able to see the three distinct crags.

One of the most short hikes is about 3 miles (4.2 km, or approximately). Make sure you wear the right shoes since there is a small climbing or scrambling at times. It’s not difficult but it can be sometimes very uneven, therefore be ready. Also, don’t wear flip-flops… I’m sure of it! on this one!

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2.) Firgas

A visit to Firgas is definitely one of the top activities you can do while in Gran Canaria if you want to explore a beautiful town. It is located in the northern region of Gran Canaria, it’s a absolutely stunning spot to relax and enjoy a leisurely day strolling through the tiny streets.

When you arrive, be sure you explore Paseo de Canarias, see the gorgeous churches that is San Roque and gorge at Grill Asadero Las Brasas. You’ll be stuffed!

3.) Tejeda

Things to do in Gran Canaria
Things to do in Gran Canaria

The village is located in the center area of Gran Canaria, discovering Tejeda, the town of Tejeda is among the most enjoyable activities you can do on Gran Canaria if you want to spend a peaceful day. It’s also easy to arrange a visit to Tejeda following your hike up towards Roque Nublo.

When you’re there in the city, stroll around the city and be sure you stop at Dulceria Nublo for some of the most delicious little cakes in the area. If you’re lucky enough to have the day that’s sunny, you can make sure to stop by the Tienda de Paco for a delicious lunch outside in the sun. They serve delicious papas Arrugadas made with garlic.

4.) Galdar

Nestled in the northern part in Gran Canaria, Galdar is an unassuming town definitely worth a stop when you travel further north.

When you arrive, you’ll have to go to the Painted cave, which is pre-dating the existence of any Spanish impact on the islands. If you’re into archaeology and the past, you’ll be awed by this place. It’s also accessible when you’re within Galdar the city itself.

There’s a tiny fee to get in but it’s worth it to experience the top activities to enjoy on the island of Gran Canaria.

5.) Arucas

Things to do in Gran Canaria
Things to do in Gran Canaria : Arucas

It is located around 10 miles (14-km) away from Las Palmas, Arucas is an incredible place to visit while driving across the island.

If you’re in Arucas Make sure to make a stop at the famous cathedral in San Juan Bautista. It’s breathtaking and towers above all of Arucas.

Don’t forget to go to the beautiful Jardines of La Marquesa and have some food at Entre Duelas and Tapas. They have the most amazing tapas inside a gorgeous courtyard.

6.) Mirador del Balcon viewpoint

It is situated on the west coast and a visit to the Mirador of Balcon is definitely one of the most memorable activities to experience during your stay in Gran Canaria. This is especially the case for those who are nature-lovers. The views are spectacular.

It’s actually one of the most convenient pit stops to take when traveling about Gran Canaria, especially as there’s a small parking area for cars and steps leading to the balcony’s view. It’s stunning.

7.) Las Palmas

Things to do in Gran Canaria : Las Palmas
Things to do in Gran Canaria : Las Palmas

As the capital city of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas is a city with a lot to offer and that includes its rich history and tasty foodie places that are scattered throughout the city.

When you arrive, be sure you visit The Casa de Colon in the old part of the city. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and stunning to wander around. Make sure to visit The Botanic Gardens of Viera and Clavijo which are lovely to explore.

For some delicious food, try for some delicious food, try Los 5 Sentidos (for their tuna) and Deliciosa Marta, too

8.) Caves in Valeron (Valeron Monastery)

The cliffs are tucked away in Valeron The Caves are among the most significant archeological sites on the island , and are among the top activities to visit on Gran Canaria if you love the past.

If you visit, you’ll find some of the (almost 300) caves and caves cut out of the mountain several centuries ago. After arriving, you can opt to go on an excursion with a guide or head out to explore the area by yourself. If you’d like to stay clear of lines, go to Valeron’s caves Valeron early in the morning and prior to when any guided groups arrive.

It’s an incredible spot to explore and it’s very small, making it simple to explore if you’re low of time, as it’ll take about 30-60 minutes to visit.

9.) Dunes of Maspalomas

Things to do in Gran Canaria
Things to do in Gran Canaria : sand dunes

The Dunes of Maspalomas is other one of the most enjoyable activities during your stay in Gran Canaria if you want to experience the variety of Gran Canaria’s island.

Of course, it could be more difficult on feet to traverse the dunes therefore, it is recommended to wear shoes that are comfortable. Also, you may see some naked sunbathers as well! Cheeky!

10.) Caldera de Bandama

It is easy to explore easily, the Caldera de Bandama is one amazing spot to take in views of the entire island. You can now travel around the area in your vehicle (or tour) Just be ready for some tight curves, and high-speed drops from time to time!

When you’ve reached the summit you’ll be able to trek all the way to the edge of Bandama Volcano which is totally stunning, and beautiful too. The hike itself should take approximately 2 to 3 hours, so bring lots of water and snacks.

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11.) Fataga ravine

One of the largest ravines or canyons that can be found on Gran Canaria is that of Fataga that runs through in the center of Gran Canaria. It is often called”the Grand Canyon of Gran Canaria It’s not difficult to understand the reason. The ravine is a long way across the sea and is only blocked by mountains and the other basins of geology that surround the area.

Today, you can traverse the entire ravine to get to Fataga itself for some of the most stunning views of the region. Be sure to go to Fataga Viewpoint, Las Yeguas and Fataga Viewpoint as well, and you’ll enjoy the most enjoyable time.

12.) Teror

Things to do in Gran Canaria
Things to do in Gran Canaria

Nestled in mountain ranges, Teror may sound bit frightening, but I assure you that it’s an absolute treasure located in Gran Canaria. It’s a bit small so don’t plan to be able to stay there for the whole day, however it’s a fantastic opportunity to explore a different part of the island which is very historical.

Once you’ve secured your parking in the parking lot, stroll towards Plaza del Teror that’s filled with bright wooden houses and balconies that are scattered across the square.

Also, if you’re visiting on September 8th , be sure you go to Nuestra Senora of Pino which continues all day long and into the night. It’s definitely one of the most enjoyable activities to experience when visiting Gran Canaria, especially if you enjoy a good party.

13.) Tamadaba National Park

Tamadaba National Park is one of the areas unspoiled of Gran Canaria that’s well worth to visit, especially when you’re looking to experience another side of Gran Canaria. The majority parts of this park are closed however there are some trails and paths that allow you to experience the park’s national nature.

Be sure to view it at a distance from La Bandera peak and the El Balcon viewpoint where the land meets the ocean.

14.) Visit the other Canary Islands

There are around 7 principal islands within the archipelago, and they’re all completely distinctive. Have a look below, at others islands you could easily visit via plane or boat while in Gran Canaria.

15.  Casa De Colon

It is believed that Christopher Columbus once resided in the home, which was intended to be the mansion of one of the island’s first governors
After it was rebuilt, the house now contains a museum with 13 permanent exhibitions, many of which centre on Columbus, as well as a specialized library and research centre. Otherwise known as columbus house, the architechture is worthy of admiration. It has yellow walls, Green tinted entrance ways with delicate Carvings and latticed balconies.

16. Explore Cathedral Metropolitana De Santa Ana De Canarias

It took over four centuries to finish the cathedral. As a result of its extensive construction era, the cathedral features a wide range of architects and architectural styles, including Gothic, Renaissance, and Neoclassical.

A number of significant religious items and sacred artefacts, including paintings and sculptures, are on display in the cathedral’s Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art.

Take the elevator to the rooftop for some of the best views of Las Palmas.

17.See Marine Life At Poema Del Mar

Things to do in Gran Canaria
Things to do in Gran Canaria

Poema del Mar has the ideal location to display its marine life because it is adjacent to Las Canteras beach.
The aquarium is divided into freshwater species, shallow-water marine ecosystems, and deep-water marine ecosystems.
The aquarium’s numerous species are housed in tanks that each mimic their natural habitat.

18. Maspalomas Lighthouse

Things to do in Gran Canaria :  Lighthouse
Things to do in Gran Canaria : Lighthouse

Behind the town beach, at the water’s edge, sits the Maspalomas Lighthouse. Most hotels and resorts in Maspalomas are only a short stroll away.

From the surrounding sandy beach, you may take pictures of the wonderful lighthouse. Swim in the refreshing sea or explore the rock pools on either side of the lighthouse’s base in search of crabs and shrimp.

In just a few minutes, you may find a variety of bars and cafés by strolling along the beach from the lighthouse. The tall, grey shape of the lighthouse is still clearly visible even at the end of the beach.

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