Day Trip From Dublin To Belfast

What you want to do determines a lot of the ideal time of year to go. You should travel in the summer, between June and August, if you want the warmest weather. The month with the least likelihood of rain, humidity, and crowds is frequently April and is the best for taking a day trip from Dublin To Belfast.

Belfast City Hall is the geographic center of the city. The Visit Belfast Welcome Centre is conveniently located nearby and is an excellent place to start your tour of the city.   St. Anne’s Cathedral gave its name to the city’s old trading district, the Cathedral Quarter, which is filled with Victorian buildings, cobblestone streets, and eccentric bars and restaurants. The Linen Quarter, which is located south of Belfast City Hall, was previously dominated by the linen industry in the 19th century and is home to a significant amount of historic buildings, cafes, and the Grand Opera House.

Day trip from Dublin to Belfast
Day trip from Dublin to Belfast

How to reach from Dublin To Belfast

There are 20 buses per day from Dublin to Belfast which cost 28usd and the trip takes around 2 hours. 7 direct trains are running daily and 53 weekly trains between Dublin and Belfast. The trip starts at 19 USD and lasts about three hours.

Where to Stay in Belfast for Sightseeing

The Holiday Inn Belfast City Centre is a popular choice for travellers looking for a high-quality yet economical stay because of its competitive pricing, on-site mini-gym, sizable breakfast buffet, and welcoming multilingual staff.

Another accommodation for solo travelers would be Budget hotel Premier Inn Belfast City Centre (Alfred Street) which is ideally situated in the heart of the city on a peaceful street.

Places to visit in Belfast

Crumlin Road Gaol

Day trip from Dublin to Belfast
Day trip from Dublin to Belfast

The Crumlin Road Gaol first opened its doors in 1845 and last operated as a prison in 1996. The gaol has reopened as a visitor attraction and conference centre following major refurbishment. Today, you may take a guided tour of the facility and learn about its history, from the time when it housed women and children to the political segregation of republican and loyalist inmates, as well as the reasons behind the closure of the facility.

You will have the opportunity to sit in the Governor’s chair, explore the underground tunnel that once connected the gaol to the Crumlin Road Courthouse, and more during the tour of the prison. Before seeing the execution cell, where the majority of the 17 men were hanged, view all the wings from the circle and, of course, pay a visit to the sentenced man’s cell.

Day trip from Dublin to Belfast

2. St Annes Cathedral

The primary church of the Anglican Church of Ireland is St. Anne’s Cathedral, which was designed by Sir Thomas Drew and constructed  in 1898. It was constructed in neo-Romanesque basilican style and is frequently referred to as “Belfast Cathedral.” It includes three west doors with sculptures.

Day trip from dublin to belfast
Day trip From Dublin to Belfast.

A magnificent mosaic ceiling can be found in the baptismal chapel. The intricate woodwork, several exquisite stained-glass windows, marble floor tiles, and carved masonry are additional points of attraction. The monument of Sir Edward Carson, the Ulster Unionists, is located in the church.

Day trip from Dublin to Belfast

3. Belfast Castle:

There are many events held here all year long, and because of its stunning setting and lovely ancient architecture, it is a well-liked wedding location. Since the 12th century, this location has been home to a castle in various forms. Although there have  been alterations and improvements, the existing building dates from 1870.

Along with the Cave Hill Visitor Center, there is a restaurant there. It is highly recommended to visit Cave Hill Country Park and the Adventure Playground. Summertime picnics are especially common on the grounds.

Day trip from Dublin to Belfast

4. Belfast Zoo

Belfast Zoo is a three-minute drive from Belfast Castle. This enjoyable family trip is one of Northern Ireland’s oldest tourist destinations and is home to more than 140 types of animals. More than 300,000 people now yearly visit the zoo thanks to recent major upgrades.

Ring-tailed lemurs, Asian elephants, monkeys, Malayan sun bears, Sumatran tigers, and Barbary lions are a few of the highlights. The rainforest exhibit, which has exotic vegetation and fascinating creatures like fruit bats and sloths, is a must-see site.

5. St. Georges Market :

Without scheduling some time for shopping, no Belfast schedule is complete, especially if St. George’s Market is on the itinerary. St. George’s Market, the oldest covered market in the city,  is now home to 300 traders selling everything from food to art and crafts.

In addition to shopping, it has developed into a key location for various events like food festivals, art exhibits, dance, and even pop and rock concerts. The market has a number of special events in addition to its usual hours, such as the frequently occurring “Twilight Market,” which is well-known for its late evenings and entertainment.

Day trip from Dublin to Belfast

6. W5 interactive discovery center.

Spending time at the W5 Interactive Discovery Centre is one of the best things to do in Belfast for families (it’s also a great reason to go to the Titanic Quarter). This cutting-edge science centre has over 250 interactive exhibits that encourage children to study a range of subject areas. These exhibits cover biology and technology, as well as educational activities, seminars, and workshops.

The center’s main attractions include “Climbit,” a giant, multi-story 3D climbing structure; “RoboThespian,” a large robot that guests can control; and “MED-Lab,” an intriguing tour of the human body. On-site amenities include a café and gift shop.

Day trip from Dublin to Belfast

7. Stormont the Parliament Buildings.

This imposing and frequently controversial structure is a must-see during any trip to Belfast or Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland Assembly, also known as the “Power Sharing Executive,” is located here. It is here that former rivals come together to conduct the daily politics and business of administering the state.

It was constructed in 1921 to serve as the first home of the Province’s newly created government. On the front yard, there is a statue of Unionist Sir Edward Carson that is impossible to miss. The picturesque grounds are well-liked by day visitors, joggers, and people who just want to get away from the city for a bit, despite its contentious past. Weekday tours of the structure are offered as well. 

Day trip from Dublin to Belfast

8. Grand Opera House :

Despite having a capacity of just 1,000 people today, the Grand Opera House is still in operation. Musicals, plays, dances, family shows, recitals, ballets, pantomimes, operas, and educational presentations are among the current performing arts.

A Grand Opera House theatre tour can also be scheduled. A behind-the-scenes tour of the Grand Opera House is included in guided tours so visitors may learn about the theater’s history, the daily lives of the actors and crew, and its numerous rooms and sections. About twice a month, tours are often offered on weekends and last an hour.

Day trip from Dublin to Belfast

9. Albert Memorial Clock

The 113-foot-tall clock tower has numerous beautiful sculptures. A statue of Prince Albert standing in his Knight of the Garter robes is the centrepiece of the structure. The bell of the clock measures 2 tonnes. Both IRA explosives and German World War II munitions have damaged the clock tower.

It is referred to as Belfast’s “Leaning Tower of Pisa” because the tower leans as it was constructed on previously marshy soil. Soon after it was constructed, the clock tower began to tilt, and over time, the inclination got worse. In an effort to stabilize the foundation and clean and preserve the leaning monument, the city started a restoration project in 2002.

Day trip from Dublin to Belfast

10. Salmon of Knowledge:

A huge salmon sculpture near the shoreline is called The Salmon of Knowledge, sometimes referred to as the Big Fish. John Kindness, a local artist, created it. It is situated where Belfast’s two main rivers, the River Lagan and the River Farset (from which Belfast derives its name), converge.

The Salmon of Knowledge is a mythical being from Irish mythology’s Fenian Cycle. According to legend, the Salmon of Knowledge attained all knowledge after consuming hazelnuts from a sacred tree. If captured, it might give anybody who eats it access to all knowledge. In one tale, Fionn mac Cumhaill consumes it and gets enlightenment.

Each printed ceramic tile that covers the Big Fish sculpture tells a unique tale about the city’s past. The text and graphics on the tiles range from historical photos to artwork created by local schoolchildren.

Day trip from Dublin to Belfast

11. Beacon Of Hope :

The Beacon of Hope, also known as Thanksgiving Square Beacon, is a large sculpture made of bronze and stainless steel that depicts a woman holding a large ring as a symbol of thanksgiving. The woman is standing with a globe at her feet that signifies peace and harmony and is marked by the international cities that have significantly impacted Belfast’s residents and industries.

12. Belfast Barge Museum:

A small museum on a barge, the Belfast Barge Museum, commemorates Belfast’s industrial and marine past.

A former cargo barge known as the MV Confiance was bought in 2006, transported to Belfast, and transformed into a museum, event venue, and café. This museum is anchored on Belfast’s seashore in River Lagan.

The Belfast Barge Museum charges a nominal entry fee.

Day trip from Dublin to Belfast

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