Things to do in Costa Adeje

There are many events taking place in the area, so if you’re planning your vacation to Costa Adeje and wondering what to do and see all day long besides the pool and the beach, you shouldn’t worry. 

Visitors can go whale watching or climb through ravines to reach Spain’s highest mountain in this area, where architectural past blends with vastly diverse natural landscapes. 

You can make your trip to Costa Adeje more memorable, pleasurable, active, and entertaining by checking out the top things to do, places to visit, tourist attractions, fantastic ideas, and important information listed down below. 

Things to do in Costa Adeje
Things to do in Costa Adeje

Things to do in Costa Adeje

Siam Park 

You should visit Siam Park for a full day of enjoyment because it is the most well-known water park in Tenerife and likely the entire chain of Canary Islands. 

Keep in mind that if you don’t have a car, they offer a shuttle service that you must reserve in advance. 

The entire theme of the park is Thai. There are 15 attractions there, from calm ones to exciting ones. Everything has been carefully planned, from enormous slides to floating markets to beaches and restaurants, so that you can have the most amazing time while you’re there. 

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Aqualand Costa Adeje

If you are not in the mood of spending your time in Siam Park and want a cheaper alternative to it then you can plan your trip to Aqualand Costa Adeje which is another water park in Costa Adeje.

You can Dive into a world of watery adventure in Tenerife’s Aqualand Costa Adeje. The park’s giant waterslides, like the new and fun Tsunami and Cyclones, or Tornado and KamikazeTwister Racer and Multisurf are guaranteed to have you screaming for more, while the Lava River and wave pool are perfect for relaxing.

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Things to do in Costa Adeje
Things to do in Costa Adeje

One of Tenerife’s best-known beaches is Playa Fañabe. A plethora of clubs, restaurants, stores, and other activities line this 600-meter-long beach. As a result, it is one of Tenerife’s busiest beaches. 

The artificial beach at Playa Fanabe is very long and spacious compared to neighboring beaches. Some people want to relax under an umbrella and a sun lounger, while others merely need a spot to set their towel down. There is space for all types of vacationers at Playa Fanabe, and the swimming conditions there are excellent. 

The breakwater-protected ocean here features quiet, safe waters that are crystal transparent. Lifeguards are on duty all day to watch over the beach. 


You may see a magnificent and stunning seaside mansion between Playa Del Duque and Playa Faabe. 

 Regarding its owner, there are numerous rumours. Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, Ron Atkinson, and the King of Spain, Juan Carlos, are among the celebrities who have allegedly owned it in the past. In reality, its’ still uncertain. 

Hike Barranco del Infierno 

This is a naturally occurring canyon with breathtaking scenery that was created by lava rocks, water, and local plants. 

On a scale of 1 to 5, the ascent is only a 2.5, making it easy for practically anyone to stroll up and down. 

It is essential to keep in mind that entrance tickets and admission permits for Barranco del Infierno must be obtained in advance in order to access the canyon. 

It’s perfect for a day away from the crowded resorts because there is a daily limit on the attendance of 300 people. 

You cannot complete the hike across Barranco del Infierno in flip-flops, so bring appropriate footwear. 

Day trip to Mount Teide

There are various hiking paths inside the park and even a cable car, but keep in mind that you need an access permission from the Reservas Parques Nacionales if you wish to climb all the way to the summit. 

You may also take a guided tour like Teide by Night, which offers day trips inside the park. They will take you to the greatest overlooks, show you an incredible sunset, and then take you outside to watch the night sky. For more information, see our special article about stargazing on Tenerife. 

Helicopter tours in Costa Adeje 

Try one of the helicopter tours in Tenerife for a one-of-a-kind experience that will give you a completely new perspective on the island and its surroundings. Price options range from shorter (20 km) tours in Tenerife’s south that cost 100 euros per person to longer (120 km) tours cost between 400 and 500 euros per person. 

Try a jet ski tour

An absolutely stunning experience that will last a lifetime is a jet ski cruise in the open ocean. 

You may enjoy this lovely experience along Costa Adeje’s coast year-round, and occasionally you’ll even encounter pilot whales or dolphins pretty near to your jet ski cycle. 

You also pause for snorkeling. 

For your comfort in the colder waters during the winter, good jet ski trips provide you with wetsuits. 

The other crucial fact you need to be aware of is that neither Costa Adeje nor Tenerife, in general,in general, provide jet ski rentals. 

It’s because going to the ocean alone without any experience is very risky. 

Taste the local food 

Local cuisine from the Canaries includes grilled fresh goat cheese, goat meat in garlic sauce, rabbit in garlic sauce, shellfish, particularly octopus, and, of course, papas arrugadas, which are salted Canary potatoes cooked in their skins and eaten with regional sauces. 

Last but not least, at least once taste the local coffees barraquito and zaperoco. 


Originally a fishing community, La Caleta has evolved into one of Tenerife’s top culinary destinations, especially for seafood connoisseurs. People travel to La Caleta to experience the island’s greatest seafood, local wines, and a laid-back ambiance. 
Magnificent beaches, accessible on foot, may be found north of the mountains near La Caleta. Playa Los Morteros, which was previously unknown to most locals, is the first beach you’ll come upon. You must descend a rough, steep road to reach Playa Diego Hernandez, which you should reach after Playa de Los Morteros. Playa Diego Hernandez has consistently been ranked as one of Tenerife’s most gorgeous beaches.  And there is no second opinion about that! 

Fanabe Beach

Families with kids will discover a mini-golf course and a playground for youngsters, which will provide you with a way to pass a few hours during the day. 

Right along the shore, there are a lot of gift shops. 

For those who are more daring, you can hire jet skis or go on a thrilling banana boat ride. Rentable pedal boats are offered for families. You may get an hour of exercise and enjoy the beach from the water for about 15 euros. 

Only the middle breakwater separates Playa de Fanabe from Playa Torviscas, which is only a short distance away. 

Go for a wine tasting

Tenerife is highly known for its wines, and one of the island’s most well-known wine regions is Costa Adeje. 

A trip to taste wines is one of the things to do in Costa Adeje because all of the vineyards are out in the countryside, away from the town. 

Once more, you have the choice to go on a private wine tasting excursion or a regular wine tour with a bigger group. 

While experiencing a 500-year-old tradition and getting up close to nature, you will tour nearby vineyards and sample wine from at least two different local wineries. 

For an older crowd, this is one of the loveliest things to do in Costa Adeje, Tenerife

Go Scuba Diving 

You may experience what it’s like to breathe underwater and get started on your path to becoming an expert diver in Costa Adeje during an introductory scuba diving course. 

You will dive and snorkel with the amazing aquatic life during the 3-hour experience. 
Start your underwater explorations by going on a diving adventure in Tenerife. Meet with your instructor for a quick briefing at the diving centre in Costa Adeje prior to your first dive. Under the careful direction and supervision of your PADI-certified instructor, dive to a maximum depth of 7 meters. Discover what it’s like to breathe underwater and come closer than you ever imagined to aquatic life. 

Then, set out on a snorkeling tour in what are thought to be some of the world’s best waters. See Tenerife’s diverse marine life by exploring a location that is filled with different fish and turtles. Keep a look out for whales and dolphins as you travel between locations. 

Tours and Attraction in Costa Adeje

That was all the information around What to do in Costa Adeje during your next trip. If you are looking for information around spending Summer in Spain then check out our post.

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