My First WordPress Plugin: Sortable Modified Date

I know this one is quiet outside the travel content which is something I share most on this website but this does fall into my workflow of maintaining my Travel Blog.

With the recent Google update and preference for the content that is updated recently or something that you can confirm in the video shared by Ahref recently on YouTube.

I decided that I would now update all the posts which have not been touched by me since the last time but this is where the problem arise.

How can I find the post which was not modified recently?

Until now, I have been tracking the content of the website using the Second Brain in Notion, which had the dump of all the posts that are present on my website and a column about the last updated, which I can keep updating when I am doing anything on the post.

But was it the best approach for me?

Well, sometimes I really get tired of updating this again and again and switching between applications.

So what about something with which I can bake this feature inside WordPress? And that was the birth of this plugin.

How I coded and tested the Sortabel Modified Date?

Well the answer was simple, I am not PHP developer so if you know me I am just a Mainframe Developer with knack of traveling and filmmaking but in this age of ChatGPT and AI nothing is impossible.

I went to ChatGPT and asked about a simple query.

Hey ChatGPT can you make a code for me to add a new column in the admin area of the Wordpress with the last modified date and make this column sortabel.

My First WordPress Plugin: Sortable Modified Date | Chasing Whereabouts

So it worked? Well no, that was a stupid way to ask about it, but then after multiple tries and around 2 days of work for the sanitization and uploading the code on GitHub my final version was ready.

Well I had to call one of developer friend for helping me with some parts of the code as well but this was ready in no time.

My First WordPress Plugin: Sortable Modified Date | Chasing Whereabouts

How can you install the Plugin?

  • Search for Sortable Modified Date on WordPress Plugin
  • Install and activate it
  • And you are ready to use it.

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