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Hi, my name is Sankalp Singh and I have been travelling the world since last 5 years. Traveling has taught me many things about life.

Travelling gives me a possibility to open my mind to different cultures, meet new people and learn from their life experiences.

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How did I start with Chasing Whereabouts

Well that’s an interesting and rough journey in parallel. I didn’t have a huge cash reserve backing me up when I felt like I have to see the world with my own eyes.

Controlling expenses that’s what I did in order to make this dream come true of chasing whereabouts.

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Was it easy?

If you ask me was it easy?

It’s hard to resist the short term temptation of getting something. Be it the gadget which you like or the new clothes which came into market and are currently in trend. I had made up my mind that I have to go on my very first trip in coming six months and that’s how it all started.

Whenever I got the urge to buy something, I use to transfer that much amount of money in my sisters bank account. Easy solution, If you don’t have the money you can’t spend it. It was like that i saved around 1000 $ for my upcoming trip.

Sankalp Singh | Chasing Whereabouts
Sankalp Singh | Chasing Whereabouts
Sankalp Singh | Chasing Whereabouts

Is this my first Blog?

No, this is not, I have had my fare share of failure until I realised that I was doing things in a wrong way. I loved creative content writing and started one blogger hosted website for my write ups  Chasing Thoughts.

I have been working on the third party social networking software to create an online blogging portfolio for writing on Instagram Chasing Thoughts on Instagram

Do you realise the mistake which I did?