My 15 Must have travel items for every Trip

The craziest packing experience for me was when I was traveling and doing my #8Days6Countries challenge for my Scandinavia trip. But yes I was carrying my essentials which are usually with me on all my trips.

So in this post, I will be talking about the must-have travel items for every trip if you are planning a trip any time soon. These are part of my packing list and they will come in handy for you when you are travelling.

If you’re shopping for a friend, you can also see this more comprehensive list of gift ideas for travel for every budget.

So without further wait let us go through the list of things all travelers need

Must have travel items

1. Nomatic Backpack

I am a fan of Nomatic Backpacks and it is absolutely one thing which I carry around all the time. It is durable and you can pack your cameras and enough clothes for short trips.

One thing which I like about is the belt which is comfortable and you are not tired carrying this bag around the whole day when you are doing a city trip.

If you are not sure and confused about whether to buy this bag or not you can check our Nomatic Backpack review where we have talked in detail about the bag.

2. Travel Locks

My 15 Must have travel items for every Trip | Chasing Whereabouts

One thing which I always carry along with me is a Travel Locks because at times when I am exploring Europe on Budget. I tend to book hostels in Europe which is cost cost-effective way of travelling.

Now if you are not booking the private rooms in the hostels and going ahead to book the Dorm then they provide you open lockers to keep your belongings there and you need to have your travel locks to “feel safe” and lock your belongings in the hostels when you are exploring the city.

Well honestly, I just don’t leave any money there.

3. My Go Pro

My 15 Must have travel items for every Trip | Chasing Whereabouts

I love making travel videos which you can check on YouTube by the way. I tend to vlog my journey using the Go Pro and the current GoPro which I have is the GoPro Hero 10 which I find good.

Now just to let you know that I don’t carry the spare battery with GoPro and I am mostly using the new GoPro Volta Grip which is extremely helpful when you want to keep using the GoPro for complete day vlogging.

4. My Sony A7C

My 15 Must have travel items for every Trip | Chasing Whereabouts

It goes without saying that everyone travels with a camera, and for me, a smartphone camera won’t cut it. My weapon of choice is the Sony Alpha 7c. You can also see my more detailed article covering exactly why I love this camera and who it is good for.

The lenses which I am using at the moment along with the camera is Samyang 24 -70 mm Full Frame lense and the kit lenses from sony.

This is a mirrorless camera; I absolutely do not miss carrying my huge DSLR around, since I bought this camera. The features are capabilities it comes with are pretty insane.

5. Gimbal

My 15 Must have travel items for every Trip | Chasing Whereabouts

Now this is something which tends to change as per the usage, when I am carrying the camera around and it a big trip like visiting for One week in Croatia then I pack everything.

This is my Zhiyun Crane M3 gimbal which is the smallest gimbal which you can take for the full frame camera.

But when it is a small trip then I tend to carry the small Gimbal of phone which is my DJI OM 5 Gimbal.

6. Joby Gorilla Pod

My 15 Must have travel items for every Trip | Chasing Whereabouts

While I would prefer to travel with a full-sized tripod, it’s not always convenient to do so, especially when with no check-in bag (tripods often aren’t allowed on board). That’s where the Joby Gorilla Pod comes in! 
This handy tripod comes with flexible legs that can be adjusted to stand on virtually any surface. I can even wrap them around a pole, fence, tree branch, etc. It’s also good for taking selfies with my camera, as I can hold the camera that much further away from me and curve it to point at me, sort of like a selfie stick.

The Gorilla Pod is also light enough that I sometimes even leave the tripod on my camera, for example while hiking, while my camera is hanging around my neck, so that I can place the camera on whatever surface for added stability without taking the tipod on and off every time.

This is embarrassing to admit, but I’ve even propped this tripod up on my gut to get added stability for taking hand-held photos!

7. DJI Osmo Pocket

Must Have Travel Items
Must Have Travel Items

A recent addition to my travel gears is the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 which is now going to be my go to camera for shooting the travel B Rolls.

I have talked more about how this camera is the perfect vlogging setup in the coming days and this is going to be something which I will prefer compared to the giant setup of gimbal and camera.

Now yeah, I know I have added 4th and 5th point about the camera and gimbal but I usually tend to carry that around only when I am travelling fore more than a week and not travelling with the cheap carriers in Europe.

8. Travel Pillows

Must Have Travel Items
Must Have Travel Items

There is something which is must have items when you are travelling on the long haul flights. To me personally it is needed in all my flights even the 2 hours one.

I always tend to carry a comfortable travel pillow during the trip so this is something which should be there on your list.

9. Travel Adapter

Okay, now that you already know that I travel with lot of electronics and when I am staying on budget in the dorms in Hotels or even in Hotels I don’t have that much of port available to charge all my electronics.

So one thing which I always carry along with me is Travel Adapter and Travel Extension as well which is needed for me to charge all the electronics.

10. Portable Travel Charger

This is something that is needed when you are traveling to a new location and you usually use your phone for navigating to different places using Google Maps or sometimes using Google Translate when exploring Europe.

Phone batteries tend to die really quickly, and that is when a portable charger comes to our rescue. I usually carry my 10000 mAh charger.

11. Noice Cancelling Earphone

Sometimes I am also clubbing multiple places in a week and tend to take a nap during the flight. This is something that I tried with my Scandinavia Itinerary and the thing that is a killer at this point is noise during the flights.

Well, I love kids but hearing the noise of them crying throughout the flight is something tippy. And this is when my Sony Noise Cancelling earphone comes into play.

At times I am also using my Airpods but I like over-the-ear ones a bit more. I recently got new Statik Open Ear Headphones as well but this is something just for the usage at home.

I like to use it for longer duration because it is not that stressful to ears and you eventually forget that you are wearing an earphone.

12. Reusable Travel Bottles

Stay hydrated on the go with a Reusable Water Bottle. This eco-friendly companion not only helps you reduce plastic waste but also ensures you have access to water wherever your travels take you.

Its portable design makes it easy to carry, promoting a sustainable and healthy travel experience.

13. Quick Dry Towel

One thing which is a must have item while travelling as Backpacker is packing a Quick Dry Towel.

When you are travelling and staying in a Hotel it is not a problem because you get the towel but when you staying in Hostels and on Budget Trip spree you have to carry your own Toilleteries and Towel.

14. Travel Size Toilleteries

Again something which should be on your list when travelling as Backpacker is carrying your own Travel Size Toilleteries.

This is something which I am always carrying when I a booking Hostels to stay in.

15. Taking a VPN

Another important thing while traveling safely is taking a VPN connection. Imagine you are watching a series in Germany and the new episode is out, but you are currently in Italy traveling.

Unfortunately, your series is not available on Italian Netflix as it is a German special. In situations like this, a VPN comes in handy you.

I recommend you to check out Private Internet access as this is something which I have been using for quite some time.


These are all the Must Have Travel Items that should be a part of your packing list for Europe. If there is something that you think is missed from our list then feel free to let our readers know in the comment box below.

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