Europe in a Week: An Epic Tour Through Must-See Destinations

Although seven days in Europe may seem insufficient, if you’re looking for a fast getaway, get ready to be amazed by the variety of thrilling one-week adventures you may take!

There are countless one-week itineraries that can be created throughout Europe because there are so many large and little nations there.

It is comparatively easy to travel to multiple locations, even quickly, thanks to low-cost planes and an extensive rail network (and, in some circumstances, buses as well).

In this post, we’ve compiled a diverse selection of one-week Europe travel plans, including itineraries for must-see cities like London and Paris, must-see locales like Tuscany, and less-traveled individual states like the breathtakingly lovely Montenegro.

Many of these itineraries can be combined for a longer European holiday if you are planning a two-week (or longer!) trip.+

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One Week Itinerary for Europe
One Week Itinerary for Europe

7+ Europe Itinerary for 1 Week


One Week Itinerary for Europe
One Week Itinerary for Europe

The three classic cities of Venice, Florence, and Rome make for a perfect vacation full of history, charm, art, and architecture, as well as fantastic cuisine, wine, and gelato. Italy is a location that many tourists want to visit once in their lifetimes.

We advise only visiting the major attractions in each city to give yourself enough time to simply stroll through the ancient districts or unwind in the piazzas and take in the atmosphere.

Visit St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, tour the Doge’s Palace, and ride the elevator to the top of the campanile for sweeping views of the city. Skip the queue access to St. Mark’s and the Doge’s Palace is provided by this well-liked tour.

If riding in a gondola is on your list of things to do in Venice, take one, or take the Vaporetto around the Grand Canal to take in the sights from the water. Get lost in the less-traveled areas to discover the charm of a more sedate Venice.
Schedule a time to ascend the Duomo di Firenze’s cupola in Florence; this trip allows you to ascend as high as you like. Visit the Accademia Gallery to see Michelangelo’s David or the Galleria Uffizi to see the magnificent works of art.

Visit some of Florence’s well-known gelaterias, cross the famed Ponte Vecchio, and watch the sun set from Piazzale Michelangelo.

In Rome, you really must visit the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill. To see the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and many more well-known sights, stroll through the ancient centre.

Take in the views from the dome of the beautiful St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. Take a tour of the Vatican Museums with a guide. Your breath will be taken away by Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, but there are other marvels to see as well.


One Week Itinerary for Europe
One Week Itinerary for Europe

London and Paris combine for a fantastic 7 days in Europe, making them a particularly popular pairing for a first trip across the pond. The two cities have a lot to offer, from must-see areas and historic buildings to fantastic dining and unique experiences.
Start your exploration of Westminster in Central London, one of the best cities in Europe, which is a city unto itself. The Palace of Westminster, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace are all located here. Visit the London Eye and take a ride!

Purchase tickets in advance and go to the Tower of London on day two to see the Crown Jewels! Enter St. Paul’s Cathedral, capture the Tower Bridge in all its beauty on camera, and enjoy the views from the Shard.

One of the most popular combinations for a first trip across the pond is London and Paris, which make for an amazing 7 days in Europe. The two cities have a lot to offer, including must-see locations and historic structures as well as delicious food and interesting activities.

Start your journey of Westminster, a city unto itself in Central London, one of the best cities in all of Europe. Here you may find Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Westminster Palace. Ride the London Eye while you’re there!
On day two, visit the Tower of London and buy tickets in advance to see the Crown Jewels! Step into St. Paul’s Cathedral.


One Week Itinerary for Europe
One Week Itinerary for Europe

A journey rich in art, culture, history, and delicious food and drink may be had by visiting both the capital of Spain, Madrid, and the famous Barcelona. Add a day excursion to the old Toledo, and you have a superb 7-day plan for Europe with little movement.

Toledo is easily accessible from Madrid by bus and is a fantastic day trip. Explore the streets and take in the architecture, the stunning cathedral, the El Greco Museum, and the charming bridges. A guided tour is an option as well.

The next stop is Barcelona! Spend your first day in the city admiring Gaudi’s creations, including the Sagrada Familia and other buildings like Casa Milà and Casa Batlló. Consider arriving in Park Güell in the late afternoon to take in the sunset.


One Week Itinerary for Europe
One Week Itinerary for Europe

You’ll visit Copenhagen and Stockholm, two stunning Scandinavian cities, during this thrilling 7-day Europe trip. The two cities will astound you with their fascinating histories, gorgeous landmarks, and delicious cuisine and drink.
A city of palaces and castles is Copenhagen. View the Danish crown treasures at Rosenborg Castle and observe the changing of the guard at Amalienborg Palace. Admire the Queen’s tapestries in Christiansborg Palace, which depict 1,100 years of Danish history.

For a view of the city, ascend to the top of the Round Tower. Pose for a picture in front of the Little Mermaid statue. Take a stroll down Strget, Copenhagen’s major thoroughfare. Visit Tivoli Gardens, the amusement park in Copenhagen that is credited with inspiring Walt Disney.

Take in Nyhavn’s vibrant façade and lively atmosphere as you stroll along the city’s ancient shoreline. From Nyhavn, a canal boat is a fantastic way to see the city.

Stockholm, the gorgeous capital of Sweden, was constructed on fourteen islands. A great activity in Stockholm is to climb to the top of the City Hall tower for sweeping 360-degree views.

The Vasa Museum, where you can visit the rebuilt 17th-century ship that sank on her first voyage, is one of Stockholm’s amazing museums that you won’t want to miss.

The Stockholm Cathedral and the Royal Palace are only two of the must-see attractions in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s magnificent Old Town. Stortorget, the central square, has lovely architecture. This fantastic guided tour combines the Vasa Museum and Gamla Stan.

Visit the nearby railway stations; Stockholm’s subway art has been dubbed the world’s longest art exhibition. Afterward, board the ferry to Drottningholm Palace, where you can explore the palace’s lovely grounds as well.


One Week Itinerary for Europe
One Week Itinerary for Europe

Choose to see Paris, Brussels, and Berlin if you want a 7-day itinerary for Europe that highlights the continent’s key cities!

This itinerary is a must-do for first-time visitors to Europe since it offers a fair balance of cuisine, architecture, and history and serves as an excellent introduction to Western Europe.
The city of light and love is Paris. Enjoy the breathtaking views from the Arc de Triomphe when visiting the Eiffel Tower both during the day and at night. Visit the Louvre to see the well-known Mona Lisa and more.

While tasting delicious French pastries, unwind at a cafe. Visit places like Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower from the water by taking a Seine River cruise.

When you visit historical sites like the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, let yourself be moved. Take a walking tour of the city’s most significant landmarks while passing beneath the famed Brandenburg Gate.


One Week Itinerary for Europe
One Week Itinerary for Europe

Exploring the cities of London and Edinburgh on a 7-day Europe vacation is a must if you’re seeking for fantastic 7-day Europe itinerary ideas!

In terms of activities, culture, and dining options, both cities have so much to offer! Due to their amazing architecture and abundance of historic landmarks, visiting these two locations will allow you to experience the finest of the United Kingdom

London, the capital of the United Kingdom, is a must-visit place. The most well-known sights in the well-known city include Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and the Tower of London. There are many other attractions as well.
Photograph the Tower Bridge. Take in the scenery while dining at The Shard. Visit the British Museum to view one of the largest collections in the world. Tea in the afternoon!

The capital of Scotland and one of the most stunning cities in the world is Edinburgh.
Arthur’s Seat, the remains of an extinct volcano, and Edinburgh Castle, which offers breathtaking views from the ramparts, are two of the most well-liked tourist destinations.


One Week Itinerary for Europe
One Week Itinerary for Europe

Due to the extensive history, culture, and delicious cuisine and drink in Europe, this itinerary is a must-do. Salzburg is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Austria, and Bavaria is among the most picturesque regions in Germany.
Try Munich specialties like white sausage, pretzels, and beer while you’re there. Visit English Garden Park, one of Europe’s largest urban parks, and take in the Glockenspiel show on Marienplatz Square.

Visit the Residenz, the stunning former royal residence of the Bavarian Wittelsbach dynasty. Another stunning palace complex is the Nymphenburg Palace, which features exquisite lawns and gardens as well as a carriage museum.

Visit the Palace of Justice in Nuremberg, the site of the infamous Nuremberg Trials, where 21 prominent Nazis were put on trial. You can visit Courtroom 600, where the trials took place, as it is now a museum.

Austria’s fourth-largest city, Salzburg, is home to many musical wonders. Learn about the creation of the holiday song Silent Night while visiting Salzburg and trace Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s steps from his childhood home to the museum and other locations bearing his name.

Also, don’t forget to join a guided tour to see where The Sound of Music was filmed, which was set in Salzburg.

One week in Scandinavia

You can also try one itinerary which we did but yes it is going to be quiet hectic because we covered 6 countries in 8 Days. We have shared in detail about that is our seperate post One Week in Scandinavia

Looking to explore the charm and beauty of Northern Europe? This one week itinerary will take you on a memorable journey through some of the most picturesque and historic cities in Scandinavia and the Baltic States.

  • Day 1: Copenhagen, Denmark Begin your adventure in the vibrant and colorful city of Copenhagen. Explore the charming streets and canals of Nyhavn, visit the iconic Little Mermaid statue, and indulge in some delicious Danish pastries.
  • Day 2: Stockholm, Sweden Hop on a flight from Copenhagen to Stockholm and spend the day exploring this stunning city. Visit the Royal Palace, take a stroll through the Old Town, and enjoy the scenic views from Gamla Stan.
  • Day 3: Helsinki, Finland Take a ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki and immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Finland’s capital city. Visit the stunning Helsinki Cathedral, explore the bustling Market Square, and take a dip in one of the city’s many saunas.
  • Day 4: Tallinn, Estonia From Helsinki, take a ferry to Tallinn, one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe. Stroll through the cobbled streets of the Old Town, visit the iconic Toompea Castle, and enjoy some traditional Estonian cuisine.
  • Day 5: Riga, Latvia Take a bus from Tallinn to Riga, the capital city of Latvia. Explore the historic Old Town, visit the stunning Riga Cathedral, and take a relaxing stroll through the city’s many parks and gardens.
  • Day 6: Oslo, Norway End your adventure in the picturesque city of Oslo, surrounded by mountains and fjords. Visit the famous Viking Ship Museum, take a hike in the nearby forests, and enjoy some delicious Norwegian seafood.

In conclusion, a week-long tour through Europe is a great way to experience some of the continent’s most iconic destinations. From the bustling streets of Paris to the charming canals of Venice, there is no shortage of incredible sights and experiences to be had.

By carefully planning your itinerary and prioritizing the attractions that matter most to you, you can make the most of your time and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first European adventure, a week-long tour is an excellent way to get a taste of what this incredible continent has to offer. So why wait? Start planning your epic European tour today!

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