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We love travelling and sharing stories about our travel, We have a content around top things to do, where to stay, what to eat, what all things to try and picturesque location of the country. We have shared information about How to Travel Europe on Budget.

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Chasing Whereabouts is about exploring the places around the world seeking adventure in travel and having fun exploring the new places on the earth. We do believe that sharing our travel stories, tips and tricks for the travel is going to help people to plan their trip well in advance and not repeat the same mistake which we did during our travel.

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Traveller | Writer | Blogger

Sankalp Singh

Hi, I’m Sankalp
I have been travelling, exploring and learning the culture and ethnicity in the diversity from the people across the world.
It was not long ago when I saved from my nine to five job in order to explore the very first trip outside my country, India.
I challenged the jinx of going broke and thought about keeping the habit up in order to travel at least one country every year.

I was excited and nervous at the same time to pick travelling as the primary source of income, Like many told, travelling could only be an added expense but not something which could bring money.

Still, I hoped travel would solve everything. I set off convinced my trip would be all about incredible, life-changing moments; ones full of sunsets and rainbows and meaningful experiences.

But it was lot more than that.

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