7 Best Educational Tours To Take In Rome

Are you planning to kick off your European vacation in Rome? It’s a must-visit for everyone, not just for history geeks who want to know about the ancient city. If your itinerary does not include any tour, you might want to change it. 

In a place visited by millions every year and packed with people all year round, an organized tour is the best way to skip the hassle and stress of a DIY trip.

Here are our top recommendations for convenient and educational tours in Rome

1. Vatican and Sistine Chapel Tour with St. Peter’s

This group tour is perfect for anyone looking for an intimate travel company to see the hot spots in the city but still have enough mobility and time to explore individually. We find the large group tour would be too restraining as it requires time to gather people at the rendezvous before and after leaving the place, so we recommend this one as it gives you the freedom of a DIY tour but still gets the most out of the experience. 

Explore every corner of the Vatican Museums, plus see the Pine Courtyard, the Sistine Chapel, and the St. Peter’s Basilica, the highlight of this trip. If you’re a history nerd like us, you’ll love the city’s rich history, which you’ll learn from the guide as you stop at each destination. 

You’ll find every minute of this tour worth it. More importantly, you can maximize your time by skipping the long ticket lines. Enjoy the convenience of exploring the city in this one of the best Rome tours.

2. Imperial City Tour by Golf Cart

We swear this 3-hour tour is the best if you visit the city midyear. The summer in Rome can be cruel, so consider the weather when visiting. The sites may be less crowded, but the heat can make the trip stressful. On a blistering day such as this, you can still enjoy the city’s top attractions – thanks to the golf cart you can rent for five people. It will make this excursion less bothersome and more fun. 

The first stop for this adventure was the Roman Forum. Catch a glimpse of the ancient architecture situated at the heart of the city and learn of its rich past. Then, explore the Colosseum, standing in its glory today even after thousands of years and several earthquakes. 

Expect to be in awe of the sculpture at the Bernini’s fountains when seeing it in person. After the tour, stop by the Villa Borghese Gardens to enjoy a cup of Italian Joe – the perfect way to conclude the day. 

3. Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition Tour

If you’re a fan of the genius and famous Leonardo da Vinci, we can vouch for his exhibition tour at Palazzo della Cancelleria. Besides his famous Mona Lisa or the Last Supper paintings, this palace showcases over 65 of his inventions that will surely wow you, including 3D holograms of some of these. 

Get  a chance to touch and play with these machines on display and learn some engineering principles from his innovations. It’s one of the most interesting educational tours in Rome, and you don’t want to miss it. 

4. Castel Sant’Angelo Tour

Learn about the history of this ancient fortress without waiting for your tickets to get ready. Skip the long queue with the fast access and arrive at the spot to be welcomed by a friendly guide who’ll tell you exciting stories about the place. 

Emperor Hadrian built this castle as his last resting place, but it also became the residential quarters of popes, a prison and an execution site. Listen to fascinating history while feasting your eyes on the stunning city views right from the peak of the castle’s terrace. It’s one of the best Rome tours on our list.

5. Early Morning Vatican Tour

Are you visiting Rome on a tight schedule? Another pick for our educational tours in Rome is this early morning outing at the Vatican. If there’s only one place you can visit in the city, you won’t regret choosing to walk its halls early in the morning before the peak hour.

Enjoy the convenience of free pick-up from any hotel in Rome, so you don’t have to worry about how to get there. With the special early-morning ticket, get exclusive access to roam the Vatican to your heart’s content without a messy and noisy crowd and being pushed around. 

See the renowned “School of Athens” and “Pietà.” Stop by at the Pio Clementine – the massive Tapestry Hall will astonish you. View displayed arts, learn about religion and see every museum’s highlights without stress. Your private guide will end this 3-hour tour at St. Peter’s Square and the official Vatican gift shop, where you can take home souvenirs. 

6. Tour of Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

colosseum rome italy

Are you interested in getting an in-depth introduction to Rome and its history? We suggest booking this group tour of the three momentous sites in the city – the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. 

This 2.5-hour sightseeing will bring you back to ancient days to trace how animal hunts, Roman mythology dramas, and other public spectacles took place in the Colosseum. Afterward, visit the marketplace – now known as the Forum Magnum – shrouded by the ruins of the government buildings. 

Your last stop is the Palatine Hill, where the palaces of Julius Caesar Augustus were built. It’s rare to find this ancient architecture at the core of the city. Discover the way of living of ancient Romans and learn a thing or two from it. 

7. Rome to Pompeii Tour

We love to save the best for last in this list of the best Rome tours. If you’re in Italy, this Rome to Pompeii Tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you should take advantage of. This 9-hour tour will leave you speechless from when you leave Rome until you arrive at the renowned lost city of Pompeii. 

Your itinerary will include a 1.5-hour relaxing ride from Rome to Naples. Once you reach Naples, you’ll meet the guide and board the shuttle for Pompeii. Explore the rediscovered remains of this ancient site, which used to be a thriving Roman city until the nearby volcano – Vesuvius, erupted and buried it. Scan the Gulf of Naples and be enchanted by its scenic beauty, enhanced by the steep hills around it. 

Then, visit a winery and indulge your buds in the authentic Italian wine flavors, followed by a  savory farm-to-table light lunch before you head back to Rome with your curiosity satisfied. Get the thrill out of a 9-hour day trip from Rome to Naples by uncovering the mysteries of Pompeii. 

Have Fun While Learning With These Educational Tours

Travel is supposed to be fun, but how about making it enjoyable while picking an idea or two about the place’s history? Learning while traveling is the most meaningful way to create a memorable vacation. 

When you visit Italy, try these educational tours in Rome and enjoy the convenience of pick-ups and drop-offs to your hotel, priority access to sites, and a seamless tour without stress. Get the most out of every hour you stay in this marvelous city.

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