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Hello and welcome to Chasing Whereabouts. My name is Sankalp, and I’m thrilled to have this travel blog where I write about the beautiful countries of Europe. If you’re planning a trip to Europe, here you’ll find tons of tips on how to explore Europe on a budget.

Traveling to Europe can be a lot of fun. It is a huge continent consisting of amazing countries offering various travel experiences. If you are one of those planning for a trip to Europe, I have got your back with our content that will inspire you to plan and go to Europe.

Europe is a nice place to be, whether you’re a tourist or a student. With so many countries and various cultures to view, it’s always nice to know how you can travel cheaply, what are the things you should buy before you leave and when it comes to food, there are some tips for sure.

Check out my blog for tips on travelling Europe as there might be tips that you don’t know of.

Sankalp Singh

I hope you are doing great, I just want to welcome you to this space where I share my stories and tips about Exploring Europe.

Enjoy reading them and if you have any questions about exploring Europe then don’t hesitate just contact me.

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